Free Patterns!? Yes Please!

Now that the Wisteria Mysery Create-A-Long is all wrapped up, I have some big plans on the horizon for the next couple of months!  I’m pretty darn excited (I always am when it comes to this type of stuff, hehe) and I hope you’ll share in the excitement with me!  How about a chance to win 10 patterns of your choice from my shop!?

Win Free Knit or Crochet Patterns - small

Win Free Knit or Crochet Patterns!


3 people will win 10 patterns of their choice from my shop!

If we have at least 500 entries (from 500 different people), I’ll up that number and 5 people will win 10 patterns of their choice from my shop.

If we have at least 1,000 entries (from 1,000 different people), I’ll up that number again and 10 people will win 10 patterns of their choice from my shop.


To Enter to Win Follow These Steps:

1. Share this giveaway on your favorite social media platform.

See the handy social sharing buttons below?  Use those buttons to share this giveaway with your crafty friends.  The more entries, the more prizes I’ll give away.

2. Sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already (you’ll need to be on my newsletter list in order to see the list of winners).  Just click here to be taken to the sign up form now.

3. Enter your information into the Rafflecopter below confirming that you have completed all the steps.

Entries will be collected until 4/22 at Midnight MST.

Winners will be announced in my newsletter on 4/24.

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  1. Thanks Melody!

  2. Love your patterns!

  3. I so love your patterns! Keep up the great work~!



  4. Thanks!

  5. Sandy Desaulniers

    Hope I win ?

  6. How exciting! Good luck everyone

  7. Love your patterns!!

  8. Yes Please!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway! Everything is done!

  10. Thank you for the opportunity to have much more of your beautiful patterns. Good luck to all.

  11. Thanks Melody … I hope my info came thru … and shared it on my Pinterest and Facebook too

  12. Thank you for the chance!! I just shared on all platforms below.

  13. Thank you, Melody! I love your patterns! They are always so cute and easy to understand. Your tutorials are outstanding for any of the more complicated or intricate pieces.

  14. Thank you Melody! This is soooo lovely for you to do! You do so much for us here to make crochet/knit fun and learn something new too!

  15. Super excited, I love your patterns!!

  16. Thak you so much for the chance good luck to all

  17. Love all of your patterns. I already have so many of them- and currently have 3 of them on needles. But I want more :). Thank you!!!

  18. This is awesome. You are awesome ?

  19. Love your patterns and all the help you give with them.

  20. Melody, I am learning crochet from your patterns, and enjoying your blog!
    Thank you for your generosity!

  21. Thank you Melody! It may be hard to choose which 10 🙂

  22. Excited!!!!

  23. Beverly Seibenhener

    Thanks Melody for sharing your talents and having these giveaways. You have such great ideas.

  24. Thank you.

  25. Supergive-away opportunity!

  26. would love to win

  27. Woooohoooo free stuffs yaaaay. Lol thank you

  28. Free patterns! Happy dance!!!

  29. Such a treasure trove of patterns! Fingers crossed, someone will be very lucky!

  30. I love your patterns and would so love to win!

  31. Thanks Melody!! Love your patterns!

  32. Yes please

  33. Love your patterns.

  34. Thank you so much. I love all your patterns.

  35. love your patters and giveaways!!!

  36. Thanks for this opportunity, your patterns are lovely!

  37. Oh how I would love to win! Your patterns are fabulous!!???

  38. Wow thank you!!!!!

  39. Thanks for your sharing spirit. You are a blessing to all who use your patterns

  40. I love your patterns. I live on a limited income and really can’t afford to buy patterns so free ones are very appreciated.

  41. I love your patterns and I need to use up my growing stash of yarn….it seems to multiply like rabbits! ,

  42. You have such awesome giveaways! Love, love, LOVE your patterns!!

  43. Amanda Hutchens Meister

    What an amazing giveaway. Thank you!

