Yarn Opens Doors to Dreams

I feel really inclined to share a little bit of the heart behind what I do within this community today!  Please excuse my sappy, personal post, hehe.

Crafting Creates Smiles

Crafting Creates Smiles.

My husband (Nick) and I are BIG dreamers.

Here’s just a little snapshot of our current dreams.

We want to each be home and available to our kids for as much of their childhood as possible.  Everyone’s always telling us that kids grow up in the blink of an eye….and we can already see that happening.  So we’re going the distance to make sure we don’t miss anything, and that they don’t ever miss us (well except for on the occasional sanity saving date night!).

We want to cultivate a lifestyle where we have the freedom to experience new things with our children.  This to us means doing everything we can right now to pay off the mortgage on our beautiful home.  We feel like it’s crazy important for kids to have a solid home base….and since our home is actually also my childhood home, I also feel a crazy need to hold onto this place….FOREVER!  Haha.

After we get the house paid off, Nick plans to start building a tiny house.  One we can drag around the country each summer while we give the kids all of those experiences we’d really like them to have.

What does this mean to you?

Here’s the deal….All of the BIG dreams that I listed above are only possible because of one thing.  This business.

The freedom this online business gives my family is the hub of all these dreams.  Without Melody’s Makings, we wouldn’t be home with our children while we worked towards all of these goals.  Without Melody’s Makings, we’d never be able to dream of setting money aside towards early payments on our home.  Without Melody’s Makings we’d never have location freedom, thus letting us take our children on these adventures.

I’m invested.

I’m passionate.

I’m working towards a goal.

Which means I’m always going to give you the absolute best of myself, and of my creativity, that I possibly can.  I hope you can see that in everything I do within my business.

So why am I telling you this today?

Because I have a confession…..I LOVE yarn.

I LOVE yarn because it opens doors to my dreams.


Please leave me a comment!  I want to hear why you love yarn.

Here’s just a few reasons members of our community are total yarn addicts:

Thank you to all of the wonderful community members who submitted photos for this video!  I super appreciate you making this such a fun community to be a part of, and every single photo truly made me smile.

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  1. You have truly captured the passion that comes from crafting in this beautiful tribute. Thanks for allowing us to share it with you. Blessings.

  2. I love yarn because of the limitless possibilities it offers. Also I love the different textures and varieties of yarn.

  3. I think yarn is a wonderful way to express yourself and create anything you want. You can choose your texture and color. Once you have created your masterpiece you can give it to whomever you wish and they have a tangible piece of you to carry or keep. I feel like an artist and I am proud of each piece I am able to make.

  4. I love yarn for the passion of creativity that it brings me! Knitting or crocheting- I love watching whatever I am working on come to life! It also reduces my stress level and keeps me calm!

  5. I love yarn because it gave me a sense of being a person again! It gave me a sense ofidentity outside of being a wife and a mommy! It’s helped me with my depression and given me some sense of purpose!

  6. I love yarn because it is so exhilarating to finish a project and see the beauty in it, and then watch who you may give it to and watch the joy they have for getting something homemade. I also feel very proud to carry on my Grandmother’s legacy.

  7. You have given us all a part of you! Your passion and ability to push us beyond our comfort zone is truly a gift and I thank you for that ! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next !!

  8. Loved reading this ❤. One Republics I Lived is very near and dear to me. The video is about cystic fibrosis, a disease that my nephew Colin has. I try to live for each day. Yarn is my escape, my creativity flows when I’m crocheting. Happy hooking ?

  9. 15 yrs. ago I had another breakdown. It was Bad. It forced me to stop working for good. I ended up also dealing with agoraphobia. One of the things to help me was the yarn dept. at the craft store. I would leave the safety of my car and quickly walk, not looking at anyone, to the yarn. The touch of the yarn and all the colors calmed me. I taught myself to crochet with thread and made doilies for years. About 5 years ago I finally tried yarn. I love switching back and forth between the two. And am still soothed going into the yarn dept.

  10. I love yarn so I can make homemade gifts for family and friends. Handmade gifts are cherished for years.

  11. It’s an expression of color and creativity. I just love all of the textures, fibers, and colors available. It simply makes one’s head swim with the possibilities of what to create next. I thank God often for the talents he has given me, and for the passion to create. Yarn is just the vehicle, and an extension for that creativity. We are in the process right now, of closing our home and drastically downsizing. Oh, what to do with my 10 large tubs of yarn? Well…..On amazon, I’ve ordered several boxes of those vacuum seal bags that you suck all of the air out of. That’s downsizing . . . Isn’t it?

