What Skill Level Are You!? {Take the Quiz Now}


What Knit or Crochet Skill Level are YOU?

I’ve been seeing lots of questions about skill level within both my little knit and crochet community as well as the other yarn related communities I’m a part of.  Everyone wants to know, “What skill level am I really?”

Thanks to the Craft Yarn Council, there are some easy standards you can check to find out.  However, we all know a quiz is always more fun….

What Skill Level Are You!?  Take the Quiz to find out now!

**After you’ve completed the quiz, be sure to share with your crafty friends (so they can take the quiz too!) and then leave me a comment on this post with your results.**

When someone asks me to make them a dishcloth....

The hardest stitch I've ever tried was....

The most colors I've ever used in one project was...

There's a gorgeous lace shawl that I'd love to try but....

When a pattern requires lots of counting I....

Projects made out of thread make me want to....

My favorite type of project is...

*This quiz is a fun tool for estimating skill level only.  If you feel like your results may not be correct, please drop by the Crafty Yarn Council and take a peek at the Standards yourself.*

1,576 Comments On “What Skill Level Are You!? {Take the Quiz Now}”

  1. What a fun quiz! Loved it!

  2. The quiz says I’m Intermediate but I swear I’m “Advanced but Large-Project Averse.” I live in South Florida so big projects are HOT to have in my lap.

    • Haha! I don’t blame you at all for being large project adverse! The quiz isn’t an exact science…just a fun thing to do 😉

  3. Dennielle Padgett

    That was pretty fun! I have several WIPs 🙁 too many babies coming along!

  4. i am experienced! exactly what i thought i was. the quiz was fun.

  5. I’m intermediate which sounds about right for crochet, but I’m still a beginner knitter.

  6. That was fun. I didn’t think I would be that advanced

  7. interesting, some of the questions are not me though

  8. The quiz says I am experienced but still struggle with certain things. I am pushing myself to learn something new at least once a month! This was fun!

  9. I got intermediate, it was a good quiz. Thank you!

  10. Fun! According to this quiz I’m an intermediate level, which I feel is pretty appropriate for where I am with my crochet.

  11. Says I am intermediate which is what I think although I am pushing the next level!!! Thanks Melody!

  12. It says I’m experienced, but I’m not so sure about that! But having a full- fledged addiction sounded right on! 🙂

  13. I got experienced. I guess I love a challenge! lol

  14. Experienced!!

  15. Fun quiz!!! Turns out I am more advanced than I thought. ? LOL

  16. I got beginner but consider myself at least intermediate. Several of the questions didn’t have what I would say my answer actually is.

  17. I got intermediate which is kind of what I guessed myself to be. I am a self-taught crochet fanatic with 3 young kiddos so I haven’t really been able to find time to do some of the more advanced stuff:)

  18. Didn’t expect to be amateur.

  19. The quiz said I was at an intermediate level and that seems accurate to me. The questions were quite interesting!

  20. Intermediate. I can live with that! I love shawls and detailed stitches but don’t have the patience for thread.

  21. I got Intermediate and it makes me feel pretty good! I’ve been knitting for over 5 years and I have pushed myself to learn new things.

  22. Experienced – wow. Would have thought intermediate but I guess that’s because I feel like I’m always learning something new.

  23. Yay I got intermediate! Now I feel like I can try more things without getting overwhelmed.

  24. Intermediate sounds about right lol. What a cute quiz!

  25. Quiz says intermediate and I think its spot on 🙂

  26. It says I’m an intermediate. I love trying new protects and new stitches. I’m self taught and working towards being an advanced crocheter!

  27. I’m experienced 🙂

  28. Experienced. Pretty much addicted. Seem to always have many projects in the works! Always wanting to try new stuff. You have exposed new challenges and are now my BFF of crochet 🙂

  29. Huh – it says I’m experienced! It also says I have a full fledged addiction and have withdrawal being away from yarn for any period of time, which is not entirely accurate, but I do love challenges and mystery CAL/KALs are awesome!

  30. I’m experienced, love trying to things to challenge myself.

  31. Easy with two bars, so not total beginner then.
    I think I need to push more, so maybe find a nice CAL to improve.

  32. That was fun – said I was Intermediate…sounds about right!

  33. Susan Christensen Grandy

    This reinforced what I already know. It was interesting just the same.

  34. I got intermediate. Fun quiz. Thanks!

  35. I’m intermediate. Sounds about right. 🙂

  36. Intermediate for me! What a fun quiz!

  37. Loved the quiz! I came out as intermediate which I agree 🙂

  38. I got Intermediate, but I think I’m more advanced… Haha. I’ve made everything under the sun ? Fun and quick quiz! Thanks!

  39. Intermediate ?

  40. Says, Intermediate. I think thats just about right.

  41. I got intermediate – which exactly what I thought. I am always learning, and trying new things. I’m not there yet, but I will get to the point where I’m confident with advanced.

  42. Loved this fun quiz!!! My result is “Experienced”. I am always game to try something new and challenging!! = ]

  43. Says I’m experienced 🙂

  44. I got intermediate, but I get bored with large projects, so I tend to avoid them. I think of myself as somewhere between intermediate and expert.

  45. Experienced!
    That was a cute quiz thank you for sharing.

  46. knittingdancer on Raverly

    Love this quiz. I got experienced as my result and I totally agree with it.

  47. I definitely would have classified myself as an advanced beginner but was pleasantly surprised to see intermediate!

  48. It says I’m intermediate, that makes me feel wonderful after all I only tought myself this year in Jan. ? I have many projects I have picked out to give a try.

  49. Intermediate sounds about right! Love the challenges but I most enjoy making hats and booties. Blankets and garments are fun but my patience isn’t always there. Cute quiz!

  50. I got experienced!

  51. Intermediate as well. Sounds about right. I’ve been working on projects for years, but I am still a little wary of those labeled “advanced.” That, and I only learned how to actually read patterns about a year or so ago. 🙂

  52. I’m considered a beginner. Which is a step up from novice.

  53. Fun quiz. Apparently I am advanced. Wouldn’t have said so myself, but I will take it to heart.

  54. Experienced …this was fun..and I love anything that involves yarn and a crochet hook…

  55. I came out with intermediate, I think I am slightly advanced, Lol

  56. I got experienced, and I agree?

  57. It said I’m experienced will try any pattern once ?

  58. The quiz says intermediate and I’d agree. I’m a fairly high intermediate but lace yarn, broomstick lace, and Tunisian scare me. I have the books and yarn just need the courage to jump in and do.

  59. Haha! It says I’m easy! Considering I have knitted off and on for over 50 years, I think I’m a little higher than that. I just like small projects and have no interest in large projects or lacy shawls!

  60. I got intermediate. Sounds right to me.

  61. It was a toss-up between clothing and hat/accessories because I love all of them.
    As for projects made with thread, I needed the option “these are a mechanical, but not an experiential difficulty for my eyes and hands”.
    The quiz says I’m addicted – yep, I have a buffet full of yarn and hooks next to my easy chair and task lamp, and I hook daily.

  62. I got experienced…I love a good challenge!!

  63. Easy!!! Sounds right to me!

  64. Intermediate 🙂 sounds about right since I’ve been crocheting for about 6 1/2 years now

  65. Experienced!

  66. I know my skill level is experienced, but the intermediate level describes me almost perfectly as someone who knows when to slow down and take on something easy! Challenges are great, but sometimes you just want to do something mindless to relax!

  67. The quiz said I am an Intermediate. I agree totally. It was fun to take.

  68. I got Intermediate! What a fun quiz, thank you!!

  69. The quiz states I am EXPERIENCED. I love challenges in patterns. I have made all kinds of items from afghans to accessories to baby items. Really I’ve done almost all. I was taught to crochet from my mom when I was 10 and I just kinda took off from there 🙂

  70. Ditto on Lora’s response! Not entirely accurate as I go in streaks. I have been spending time lately just collecting patterns that I already have the yarn for.

  71. Wow I got experienced! I’ve only been crocheting for about 2 years but I feel like I’ve learned so much, especially from all of you makers! Can’t wait for our next project, I would love to do more colorwork!

  72. This is what they say about me
    You’re quite familiar with the ins and outs of the craft world and you’ve dedicated yourself to learning and advancing your skills! You love a good challenge, but also know when it’s right to slow down and pick up an easy, mindless project. There’s just a few skills left for you to try out, but you’re not in any rush. You’re comfortable and happy with your yarn success so far! Fun quiz testing myself out, ?

  73. I got intermediate. Love learning new stitches and techniques!

  74. I came out as experienced and an addict. I’m not totally sure about the experienced level, but I am truly addicted. Enjoyed the quiz.

  75. “full fledged addiction.” I knew that!

  76. Fun quiz. I’m an intermediate but I plan to learn much more!

  77. The test says I’m intermediate. I think I agree with that, although I do feel like I have a lot more to learn. 🙂

  78. Intermediate but only because there are some things I just don’t want to try.

  79. Stephanie Gilbert

    Whoa got intermediate, I’ve only been crocheting for like 3 months XD

  80. tammy shuttleworth

    i got advanced super fun 🙂

  81. My results were “intermediate”

  82. I’m still at “Easy” but am branching out into new stithese. I really love Granny Squares and have made two jackets and several afghans. My granny square jacket makes me so happy every time I see it!

  83. Intermediate, fun quiz. Makes me want to get something out and knit, but, it is over 100 today, so maybe tonight when it cools down.

  84. I got intermediate. I’d say that’s pretty close.

  85. tammy shuttleworth

    sorry that was ment to be experienced..

  86. It said I’m intermediate, which sounds about right. ?

  87. Intermediate

  88. Experienced! After nearly 60 years of continuous knitting and crocheting, I’d hope to be. Love your yarn and your designs.

  89. I will definitely settle for being intermediate…

  90. Experienced

  91. Super fun quiz!
    “You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

    According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Experienced level is, “Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques and dimension, such as non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks and needles, detailed shaping and refined finishing.”

  92. Intermediate. I think that’s about right. 🙂

  93. Fun quiz!!! I feel it is on target.

  94. I got intermediate and I agree that is where I am at. I am advanced on some projects. Fun Quiz

  95. Experienced,and glad I learned to read patterns and graphs 40 years ago .

  96. Holly Beth Jarvis

    I got intermediate! Not bad since I’ve only been able to crochet for a year and a half. Fun quiz, thanks!

