Wisteria Wrap Up!

Wisteria Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Wisteria Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Just as expected, the Wisteria Mystery Create-A-Long turned out to be an absolute blast.  I simply can’t get over what an amazing little community of crafting friends we’ve created together!  Some truly outstanding things happened during this event, and I’m seriously proud to have been a part of it.  Thank you for making it so special!

This was the first Mystery Create-A-Long where we made an adult sized garment.  I have to say….I’m really thrilled with the results.  I personally find myself struggling to make these larger items when I do them on my own.  I guess I’m not the most patient person in the world….as soon as I start a project, my mind wanders off to the next one.  These MCALs keep me on track and I’m so glad they do!

Wisteria Crochet Cardigan 1 - logo - small

Wisteria Cardigan Crochet Pattern

My Wisteria projects are probably the two projects that I’m most proud of…..EVER!  You should have seen me prancing around in front of my husband when I finished my crochet version of the Wisteria Cardigan.  Oh and putting the knit version in the mail to my sister (it was her very belated birthday gift) didn’t come easy.  I gave her a full list of instructions on how she must treat her birthday cardigan….hand-wash, wear often, don’t lose it, and NEVER give it away!  My poor sister, haha.  Talk about a present that comes with strings attached!

Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Wisteria Cardigan Knit Version by TCL3 on Ravelry

As all of the MCAL participants were wrapping up their projects, I could tell that SO MANY of them felt the same way!  It was a huge project, and a big push during the 6 week Create-A-Long.  Great reward never comes without hard work, though.  My husband said it was like climbing a mountain…..there may be a few tears along the way (many in my mountain climbing experiences) and possibly even a few curse words.  When you get there, though, every step was worthwhile….because there’s simply no feeling like accomplishment.

I’m so proud of each of you who knitted or crocheted along with me, and of all of you who are still climbing the Wisteria mountain and are getting close to finishing.

Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Wisteria Cardigan Crochet Version by Mudder17 on Ravelry

This project also gave me another chance to learn more about running the best CAL/KALs available (because I’m the type of person who never settles with ok….I always want amazing!) and I’ll be tweaking and adjusting the next MCAL based on what I learned.  I’m already in the planning process, and hoping to have the “Veronica Meets Spring Mystery Create-A-Long” ready to start in June.  I’m excited!

Once again, thank you for not only supporting me as a work at home mother, but for making my work such a great pleasure.  I feel so lucky to love what I do and to get to share it with all of you!

The photos in this post are just a few of my favorite MCAL project photos….but EVERYONE did an absolutely amazing job.  You can check out all the project photos on Ravelry.  You’ll need to be signed into your Ravelry account to view them.

You’ll find the crochet project photos by clicking here.

You’ll find the knit project photos by clicking here.

I’m also super excited to add these gorgeous patterns to my shop now that the MCAL is all wrapped up!  To celebrate the release of the Wisteria collection, I’m offering a great deal on the patterns until Friday 4/15 at Noon MST.  Go check out the details in my blog post about it by clicking here.

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  1. Love it!
    Great pattern!

  2. Melody, This MCAL/MKAL was a blast! I enjoyed how you brought to many of us together not just here but in your group & Ravelry group! I met so many wonderful people & it was so nice how everyone jumped in to help each other. I especially love how we had the Turtle, Frogging, & Snail gang!!
    What a HOOT!! Can’t wait to be a part of your next Create-A-Long!!

  3. such a nice selection of the finished Wisteria. Melody, you did a marvellous job

  4. I am signed up for the CAL/KAL but never got details on this one. Help!

  5. Heidi Higginbotham

    Wonder where u get inspiration for the names of your projects? Veronica makes me thinks of The Archies: “Sugar, Sugar…” I’m a lot older than you! Excited to hear more about her…

    Had great fun with Wisteria and miss the community when there’s no create-a-long going on?

  6. Melody, thanks for giving me the confidence to try making something out of my comfort zone. If I knew before that it was going to be a cardi I would have never signed up, as I thought I couldn’t make actual clothes. Thanks to you I’m on my third sweater (all different patterns) because you showed me I could do it. Thank you!!!!!!

  7. I enjoyed this so much! This is the first garment I have ever made for an adult and for myself. Your talent for creating patterns is amazing. I would not have completed it without you and your awesome staff as well as the Melody Makers. Everyone did a fantastic job! I feel such a connection with everyone and hope to be apart of the next MCAL.

  8. First time I have made something for myself and am very happy with it. Melody your teaching is very clear to understand each and every step. Thank you so much and I am also starting a baby sweater with cables because of your video on the hat we did.

  9. Was a wonderful experience and im looking forward to next time you do one ill be here thats for sure

  10. I am a member of the turtle club in the Wisteria (Knit version) Create-along. I doubt there are any as far behind as I am, but I wanted to be challenged. {I am just getting started on part 2;l about 5 rows in.} I am determined to complete this project no matter how long it takes me to do it. As I had already decided that this was going to be for me, I have no “deadline” to worry about. The pattern (now that I have seen it in it’s finished form) is beautiful. And, the group that join in your create-alongs are a great bunch of creative sorts. I will look forward to joining in on future CAL/KALs that you put together. (Just not right away) Thank you!

  11. Wisteria is a beautiful pattern. I am in the prenatal turtle group – haven’t started it yet. However, it is my next project and I can’t wait. Seeing everyone working together and accomplishing the goals inspired me to finish a project I started about 6 years ago. It is the Illusion Cube Blanket by Kirsten Hipsky and it has 56 little cubes, which are sewn together into a blanket. I will finish the last cube today and start putting it together. Next, Wisteria! The photos are wonderful of all the beautiful sweaters I must say it has been a privilege to be a part of this group and to see the affection and support that we all have for one another. Thank you, Melody, for bringing us all together.

  12. Woohoo! I made my first adult size knit garment and it had a design (had done a newborn garter st sweater, that only consisted of binding off the neckline, and adding sts for the sleeves, then seaming the sides) I love my cardi, and even had the guts to add lace to the neckline and sleeves (although one isn’t done yet and I’m going to try to fix the extra fabric in the armpit of the one done)… Thank you again for this opportunity, and for you and the angels who donated patterns, may God bless each of you

  13. How can Veronica meet Spring, almost in Summer, it begins June 21st? I’m just saying, but cute name for MCAL though!

    • Haha! Probably just because I’m designing it in Spring 😉 It’s great for either Spring or Summer though.

  14. Hello I also signed up for the wisteria CAL and never received anything on it. Thanks

  15. beautiful – would love to do that back part as a blanket

  16. Melody, just a question. How much would it have been if I had participated in the Wisteria awesome CAL?

    • The original price started at $8 and increased to $11 throughout the sign up period. I always offer the lowest price at the beginning.

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