The Yarnie Behind it All

Melody of Melody's Makings

Melody of Melody’s Makings

A lover of the magical, mystical world, I (Melody Rogers) have been on a deep dive into the true meanings of soulfulness, surrender, and joy.

How does Spirit move through each of us to heal each other and the Earth?

How do we cultivate true delight and allow our desires to be our compass towards a more meaningful life?

How do we unite our passions and pleasures with our daily responsibilities to create a world embraced by love?

I was blessed to spend the first decade of my adult life designing gorgeous knit and crochet patterns (mostly for babies during this time period!) while supporting my family of 5 by working at home.

After struggling with severe postpartum depression following the birth of my third child, and a resulting divorce, I was launched onto the spiritual path.

Now, I strive to let my soul lead the way – to incorporate a deeper meaning and healing energy into each of my designs.  When we love ourselves, even in the midst of our darkest hours, amazing transformations occur everywhere in and around us.

I strive to heal the Earth through cultivating community and the knowledge that turning inward with our own offers of love allows us to become the fountains that we are. 

May we each let our love flow through us and spill over to all those we connect with in our lives.