Journey Back to Power – Day 3

When we’re traveling our days with the intention of moving in a powerful, creative way, it’s important to get started on the right foot. After all, the saying, “You woke up on the wrong side of the bed” certainly didn’t come from nowhere.

The way we start our day tends to carry with us.

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When you envision the most powerful version of yourself, what do you see? If you were walking through life as that person, how would you feel??

For me, I like to envision a Goddess dancing unabashedly despite whoever might be looking. Letting the music move through me and allowing my body to shift and sway with the vibrations.

In this space, I am focused so deeply on my own pleasure and joy that if someone were to look, it would probably add a little light and inspiration to their life. If it didn’t…. well, I wouldn’t care!

I’m far too focused on ME to be derailed by other people’s thoughts.

So, as often as possible, including today, I like to start the day in my power place and DANCE MY ASS OFF!

Here’s to walking in power today.

Miss the start of my Journey Back to Power??

No worries!

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10 Comments On “Journey Back to Power – Day 3”

  1. I do Yoga with Adrienne and then Headspace meditation every morning.
    It sets me up for the day.

  2. My best days start with prayer/meditation and petting my purring cats.

  3. I greet the Great Mother and the Great Father every day after waking with a feeling of thankfulness in my heart.

    No fancy ritual – just the greeting – which in itself is the core of a ritual in itself.

    ; )))

  4. I pray to my Heavenly Father for guidance for the take, give him the glory for my waking to a new day, for my children and grandchildren and for their protection throughout the day, for frinds, and other family and once that is done, I then grab a cup of coffee and a crochet hook and start working on a project unless my grandson comes into my room wanting to play, then we play, then I crochet.

  5. There is very little routine to
    my days, each one tends to vary (too complex to explain here). No matter the chaos around me, I go to the gym for my bootcamp workout 6 days/week (they’re closed on Sundays or I’d be there 7) that is MY time for giving my body a chance to move (& groove somewhat to great tunes), and to focus on preserving and building my stability, strength and balance. I have begun a yoga practice 15-30 minutes on the days I can. I take a few minutes before sleep to pray, meditate, and reflect. It helps me unwind and mentally prepare for the next day.

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