  97. Great fun quiz. I got experienced don’t think I’m quite there yet but I do like trying a new more challenging project each time as I get bored. 🙂

  98. Fun quiz. I rated as Intermediate which seems accurate to me.

  99. This was awesome. I always nervously say I’m just a beginner but after this test I realize I kinda do know more than I thought. Result was intermediate

  100. It says I’m experienced, I don’t know about that! There is always something new to learn, I can never wait to try new things! Wether or not it’s a small project for instant gratification or a large project that you can look at and admire for years to come, it’s good to keep your mind working and the compliments coming!

  101. I got “experienced” “fully fledged yarn addict”…sounds perfect! I’ve been crocheting for nearly 4 years and love every minute! I’ve made everything from shawls, cuddlies, booties, blankets, doilies… currently I’m making a c2c graphghan and loving it!!

  102. According to the quiz I’m an intermediate hooker:-) ik like to thank of myself that I am.

  103. That was fun! I finally know how I am ranked (sort of) it said I’m experienced, but I feel more in the middle. I hate doing large items (although I made my folks a crocheted quilt years ago) and now I can’t do the thread crochet anymore, as eyesight is getting older, lol. Love the cal’s tho!

  104. Intermediate for me. I’d like to try more intricate patterns but I’m not so sure of myself quite yet. I’d love to be able to knit like my Mom, to me she is an expert plus.

  105. Experienced!! Expected that, I love a good challenge!!

  106. I got intermediate, which is kind of what I thought 🙂

  107. tried to get as close as possible to answers. No one has asked me to make anything for them, I started crocheting in Feb, I enjoy trying new things, to challenge my self, just not sure what to do with the pieces that I’ve made…

  108. I got intermediate. I’ll agree with that! ?

  109. I’m definitely experienced. I get frustrated at some of the complicated patterns, but I love a challenge and the sense of accomplishment when I finish it. 🙂

  110. I got intermediate.

  111. It’s says that I am intermediate. I would have to agree. I have gained so much knowledge about crocheting this past year.

  112. I got intermediate! Not too shabby for only hooking for a year. Fun quiz!

  113. Says I am an intermediate.

  114. I enjoyed the quiz. I keep saying I’m a beginner. The quiz says differently. I will boldly and confidently peruse the Ravelry patterns. Made my day. Thanks!

  115. According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Intermediate level is, “Projects using a variety of techniques, such as basic lace patterns or color patterns, mid-level shaping and finishing.”

    I love trying out new stitches, patterns and crazy ideas. Melody your patterns are beautiful and easy to follow defiantly a must have.

  116. Experienced here! That’s what I was expecting (though I do still avoid thread crochet) Fun quiz!

  117. Intermediate… I think my ADD gets in the way of completing any large projects lol

  118. I’m intermediate. That was such a fun quiz.

  119. It says I’m easy. I agree with.

  120. “Experienced?” I’m tickled. Had no idea that what I’ve been doing would put me in that category!!

  121. I got intermediate, which sounds just about right! 🙂 Loved taking the quiz as some of the answers I wanted a “all of the above” option hahaha

  122. Intermediate for me!

  123. Experienced!! Enjoyed taking the quiz…

  124. I got intermediate

  125. Show as an experienced crocheter. Love it! Still have lots of skills to learn

  126. I got experienced. I should be experienced after 42+ years crocheting. But it was fun to take the quiz. I always have lots of fun with your mcals!

  127. It surprised me. According to the quiz, I am intermediate level. I guess I’d better start looking at the intermediate patterns.

  128. I got intermediate though I consider myself experienced. I love to learn new stitches, projects and techniques!

  129. My experience level was “Experienced”. I love pushing myself and I absolutely love small hooks and lacey projects.

  130. What fun! I’m experienced (eyebrow wiggle.)

  131. Loved to learn my level. Good quiz.

  132. It says I’m “experienced”!!!

    Which I like to think that I am!

  133. Experienced. Which is probably right, though I don’t make a lot of large/complex projects because there are too many people in my family to make gifts for! (So they get smaller things, for the most part.)

  134. Love a challenge when working on projects I thrive on it.

  135. I’m easy 🙂

  136. Experienced….I’ll try anything, once…..lol

  137. So it’s official, as I suspected, I am a yarn addict and suffer withdrawal symptoms when I don’t have a project I’m my hands.

  138. Intermediate! Which is what I’d consider myself! This was fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  139. I, too, am Intermediate. At this stage in the game I should be more advanced, but I tend to be a craft-hopper and bounce from one thing to the next as I get bored easily doing the same thing all the time.

  140. Intermediate… Sounds about right! Loved it!

  141. It says I m intermediate…time to learn more skills….this is so much fun

  142. I got “experienced”. Seems pretty accurate. This was a fun quiz, but before now I would never have described my skill that way, I would have said I termediate.

  143. Experienced….Yay. Lol.

  144. Loved this quiz! I got intermediate, pretty accurate I think

  145. I am an intermediate! I’ll take that..LOL!

  146. intermediate…..those thread projects are just not my bag….lol

  147. I’m intermediate and I totally agree with the results. Hope to keep practicing so I can move on up to advanced level!

  148. Quiz says I’m intermediate. I would say that’s pretty accurate! I am always up for a challenge but am not brave enough for lacey patterns. Thanks for sharing!!!

  149. Intermediate that was fun, burster my bubble, I thought I was a master

  150. Experienced for me.

  151. I got easy which fits.

  152. Wow I got intermediate. I am so proud of myself. I didn’t realize I had come so far.

  153. Intermediate. I agree. This was fun!

  154. This was a fun quiz! It says I’m experienced, which I agree with. It also said “You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and…”, this part is soooo TRUE! LOL.

  155. I got experienced which I think is right I have been doing crochet from the age of 7 so after 50 years the part about being away from yarn is true! Lol I do knit also but not as good as crochet.

  156. I got intermediate on the skill test. On the last question I put hats & accessories, although I have made a few shawls (not huge ones) as well as sweaters and blankets. Maybe I should have answered that one.
    Would agree with intermediate, there is always so much more to learn, and ways to do them. I just watched a video on tubular cast on, there were 3 different ways to do it, and possibly more. Love the challenges. And absolutely love knitting.

  157. I’m intermediate…that’s about right. Thanks for the fun quiz!

  158. My skill level says intermediate, but I really feel I am in the advanced category. Love to crochet and have been for 40+ years. Made a lot of beautiful pieces.

  159. Intermediate and I agree with that!

  160. I’m “Intermediate” but I’m not sure how many types of stitches I’d have to try to become better. I’m also happy doing instant-gratification projects because of my short attention span, so I think I’ll keep doing those!

  161. I got experienced. I love to knit, spin, and crochet

  162. Wow Intermediate! I thought I was more easy or advance beginner because I tend to do mostly accessories with an occasional afghan blanket. I do like to try different stitches though. Well it’s time to stop undervaluing my skills! I really am better than I think I am!

  163. I’m an Intermediate! Right where I thought I was but push myself to learn more regularly!!

  164. It says I’m experienced…and yes I have withdrawals when I’m away from home and don’t have my yarn with me. I just finished an order and looking for something else to do now…lol

  165. I Love thread and yarn#2, This was a very cool quiz! Thank you

  166. I’m experienced! Considering I’ve been crocheting and knitting for 45 years, I’d say they’re right!

  167. Sandy Desaulniers

    Fun quiz ?

  168. I got “experienced” which the description fits me to a tee! I go crazy when I can’t sit down and crochet on one of my many wips at some point during the day, everything from blankets, hats, amigurumi, bags, doll clothes.

  169. Intermediate 🙂 that’s what I would’ve guessed. Working on getting better and better everyday. Taught myself to crochet with YouTube videos just over a year ago. I think I’m pretty good for a newbie 🙂

  170. Love the quiz! Realized I may know more then I thought,

  171. Got intermediate. 🙂

  172. I got intermediate. Sounds about right.?

  173. Loved the quiz. Says I am experienced.

  174. Glad I didn’t have to study. Fun quiz!

  175. This quiz is great! It also said I’m experienced! 🙂

  176. It says I am intermediate…I think that is pretty spot on…some of the answers I just had to choose the one closest to my answer…

  177. I got experienced. wish the question about the lace included an option for I want to jump on it now

  178. Intermediate is exactly what I am!

  179. A quick, fun quiz is always nice! I got “iintermediate” and I’d say that’s pretty accurate 🙂

  180. My skill level is easy. I still have a lot to learn!!

  181. It said I was easy level.

    You still have lots of unexplored knit and crochet options out there for you, but you’ve been working hard to learn new skills and you’re finding yourself more and more comfortable with every project. Participating in something like a Mystery Create-A-Long or a local knit and crochet club may help you advance even more and achieve another level of success!

    According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Easy skill level consists of, “Projects using basic stitches, repetitive stitch patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.”

  182. Fun quiz! It says that I am experienced. That sounds about right. Still have a few things to learn but that’s okay.

  183. That was a fun little quiz, says I’m experienced, which I believe to be true 😉 thanks Melody

  184. I received “Experienced Level” ? Fun quiz, and nice reading everyone’s comments too.

  185. I got Experienced. 😀

  186. I’m intermediate

  187. I got easy, been crocheting for many years, but just started with new patterns that are more difficult.

  188. experienced 🙂

  189. Are you Experienced? I am! Definitely a yarn addict over here 🙂

  190. It fun knowing my skill level is intermediate…I’ve been crocheting so long I always wondered. Thanks Melody ?

  191. According to the quiz I’m intermediate….I’m pretty sure that’s all Melody’s doing. My answers would have been much different before I started working on her MCALs!!

  192. Nice to have confirmation on my skill level. Fun little quiz. Thank you ?

  193. Intermediate- some of the answer choices sounded exactly like me!

  194. I am Experienced, loved the quiz

  195. Fun quiz! I got experienced which is accurate since I have been crocheting and knitting for about 40 years!

  196. My result was that I’m Intermediate, which is what I expected. I’m not afraid of trying more difficult things, but I do tend to stay away from larger projects. Life just tends to interfere with them. Thank you for the bit of fun!

  197. Intermediate! Fun quiz ?

  198. Put me right where I knew I was. Intermediate. 😀 Fun quiz, Melody!

  199. Intermediate for me. That’s about where I thought. I’m pretty comfortable but I know I have a lot more to learn.

  200. I’m experienced 🙂
    Great quiz!

  201. Experienced! I am not totally surprised as I have no knitting/crochet fear! I am always pushing my yarnie friends to try new and exciting projects.

