The Simple Concept That Can Take Your Crafting Business to the Next Level

The start of this business  series really has me thinking.  I’ve been looking back over the last couple of years, and trying to pinpoint the specific turning points in my business.  Ultimately, I keep coming back around to one key thought that I truly believe, with all of my heart, that every business owner needs to hear.

Crafting Business Tips

Take Your Crafting Business to the Next Level

This thought is, without a doubt, a make it or break it concept in business.  I’ve witnessed first-hand how shifting this one element can lead to a successful and fulfilling career, and I’ve also experienced the consequences that your business will face if you fail to make the shift.   On top of my first-hand experience, I’ve watched incredible, talented shop owners disappear into the abyss of the online world after failing to implement this one strategy.

Do I have your attention yet?  I sure hope so.  Because I can pretty much guarantee that if you never embrace this concept (whether you’re doing it consciously or not) then your shop will never reach it’s full potential.  The funny part is….it’s a very simple concept:

There is always more than enough business to go around.

Often times referred to as “The Abundance Mentality,” this one little belief can leave your business as nothing more than ashes, or it can transform your shop into a thriving support system for your family.

The belief that other shop owners and business people are here to help you, and you them, seems so simple and straight forward.  Unfortunately, there’s something in our competitive human nature that can keep us in a place of resistance to this concept.  I’ve seen it in absolutely every industry, and I’ve experienced it myself.

The crafting industry, from what I can gather, seems to go through waves of this resistance.  One day we’ll all be peacefully working together (or at least co-existing if not supporting each other) and the next we’re pointing fingers and placing blame.  I’ve seen so many Facebook status updates about someone “stealing another person’s idea,” or “how it’s rude for one shop owner to ask another questions.”

I have also experienced these negative thoughts myself.  In fact, I lost a very close friend getting caught up in competition and feeling like there weren’t enough clients for both of us.  The funny thing is, when I spent my time dwelling on the fact that someone may be stealing my business, I was unable to attract any clients.  It was almost like the negativity I was putting out due to my competitive thoughts, was permeating every aspect of my business, including the one thing – attracting new customers – that I was trying to protect.

After doing some serious work on my thoughts and my beliefs, everything started to shift.  I made a super close new friend in my industry, who could be thought of as competition.  Instead, we spent time supporting one another and lifting each other up.  We talked business nearly every Monday, and we did our best to help one another achieve our business goals.

I also saw a drastic change in my business itself.  With the new mental shift of, “How can I help you?”, I saw new business and new customers just naturally attracted to me and my work.

Now I know this can all sound kind of “woo-woo” and unimportant….however there is a reason that I felt it so important to start the business series with this talk.


Without the help of other people in your industry, it is nearly impossible to create a successful business. 

Tweet: Without the help of other people in your industry, it is nearly impossible to create a successful business.



We all need each other.  Whether it’s to help create inspiration, to offer support and a helpful ear, to help direct customers to the best product for them, or just to find that one yarn that you’ve been searching for.  The more that we work with one another, the more successful we will be.  It’s as simple as that.

So this week I’m challenging you to start making the shift.  It won’t be easy, but it can be done one baby step at a time.  Here are your two challenges this week:

1. Refrain from posting any negativity on social media – if you put off a negative vibe, others will be hesitant to work with you in the future.

2. Find one other shop owner in your industry and ask yourself “How can I help?”  Simply striking up a conversation may make that difference in someone’s day.  It can be as simple as letting them know you think their item is gorgeous, to spending 15 minutes on a forum offering support on a subject you know something about.


Comment on this post and tell me what you think – are you going to take the challenge and make a mental shift in your business?  Or perhaps you already have and you’ve seen the incredible results – share them with me! 

Also, if this post resonated with you, take a minute and share it with your friends and followers.  Chances are that if you needed to hear it, someone else will too….perhaps by sharing the concept you can help another business owner succeed.


I’ll be back next week with another business topic, and I can’t wait to see the changes that you find in yourself and your business after this week.

