Journey Back to Power – Day 5

Yesterday I spoke about the importance of acknowledging where our attention has been so we can direct it towards the things that we’d like to be cultivating in our lives.

One of the community members commented on that post, and mentioned how important it is not just to redirect our focus, but also to acknowledge the importance of all our feelings.

I couldn’t agree more.

There seems to be a balance – between bringing awareness and gratitude to what is alive inside of us, and then being willing to let those energies be and move towards what we want.

A friend yesterday reminded me that “Pain pushes until pleasure pulls.”

Our feelings are indicators. They are sign posts showing us the way.

When we acknowledge the feelings inside of us, we are being honest with ourselves and giving all of these helpful energies a chance to be seen.

Just like a crying child just needs to be held and acknowledged in their turmoil, so do we.

It’s when we witness ourselves in this way that these energies are invited to clear and we’re left with more of a clean slate to work with and create our desired path from.

A couple years ago, I realized how supportive my feelings were, and started writing them each poems. I wanted them to be acknowledged and appreciated for what they were – amazing energies trying to help me find my way.

I’m sharing those here today.

I’d also love to hear from you in the comments…

How do your current feelings support you? What are they trying to tell you? How are they trying to keep you safe?

Hello sadness.

I see you there.

A quiet guide in desperate times,

voraciously struggling to get my attention

and to dance with my being.

I see you there.

Shunned and lonely –

always wondering when your turn will come,

when the essence of loving presence will shift your direction.

I see you there.

Scared and stunning.

A bindweed in my raspberry patch

eager for freedom and greedily constricting the lining of my throat.

Hello sadness.

Thank you.

For always speaking the truth.

For offering pure guidance in trying times.

I see you there.

Offering shy help,

wanting nothing but acceptance in return.

A small, beautiful ray of energy,

becoming big, brutal, and unbridled when ignored.

Thank you sadness.

You, too, are loved.

Made of honesty and authenticity,

you are the essence of support, of care, of reflection.

My inner child needing love.

Thank you sadness.

You are appreciated.

Blessings to stay as long as you need a home.

May you, too, feel deeply cared for

in all the ways you have cared for me.

Hello Anger.

I see you there.

A pulsing, fiery, black and red shadow.

You’re cozy, nestled in and severely constrained in the confines of my ribcage.

I see you there.

Working hard with regret on all the things that could have been.

I see you twisting, and churning, and screaming, and smashing inside my gut.

I see you there.

Protective – a coat of arms. 

Everything and everyone must be kept out.

Quietly standing guard.

A sentry surrounding my being with shields and swords.

Hello Anger.

Thank you.

For faithfully showing up.

Like a true friend, you’re present, working hard in support at a moment’s notice.

I see you there.

Wanting, aching, steady in your need to keep me safe.

Abundantly and courageously, you lend me your will anytime it’s needed.

Thank you Anger.

You too, are loved.

Made of light in a different form.

Of security, of service, of power, and of strength.

In line with the warrior way.

Thank you Anger.

You are appreciated.

Blessings to stay as long as you need a home.

May you, too, feel cared for in all the ways you’ve cared for me.

Miss yesterday’s Journey Back to Power post? No worries! You’ll find it here.

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  1. I love your poems – round words speaking more effectively than flat words of day to day language. I am reminded Michael Brant DeMaria’s Peace Within course, where he said to repeat to ourselves “I am not my thoughts or feelings” and to acknowledge and honor their presence as you do in your lovely poems. I’m also reminded of the first line of “The Sound of Silence”, “Hello darkness my old friend”.

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