Let’s Talk Business

Let's Talk Business
Learn how to make money selling your knit and crochet items.


After spending two years building up my online shop, I’ve spent a lot of time talking business.  In fact, these days I’ll talk business to absolutely anyone who cares to listen!  Melody’s Makings is my passion, my pride, and the extra support that my family depends on.

I had big dreams when I first opened my Etsy shop….however, even I was skeptical that they might be able to come true.  It simply felt far-fetched to think that I could make a living doing something that I truly loved.  I’m kind of a dream chaser, and I’m super stubborn though….so I dove in head first.  After all – I had just had a new baby (Charlie) and if there was anytime in my life to make my dreams come true – this was it!


I know the fears behind opening a new shop.  I’ve felt the anticipation waiting for that first sale.  I understand the frustrations of getting your business off the ground.

I also know the joy of being paid for my time.  I’ve been spoiled being able to work on the schedule that best fits me and my family.  I’ve enjoyed the chance to work for and celebrate so many wins in my business…..and I would never go back to where I was before Melody’s Makings.


Over the last couple of years, I have spent hours upon hours soaking up all the business info. I could.  From working alongside other successful business owners and absolutely picking their brains, to spending loads of time and money on business classes, I have been gathering as much knowledge as I can.


I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay home with Charlie through my knitting and crocheting, and I truly believe you can too.

Every parent who feels the need to stay home with his or her children should have that opportunity.  Lucky us that we’ve been blessed with a skill set to do it!


So….Let’s Talk Business!


Let’s chat about the in’s and out’s of successful businesses, and how to get you there.  It takes time, effort, and chancing upon great opportunities….but most importantly, running a successful business takes believing.  Believe in yourself, believe in your skill, and believe in your ability to make this happen.

Each week, I’ll be posting new blog posts about business in the crafting world.  Please read them, ask questions, and share them with other shop owners you think would benefit – we can all do this together!


Will you be following the conversation and mastering your business skills?

Do you have a business thought or question you would like me to address in a blog post? 

Leave a comment below letting me know!


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9 Comments On “Let’s Talk Business”

  1. I will be following the conversations and mastering my business skills for sure! I would love to be able to put some consistent money back into my pockets from my business. At times I do feel as if I spend lots of money and time making things but they end up sitting in a box forever!

    I would love to learn more about how to price things, how to get more traffic to your site and how to stand out from all of the other shops that do/sell the same thing.


  2. I will definitely be following the business series!! I would like to know more about developing a successful Etsy/Storenvy/Big Cartel Shop. I have a fairly successful Facebook Page where I accept orders and have sales, but I would like to develop a more formal shop. Looking forward to reading all your business tips!!


  3. I love to knit and crochet and to support my habbit and also have somewhere for all the things I make I opened up an etsy shop. I also am trying to make extra income because I cant work outside the home. My shop has been open about 9 mos and I have not made one sale on it. I have had traffic although not heavy, and people have favorited my store and items no one has bought anything. I am ready to just give in a close it as I am spending to much to keep it open. I am paying for advertising, I facebook everytime I add new items, I twitter and use pintrest. As a matter of fact I believe you are one of my followers on either pintrest or twitter. Please help me figure this out. I do love making things. Thank you for your valuable time.


  4. Brilliant! I’ve tried to ask a few small business owners in our area of craft and I feel a bit snubbed when I ask my questions, thank you for your willingness to listen to us! I’m curious about, everything 😉 but specifically, pricing and the pros/cons of listing items on Etsy vs a personal webpage. Etsy fees seem so high! Thanks Melody!


  5. I am just starting out my business, and am not really getting anywhere. How do I start and how do you figure out the prices, I am always feeling like I am charging too much for things.

    Layla Wood


  6. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge!!! My daughters and I started a small home based business about a year ago. We are trying to raise money to help with the enormous costs of adoption in Canada. Friends and family have been very supportive in our efforts, however, we’d like to find a way to increase our customer base.


  7. I’d love to make some yarn money from my knitting, so I’ll be trying to learn how best to do this from you 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity! x


  8. I have been on ETSY for about a year now and like others have lots of really good things that are sitting in boxes, drawers, etc. I have been getting lots of views, and have sold a few things, but still need to know how to get people from view to buy! Thanks so much for your willingness to help.


  9. I will be following as I would like to also sell things I make. I am a stay at home and the extra money would be so helpful. I have had a few orders on my facebook page but have been to nervous to open up my own place online. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us.


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