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17 Comments On “The Simple Concept That Can Take Your Crafting Business to the Next Level”

  1. Great reminder!


  2. I absolutely agree! I know a few local business owners who offer many similar products. At first I thought “how am I going to out do them?” but instead of exhausting myself, I thought “I know that me personally, I click with some people who others dont, and its the same the other way around” So instead of trying to “outdo the competition” when I felt overwhelmed, or like my plate was too full, I am honest with my customers, sorry I just dont have the time to fill that order, but you can get very similar product from so-and-so, i refer business all the time. Sometimes I am asked to make something that I do not offer regularly, I love a challenge but if I am not happy with what I can come up with I wont sell it, instead I refer them elsewhere, and because of this, other businesses have done the same favor to me 🙂 it works both ways 🙂


  3. This post is amazing. Little did I know what I started a couple weeks ago would be your blog!!! I never posted negative stuff but saw my shop stalling. After long thought I realized I needed to reach out to others and find support in the crafting industry. By giving support on posts, helping spread the word of another shop and finding a way to sell my products that is unique. The hard part for me is that I am a introvert by nature. But I now know stepping out of my shell is greatness I need to achieve. Taking the challenge!


  4. Great perspective and so nice to hear it put so clearly.
    A few years ago I reached out to some online business to ask how they overcame certain challenges. Those that responded with malice and negativity sadly outnumbered those that responded kindly and with thoughtfulness. Some businesses thought I was trying to ‘steal’ their ideas or ride their coattails and couldn’t see how their attitude was hurting themselves. The others that were happy to share their experiences only benefitted from a new relationship and had an opportunity to ‘toot’ their own horns without sounding boastful. Sharing knowledge and experiences -both challenging and wonderful-only leads to success and happiness, both in life and business.
    I look forward to reading your next post!


  5. So right! You phrase so true and honest. Thanks for the reminder! Now time to see how I can help a fellow crafter!


  6. Great perspective!


  7. Love it! I connect with people constantly through my business, and while I am always friendly and supportive, I’ve never thought to specifically ask myself how I can help. Taking the challenge!


  8. I haven’t reached out to other vendors in search of help (I am super shy and always so afraid of rejection or hostility/competition), but I have a couple of ladies in the business who I know I could turn to if I had a true struggle. I have been trying to rearrange my business as it has become a money pit for my family and I am almost ashamed to call myself a business owner, so I am hoping I can ask these couple of successful ladies for their advice and possible mentoring to help my business get back to the place it was when I started. Thanks for this post


  9. I try my best to help other businesses by sharing things that are going on in their shop, like sales, patterns, auctions or just sharing something of theirs that I think people need to see. I don’t do it for personal happiness, I just feel as a small business I need to help other small businesses get their “faces” out there. 🙂

    We all need to take a step back and stop trying to be the big businesses and act like the small businesses and help each other out. Take time to help a struggling business, pick them up and carry them forward. Or if one simply asks us a question…why not respond. Too many think that “oh they are after my business or trying to out do us”. I feel that if I am nice to someone that that kindness will be returned. 🙂


  10. Great article and challenge. Thank you so much! I accept this challenge. I usually dont put negative on social media but I usually dont take much time with other shops. Now I will take more of an active step into others lives.


  11. Thank you so much for this! I am a new etsy shop owner not sure if I would even call myself a small business owner, yet. But I am hoping to get there. So great to know there people out there to help us get our businesses up and growing!


  12. I would love to talk to or get to know someone that would encourage me when I feel like giving up and vise versa. If there is something that I like I for sure always compliment the work but there is never more than that. knowing another crafter to work with would be nice.


  13. So like Laura above, I started on this path a couple of weeks ago. I have been commenting on my competitors posts. I also post pics of my items made from other’s patterns on their facebook pages. I have noticed “likes” increasing slowly and have gotten many more views on my ETSY page. I also test for designers to increase my presence on Ravelry through posting my projects from their designs. I will take your suggestions to heart and hopefully I will begin to see even more progress toward my goals.


  14. Fantastic article and such a great way of thinking!
    Rather to be a blessing than a hinderance.

    Check me out at Cottage Revials on Facebook


  15. I’m working on it. I decided to turn my hobby into a business then my mother died and I feel as though I have be floundering ever since. I have since signed up for a webinar and I have started to write down goals and really get serious. This post is helpful in the sense that there are a few products I would like to consider selling but shied away because so many people are. These were words I needed to hear.


  16. Absolutely love this post Melody, it so true! It’s so much better to support each other!


  17. This is so true. I have just one person I know with that negative aspect that I keep away from me when I do something positive.


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