Christmas Tree Pot Holder Pattern (Crochet & Knit!)

Christmas Tree Pot Holder Crochet - small

Free Christmas Tree Pot Holder Crochet Pattern

Let’s have some fun collaborating on Christmas!

I’m always about five steps behind the curve on my holiday decorations, and planning. This year, though, I’m determined to get ahead….at least just a teeny tiny bit ahead.

So I thought it would be really fun if we all collaborated on a little holiday cheer. What do you think!?

Every week or two for the next 5 weeks until Christmas, I plan to create a cute free holiday themed pot holder pattern. Well, really these are more suitable as trivets, but you could make 2 to make them extra thick and use them as pot holders too. My husband and I went back and forth on what we should call them. We finally decided that “Thing to put your hot turkey on during Christmas dinner” wasn’t really suitable….so pot holder it is!

By the time Christmas rolls around, we should all have a really cute set of holiday pot holders to use during Christmas dinner!

Don’t worry! These are all really quick and cute patterns. After all, I know knit and crochet time is quite valuable this time of year.

Christmas Tree Pot Holder Knit - small

Free Christmas Tree Pot Holder Knit Pattern

Plus, I’m going to make it just a little more fun! Everyone who creates these along with the group and then posts photos of them in use during a holiday dinner will be entered to win 10 of my patterns (or entry into my next two Mystery Create-A-Longs) for free!

Come and share your photos with everyone in the Melody’s Makings’ Facebook group along the way…..or e-mail me your photos at I always love seeing them!

In order to get the free pattern:

1. Head over to Ravelry, add this pattern to your favorites and queue the pattern listing.  This is a great way to help new customers find my shop, and I SUPER appreciate you taking that extra moment 🙂

You’ll find the knit Ravelry listing here.

You’ll find the crochet Ravelry listing here.

2. Share this blog post with your crafty friends.  The more people who find my shop and enjoy my patterns, the more freebies I’m able to give away!  So please use the handy social sharing buttons at the bottom of this post or the link below so your friends can take advantage of this free pattern too.

3. Download, Save, and Enjoy!

Download the knit pattern by clicking here.

Download the crochet pattern by clicking here.

Crochet Pattern Support Video:

Knit Pattern Support Video:

Knit Star Pattern Support Video:

31 Comments On “Christmas Tree Pot Holder Pattern (Crochet & Knit!)”

  1. Thank you for sharing this pattern!! Can’t wait to make it!!


  2. Cute. I’m going to try and adjust the pattern to make a star of David for Chanukah! You are a great inspiration. Many thanks.


  3. Very cute!


  4. Very cute. Never had a knit version before. I hope to make both versions. I did say ‘hope’ LOL Thanks for the great patterns.


  5. Love the idea of a set of trivets and your giving nature xx Now to get to it and make it ☺


  6. I’m in too! 🙂


  7. Love the idea….thank you


  8. This is precious! Thank you for sharing your patterns with us.
    I feel I must mention, though, that heat can melt acrylic yarn. Cotton is best!


    • Thanks Julie! I actually just grabbed something from my stash and then totally thought of that after….so this one may just end up being a decoration instead. The next ones I’ll have to either find some cotton or start using them as coasters 😉


  9. I’ve already requested to join the group, saved on Raverly and queued it, also shared on Pintrist. Yeah I’m really excited about this Christmas Collaboration. And I love this first pattern. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Will be starting this pattern later in the week. Thanks Melody.


  10. Is there a particular hashtag you want to use on Twitter for these pot holders?


  11. What a great pattern and a great idea as well. I know for myself, when I am working hard on a Christmas or birthday project there is always some point at which I need a little break and a little project to do during that break. My problem is that is spend so much time trying to find a simple quick project that I get WAY behind schedule and end up annoyed with myself. With you giving us the project ideas, I won’t have that extra to worry about. Thank you for all you do Melody. I love your designs and I truly appreciate you, your talent, and your willing joy at sharing it all with the rest of us.

    Debra 🎄😁


  12. These will work up so quickly, and be great hostess gifts too!


  13. Fe the hashtag. I’m. It too creative in coming up with hashtags. Maybe #melodyspotholders or #melodyschristmaspotholders. Just let me know what you decide!🎄⛄️🎅🏻


  14. Melody you are so thoughtful to do this I love the idea thank you for your generous heart ❤️


  15. Thank you, Melody. I love your patterns and that you share them with us.


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  17. I love Potholders and this is so Nice and I may add Bulb)french knots here ‘N’ there. Thank you.

    Susan M J


  18. are we to use regular worsted yarn?It won’t catch fire will it? or do we use cotton yarn?


    • You can use whatever you’re comfortable with. Cotton is the best if you’re going to use it to get things out of the oven, etc. I just use mine as hot pads, so I don’t worry as much about the fiber.


  19. THINK YOUR WORK IS VERY NICE AND EASY TO FOLLOW. Thank you forge pattern


  20. Adorable! Thanks so much for sharing on the Knitting Love Link Party.


  21. Hi! I don’t know why I can’t post your pages on Pinterest? A few websites are that way and I don’t know why. Thank you! Carol


    • Hi Carol! Gosh I’m not sure why….if you hover over any of the photos on my site, you should see a little “Pin It” button pop up on the upper left. That’s how I pin from this site 🙂


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  23. I’ve made 4 so far, very easy. Love this pattern. I doubled the yarn on one, just to make it table safe for some real HOT dishes. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.


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