Journey Back to Power – Day 1

Over the past couple of years, I have been through some epic transformation. Just as the butterfly goes into the cocoon and completely liquefies before re-emerging as the new self, I’ve been stripping away many layers of my “perceived” self in service of finding the real me buried somewhere underneath.

Lately, I’ve felt just like the butterfly sitting nearby its old cocoon home and drying its wings. Not quite ready to take flight and leave the old world of tree branches and leaves behind, but oh so very close.

As the moment draws closer and closer that my wet wings dry and solidify and I take a daring leap towards meadows and wildflowers, I have felt myself slightly hesitating. The butterfly is driven by some primal instinct, and so perhaps does not question what comes next, but rather boldly moves forward into a life it seemingly just KNOWS and TRUSTS to exist. I can feel this same primal urge – pulling me towards something beautiful and new. Yet my thinking brain fearfully questions if it really could even exist.

I am ready to take flight. I am ready to be bold. I am ready to exercise courage. I am ready to float along the breeze amidst sunshine and wildflowers. I am ready to embody my new self.

Journey Back to Power – Day One

This morning I was going back and approving some blog comments and I felt deeply, deeply moved. So many of you, in this community, have shared such intimate pieces of your journey with me in response to the musings I share here. My heart feels overflowing and full with each comment left here on the blog and I am reaffirmed that I am traveling the path meant for me. I am so grateful.

You all give me SO much – not just in helping to support my family and allowing me to work from home – but in encouraging me to continue unfolding into my deeper, more authentic self. I’m not sure a woman could really be more blessed.

So this month, I’ve decided to make my blogging here an accountability practice. To fully step into who I’m being asked to be. To find the courage to be seen, the voice to be heard, and the wisdom to know that I am always enough – just as I am.

I hope that just as I find so much beauty and joy in watching the butterfly float along the wind, that you might find inspiration in my “Journey Back to Power” also.

Definition of Power: “The ability to do something or act in a particular way”

This month, each day, I plan to share a little piece of my path, and ask to hear the stories that resonate in your own heart when you read my writing. I want to bring this community back together – through real life discussion and some amazing crafty events. So, I am committing to showing up, every day, here on the blog for the entire month of August. You’ll also see a couple new mystery knit and crochet events coming out this month (YAY!!).

I hope you’ll join me in taking the leap, pondering some new things, working up some beautiful new projects, and showing up for one another here. After all – without you and your participation – I’d just be talking to empty space.

Thank you for being my motivation, my support, and my community!

Let’s get our power back!!!

Leave me a comment!

Have you ever felt low on your personal power? Does a Journey Back to Power resonate with you this month?

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24 Comments On “Journey Back to Power – Day 1”

  1. I have allowed my illness to consume me and I am tired of sitting on my duff! I turned 73 today and I am ready to take my power back also.

  2. I feel this need to reclaim my power recently, too, and I look forward to following this newer part of your journey.

  3. I went through this process many years ago. After my first husband died (long story but he was not a very nice person) I had to learn to become myself again. It took a couple years but I learned to blossom again. I am so much happier now than I have ever been.

    • Woohoo! Glad to hear affirmation about the path – perhaps you can still follow along (despite the fact that you’ve already walked the path) and help share your wisdom with those of us newer to the journey along the way.

  4. Oh you have perfect timing as always!! July was a rough one, and I’ve been reflecting this weekend on… “well, WHY?!” I’ve come to the conclusion I didn’t use my hard-earned skills. I haven’t identified the problems so I can work on solutions. I have been burying problems and pushing forward. I have not been doing mindfulness.
    On a positive note, I HAVE come off a medication I’ve worked over a year to get off (clonazepam works but… not good for long term health!) and I RECOGNIZED I was having problems and talked to my counselor. I gotta acknowledge what I didn’t do well and give myself props for what I did right. my love to you and to all who read this. Follow your path ❤️

    • So glad the timing is right for you Jennifer! YES – I LOVE that you’re recognizing where things have been going right for you. Something like getting off a medication is a HUGE transformation – and reaching out for help when it’s needed is also incredible progress in the right direction. So important to be there for ourselves. Proud of you and happy you’ll be along for the journey.

  5. It’s been a long 4 months for me and I feel lost with trying to do everything for everyone. , Husband was hospitalized with bipolar manic episode and ptsd, youngest daughter is getting ready to start coll er ge and I’ve lost myself along the way

  6. Having been inspired by your recent emails and trying to make some long term health changes for myself. I look forward to checking in on the blog this month. Helping others always manages to help me as well.

    • Agreed – there is power in working together and supporting one another – the whole reason I wanted to do this project this month. I am so happy you’ll be along for the journey!

  7. I have been allowing everyone else’s needs to control my time. Getting back my power for me is getting some time for me! I am worth that tome, to create in as I choose. You have inspired me to claim some time every day for this month as well!

    • Yes, yes, yes!!! Choose yourself first – because only then can a surplus of the love you’ve offered yourself overflow to all those around you. Proud of you!

  8. Perfectly timed, Melody, thank you for this. I’ve been circling around and around, with ideas of where I want to be but no clue how to get there, and ultimately do nothing instead.
    so let’s do this. let’s get the funk out, ignite some fire and be powerful together! =D

  9. In 2015 my Mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer and I was diagnosed with Lupus, Sjogren’s and Osteoarthritis. I sat my booming crochet business aside to reclaim my health and be there for my Mom’s battle. She lost her battle at the end of 2017. It has been a long hard crawl back … but I am rebuilding and absolutely ready to get my power back. Love that you are doing this…and look forward to what you have to share.

  10. Hi melody, I think that the month of august is our blooming month!
    I’m also transforming this month, so I will be with you for the ride x
    I have followed you for a while and when you popped up on my YouTube subs list, it was meant to be!!
    Looking forward to our changing season x

  11. I love your butterfly analogy!

    Yes lately its all about renewal and re-invention and all-tied to this earthy, warm, sunny month of August.

    It´s funny (as in curious) that almost all NLs I receive on certain topics suddenly have this take on the month – it it truly in the air!

    And although I love August (always have) I have never identified it as a month of renewal…. strong, ecstatic, heavy, full to bursting with life (grain-harvest month, we just celebrated Lammas/Lughnasad), earthy grounded – all of that but renewal, not so much.

    But interestingly this is exactly what this particular 2021 August is all about, isn´t it?

    Bringing forth the seed, that which has been lying under layers (of protection).
    I, too feel like standing on precipice ( a much wanted place)and ready to take the plunge to fly ( I am certain of that) but curiously hesitating as well.

    • How interesting that it’s a collective theme! I think you’re right?? Maybe because the last couple of years have carried a certain heaviness to them?? Not sure why it is so, but happy to see so many breaking free of the cocoon and getting ready for flight. So happy you’re along for the journey!

  12. I was clearing out emails and found this one. I’m so glad. In April I had 3 ablations done inside my heart to correct Supra Ventricular Tachycardia which had my heart rate at 120-136. Then we lost our 1st great grandson Colt (age 23 months) as the result of a traffic accident. This happened in June. In July the grandmother of Colt went to see a surgeon about the pain in her left foot. Turned out that osteoporosis had damaged the bones in that foot and it required major surgery to correct. Her husband is disabled and so I had to be her transport for surgery and post-op follow-up care. I would love to get inspiration from your journey and hopefully restart my creative journey.

    • Wow Cecelia. I am so sorry to hear of all the trials and heartache your family has been traveling through lately. I am sending you a huge hug and loving energy for all the healing I can imagine you’re doing on so many levels. Glad you found the email and will be following along.

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