Take Your Crafting Business to the Next Level – I Can Help.

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3 Comments On “Take Your Crafting Business to the Next Level – I Can Help.”

  1. love your work and its a pleasure to receive your emails..from your last email..i use to get really stressed by crochet calms me..just wish i was more successful in my business..time will tell
    keep up the amazing work


  2. I love your patterns and im so grateful for the time you put into making them, but im most grateful for the fact that you allow us to sell the product we make from them. As long as we leave a link back to you. I met a young girl this weekend that asked if I would be interested in making props for her so she can start up a photography business. I told her to go to your site and pick the patterns she likes. If I have them already ( I have a lot lol) then she just has to let me know what she wants or I would purchase them. I also told her about you starting a blog to help those of us who have businesses and have questions. Thank you for all you do. Oh ps I know live in a house where we are all adults my youngest just graduated h school. I make them all help out with chores. Lol so all I have to do is feed them and crochet or knit. Lol. Life is good, pss dont tell them I said that they may go on strike.


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