  12. This gives such beautiful insight to what crafting is. It is so much more than the time you spend in crafting stores and the bags of yarn that you cram into your yarn corner knowing that somewhere is the greatest pattern that this stash was just made for. It is the love that goes into each creation and the comfort and joy it brings to its recipient(s).

  13. I love yarn because it allows me to create things which I love giving to others. I love how it looks and feels.

  14. I have fallen into the love and warmth of yarn too! It brings me back to my childhood as I watched my Momma and Nana work tirelessly onChristmas projects and baby projects and gifts to the needy! So many hours and love while still cooking for the 9 of us! I didn’t appreciate it then, it was just a way of life although I loved it when the project was for me!! It makes me feel arms of love around me! And now I can give to my family and those that need some love!

  15. I love yarn because I always wanted to know how to knit. I taught myself maybe 15 years ago. at first I was intimidated. but my first knitting book was by Debbie bliss. and she had great instruction for each stitch in the book. my knitting took off. my favorite is knitting lace. because it’s beautiful, looks so complicated. but others that don’t know how to knit don’t know how really simple it is. yarn is awesome. I prefer natural fibers over accrylic any day.

  16. I love yarn because it connects me with people. My every Wed 12:30 – 4 yarn group is the highlight of my week. meeting for over 9 years, although I see these women only on that one day we have deep and lasting friendships.
    I love yarn because I can replicate art someone else has designed and I can create original things. I can give to those who want what I make, both family , friends and strangers. Yarn gives me quiet time during the long nights and peaceful moments with my small dog sleeping on my lap.

  17. I love yarn because being able to crochet relaxes me. I’d love to be able to sell items and make some extra money but if not then I’m just happy to sit and crochet. It’s amazing how something so simple as yarn can be turned into such gorgeous items. It’s pretty much the only hobby I have now so I stock up on yarn 🙂

  18. Different colors, different textures, different projects. No two ever have to be the same.
    Yarn ❤️

  19. I love yarn because I can let my creativity soar. Everything I make is a tiny bit different from the last. No two items are exactly the same. Our emotions come out in our craft. I love it!

  20. I have been crocheting since I was five, 59 years! I was a sickly kid and my father taught me to crochet and embroider to give me activities I could do when I wasn’t feeling well. Since then, when I had the time and space, I have have tried just about every type of fabric art; knitting, crocheting, embroidery and counted cross-stitching, sewing clothes, and even quilting.
    I love yarn arts because they are so portable! I’ve given away my sewing machine, and the tiny x-stitching I liked too do is just too hard on my eyes. But I can knit or crochet while listening to a book, or watching a movie. I get as excited about new yarn as I used to about new fabrics! Colors and textures draw me. For me it works two ways. Sometimes I know what I want to make, then go through my catalogues and websites to find the right yarn. Other times, I see a yarn and get it, without any idea of where I’m going to use it. I’m just having fun!

  21. I love yarn too! Just to see the all the colors and types and to feel how soft it is. It’s exciting and relaxing at the same time. It’s exciting thinking of all the awesomely beautiful things that I can make and relaxing because while I’m crocheting, it helps me focus and eases some the stress I have being a mother to three children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Yarn is the best!!! ????

  22. I love yarn because making things for others brings me joy, and the act of crocheting helps relieve my anxiety! I love that you share so much of your passion and joy with us!

  23. I love yarn because I can make my grandkids smile with it

  24. I love the feel of yarn and the many colors available. I love how we take string and work it into all types of things!!! The process amazes me.

  25. Your dreams are admirable and I commend you for doing what it takes to make them come true. Your children will,cherish their childhood days and their parents as well.

    I love yarn because I can make something for me to enjoy or to give to others to enjoy. If I sell it I have made a customer happy who sometimes makes someone else with happy the item I made.

    I am delighted to say my skills have grown with participation in your CAL’s and that has paid off in many ways. I think my hubby understands this is an integral part of who I am. It is a need and great relaxation for me as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this; you are such an inspiration.

  26. I love yarn because it gives me an outlet for my creative side. And because I love giving handmade gifts to people.

  27. I love yarn because of the outstanding colors one can surround themselves with. I don’t care if I never knit a single thing as long as I can open cupboards and drawers and tubs and just lose myself in the colors. Touch it rearrange it display it. surround myself with the beauty of colors.