  202. I got Expert. Thank you for the opportunity to win

  203. Experiencedad is what I got. It is right on. I love crocheting everything and stared teaching at my local yarn shop

  204. Experienced and addicted to yarn! Hahaha! True…plus addicted to Fabric and sewing!

  205. Fun quiz! Thanks!

  206. That was fun. I think I am intermediate but this says Experienced. Either way there is still plenty of room for more learning and bigger challenges. Thank you for the fun.

  207. I got Intermediate. I would agree with that. I always like to find new patterns for each project. Only time I repeat patterns for baby blankets is for a set of twins, but I use different colors. My next goal is to master completion of a Drops pattern…so many beautiful patterns….:)

  208. Intermediate!

  209. I’m intermediate which sounds about right for me, I loved the quiz.

  210. I got Experienced. But I am still learning! Several wip’s, different granny square afghans, shawl’s, ponchos, filet crochet tops and finally, hand bags!
    At least, I’ve kicked my FarmVille habit!

  211. I am intermediate!

  212. Intermediate. Likely due to having no desire to work with dental tools 🙂 ie thread work, at this time. I admire it but my dexterity and eyesight are not really up to the task.

  213. I got experienced which is about right 🙂

  214. I got intermediate! Seems about right ? I don’t have the eyesight for thread projects!

  215. Michelle McIntosh

    Very cute article.

  216. Fun quiz!! I got intermediate, which sounds about right!

  217. Experienced. Fun quiz!

  218. The quiz was interesting. I’m an intermediate which is pretty correct. I like to try new stitches and appreciate the helps along the way. Thank you.

  219. I got intermediate – sounds about right!

  220. It says I’m intermediate, which I would agree with.

  221. I got experienced which is pretty exciting

  222. I kind of agree with the assessment of my skills. I’m one little mark from advanced which is probably where I should be. I like new stitches and projects that are a little complicated. BUT I’m not really crazy about patterns that call for a lot of different colors because I HATE WEAVING THE ENDS!

  223. Says I am an expert, but I would say there is still so much out there I can learn, I have only recently learnt to make socks, magic loop and still have to knit a beautiful lace shawl. You never stop learning and new and wonderful things come out all the time.

  224. Experienced! Who knew? Thanks for the fun Melody!

  225. Experienced?! Not so sure but working on it!

  226. It says I’m intermediate which is where I thought I would be.

  227. Great questionnaire! I’ve been reading all the musings about skill level and wondered about my actual level. Mommy taught me my skills and to read patterns. I’ve felt for a long time that I could do pretty much any stitch with well written instructions. However, for some time now I’ve been able to create projects of my very own! That is truly a feeling of success! Thanks for the link to the quiz!!!

  228. Im an intermediate crafter. I feel like it’s pretty accurate too. The quiz was fun.

  229. I got experienced. That makes me feel good about myself. I have only been really crocheting for about two years. I haven’t really done any big articles yet because I get bored if they take too long, but I do love amigurumi.

  230. Based on quiz i am experienced which could be correct.

  231. WAHOOO I’m experienced not bad for 2 yrs experience but I love to challenge myself with a detailed pattern and love the concentration it takes to work some projects! I’m always surprised to discovered it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be as some designers at fabulous at explaining special stitches

  232. I got intermediate, which is what I would have guessed myself as! I’ve been crocheting for 2 years now and love experimenting with different stitches and color combos!

  233. It said Experienced, which is true even if my true answer wasn’t an option.

  234. This fun quiz says that I’m experienced.

  235. I was listed as experienced. I feel that is correct. I love to do projects that challenge me.

  236. Easy… I know just enough to get some projects going but I have bad carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel in my right arm and I can only do little bits at a time. Also, I have a two month old and toddler who are always keeping me busy, so I don’t get too much free time to work on or finish projects. Someday I’ll get to be advanced, hopefully anyway. 🙂

  237. I’m in South Florida, too, so when the weather is fierce, I use super fine yarns or crochet threads to make halter tops and cover ups. I also took up making socks because they work up quickly and are easy to carry along.

  238. I got “Intermediate” which is how I describe myself,I am my own worst critic. I have done a few advanced projects and am able to read almost any pattern but time is usually the biggest issue. Can’t wait to retire so I can crochet full time, then look out! lol

  239. I got Interneduate. I think I’m more advanced though…but sometimes I REALLY hate large projects. I get bored easily. Lol ?

  240. >You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

    boy did call me correctly! with almost 55 yrs of crocheting, over 600 skeins of yarn (not including all my thread for doilies & angels), and approx 60 hooks I am in the full fledged addicts class. But I love to share the knowledge with those starting out by teaching a class when requested by the LYS

  241. I’m experienced!!
    Not a bad result for a self-taught hooker 🙂

  242. I’m considered intermediate according to the quiz and I would say that’s accurate. 🙂

  243. Easy

  244. I got Easy but I think I’m on the border between easy and intermediate- lately I’ve been going for intermediate projects but I am also chasing a 1 year old around so I stick with faster/smaller projects just so I can actually finish them 🙂

  245. I got experienced lol….there isn’t anything I won’t try lol
    Cute quiz!

  246. Says I’m experienced. I feel I’m still learning.

  247. I got experienced. Fun quiz. I do have too many wip and your posts don’t help my list!!live your stuff!!!!!

  248. I got easy the first time, but hesitated on some of my responses. The next time I got intermediate. I would say I am closer to intermediate. I needed some different options on a few questions because. Really didn’t fit into the 4 responses available. This was fun, though, thanks!

  249. Easy for me! I’m good with that because I have so much going on that I get bored with long drawn out projects.

  250. I scored intermediate which is about where I figured I am! that was fun!

  251. I am an intermediate level. Thanks for the quiz it was fun.

  252. This is definitely interesting. I consider myself to be an experience crochet artist. Between completing projects or designing my own. So I ended up taking the quiz twice just to see if one answer difference would change the results.

    The first time I took the quiz, I did not say I would drop everything and pick up my tiny hooks to begin a thread project. I tend to plan those projects carefully because they are a great strain on my hands and eyes. So I received an Intermediate level. However, when I did the exact same answers to all the other questions and just change the thread answer to I would drop everything and get my small hooks, it says I’m experienced!

    While this was a fun quiz, and I don’t want anyone to think bad about it, I do want to point out that it is not the end all be all. I had another gal, who I would say is intermediate level, contact me and express her sadness that this quiz said she was just a beginner. This created a bit of self doubt in her skills to complete the next project she is starting. I have coached her along to attempt the project next week and I truly hope she does. But, for those of you who may feel less adequate because of a fun quiz, don’t doubt yourself. This quiz is not all inclusive to include personal preferences and such. Plus, everyone of us was a beginner at some point in our journey.

    I believe the quiz is accurate in getting an idea of where one may fall in the spectrum but there really is no black & white answers here.

    I will agree, I have a full fledged addiction and have withdrawals being away from yarn for any period of time!

  253. says I’m a beginner, but I don’t know about that I would say more advanced. Maybe I wasn’t reading the questions right lol.

  254. I got experienced, though I think I’m somewhere between intermediate and experienced. I actually completed an experienced pattern with beads in my third year of crocheting! It was a bridal purse for my daughter. A lot of pulled out hair over that one. It would be interesting to try it again (or something similar) to see if I would still have a full head of hair after! LOL!

  255. That was fun, thx!

  256. Britney fontichiaro


    24 years love making things

  257. Intermediate, sounds right especially the way my brain is working these days.

  258. Wish I had more time to devote to all the patterns I have accumulated along the way. I love to crochet but I also love to garden. I have to work, darn… I do what I can. I also have my Mom to help me along my stumbling…she is the crochet Queen.

  259. I got easy, though I would put myself at intermediate. I think I botched a couple of the first ones….lol!!!

  260. It says I’m intermediate which is great I love trying new things especially stitches. There is nothing I won’t try.

  261. 50 years – Experienced

    Not surprised. I’m an addict. Proud hooker here!

  262. I am intermediate. I am not into big things like blankets. But quiz was pretty fun;))) thank you

  263. I am an intermediate. Yay 🙂

  264. I got easy. Although i have done a few projects, i am teaching myself so i am good with that answer. I have been crocheting off and on for about 15 years and am now really finding enjoyment in learning. I look forward to completing many more projects and some day moving beyond “easy”?

  265. I got Experienced, which does not surprise me one bit. Thanks for providing this fun quiz!

  266. Experienced. heh. I basically can make anything crocheted…. just because I haven’t doesn’t mean I can’t. I think another good question is about incorporating different materials – like beads, crocheting around objects, using non-traditional materials like cassette tape ribbon, wire, ribbon, sewing thread, chain… 🙂 cute quiz! thank you!

  267. redid it, is intermediate more than advanced. Because I really read the questions this time and it says intermediate. I don’t know whats what lol. I can knit and I enjoy it so that’s all that really matters I guess 🙂

  268. It says intermediate, but I don’t feel I’m that advanced. I’ve been crocheting for years, but didn’t start challenging my self until this last couple of years. So much more for me to learn.

  269. It said Experienced. Not sure I am there yet, but willing to try anything. Loved the quiz.

  270. I got experienced which is what I would say I am.

  271. I am experienced even though I have never knit with more than one color(unless it was stripes). I enjoy knitting and do like challenges, at times. Some questions could have been answered with 2 answers. But I chose what I am doing right now, Fun quiz.

  272. Mine came up with Experienced. Not sure that’s totally true. I just love a challenge and learning new things. I especially love the mystery in you MCALs!! Thanks, Melody.

  273. I got Immediate. Fun quiz!

  274. Intermediate. Yes I am. Lol

  275. Intermediate. I think that’s accurate.

  276. I got easy, even though I have tried some intermediate projects.. I do not want to spend forever on a project… I want to see my project DONE!

  277. I’m an intermediate . Looking forward to the next level . I started with doilies 35years ago now I’m into garments which I found so rewarding when my family and friends love it .