  44. Would be a dream come true! Love your patterns!

  45. This is awesome! Love, love, love your patterns!!!

  46. Love all you patterns. I hope I am a lucky winner.

  47. Thanks Melody for this awesome opportunity, keeping my fingers I actually win this one!

  48. I love your patterns Melody

  49. Yes please.

  50. My kids in need would sure appreciate all I could make from your beautiful patterns. Love all you do for us.

  51. Love your patterns to knit for family, especially the great-grandkids 3 yrs. and 9 mo.!

  52. Love your patterns. Thanks for the opportunity to win some.

  53. Like your patterns!! Keep up the good work! Wonderful contest!

  54. Thank you Melody, for the chance to win more of your patterns!! 🙂

  55. Thanks very much, Melody!

  56. stephanie lawrence

    Your patterns are precious and timeless for children. They make the perfect keepsake to tuck away and pass down generation to generation. I would love to be selected!

  57. So very excited , Liked loved and shared everywhere thank you so much for the opportunity Melody

  58. Tweeted and Facebooked! Am a bit confused about “Rafflecopter” Where is the link to do that?

  59. Thank you

  60. Thanks for the opportunity Melody and Goodluck to one and all.

  61. Thank you! I think I only got my name on there, not my email address!

  62. Thank you

  63. Wow great contest thank you

  64. Thank you!

  65. Sooo excited for this opportunity. Love your patterns, and have shared them with all my crafty friends.

  66. Beautiful patterns

  67. Thanks for the chance Melody! Would love to win your awesome patterns!

  68. Hope I win. Thanks for all you do and all your wonderful patterns.

  69. Love reading your blog, your children are precious. The patterns you have designed are so cute.

  70. Thank you Melody! You rock! I shared on FB, Pinterest and Twitter! How do I let rafflecopter know?

  71. Thank you so much Melody

  72. Thank you

  73. Thank you for the giveaway.

  74. cindyzs/freespiritczs

    thank you Melody! shared on all the links you had provided! 🙂

  75. I would love to win more of your amazing patterns.

  76. Love your patterns!

  77. Thank you for the chance!!

  78. Would love to win!

  79. Thank you

  80. Thank you! Yes please! Only have two social media platforms but shared it there

  81. trying to re kindle my love of sewing

  82. Thank you!

  83. Thanks for the opportunity

  84. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I hope you get tons of comments!! Have a Splendiforous day! 🙂

  85. Vickie Hughes Chupp

    Melody, you arw so generous with your giveaways. I appreciate all the time and effort yiu put into your lovely designs ♡♡♡

  86. Started to knit and crochet again ty.

  87. I would love to win some more of your patterns.

  88. Thank you Melody! Love your patterns!

  89. Love your patterns but not seeing the giveaway Melody.

  90. Love the CAL sweater pattern. Couldn’t do it when it was going on b/c I had too many wips already…lol

  91. Thanks, love love love your patterns!!!

  92. Love love love your patterns!!!

  93. FREE!!!!!

  94. Thank you! Can’t wait to find the time to make me a sweater.

  95. Thanks for this opportunity

  96. Thanks Melody for the great giveaway!!!

  97. Thank you!!!

  98. Thank you Melody!

  99. Thank you very much!

  100. Betty Ann Barbieri

    Every time I go to your patterns I have so much trouble making my choices. I want them allThanks.

  101. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  102. My birthday is this week Hope I win! lol Gail

  103. Thank you Melidy!!!

  104. Would love a free pattern!!

  105. Thank you for the opportunity , Melody!! Good luck to us all!!!

  106. Thank you for the chance to win and good luck to everyone.

  107. Thanks Melody!!! Wonderful way to share!!!

  108. Thank You Melody

  109. Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. As always your generosity is awesome… Your patterns are always beautiful. Thanks for another chance to add to my collection! To our Melody Makers good luck:)

  111. Thank you!!

  112. Oh my goodness, the 24th is my birthday this is Awesome!

  113. Hope I’m the lucky one.
    All done?

  114. Thank you for the chance to win and good luck to everyone

  115. Pick me!

  116. Love your patterns and would love to win

  117. Pick Me please.

  118. Thank you for this great giveaway. I hope I win.

  119. Thanks

  120. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  121. Love your patterns

  122. Love your beautiful patterns! Thanks Melody!

  123. thank you

  124. Thanks! Love your patterbs!

  125. Thank you for this give away.

  126. Thank you, Melody. You are the best.

  127. Thank you Melody, I have shared everything.

  128. Thank you for such wonderful patterns. I love sharing them

  129. Thank you for such beautiful patterns & a chance to win!!

  130. Thank you so much

  131. Thanks so much for this,.. 🙂

  132. Thank you!!!

  133. what an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for a chance to win.

