Journey Back to Power – Day 2

I was watching a video recently which spoke about “incompletes.” It mentioned that anytime we have something we’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t yet, that this unfinished to-do list item pulls on our energy.

For instance, the pile of dirty laundry on the chair in my bedroom pulls on my energy just a little bit every time I walk by and think, “I need to fold that.” And the junk pile I’ve been meaning to take out to the storage shed in my backyard owns a tiny piece of my energy. Each time I see it a little energy is lost, rather than taking care of it and clearing my mental space.

Journey Back to Power – Day 2

One of my favorite mentors, Joe Dispenza, touches on this topic too. All of the projects we have going, things we intend to get done, and to-do list items we’d just rather not deal with are pulling little pieces of our energy.

There are different ways we can take our energy, and our power, back. We can clean up some of the “incompletes,” clearing them from our field of awareness as we resolve them and are no longer holding mental space for “someday” getting them done. For instance, at the beginning of my work week (the week when kids are with their dad), I like to get my home space back in order. I mow my lawn, fold my laundry, clean my kitchen, put all the kids’ toys away, and essentially just make my space a clean and clear container so my energy and focus can go towards what I’m hoping to accomplish in those weeks rather than feeling pulled by mundane tasks.

My bedroom dresser before and after.

Another way to take back energy, is to fully drop into the present moment. This can be done through meditation, or breathing practices, or anything that brings us into very single pointed focus. When we become absolutely present in the here and now, with what we’re doing at this moment, we break energetic ties to all the things taking up our energy. When we are functioning with our full energy intact and in use, we are VERY POWERFUL!

We can get more done, we can hear ourselves and our intuition more clearly, and we have space for our natural creativity to flow when in this fully energized state.

Little table that collects kids’ crafts before and after.

Today, since I’m on this journey back to power this month, I took care of a few things I’ve been ignoring for a while. I folded my laundry, cleaned my bathroom and got my space to a point of feeling simple and decluttered. I cleared and organized the pile of yarn and notions on top of my bedroom dresser. I cleared off the little table in my dining room where all the kids’ crafting stuff tends to pile up. Lastly, I took a bunch of stuff out to my storage shed that’s been piling up on top of my shoe bench.

Shoe bench before and after.

With this extra spaciousness this week, I hope to find more energy and bandwidth to put towards my more soul nourishing projects…. like the new mini mystery create-a-long I’ll be announcing in a couple days.

Want to join me? Comment and let me know…

What are three simple “incompletes” you can take care of today in order to help clear your energy field and become a more powerful creator with more energy to put towards the things you DESIRE to focus on??

Remember! An incomplete can be anything you’ve been meaning to do…. from calling your Mom to say hello, to cleaning your kitchen, to taking care of lingering emails.

Miss Day 1? No worries! You can catch up on what my Journey Back to Power this month is all about here.

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  1. I have been working on the inside of my house. I guess I am a rat pack. Lol. After three family members has passed away I have some of their stuff that I have kept over the years, (since 2009.). My mom died in 2016 and I am going through her clothes that I have and now getting rid of them. I am taking baby steps. I clean a little here and there as I am able too. In someways I see light at the end of the tunnel. One day it will be gone. Each day I work on something different to clean up.

    • Small steps are so useful! Amazing how if we do a little everyday, suddenly we’re where we want to be! Sending you some good energy for working through your incompletes!

  2. my goal for the next little bit is to get my head in order and most important is get my craft room in order so i can feel good about myself and feel powerful again.

    • Love this goal! An organized creative space definitely leads to more creativity in my experience. Sending you good energy for completing some incompletes!

  3. I’ve been working on my incomplete lost for the past few weeks. And finally organized my little shed plus some other things. And yes that made me feel soooooo good! Powerful and peace & quiet in my head too. Yay for me 🙂 currently my son is with me for a few weeks but I’m planning on continuing getting rid of some incompletes when he’s left.
    Didn’t recognize what I did untill I read your post just now so thank you for that!

    • Woohoo!! Way to take care of some incompletes! And happy my description helped you identify it and to congratulate yourself! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the before/after pics of a few of your clutter hot spots. I have quite a big list of incompletes. A few I will tackle are: First, the desk surface in my bedroom – it is the only spot I have for sitting to work on crafts, writing, etc. and as it is small, tends to get crowded and full fast. Second the clean laundry for the week, which even though it is folded is in piles but not put away. I’ll get it into drawers. Lastly, I have a few tasks which require making phone calls & preparing outgoing mail. I will get all of that done to help visually and mentally clear some space.

    • Love your list of possible incompletes you can tidy up for a little extra mental space. Sending you some positive energy to work with as you get them done!

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