  278. ROFLMBO!!! It told me I’m experienced! Nope. Not even close. I answered them honestly. The thing is there’s nothing I’m not afraid to try. However I’m been crocheting less than a year. I started with a couple of scarfs, then boot cuffs for Christmas presents in December. From there I jumped to the FRAN Mystery afghan CAL, thread jewelry, a lacey shrug done in 01 yarn, and the mystery CAL here. 🙂 and that’s everything crochet I’ve ever made. It was fun tho! 🙂

  279. Intermediate! This was a fun quiz!! Lol Just reading it made me laugh.

  280. Kimberlee Hunter (Adams)

    I guess I’m easy. I just don’t have the time yet with 2 kiddos. Maybe in the fall I can get more done! ?

  281. This was fun! My result: Experienced. This didn’t really surprise me since I’m always looking to improve or learn something new lol.

  282. Mine Says EXPERIENCED.

  283. Fun quiz – says experienced- I agree. ?

  284. Experienced! I guess I should have more faith in my skills. LOL

  285. Intermediate for me – which is where I though I was. I do attempt those expert level patterns every now and again and I love me a simple pattern too!

  286. What a neat little quiz: no personal digging questions . I don’t know that the questions are good for gauging experience level, but they really make you think about what you know and how you feel about projects you choose.

  287. I got experienced yarn addict, they don’t know the half of it ?

  288. Says I’m intermediate but I would classify myself as advanced.

  289. I am a intermediate love to crochet.

  290. Brianne Greenwood

    I got intermediate and I think that’s pretty accurate. I’m very comfortable trying new things but usually stick with what I know.

  291. Intermediate

  292. That was as fun quiz! It said intermediate, But I still think of myself as a beginner! LOL. Now I know I can challenge myself even more!

  293. Stephanie (Dzneychica)

    I got “Intermediate”. Sounds about right!

  294. Danielle Tetreault

    I got intermediate, which is about right. Fun quiz!

  295. Neat Quiz! Love your blog too!

  296. Sherral Richtmyer

    Experienced. …not surprising with everything I’ve done. Love sharing the knowledge with others, too. Have been teaching the grandchildren!

  297. Intermediate-Sounds about right to me.

  298. Intermediate! Wow I would never consider myself that good 🙂 thanks for the confidence booster!

  299. Me I got easy!! Which is about right, but in the past I have made doily’s with my steels, but after the car accident it is hard for me to use my steels! But now I have a set of steels with nice bamboo handles! I will be up for going back to using my large Thread stash!! Thanks Melody for everything, I am sooooo glad to have found you!! <3

  300. Loved this. It says I’m Intermediate (I thought I was a Beginner) which is probably why I look for stitch variations.
    Thanks for doing this Melody.

  301. I got intermediate, I think that’s about right.

  302. Lorraine Turnbull

    Experienced for me! Wow guess I always underestimated myself. Been crocheting for 42 years so I must have picked up a thing or two 🙂

  303. I’m experienced! Woohoo ?

  304. Says I am experienced maybe advanced intermediate love challenges.

  305. I got experienced which kind of makes me giggle as I don’t agree at all lol. However “You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction.” is correct lol

  306. Yay! I’m intermediate ??
    Pretty much what I thought, although some of the answers weren’t exactly what my reply would be, so I went with the nearest thing.

  307. Intermediate level. Love afghans but also love making my girls sweaters.

  308. Neat Quiz!!! Says I’m experienced not so sure that accurate! But I’ll take it! Lol.

  309. Intermediate. I think that fits.

  310. I’m intermediate. This sounds about right.

  311. Intermediate – I can live with that. I would have said ” good skills; short attention span”. Long past the point of feeling I have to finish a project if don’t like it / won’t use it.

  312. It knows me! Intermediate for sure…

  313. I got intermediate ! Which is pretty cool .thanks for the fun quiz.

  314. I got Experienced, which is likely right given the questions and standards, but doesn’t feel like it, mostly because there’s always so much more to learn.

  315. I got intermediate. I can do some of the advanced things, but I don’t really enjoy them. 🙂

  316. I have so missed you guys while my computer was down. Now I am back. I was quizzed as experienced. I agree. I try anything and everything. I love a challenge and also enjoy simple.

  317. Mine said Intermediate but I, too, would consider myself advanced. I can do all kinds of knitting but enjoy the projects that I can work on with other things going on. Thanks for sharing this – it was fun.

  318. I think it’s spot on, it says I’m intermediate which is true, I know basics and a little more but I’m not advanced at crocheting or knitting.

  319. Just what I thought I was… Intermediate!

  320. Intermediate with over 40 years of crocheting!

  321. I got intermediate 🙂 I think that’s pretty accurate. That was a fun little time killer. Thanks for sharing!

  322. I took it twice, once for crochet; intermediate, and once for knitting;easy. Which is exactly what I would have said myself.

    It’ll be fun to see what my friends come up with!

  323. I got intermediate, which is where I thought I was in skill level. I’d say this quiz is accurate.

  324. Experienced… it has been 36 years.

  325. Experienced sounds right.

  326. Although I don’t completely agree I got experienced. I do love to push myself to continue to learn new techniques.

  327. I got Easy.. I do try to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.. I love new patterns.. Been crocheting for 1 year now..

  328. Love the quiz! According to it, I am:

    Experienced – Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques and dimension, such as non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks and needles, detailed shaping and refined finishing.

    (Colorwork is fine in crochet, but I struggle with it in knitting)

  329. You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

    According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Experienced level is, “Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques and dimension, such as non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks and needles, detailed shaping and refined finishing.”

  330. Intermediate. ?

  331. it says that I am experienced, but I would have guessed intermediate. Either way I agree I am addicted.

  332. It says I am an intermediate level which sounds about right?

  333. Intermediate… sounds about right!

  334. I got experienced – I am a little obsessed with crochet!!!!

  335. I got experienced and addicted to yarn. Sounds about right!?

  336. Intermediate; sounds about right?.

  337. Fun quiz- I got experienced! Fairly accurate, lace and colour work are my favourite!

  338. I got Intermediate. Considering that I don’t like using lots of colors, this seems appropriate. I only started knitting about 9 months ago, but I get bored so easily that I prefer to work patterns that change things up.

  339. Kathleen Mccarthy

    I got experienced. 🙂

  340. I’m intermediate, which is kinda what I thought. I love new stitches, even though I get frustrated at times.

  341. Haha I got experienced, and I do kinda get withdrawal symptoms

  342. I got Experienced, yeah, it’s good to get confirmation that I’m good at something I love doing =)

  343. I’m intermediate!!!! I love crochet and it really is my happy place most of the time.

  344. Great Quiz, and I feel quite accurate. I got intermediate 🙂 for crochet I can only do blankets/granny squares.However, I’m super new to knitting but already I can do the knit stitch,purl stitch and I can cast on/off like a champ. Already I have made a ear warmer, and now I’m working on a hat with circular needles and DPNs.

  345. Quiz said I’m intermediate. I think that’s about right.

  346. I received “easy”. I thought I might be intermediate. I’ve done several hats, scarves/cowls, a couple of simple sweaters. I do tend to steer away from more complicated patterns and can’t follow a graft. Some day I would love to make a lacy shawl, maybe one with beads.

  347. Love this quiz. I got experienced
    (You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

    I got a laugh …. I do get withdrawals when I can’t do anything with yarn LOL

  348. Exactly where I thought I would be! Cute quiz

  349. I got intermediate!
    I think I’m flirting with the border of experienced ?

  350. Intermediate, about right I’d say 🙂 loved the quiz and the project

  351. So, I am Intermediate. That sounds right. Ever since the Mystery crochet along you hosted in January, I have been obsessed with cables! My next challenge will be colour work/tapestry. I just love that these items can be made with crochet! Thanks Melody 🙂

  352. What fun quiz! The little summary described me to a “T”. Yes, I admit it, I am a yarn addict ?. Though I can’t wait believe I’m @ the “experienced” level. There is so muchore I have to learn!

  353. Looks like I’m an intermediate, Thanks for the fun little quiz!

  354. Heidi Higginbotham

    I got Intermediate but wonder what I would have gotten if I could have added more choices to the answers? I sure do go into yarn withdrawal without yarn in my hand or a few different WIP’s!

    Looking forward to learning entrelac crochet someday and hoping that Melody comes up with a CAL for that. Can’t think of anyone else I’d like to learn it from! Was that a hint??

  355. I’m surprised it said I was intermediate, but happy…. I’ve been working to challenge myself to get better and try more difficult patterns.

  356. Intermediate sounds about right to me. Fun quiz! Thanks for sharing ?

  357. Mine said intemediate, which sounds about right for the amount of time I’ve been hooking!

  358. Experienced! As long as I’ve been knitting and crocheting I would say that’s accurate! Fun quiz!

  359. It says I am experienced, which feels boastful to say, but seems right. I have been crocheting for about 25 years now. My mom and aunts think I’m crazy because I love difficult patterns and very rarely make the same thing more than once unless I find it an exceptional pattern or end product. I am currently finishing up a pineapple stitch baby dress in size 10 thread, and I have vaguely followed a pattern meant for sport weight yarn, and so far combined two different border patterns for the flower and leaf edging. I am pondering being a glutton for punishment and adding another style flower, but I don’t want the baby to outgrow it before I’m done!

  360. I am Experienced! LoL love me a challenge!

  361. Intermediate! Thanks for the fun quiz!

  362. Love the quiz helped me to see where I stand. Intermediate sounds about right. I am truly addicted unfortunately I want to make so much and I have a hard time staying focused. This is the reason I crochet vs knit, crochet is more forgiving of mistakes………

  363. Intermediate, I think is right for me

  364. Sophie Michaelides

    Says I am advanced !! Yes lol !! I love lacey, different and trying new stitches everyday!! That was fun !

  365. It says I’m intermediate. Pretty accurate!

  366. It says I’m intermediate. I think I’m not quite that good, LOL. It was a fun quiz!

  367. Intermediate level I would of guessed more advanced

  368. Fun quiz! I’ve only been crocheting for about 2 years, but I’m at an experienced skill level. Love finding unique and challenging projects!

  369. Intermediate,but thinking I’m more advanced! Fun little quiz Melody!!

  370. Experienced….fun quiz!

  371. that was a lot of fun!

  372. It said I was easy! I thought more intermediate, I don’t think there is a pattern out there that I wouldn’t try! LOL I have made the gamut of blankets, hats, scarves, and Amigurumi creatures I absolutely adore! LOL But there are many stitches I have not tried yet!