  28. I love yarn because it helps me create things that make others happy.

  29. I love yarn like everyone has said.. It give me a high.. Especially when I get great sale prices.. Lol.. I just started crocheting so I have a lot to learn.. My momma was a knitter and crocheter..

  30. I love yarn because it takes me to a quiet place in my mind that no one else can get to me. Only I know what I’m making. I love the colors and feel of it. And it’s the only habit I have left. I gave up smoking 35 years ago. I don’t drink cause I’m allergic to it. I work 40 plus hours a week. I think one habit is ok.

  31. I love yarn because it’s gotten me through 2 of the hardest years of my life. My father passed away suddenly on January 13th,2015. A month later my husband relocated 2,000 miles away for work and we haven’t been able to be with him. Yarn has kept my sanity. Every stitch contains all of my joy, fear, anxiety, stress. If I never reach my goal of designing my own patterns, I’ll be forever grateful for the peace yarn and crocheting give me.

  32. Hi Melody. Yarn and crafting has kept me sane. My career in medical care is stressful and I relax and feed my soul with my crafts. Best of luck with reaching all your dreams!!

  33. My love for yarn connects me to those I love…my
    Auntie, and my mother, who taught me to knit and crochet. My grandmother who crocheted me a blanket for my 16th birthday…that I still cherish over 40 years later. I crochet and knit my love into my creations for my grandchildren and others. When 4 of my grands were leaving for England for 4 years (service kids), I made each an afghan so they would be wrapped in my love no matter where they were. Of course the ones that remained stateside also had to have them! 🙂

  34. Working with yarn is so relaxing weather it’s crocheting or knitting. I loose myself in what I’m doing. It is so rewarding to see a finished piece and know some one else appreciates it is awesome.

  35. My mom taught me to knit and crochet when I was a child. Now that I’m a grandmother, we’ve made scarves for Special Olympics, ponchos for my granddaughter and daughter, an afghan for a friend fighting cancer and other items for my home, family or others. When I have yarn in my hand, I feel peace within me, thoughts about the purpose of the item I’m working on. It’s the one thing I don’t multitask with, except maybe watching TV or listening to music. It also helps when I’m dieting because I get so involved I forget about snacking! I’m now working on a crochet pillow following the pattern of a wave. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  36. I love yarn because it brings such happy memories to mind. My mother learned to knit at 8, then she taught me and helped me finish my first sweater at 9. I lost interest and she could whip up anything I asked for
    FAST so I stopped knitting. Now that I dont have her around any longer I miss her so much and I love to think about the thousands of items she made for our family, friends, children in need…and strangers. I cant even picture her without thinking of her knitting. P.S. She had beautiful hands and always had painted nails that made those needles fly!

  37. I love the texture of different yarns and the way they feel and work on my crochet hooks or knitting needles. If I won a fortune, one of my first expenditures would be on miles and miles of yarn.

  38. I live yarn because it is my friend. I’ve been crocheting since I was eight. I made my own cloths in highschool, when the kids were little I would relax after they went to sleep with my yarn. I have made things for every child and grandchild so far. Now that I’m disabled it helps me keep my sanity. Yes yarn is my Freind

  39. I love yarn because it makes me happy. It has also helped me lose weight! I was an avid reader with Doritos prints on my book. No snacking whilst crocheting!!!

  40. I like it…I love it…I want some more of it.

  41. I love yarn because knitting brings balance to my life. I love creating custom gifts that please those special people in my like. Colors my be vibrant or pastels…or a mixture. And then there’s the feel of yarns that are natural fibers. It doesn’t get much better!❤️

  42. I love yarn because it presents a blank canvas and the possibilities that can be created with it are infinite. I love knowing that a skein of sock yarn can have my son kissing me on the cheek and away in the new socks I knitted him, for days at a time. I love the smile on my nieces face when she sees pink yarn and knows that she is going to have something new. I love yarn because I love the smiles it brings to the people I love to craft for.

  43. I love yarn, ecause it helps me to create things I love. But also to create for others. I love the different colors and different fibers. All of those things help making different things.

  44. I love yarn because of the amazing things that can be done with it. Whether it is lace or bulky, solid or varigated, acrylic or silk, the finished products that are made with it are ones that anyone can be proud to call their own.

  45. I love yarn so much that my family can tell when I happy or I’m stressed out to the max. They also know when it is okay to interrupt me. I just love yarn for the many color that it comes in more then any thing else.

