Candy Cane Hot Pad – Free Pattern (Knit and Crochet!)

Candy Cane Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern

Candy Cane Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern

It’s week number 3 of our Holiday craft-a-long, and time for another cute free pattern with both a knit and a crochet version!

This week’s pattern is more suited as a hot pad than a pot holder… I really can’t imagine grabbing something out of the oven with something this long and skinny!  Haha.  It would also make a cute wall decoration or, if you make it with tiny yarn and hook or needles, a really adorable ornament.

A reminder for those of you who may have missed weeks #1&2…..We’re crafting up these cute little pot holders (or trivets…or hot pads) so we’ll all be able to add some awesome fun to our Holiday tables.  After we’re done making all of them, I’ll be asking you to submit a photo of your Holiday Pot Holders in action!  Everyone who submits a photo of all their finished pot holders together will be entered to win 10 of my patterns (or entry into my next 2 Mystery Create-A-Longs) for free!  You’ll have until January 1st to submit.

Want to join in on the fun!?  You’ll find the free Christmas Tree Pot Holder Pattern from week #1 by clicking here.

You’ll find the free Snowman Pot Holder Pattern from week #2 by clicking here.

Come and share your photos with everyone in the Melody’s Makings’ Facebook group along the way…..or e-mail me your photos at [email protected]. I always love seeing them!

Candy Cane Hot Pad Free Knit Pattern

Candy Cane Hot Pad Free Knit Pattern

In order to get the free pattern:

1. Head over to Ravelry, add this pattern to your favorites and queue the pattern listing.  This is a great way to help new customers find my shop, and I SUPER appreciate you taking that extra moment 🙂

You’ll find the knit Ravelry listing here.

You’ll find the crochet Ravelry listing here.

2. Share this blog post with your crafty friends.  The more people who find my shop and enjoy my patterns, the more freebies I’m able to give away!  So please use the handy social sharing buttons at the bottom of this post or the link below so your friends can take advantage of this free pattern too.

3. Download, Save, and Enjoy!

Download the knit pattern by clicking here.

Download the crochet pattern by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you for these awesome pot holder patterns! Now that I finished my last custom order of the year (YAY!) I can finally sit down & makes these as Christmas gifts for my granddaughter’s teacher. She loves everything I make & treasures the items! It is gratifying to hear & see some one love your hard work as we much as we love & grateful to you & your hard work to give us such awesome patterns to make the wonderful items we make! <3 <3 <3
    Also Congrats on reaching 20k on FB!! HORRAY!!!

  2. I must say, I love Melody’s Makings Patterns. Everyone I have made my children just love.

  3. Thanks so much for your Christmas patterns and all your other AMAZING patterns!

  4. I just love these patterns. Making them as gifts for my caregiver and her family and a set for me.

  5. I’m done with my candy cane. I used my kintting needle 9 it looks so big.this was the right size? Thanks for your pattern Donna

    • Hi Donna! Mine is about 9.5″ tall and 6.5″ wide at the widest point. Size 9 is what I used, but I didn’t include a gauge since the exact size doesn’t matter as much for these hot pads. It’s possible we knit at different tensions if yours’ turned out quite a bit bigger. Please feel free to adjust the needle size as you see fit 🙂

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