  373. Experienced. 🙂

  374. Loved this! My responses tell me I’m Experienced – and after almost 40 years of crocheting, I would hope so!!

  375. Loved the quiz and Intermediate is about right for me. Will share it with friends.

  376. Intermediate? Hmm, not sure if I wouldn’t have bumped up a level if asked. Crochet definitely down a notch, so a combination intermediate? Maybe lol

  377. I am experienced. I bet I would get more projects done if I had fewer perfectionist tendencies.

  378. I’m intermediate which is where I thought I was but wasn’t totally sure. I love a challenge. Thank you for the fun quiz.

  379. I’m easy…. lollll
    And it’s me. I’m a bit new at crochet, started late, I’m really not a natural but I like it. I’m thinking of trying my first piece of clothing soon 🙂

  380. Intermediate… Sounds about right to me!!

  381. It says I’m intermediate, I still have issues making sweaters and tops but I’m still trying. I both knit and crochet.

  382. I got the intermediate but I feel I’m more of the advanced crocheter! I love making anything with yarn and thread and so far I haven’t found a stitch that caused me to give up.

  383. Intermediate I considered myself a beginner who enjoys challenging herself into doing projects that are more difficult than beginner level

  384. I got intermmediate… Sounds about right

  385. This says Intermediate, I’m good with that ☺️

  386. Says I’m intermediate I’m ok with that ! 🙂

  387. My skill level is intermediate…..I’m satisfied with that.

  388. Lindsay Desmarais

    I got intermediate. …. which I agree with and alot of that is because of you Melody. You have pushed me out of my comfort zone and I have made clothes for myself now. You helped me understand gauge! !!!

  389. It said I got experience

  390. The question about what I like or am able to make had no choices that were correct for me. I know I would be ABLE to do advanced crocheting but I really have no desire to do so. I like things that I can complete fairly fast and things I can give to grandchildren such as purses and bracelets.ONe purse I did required a lot of counting and intricate steps but it was beautiful and I knew my dgd would love it and she did so it was worth the effort. I don’t make garments except for baby sweaters because I just feel that most aren’t worth the effort.

  391. I got Experienced, but I’ve always considered myself intermediate.I’ve grown as a crocheter a lot over the past year.

  392. I got intermediate 🙂 always trying new skills to advance myself and I always try something that is new if a customer has a request!

  393. Mine said experienced. Which feels about right. Not much I won’t attempt and pretty comfortAble with learning anything new. This was fun. Thanks!

  394. I never thought of myself as an experienced hooker, but this says I am. I have been doing more things lately and different stitches, maybe I have gotten better.

  395. I got intermediate which surprises me since 8/15 marks 1 year that I have been crocheting. However, I am a try or go home type of person so I never back down from a challenge ?? Thank you Melody tjat was really fun!! Shared on my crochet page https://www.facebook.com/AngelaLovesCrochet/

  396. I got easy, but since the Veronica Meets Spring MCAL was only my 3rd project ever, I can’t argue….still learning 🙂

  397. The quiz said intermediate. Is there a beginner intermediate???

  398. Easy

  399. I got Intermediate ?

  400. I didn’t really think that some of the options were relevant to me so I had to choose the closest answer, or choose between the closest 2. I did the quiz a few times and it was interesting how the results changed.

    It said I was intermediate and experienced, not bad for a bit 3 try crocheting. All depends on just 1 changed answer. ☺

    Fun quiz thanks Melody

  401. Thank you for the FUN survey! In my instance “Intermedate” was spot-on. Again, thanks!

  402. Experienced because I challenge myself to try new things

  403. It says I am advanced

  404. Catharine Robinson

    I got experienced even though I said I didn’t do thread work, which I don’t because I’ve done it before and the very fine needle points kept going through the skin on my forefinger.Ouch! I did finish the pillow edgings my nana wanted though, but never again.

  405. Intermediate which I will agree with. I like a challenge and learning new skills/stitches but sometimes do not have the patience (or time) to do the projects that I would really like to do to learn them.

  406. It said I was Intermediate and that’s probably pretty accurate for me 🙂

  407. I got experienced! I have been crocheting a while and have tried lots of different things, but there is always more to learn!

  408. I’m experienced! I’m not too surprised, but it is still nice to hear! 🙂

  409. I got intermediate, which sounds about right. I only do large projects when it’s specifically for someone.

  410. Fun! I got intermediate :). I’m probably more advanced, but larger projects cause a lot of pain, so I avoid them as much as I can.

  411. Says that I am Intermediate, I guess that I am one that under estimates my skill level. Thanks for the quiz.

  412. the quiz says i’m experienced and i guess i am, i’ve been doing hand work, any type of hand work, since i can remember myself, and i love it. i’m always a litle itchy when i don’t get in enough time to work on my projects!!!! but even more than making them, i love giving them away to family and friends!!!

  413. Intermediate, about what I expected

  414. Experienced, think I’m more of an intermediate level but aren’t we are own worst critic?

  415. I got experienced! I’m probably more toward advanced intermediate with no respect for my own limits… and yet now I’m feeling motivated to learn a new stitch and earn the title, so maybe it’s not that far off!

  416. I got intermediate which is what sounds about right for me 🙂

  417. I got Experienced. Funny to think that obsession with thread and tiny hooks is what gets associated with Experienced. I’ve been totally enthralled with it since I started almost 10 years ago.

  418. Experienced which I do agree with. The thing that holds me back is my ADHD. I am math dyslexic and counting and keeping track of stitches and rows is almost painfully difficult for me. I know I can do it but it means I have to be very meticulous and my brain rebels at that.

  419. I got experienced. I always look for patterns that will teach me a new stitch or technique

  420. I got intermediate. That seems just about right ?

  421. Experienced!!

  422. I enjoyed the quiz, but I don’t feel that I am advanced. I do like challenges however. I also enjoy large projects, often put them down to try a quick and easy one.

  423. I got intermediate as well. So plenty of learning to do! I admit to an advanced fiber addiction though!

  424. I got intermediate!

  425. Intermediate, which is probably pretty close. I do like a challenge once in awhile but a no brainer pattern is good too.

  426. I got intermediate 🙂

  427. Intermediate 🙂 not what I expected, but I’ll take it.

  428. I got experienced. Good to know after 51 years of crocheting! LOL. It was fun to take!

  429. Quiz said I was Intermediate. Which sounds about right.

  430. Fun quiz, I got intermediate which I kind of agree with 🙂

  431. Intermediate…that’s about right since I periodically have short attention span theater. Love it

  432. Experienced! No surprise, I’m a total addict.

  433. I got intermediate. Interesting quiz.

  434. Right on point. Thought I was an intermediate knit and crocheter. Introduced me to to the “Craaft Yarn Council” site which I bookmarked…

  435. I got intermediate as expected! =)

  436. I’m intermediate which sounds correct for crochet. Trying to learn knitting, so I’m a beginner knitter. This was a fun quiz.

  437. Yay! I was intermediate which is just about where I feel I am. Thanks for the quiz! It was really helpful 🙂

  438. I got intermediate!

  439. I got intermediate which I’d say is about right. I like trying new things and haven’t found anything I particularly struggle with yet but I don’t have tons of time to knit all the things I want to which is why I tend to focus on kiddie things for my nieces and my friends’ babies.

  440. You’re quite familiar with the ins and outs of the craft world and you’ve dedicated yourself to learning and advancing your skills! You love a good challenge, but also know when it’s right to slow down and pick up an easy, mindless project. There’s just a few skills left for you to try out, but you’re not in any rush. You’re comfortable and happy with your yarn success so far!
    According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Intermediate level is, “Projects using a variety of techniques, such as basic lace patterns or color patterns, mid-level shaping and finishing.”

    This is what I got.

  441. I got intermediate. I really think it depends on the project. I’m more comfortable with smaller patterns and less colors. Just on the last year I have started to do big things like blankets and sweaters.


  443. beth hammann-belew

    it says ~ Easy skill level consists of, “Projects using basic stitches, repetitive stitch patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.”

    I think that’s about right, LOL! I taught myself to crochet a few years ago & am slowing learning new stitches & such. But I am taking my time with it.

    Thank you for the Quiz, it was fun.

  444. Intermediate sounds right. No fine cotton for my eyes. Neat quiz, thank you.

  445. Intermediate, sounds about right. It’s thanks to the various CALs I’ve joined that I’ve my horizons. Thanks!!

  446. Intermediate – I already felt that tho, but was nice to have confirmation. That was one of the most fun quizzes I have taken!

  447. Good quiz. About where I expected to be.

  448. I got intermediate. ???????

  449. My test said “experienced”, which is probably true. I’ve been crocheting for 35 years (since 2nd grade!) and I love to learn new and intricate stitches. I love to make sweaters and baby clothes too!

  450. I got intermediate. My answers were based on crochet so not sure I would have gotten that level on knitting. Good questions.

  451. I got intermediate and I feel that’s accurate. I’ve pushed myself in both knitting and crochet to learn new stitches and techniques.

  452. Intermediate

  453. What a fun quiz. I sent it to some of my students to take too.

  454. I am “experienced”! I better be after getting my BFA in sculpture with fiber. 🙂

  455. Experienced 🙂

  456. Quiz said I’m experienced!!! I ??? lacy shawls and learning new stitches!!!

  457. Intermediate, which subscribes me pretty well as I can and have done complicated projects but really prefer simpler patterns

  458. Experienced – Sounds about right. If I like the look, I’m willing to give anything a try!

  459. Intermediate
    Yea I’d say that’s pretty accurate ?

  460. The quiz said experienced. I don’t really like to do boring (same old stitches) work very much, but can bull through on any project. I really like new, interesting projects where I can learn new things.
    I also don’t care for tiny work as I have always had poor vision.
    Is there a knitting quiz?

  461. Loved it! Thanks for posting!

  462. Loved the quiz. I got experienced. Told the husband and he said “of course you are”. Don’t think he knew I was talking about crochet.

  463. I’m intermediate!
    I think I may have done better if I didn’t have so many littles that need so much attention these days! Haha! But that sounds exactly right. Once they are older I can be more advanced.
    A nice reminder to love where I am. The rest will come as they get older
    Fun quiz!
    Thanks melody!

  464. Intermediate 🙂

  465. It came out intermediate which for the most part I agree with. Do believe I am moving into the experienced level.

  466. The quiz says I’m intermediate, butI don’t think I’m quite there yet. There is still so much to learn. I’m just now getting into making garments and I only know a few stitches that aren’t basic.