  46. I love yarn for so many reasons and should just post “all of the above” because so many of you have already expressed my feelings!
    Seeing my granddaughters wearing what I crocheted for them brings me back to when I crocheted for their mommy’s. I suffer from chronic pain plus anxiety attacks and crocheting helps relax me. I can no longer crochet with crochet thread and miss making doilies but there is such a variety of yarn and colors now. Just love yarn!!!

  47. Yarn=Love. If I make something for anyone it is done with love, hope, prayers and happy wishes for the recipient. I love to see how the yarn and the knots turn into something beautiful.

  48. Ya know I do other things like painting on rocks, drawing, woodburn, but ya know I always go back to yarn. It doesn’t take long to create something for someone with yarn. Christmas is just around the corner and I already have most of my gifts for the grandkids, made out of yarn. Thanks Melody:-)

  49. I love yarn as it has always been there for me through thick and thin. It has helped me during the battle to save my husband’s life and leg, it was there for me when my children disowned me and have never allowed me to see my grandchildren, it is always THERE! Add a hook or a set of knitting needles and my friend and I are off on another adventure! Your blog and it’s members have also made my life so much brighter! Thank you all!

  50. I love yarn because it makes me happy to knit items for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and they appreciate homemade things.I think it is wonderful what you are doing and that you want to spend a lot of time with your children, that is important. Thank-you for your blog and patterns, keep up the good work


  51. I love yarn because it truly saved my life!!! in Sept 2012 I was strung out on drugs and pulled myself out of hell!!! I went to rehab and never looked back! When I got home I didnt know what I was going to do with myself & it scared me to death!! I was so afraid of relapse and I picked up my crochet hook and yarn and started crocheting. My dream has always been to have my own business on crocheting, I have since started my own blog stitchinshishums.com please come show me some love!!! Im having a hard time getting it going as Im not tech savy at all!!! but anyway that is why I love yarn. My birthday is in 2 days Sept 6th so Im hoping to get some birthday $$$ so I can get some yarn!! Thank you Melody for giving all that you do and for giving me the courage to do more than I thought I could, you have tryuly inspired me in so many ways and I thank you!!!


  52. I love all the different colors, textures, weights, and all the possibilities that these different aspects allow. I have the thinking that one can never have too much yarn. I love the way it feels between my fingers when I am working with it (or when I am going to buy it). I’m getting sappy, I know. I just love yarn!

  53. I want to open my own yarn store, in our town here, where people can come in and browse, or sit in a comfortable chair and share their craft with others who are like-minded, and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee or tea – that’s my dream right now!

  54. I love yarn…I discovered my first lys while on travel for work one month after my only left for college. That was five years ago and yarn has given me something that is all mine. I love the feel the smell and the pride I feel when I’m done with a project. I don’t just love it I’m obsessed with it!

  55. I love yarn because I can make wonderful things for my charity auctions and group’s especially the preemie babies because we make a difference to both people and animals and you are one in a million for all the gorgeous free patterns, I love making a difference to other peoples lives and do something i thoroughly enjoy,thank you so much for your patterns i really love them Hun x

  56. I love the ability to take yarn and make a creation someone will love and remember me as the one that used my needles or crochet hook to make the item. All the comments have been great and varied, I was taught at about 8 yrs old to crochet, about 60 years ago. I let it get away from me while I lived a life to busy – I thought – for the creative side of me. Now I truly enjoy making and sharing on my Etsy shop.Thank your for all the beautiful patterns you have given us and please, enjoy your children, and you can call us your children too! You give us great gifts!

  57. I just plain love yarn!! I love the satisfaction of creating new things and people’s happiness when i give them away! Yarn makes me happy. 🙂

  58. Yarn, in the beginning given freely from the sheep to the herder, who in turn passes it on to individuals that clean, card and create fiber ready for a spinner. All giving a part of themselves with hard work and devotion. Myself as a crocheter and knitter, value the yarn created from their endeavors with much thanks and respect. I take the yarn and in turn can create a loving toy for a small child, socks for a special someone, a sweater for a loving niece and maybe even something special for myself. Yarn is the gift that gives from beginning to end this is why I love working with yarn.