  134. Thank you! Shared a was sure to remind people the beauty of most (if not all) of your patterns is that you do a knit and crochet version! That is rare (in my experience anyway.)

  135. such beautiful work!! Thank you!!

  136. Winning this would make my year. You always have superb patterns.

  137. Thank you so much. Shared on Pinterest and Facebook

  138. This is a super generous give away!!! Thank you Melody!

  139. how fun. But it wouldnt let me put in my mail adress. 🙁 so dont know if im in. it said i had an error in my mail.

  140. Thanks

  141. Nice….now can we add in some free time to knit all the nice patterns!

  142. Yay! Me please!

  143. Love the patterns!


  144. Thanks for the great opportunity!! Excellent patterns 🙂

  145. Thank you Melody

  146. Thanks!! All done!!

  147. Thanks so much! So generous!!!

  148. Beautiful patterns! Can’t wait to get started!

  149. Thank you for the opportunity, Melody!

  150. Love your beautiful patterns. Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  151. Yes pleeeeeeeeeese love your patterns

  152. Well…. this is exciting!!!!

  153. Thank you for offering this contest.

  154. This is awesome!

  155. This is really great!!!

  156. Love your patterns! Thank you for the chance to win.

  157. Thanks!

  158. I love your patterns. This is fun!

  159. You are very generous! There are many of us here on social insecurity who cannot afford to buy patterns. We appreicate free ones and thank you for that!

  160. I have seen this pattern before and added it to my collection. I will be doing the Storm Cloud Pillow pattern, though. I love the corner to corner patterns. Not too great at them though. 🙂

  161. YES PLEASE! Lol! Thanks Melody for this awesome opportunity, shared on Facebook and Pinterest, hope I win ?

  162. I love your patterns and giveaways.

  163. Shared! Thanks for the opportunity! Extremely appreciated !!!!

  164. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  165. What fun!

  166. I would love to win. Love your patterns!

  167. Thank you amazing.

  168. Amazingly Awesome!!!

  169. Sandy Greenway Thompson

    Really COOL!

  170. Thank you! Shared, already on newsletter and did the rafflecopter!!! You’re always coming up with such fun ideas!

  171. Your patterns are delightful, I love them!

  172. So thankful to be part of such a wonderful group of talented crafters. So appreciate the thoughtfulness tht goes into each pattern you do.. They are the “go to” place when we have a special something to make.

  173. I love your patterns. Thanks for the chance!

  174. Your patterns are great Melody 🙂

  175. Thanks for your generosity, Melody

  176. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win your patterns. You make such a lovely work.

  177. would love them Melody 🙂

  178. Thank you!

  179. Thanks for the giveaway! Glad to have a chance to win some free patterns. Missed my free patterns from the Wisteria CAL. I don’t check e-mail that often if I’m not expecting anything, and when I checked this morning, realized I missed it by one day. 🙁

  180. thanks so much…love free patterns

  181. So excited to have found your site and looking forward to using your patterns!

  182. Melody’s Makings has such beautiful projects on her site. I love her site, it is one of my daily favorites to visit. If she doen’t have it, she will soon.

  183. You make gorgeous baby patterns! An I love that you also do both knit and crochet patterns. Thank you!

  184. Free Patterns!? Yes Please!

  185. Thanks for the chance to win

  186. Thank you so very much!

  187. Free Pattern?!?!?! Why Yes, Please! So nice of you to do this.

  188. Shared on Pinterest

  189. Lots of entries here. Hopefully I win ☺

  190. Thank you for all your beautiful patterns.

  191. Thank you! I am so excited! I just love your patterns.

  192. This is awesome and so generous of you. Thank you for the chance and good luck all!

  193. Waiting with anticipation! 🙂

  194. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule for Wisteria. Gorgeous! I got all 3 requirements done, already signed up, I shared via Pinterest and entered info in rafflecopter. Fingers Crossed! Thanks for sharing!

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  196. Thanks!

  197. Thank you for another amazing competition Melody. X

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