  467. Well I am in the elite in something finally!

    But I already knew about the addiction, as most of us probably do, anyway who needs to put linen in the linen closet, should be renamed a yarn storage area.

  468. I got Experienced. I feel that is about right, I have been crocheting for 20 years now, if a friend or family member needs a gift they come to me to ask if I will crochet something. I love new challenges and never tire of looking at crochet patterns that I want to add to my mile long list ?

  469. What a fun quiz…I got intermediate and I think that is correct. I love trying new projects and stitches!!!

  470. I got intermediate. Sounds about right, and considering I started crocheting just about a year ago makes me feel pretty accomplished ?

  471. Just what I figured, intermediate. The MCAL made me realize I really am not a beginner. I will try more CALs. Thanks

  472. I got experienced, I sure hope so after 30+ yrs

  473. Forgot to say I got experienced, and would have been surprised at anything else, I’ve been crocheting over 40 years and I think I have tried everything! I am addicted and do have withdrawals!

  474. I got intermediate. I think that’s correct. The questions were fun. loved the question about thread crochet. I just bought new tiny hooks

  475. It said I was experienced. What a fun qiiz!

  476. It said that “I am among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction.” I do have a large stash of yarn and always looking for more unique projects to do.

  477. Awww, yay fun ♡♡♡

  478. I got experienced! I should be after 30 years, right?!? Haha. Thanks! That was fun! 🙂

  479. Yay, I’m experienced.
    At fist I wan’t to do the test twice: one time for crochet and the other time for knitting. But as I filled out the questions I saw they applied to both for me.
    Allthough I wouldn’t call myself an experienced knitter (which I can say from
    My crochet skills) I’m totally not afraid of thread, lace, small needles or big projects.

  480. I got experienced and apparently I have a problem lol I can’t help it!! No ones gonna tell me I can’t do a project! Lol

  481. I got easy, but I only started learning how to crochet at the end of last year & my knitting skills are not much better tbh 🙂

  482. You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from…

  483. It gave me Experienced, and that is true. I do go batty if I don’t have my yarn with me for a few days. I work on things often since I’m not able to work anymore. It keeps me busy and sane. I have my dog to keep me company, but when she sleeps I crochet. Depending on what I’m working on she will curl up in my lap and try to help… I’m working on a table runner right now that is lace and it’s 5ft long by 2 and a half ft wide. Can’t wait till it’s done.

  484. I got intermediate.

  485. I got intermediate! I think that’s about right lol.

  486. Intermediate

  487. Intermediate for me! Cool! I do know I need to ALWAYS count, no matter what, and the finished product shows it.

  488. I got experienced, which I kinda expected. I get bored easily and I’m always looking for something to challenge me.

  489. It says “easy”, unfortunately I don’t have the time to practice more at the moment, but I hope I’ll become better in the future!

  490. I am intermediate. I’d say that’s pretty accurate!

  491. Intermediate 🙂

  492. I got intermediate. Not bad since I’ve only been crocheting about 18 months!

  493. I got Experienced!!! I am tickled pink as I always choose Intermediate on questionnaires as I always feel like I still have so much to learn, but after this quiz and thinking over my past projects and such, I guess I am Experienced 🙂 I guess I have learned a lot along the way 🙂

  494. I’m experienced which is about right. I am completely yarn obsessed!

  495. I got intermediate even though sometime I just want mindless projects (no counting), but I love thread stuff and using lots of colors

  496. I was intermediate. Sounds about right, I do more crocheting, I feel advanced there but need to get more confident in the knitting. Always have lots of projects going, especially hats, stuffed things, and lots of baby blankets, love trying all the different designs.

  497. I took the quiz and my results were Experienced. lol I guess that would be true as my mother taught me to crochet when I was about 6 years old. I am not 53 and enjoy making things for my family and grandchildren. And joy of joys I recently became grandmother to the first girl in my immediate family in 53 years (I was the last until now) so you know I am going crazy with projects.

  498. I’m an experienced hooker!! Yay!

  499. Just took the test. It came up Intermediate which i totally agree with!! I would have a totally different answer for 2 of them, but i made the best choice!! I love to take tests!! thanks!!! Karen

  500. Experienced. I guess that’s true I do have a set of 4 curt attain panels I made in thread for my family room doors, they are about 6′ long. I enjoy that kind of crochet but my fibro and OA so I can only work on these WIPS short amount of time them make myself stop. Love your CALS. Please continue making items. Esp. Clothes for women and teenage girls lol. Take care and thank you ?❤️

  501. That was fun – I came out as experienced. I do love playing with new techniques, playing with color, and KALs/CALs.

  502. Intermediate

  503. I can’t wait for the next mystery project!!!

  504. Stephanie Whitaker

    I’m intermediate.. Seems right! Great quiz

  505. What fun! I got ‘Intermediate. Thanks

  506. Rochelle (Chellie)

    Fun Fun!!!

  507. I got intermediate, wouldn’t disagree. However there were some questions where the answers I gave were not quite accurate but there wasn’t another choice that was!

  508. I got intermediate. I think it describes my skill level pretty accurately.

  509. Experienced 🙂 ! Loved this quiz!!

  510. I’m rated experienced which I should be after 40+ years of crocheting. I have done projects that took a short time (like a dishcloth) to a king sized thread bedspread that took about 8 months to make all the squares and attach them together.

  511. Apparently I am an intermediate after only a short time. I love trying new things!

  512. Experienced, that was a fun little quiz, I have always thought I was between intermediate and experienced… there will always be new things to learn.

  513. Michelle McIntosh

    Oops forgot, got intermediate.

  514. You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

    According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Experienced level is, “Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques and dimension, such as non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks and needles, detailed shaping and refined finishing.”

  515. Experienced! That was a fun assessment. Thank you.

  516. Lol…fun… tells me I’m intermediate. Might be advanced if I enjoyed thread crochet….just hurts my fingers too much ?

  517. Such a cute quiz!!! I got experienced! 🙂

  518. U got intermediate but I’ve only been knitting a year. I’ll take it though. Always ready and wanting to try something new!

  519. mine is intermediate I am happy with that, but I do love trying new stitches, I just kinda grew out of the lacy thread stuff, I prefer my yarn projects, I have made many things.. But I always have a lot to learn LOVE CROCHET

  520. I got intermediate, not too bad considering I learnt to crochet a year ago.

  521. Fun quiz, got intermediate, that’s about right, I keep it comfortable. I like to relax with my crochet and knitting, I probably could do more, but I don’t want to get too complicated.

  522. Too fun! I got intermediate guess it was the lacier things. Been crocheting for 50 years but hey what the heck! as long as it is fun for you who cares

  523. It was spot on lol!!!

  524. Experienced! A fun quiz!

  525. That was fun! I thought I would be intermediate but experienced! Always love the Sunday emails!!

  526. Fun test!!
    I ended up Intermediate which I think describes me pretty much! 🙂

  527. I’m an intermediate, which is what I feel is a pretty good assessment of where I am. That’s usually how I choose the patterns I do. I like to practice new stitches to ad to my repertoire.

  528. Interesting. I’m further along than I thought I would be. Granted Wisteria and Veronica Meets Spring assisted greatly in that.

  529. Came back experienced, which is what I was expecting. I love trying new stitches and patterns. Makes me happy to complete something new!

  530. Experienced. I better be after all the time, yarn, and effort. lol

  531. I am intermediate 🙂

  532. I got experienced. Thanks for the fun quiz!

  533. Experience for knit! A fun quiz!

  534. Experienced! Love that quiz! So cute!!

  535. Intermediate! How fun!

  536. I think I am not exactly a beginner, at least when it comes to crochet, but I don’t have the time and memory for large or complicated patterns right now due to my two small children. Fun test though.

  537. Thanks for the fun quiz and it said I was about were I thought I was…haha. (Intermediate) I think sometimes it depends on how well the pattern is written too.

  538. Nicholette Reynolds

    I’m an intermediate! Pretty much what I thought I was. Was a fun little quiz. I would like to get to advanced one day.

  539. Experienced!

  540. I got experienced!

  541. It gave me experienced. I would agree, but there certainly are some knitting stitches I want to learn as well as some crochet ones…lol. It was fun to do the quiz!

  542. Intermediate level! Fun quiz!

  543. Intermediate- which is pretty much where I am.

  544. I got Intermediate, which I completely agree with. Not bad for a self-taught crocheter of two years either!

  545. Quick and fun quiz! Thanks for sharing it. I have always wondered what level I should consider myself. Now that I will have time to “advance” my skills more, maybe I can move from intermediate to advanced. 🙂

  546. I’m intermediate. I think I border advanced though. I love my comfort zone. BUT sooo willing to try anything. Haven’t found anything that didn’t turn out yet!

  547. The quiz says I’m experienced. I’m a crocheters and I think I am pretty experienced. Fun quiz

  548. I am so glad I took the quiz!

  549. I think they don’t know how to classify me. Here is what I got:
    You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

    According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Experienced level is, “Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques and dimension, such as non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks and needles, detailed shaping and refined finishing.”

  550. The quiz put me right where i thought i was. It was interesting.

  551. I got easy – which I partially agree with but I really consider myself an advanced beginner. My biggest issue is I don’t have all the time I’d like to have to knit.

  552. Experienced 🙂
    Duh, I knit or crochet every minute I can. What is to expect? I never get withdrawal, because I’m too addicted to even be apart from my yarn at all. I swear I even bring my projects with me to the bathroom….

  553. What a fun quiz. I got experienced.

  554. The quiz said I was an intermediate which I can guess I can agree to. I do try to make different things and challenge myself on a regular basis but I also enjoy the mindless project of a repeating stitch blanket!

  555. I got experienced.

  556. Got experience thought should be intermediate. Now have something to live up too

  557. That was a cute quiz. It says I’m intermediate. That was a nice surprise, I thought I was beginner.

  558. Intermediate which is where I thought I would be.

  559. I like the quiz, but I am more of a advanced beginner,I know how to do more than just 1 or 2 stitches.But the quiz was fun. I love to crochet.

  560. Fun quiz! I was categorized was intermediate, which is what I thought! Still learning new stitches and patterns though and some don’t come out right so they get ripped out and started over or use yarn for something else!

  561. It says I’m an intermediate! The only question I was 100% sure in my answer was the thread one…NO WAY . I am amazed by people who have that amount of patience!