  59. Yarn means so much to me because it brought my mom & I closer. She had a stroke when she was 25 that left her paralysed on the right side. While she had to learn everything all over again she taught me that crocheting is a therapy. So as she learned to crochet again we did it together. We went to her Aunts’ homes that were from Ireland & she taught me why this craft was so important to our family. As this craft during the meek times in Ireland was the sole means of a living. As you are now seeing this venture of Melody’s Makings providing for your family it’s how my grandparents survived & came to America. Now as a grandmother of 2 awesome girls I am passing the love of yarn to each of them. Shelby 7 enjoys crocheting & dabbles in designing since she was 3 & now her sister Anna now 3 is following along. Yarn allows me to pass on generations of love to them! <3

  60. So many reasons to love yarn… The colors and textures, the joy of feeling squishy skiens in the store, subtle sparkles, the way a particular yarn inspires me to use it- either in a pattern of my own design, or one I find. And knitting the yarn makes me feel more productive and less guilty when I sit down to watch TV.

  61. Why do I love yarn? For me its because it invokes memories. I remember sitting by my Mom while she knitted or crocheted, snuggled under one of the many afghans scattered around the house. Yarn is home <3

  62. I love yarn because the possibilities are endless. I too craft to help make my families dreams come true.

  63. It´s a world of color, texture, warmth, forms, posibilities!
    Crafting keeps me in the “Now”, it´s meditation to me!!!

  64. You are such a sweet soul. May all your dreams come true. Thanks for all you do for us as well. Much love, Flash

  65. I love to play with color and yarn allows me to do that. Add the different textures, weights, and fibers and there are endless combinations possible! I haven’t tried combining yarns of different weights and fibers in a single project before, but I can see it happening. I am planning a mixed-media blanket for my great-nephew featuring his favorite sports, also a “shades of blue” afghan for him. I just have to START! Crocheting is calming to me, giving my fidgety hands something productive to do. I can let my mind wander when the pattern is repetitive (or watch tv) and take myself a million miles away from whatever is troubling me. I started trying to sell my work about 3 years ago, thinking it would be a good way to supplement retirement income, but it’s going slowly. Never mind; I’ll push on, making what I want to, hopefully making others happy as I go!

  66. Yarn just feels good & makes beautiful, warm, heartfelt projects. I have to touch every skein of yarn that might come home with me. If I don’t like the feel, back in the bin it goes. I love turning yarn into personalized items for friends & family.

  67. I love yarn because of the the different shades of color. Looking at all the different colors make me happy, and sometimes, just looking at my yarn stash collection is enough for me 🙂

  68. The thing I love about yarn is the abundance of things you can create with it and the constant changes in yarn that provide us with amazing opportunities to provide for those less fortunate.

  69. I love yarn because of the endless possibilities it can create. I also love all the different colors and textures and styles. I can’t believe how quickly I became addicted to yarn. Yarn also gives me a purpose. Something creative and so much fun to work with.

  70. I love yarn because I can share my talent with others. I love giving homemade gifts. I have been retired 4 years now and have had lots of time to knit and even put together my own prayer shawl designs. I hope my granddaughters will learn to knit and crochet.

  71. I love Yarn it because it gives me the freedom that I ‘m making something beautiful, fun or useful. We travel a lot and with that bit of yarn I can always engage me

  72. Yarn lets me express myself creatively, escape my worries for a while and create beautiful things for the ones I love. I’m like you, starting a design business so that I can stay at home with my children too. Regardless, you’ll always have my support dear lady.

  73. I love yarn; yesterday I spent 7 hours working on a shawl while sitting in the coffee shop. But the yarn didn’t love me: I noticed that I had worked my pattern backwards and had to rip out everything I had just done plus to get to a place where I could reliably pick up the stitches again. So much for knitting away my depression; I’ll just have to try again today.

  74. I love yarn because, to me, it symbolizes continuity. My mother was a knitter and crocheter and when I crochet (and knit) I feel a close connection with her. Memories come alive as I feel the yarn slide through my fingers. I’ve not had my Mom around for 28 years, but when I crochet she’s vibrantly alive.

  75. I love the texture of different yarns the color combination that I make and the finished products and smiles when I present a handmade item. You don’t get that with store bought items. just saying

  76. I love yarn because it allows me to create, and the results becomes a part of me

  77. I love yarn because crocheting got me through my husbands by-pass surgery, my sons cancer and by-pass surgery.
    It helped me keep busy so I would not worry or feel fear of losing them.
    Happily all turned out well and I made some beautiful things to give as gifts.
    That’s why I love Yarn.

  78. That is such a cute video! It definitely captures the essence of why a lot of us do this crafting thing. ?

  79. I love yarn because crocheting calms me down, clears my head and helps me focus. I love making toys for my little folks. I made some Pikachu’s for the kids and they used them to play a simple Pokeman GO game. They would hide them on each other and they had a great time playing with them. I make them scarfs and hats, the scarfs have pockets in them and they can carry little things in them or use for an extra pair of mittens.They love the things I make out yarn and I hope when they grow up they remember and hopefully will learn to use yarn in their own way.