  562. I got experienced on the quiz! I love learning new things and especially doing CALS
    Fun quiz!

  563. I got intermediate!

  564. Intermediate, that’s exciting as I have only been crocheting for 18 months. I love to make clothing.

  565. It says I’m intermediate.

  566. I’m intermediate!definitely not surprised since I love crocheting and challenging myself!!!

  567. I’m intermediate, which sounds about right. One day when I have more time to crochet I can try out new stitches, and thread. Til then I’m happy wih smaller projects because anything big takes me forEVER since I only get less than an hour a day to crochet 🙂

  568. Intermediate, I think that is right on the mark!! Love pushing myself to learn more

  569. I got experienced! I’d say I’m more of an advanced Intermediate. I’ve been crocheting for just under 1 year, but jumped in and went all in skipping the typical beginner stuff.

  570. I got “Experienced”, which is nice since I have so many years into crocheting!

  571. That was a fun quiz. I got experienced.

  572. Intermediate….it’s what I would consider myself. Fun quiz!!!!!

  573. Fun little quiz. I like to try push myself to do something different with each project and encourage fellow knitters to do the same. The worst thing that can happen is that you make a mistake and have to rip it out and start over.

  574. Yay intermediate which sounds right. Great quiz 🙂

  575. i got intermediate, which is pretty accurate. i think i could complete more advanced projects, but i use knitting to relax and i get overwhelmed easily.

  576. Says intermediate,but that’s probably because I don’t do garments or massive thread projects,as far as square patterns go I’m advanced

  577. I’m an intermediate crocheter, which is probably about right. I love to try anything, and the only time I’ve put them aside is when life gets in the way 🙂 . I haven’t made a garment yet, but I have bought the Craftsy classes to learn, just haven’t had time. I have done just a few projects using many colors and enjoy it very much. Eventually I want to learn to knit too.

  578. Intermediate! Thats exactly where I would have but myself?

  579. I loved the quiz! It tells me that I am Experienced, but I have been crocheting for 71 years! Yes, when I can’t crochet, I have withdrawal!!

  580. I got easy which is what I figured. I learned crochet over 60 years ago as a child with thread and didn’t like it. Too small. Then after I got married at 18 I learned granny squares from my mother-in-law and have liked them ever since. Did things occasionally over the years but life interfered and I didn’t do very much. Now I am doing more and trying to learn new techniques.

  581. I am intermediate! I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Yay!

  582. I got intermediate.

  583. I got intermediate! That’s what I thought I was hehe and I’ve only been crocheting for 2.5 years! I enjoy it so much. Great quiz!

  584. I got intermediate, about right… I’m pretty intimidated by the graphghans, haven’t tried those yet.

  585. I got Experienced! I do love trying new types of projects and yarns. There are so many possibilities. I did try knitting this year and just couldn’t get the rhythm.

  586. I got “intermediate”:) I’d say it’s about right lol

  587. Angela Puccinelli

    I got Experienced. Full fledged addict. 🙂

  588. I was surprised the survey came up with Intermediate. I know I’m more advanced than intermediate but I guess the questions that were asked can only come up with a limited result. I checked the Craft Yarn Council Skill Levels and according to their chart, I am an Advanced crocheter. But thanks for the info…now I know how to answer when asked!

  589. I got intermediate which I think is abit right 🙂

  590. Experienced. Which is what I have been saying that I probably was. If I don’t know how to do something, I learn it. My favorite thing to make is sweaters (one in the works and another planned). But I won’t deny that my sister, who taught me to knit, is more advanced than me. She keeps designing sweaters, mittens and vests 😮

  591. Katherine Westphalen

    That was a fun quiz! It says that I am an intermediate level crocheter; however, whenever I see a pattern that says “intermediate,” I quickly shy away from it. I have only recently started making shawls and feel I have done a pretty good job. I make hats for cancer patients, baby blankets for friends, and afghans for family.

  592. It say Im a beginner :/ jajaja I think Im more than beginner

  593. I got intermediate lol
    That was cool I didn’t think I was the far but I’ll take it lol

  594. Intermediate! Whoopee! I’m so proud of myself 🙂

  595. Intermediate for me sounds just right! Sometimes I just let the yarn show itself off with simpler stitches, learning more difficult things if a project picture tells me I have to make it! ?

  596. Experienced 🙂 I feel that I am at the expert level now.

  597. I got intermediate. I feel that’s a fair appraisal. I’m not really into lace projects. They just aren’t my style.

  598. The quiz says I’m an intermediate which seems about right.

  599. Isabelle Castillo


    I guess I should have more faith Inot myself!!!

  600. Yuuuuuup I’m experienced yahooooooo, really amazing quiz and not expecting to be experienced tban advanced.

  601. Mine says intermediate, which is what I’ve considered myself to be for awhile. I’m more toward the advanced end in knitting, but the beginner end in crochet. I dabble a bit with alterations and designs, but still have a LOT to learn.

  602. I wasn’t sure id I should answer this as a knitter or crocheter, but in the end the answers would be the same. Thanks for a fun quiz.

  603. Fun quiz ? I got intermediate.

  604. Intermediate

  605. What a fun quiz. I am Experienced.

  606. Intermediate which probably describes me very good these days. At almost 70 I’m finding it harder to read and understand some patterns. But I’m still happiest sitting and crocheting.

  607. Got intermidiate. Great quiz .. There was thought out in to it. Great job.

  608. I’ve always wondered what le el I was at!! Thanks it was a fun quiz

  609. Experienced! That’s nice to know. But I still keep trying new stitches. It’s so relaxing. Thanks.

  610. Glad it said I am experienced since I’ve been crocheting and knitting for 40 years! Started when I was 16 and was addicted to it from my first project, LOL

  611. Yey! I got Intermediate w/c I believe is the perfect forgot where I am in crocheting. However, I’m a beginner knitter, I just can’t seem to fix errors w/ just a few rows back. I end up frogging everything and just starting from the beginning.

  612. Intermediate…. seems pretty accurate to me!

  613. It says I’m intermediate level and I feel that’s pretty dead on

  614. Wow great quiz. Says I am Experienced and a yarn addict with a full fledged addiction. I kinda knew that last part!

  615. i got experienced and i agree…i love a challenge

  616. Mine says Experienced ! Loving it.

  617. Intermediate sounds right!

  618. Intermediate 🙂 Sounds about right. Maybe advanced intermediate…

  619. Pretty right on track…I am a total addict for crochet LOL
    You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

  620. “Experienced with a full-fledged yarn addiction” – sounds about right. If it had been done separately for each it would probably be “above beginner” in knitting and “way experienced” for crochet (been doing longer).

  621. Fun! I’m intermediate, love new projects! And learning new stitches. Thanks!

  622. I got intermediate!

  623. I got intermediate. FUn quiz.

  624. Experienced – ?????????

  625. I got intermediate and I am loving learning new techniques and challenging myself. Thank you for the quiz, it was really interesting. ?

  626. I got intermediate, and when I looked at the Yarn Council’s definition of experienced, I feel I’m quite comfortable right where I am! Intermediate works for me!

  627. Evelyn Sutton Stanley

    I got intermediate. I love to do things that are challenging, but also need to have things available that do not take too much concentration and get me too bogged down. I have too many wip and do better at finishing things if they are for a specific person, such as a family member, and if I have a deadline to meet. I am very easily distracted by new projects. This was a fun quiz to take!

  628. It said I’m intermediate and the description was dead on! Fun quiz and helpful for new crocheter a to decide which patterns just might be too frustrating to start with!

  629. I’m an intermediate level. I would agree with that. I’m sure I could do more advanced pieces but my patience and attention span don’t always cooperate.

  630. Fun quiz! I love to crochet, buy I’ve got SO Many wins, I fear I may never finish them all sometimes haha. Thanks for this 🙂

  631. Experienced, yes I’ve been crocheting over 40 years but I still feel I’ve got a lot of projects and patterns to try. I know I’m experienced when it come to the love and joy of knit and crochet.

  632. Intermediate. Sounds about right. I seem to switch between a good challenge and an night crocheting while watching TV.

  633. Experienced…sounds right. I’ve been crocheting six age six and I am now 53. Not too worried about difficulty of pattern, if I like it, I make it.

  634. Great quiz

  635. Experienced, but have only been crocheting for 3 years. Sooooo?

  636. I got intermediate!

  637. I got experienced. I huess 43 yrs is Experienced. I Do get Withdrawal if I haven’t Crocheted for Couple Days, or if I can’t decide on a pattern to make in a Couple Days.

  638. Intermediate here =D considering I only started two yearsyears ago and self taught *whoo hoo*

  639. I am intermediate. I believe that. I think i have learned a lot by trying new things and love the results.

  640. Intermediate for me 🙂

  641. Experienced, and definitely addicted! Great quiz, I loved it:)

  642. I got intermediate. I think it suits me very well coz i don’t think i’m advanced enough 🙂
    Thanks for the quiz 🙂

  643. I am intermediate. I have always tried to push myself and never say I can not do that. Thank you so much that was fun.

  644. This was fun! My result was intermediate, which is accurate but I love pushing myself to learn new stitches and techniques!

  645. I am at intermediate level, which I am ok with!?

  646. I’m experienced. I thought I would just be advanced, but yay me! I love trying new things and right now I’m addicted to dolls. I’m gonna figure out how to perfectly make dolls like I see on instagram. Since there are not many patterns available for these kinds of dolls, I’m buying patterns I like, changing parts I don’t like and combining them together to come up with the perfect doll blank for myself.

  647. I am intermediate, which I consider myself as. I love the CALs and learn lots of new stitch and techniques from them.

  648. I got intermediate….. I like trying new patterns…. but not ones that will take forever (like blankets lol) Cool quiz!

  649. The quiz said I am on the easy level, mostly I agree. the hardest patterns I hav3 tried so far are the wonderful wallaby and the 10 stitch blanket, which actually wasn’t as hard as I thought.

  650. I’m intermediate which sounds about right for crochet, but I’m still a beginner knitter.

  651. It said I’m a intermediate. I consider myself more than that but will accept the answer. Crocheting for over 50 yes and very addicted to the craft!

  652. Well according to the quiz I am Experienced….. not sure if I agree with that or not. I know that I have done some very difficult patterns in the past however I am sure that there are some out there that will still stump me. But it was a fun quiz.

  653. The Ramblin Rosie

    I’m experienced…I just can’t get enough yarn, or interesting challenging projects.