  80. I love yarn because I love creating things for people. I love to see the look on their faces when they see the item I worked on for the first time. I love the sense of accomplishment upon completing something that I frogged a bajillion times! I love yarn because crochet helped me work through the grief of losing my mother last year.

  81. I love yarn because I love creating things even though I’m not designing them. It also can get you through the tough times that come along because you can get lost in what you are doing, and that can be a lifesaver.

  82. I love yarn because it’s threads intertwine with my past, present and with my future as I teach. It never gets old and there is always is something new to learn. The gifts of my crafts always bring smiles and it is a timeless treasure. It is always a rewarding part of my day.

  83. Love all the colors of yarn. I have a whole wall of yarn, the colors of which always inspire and cheer. Your article is very sweet.

  84. I have been chrocheting since high school, loved working with the yarn,from making granny blankets, to baby blankets,from there it went to thread crochet snowflakes. Always want to have yarn and needle close by.
    Hardest part is figuring out what to crochet next. I am a yarn collector (hoarder ) just waiting to become something. I just love to crochet.


  85. I have become a yarn addict. I love looking at all the colors and love feeling the different textures. I will never be able to use all the yarn I have accumulated even if I live to be 100 but I surely will die trying to! Crocheting is both relaxing and rewarding.

  86. I love yarn because in an imperfect world filled with so many negative things, I can take my perfectly pretty yarns and make something positive with them. I can lift my mood when the depression and anxiety get me down, I can see that there is something I can do and its something that makes me feel good about myself. I have bought yarn to make something special for those I love and when I am able to gift it to them, I can feel like I am always with them even when they are not around. Untangling yarn helps me control my anxiety attacks and helps others who hate to do it. I just love my yarn because its something I see potential in, it drives me to complete things that are beautiful and functional and gives me a sense of purpose when I don’t feel like I have one. Its my addiction, my saving grace and a comfort when I need some.

  87. I love yarn because of all the endless possibilities it gives me. I started crocheting when I was 7 and knitting when I was in my teens. I also use yarn in other crafts. I love the way it looks and feels. Doing yarn crafts gives me great satisfaction. It relaxes me and de-stresses me. It kept me sane( well, somewhat LOL) raising 6 kids.

  88. Hi! I love yarn first and foremost the soft and luxurious feel between my fingers and against my cheek (that way I know it will be perfect for gifts). Then, I love the limitless possibilities- oh I don’t like this pattern in this color, there’s more to try from. And, satisfaction that I’m creating for my pleasure as well as for someone to enjoy.

  89. I have always been creating since I was 5. Embroidery, sewing, quilting, crochet, other needlearts. I love to create. I design sometimes, I re-create a lot, I often change patterns to suite me. I have taught classes so the younger generation can learn. And often for free. I love making things for others too.

  90. I love yarn because it allowed me to use my craft to stay home with my youngest son. I never could do that with my older children because I was working long hours. I love yarn because it let me allow my daughter to play travel volleyball. I love yarn because I am always able to be there for my son’s baseball games and practices. I love yarn, because I feel like I am contributing to family finances and my husband doesn’t have to worry about taking a vacation day every now and then.

  91. I love yarn because I can create something that would hopefully be some that someone will cherish and love to their lifetime, something sentimental!!

  92. First, let me say … sappy is amazing. You’re sappyness is amazing; so by logic (from my college days) YOU ARE AMAZING!!

    And yarn is amazing for me too, for so many reasons but I think the best one is that every time I touch it, or fall asleep with my hook in one hand and ny yarn in the other I feel my Great Grandma with me. She taught me to crochet with a hook she whittled out of a tree branch one day while sitting on her front porch watching me play in the yard. That night she gave me one of her BEST balls of yarn and taught me to crochet by kerosene lamp. That was the first time I fell asleep with hook and yarn. I was 5 and she was 75. Now, 58 years later her comfort and support is always with me, and I still have that hook!

  93. First of all thank you for all the amazing patterns that you have. I love yarn because it makes me so relaxed when I can sit and start a project finish a project and then see the joy when you give away your project.

  94. I love yarn because it calms me down. I know that I can just wrap myself in yarn and a pattern and it relaxes me from a long day at work. Plus, it give me joy when i see someone enjoy the project I create.

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