  654. I got experienced/addicted. Right on!

  655. I got experienced. And after 40 years I better be. Love the craft and won’t give it up till the hands won’t hold the hook anymore.

  656. stephanie lawrence

    Intermediate is not a bad place to be for a casual and leisure time crocheter. I hope some day soon to have more time to myself to do the things I love and maybe then I can advance my skills and use them the way I really want to.

  657. Yea!! The CYA says just what I’ve been thinking. “EXPERIENCED”!!

  658. Four Bars! Been “hooking” for over a half century….

  659. I got intermediate….I think the questions had more to do with what you lIke doing though more than what you can do. I can make harder projects, I just don’t enjoy tons of counting or using a small hook.:)

  660. and here I thought I’d moved on from easy ;( I think not being interested in making big projects (been there, done that) and the ‘few years’ aspect of the lace qn, without specifying if they have rest rows might have thrown it out little 😉

  661. Fun!
    I always wondered what my skill level was.
    I got intermediate.
    Sharing this!

  662. Fun quiz. I got experienced, and I think yarn addiction is about right ?

  663. What a fun quiz,says I’m intermediate,I did wonder what I would be classified as. Some of the questions I had to choose a “sort of, kinda” answer. Thanks for a little fun in my day.

  664. I enjoyed the quiz. I got experienced, thought of myself as intermediate so that’s nice to hear.
    Thank you for sharing the quiz

  665. Survey says….I’m Intermediate!!! Thanx for sharing the quiz!

  666. I got Easy,which sounds about right. I’ve only been crocheting for a year and with 3 kids under 6 I don’t have tons of time to devote to it yet. But I love it so far and you can make lots of great items with just the basic stitches.
    Thanks for the quiz!

  667. Experienced! Loved the way the quiz was written! Lots of fun!

  668. How interesting! I got intermediate though I’m sure I’m more advanced early, ha ha 😉 I’m self-taught and love trying new things!

  669. I got intermediate but I swear sometimes I feel like a beginner when it comes to some patterns. I

  670. The Test states that I am Intermediate. I’ll agree with that. I have learned a lot and want to learn even more. A great stash I got from a lady includes a lot of thread. I’m not real sure what I will make with it, but it’ll be fun trying. I love, love, love crocheting and learning to like knitting. I love a challenge, but I do tend to get bored so I’m learning to put a project down and start a new one with the understanding never do more than two projects at a time and make sure to finish one before starting another. I would also like to learn how to use a cable needle in knitting. Thanks for sharing the quiz. I enjoyed it.

  671. According to the quiz I am experienced … But since I haven’t attempted any clothing I will settle for intermediate. Interesting quiz because I think it shows how you can expand your skills. I love new patterns so addicted is right.

  672. The quiz determined that I’m experienced, but I feel like I’m more an intermediate crocheter. I just like to challenge myself and am game to try anything (especially with your generous help/videos). I’ve never tried to knit, but I’ve been thinking that I’d like to give it a whirl. I’m just not sure where to begin.

  673. I got experienced skill level. A fun and cool little quiz. Thanks Melody

  674. Good quiz! I like to make things for my kids so some of the questions didn’t really apply to me. I get easy but I would think I am up the scale A little.

  675. That was fun! I’m an intermediate which doesn’t surprise me. I need to retire to do all the things I want to do!

  676. I liked the quiz. 😀 It was interesting. I know nothing of knitting, but love crochet.

  677. INTERMMEIATE Hmmm probably but I don’t really like anything that takes up too much brain power. lol

  678. Experienced!! I do love a challenge but I love to finish projects! I have a long list of must do’s and a need to accomplish them! Thanks for the Quiz!

  679. Experienced!

  680. I got intermediate, I’m happy with that ?

  681. Fun quiz I agree with the results-says I’m intermediate. I’m willing to try more difficult patterns to get better,however, I’m no expert….yet!

  682. Ariel St. John Hann

    Intermediate, like I thought. Don’t like projects with lots of pages or boring ones. Love yarn colors and gift items.

  683. That was fun. I got intermediate which is about right for me.

  684. INtermediate I guess….surprising to me actually, I’ve been crocheting for a couple years now and I still think I’m a beginner!

  685. Exactly as I thought. I’m glad I’m not over estimating my skill level. Plenty of room to learn more things 🙂

  686. Intermediate. Sounds about right!

  687. Experienced, anyone who knows me would agree!!!

  688. It says I’m intermediate!

  689. Intermediate, it says. 🙂

  690. I got “experienced” but I feel closer to intermediate level myself lol.

  691. Intermediate is what I am! I think it’s quite accurate.

  692. I am experienced and this was a lot of fun … now where are my needles?

  693. Experienced

  694. Experienced! I learned to crochet with fine cotton thread and tiny needles by making lacy doilies. Thanks for the quiz.

  695. I totally understand about large project adversities. Winter projects can get large but mostly small one-or-two-skeiners keep my attention. I have been crocheting for over 40 years and only got intermediate. Too much detail is just too much to be relaxing. I have much respect for those who can knock out the tough stuff.

  696. I got experienced but think I am quite advanced. I haven’t found anything I can’t do. I do have withdrawals when I don’t have some project going, ?

  697. Intermediate. Sounds about right. I can do quite a few different things now, but there’s still more to learn. 🙂

  698. I got experienced 🙂

  699. Experienced. Lol. Because I am just to bored with the same thing doing over and over.?

  700. Brigitte Houldsworth

    I got intermediate which is spot on! What fun that quizz was but my husband tried to win some.brownie points by telling me it was wrong and I should have got the result ‘expert’ haha!

  701. I got experienced! That’s cool! My husband says heka already knew that. Lol

  702. Pretty accurate….I think I’m still in the easy category…but I’m learning more every day

  703. The test said I was an experienced knitter, not sure if it included crocheting. I do not pick patterns by the experience level, if I like it, I will make it. I also pick yarn by the same rule, if I like it I will buy it! Hubby said I am OCD, and will keep working on a project and it has to be perfect or ripit. I write pattern repeats on 3×5 index card so I just flip through them, have graphs to keep track of the # of repeats I have done. Keeps me moving on and less frustrated!

  704. Level EASY, which I agree lol

  705. That was fun! According to the quiz results I’m intermediate – I suppose that’s fitting ?.

  706. Fun quiz! I’m an intermediate ?

  707. Test says I’m experienced and have a full blown addiction which is true for me. Great fun!

  708. Intermediate.

  709. WOW!!! How fun! Thanks! I came out intermediate, pretty close to what I was expecting after 2 decades away from the yarn crafts! And amazing how long it took to scroll down to post!! So MANY crafters loving this quiz as well!! There were a few questions I would have could have selected more than one answer….. Ya know? All of the above? haha. Hugs and Thanks!!! 😀 <3

  710. I got intermediate which I think is pretty accurate 🙂 I’m no where near expert but I am not a beginner either. Love trying out new patterns…..even if they go wrong to start with – all part of the fun!

  711. Enjoyed taking the test I got intermediate level.

  712. Super fun! I got Experienced Addict LOL

  713. It says Intermediate. I can agree with that. I loved making the mermaid tail blanket for my daughter it was challenging and fun.

  714. Says I’m intermediate, I always like to challenge myself or I get bored.

  715. Experienced

  716. I’m intermediate, but I don’t think that’s too bad for a self taught crochet and knitter. (Who has a reference book for help when I try something new!)

  717. It says intermediate. I think I’m at least a step up but because I said I didn’t love thread projects or lace shawls it popped me down 😉 I can do it. I just don’t love it.

  718. Experienced!!!!!! Woo hoo! Fun quiz

  719. I’m definitely an intermediate at crochet, but have done some really fine and difficult sweaters and Fair Isle knitting. None of it applies today, as I have tendinitis in both hands. I do persist, however. Needlework of both kinds is a joy I am not willing to give up.

  720. I got Experienced. “You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself.” This is why I have a secret stash at my dad’s place. I’m a pet sitter… Is it wrong to have a secret stash at a regular client’s place in case I ever do forget my yarn and hooks?

  721. Woo intermediate 😀
    Was expecting beginner lol
    What a fun quiz!

  722. WOW !!!! I’m a Intermediate
    That was fun, thanks

  723. I got intermediate. Most patterns I crochet are intermediate level. I have accepted a few challenges for advanced though ??

  724. Great quiz!

    Mybresukt “experienced” Haha! I know o have so much to learn and so far yet I can go but I’ll take it!!

  725. I got experienced! Although i dont take on the challenges of lace and fine detailed works i always admire them and know if i had the patience i would be able to take it on! Loved the quiz!

  726. I’m comfortable with being Intermediate…loved the funny answers!

  727. I got intermediate. I suppose that’s about right!

  728. Hmm. The quiz says I’m intermediate, but I think that has more to do with my tastes in projects than my skill level (ie, I’m perfectly capable of knitting crazy lace shawls, they’re just not what I’m into). It was a fun diversion, though!

  729. I got easy but I’m trying new things all the time I’ll get to advanced sooner or later.?

  730. I got intermediate which is about where I thought I was. I try to stretch myself whenever possible! I love large projects and quick makes equally ?

  731. I am experienced . I have crocheted for years and love . I do knit a little but not as much as crochet. I have an illness which has slowed me down bu it can’t stop me. I just can’t crochet as much and as long as I use to. I get tired really fast.. So of the questions I wasn’t sure how to answer so I may ever be Advanced . But I answered the questions as close as were the answer fall in my abilities. Thanks for putting it together it was fun

  732. Totally not what I expected but it makes me happy to think that I am intermediate!! Cool Quiz!!

  733. Intermediate

  734. I got intermediate, sounds about right.

  735. Love the quize!!
    It says I’m intermediate!! 🙂

  736. Fun quiz. I got experienced. I’m definitely a yarn addict?

  737. Interesting, not sure how accurate it was. Maybe a few more skills-based questions would narrow it down.

  738. I got easy that’s ok with me

  739. That was fun! It just didn’t cover that I love to do amigurumi, toys and dolls as well. I have been crocheting for over 60 years and have tried most stitches. I do believe I am advanced but it says intermediate. That’s okay too!!

    Thanks for the fun quiz!

  740. The quiz says I’m intermediate. I can agree with that. Now if I could only finish at least one project!

  741. It says I’m intermediate… but that could be due to some of my preferences for using thicker yarn and smaller projects.

  742. I got intermediate, which sounds spot on!

  743. Intermediate, which I believe for crochet. This quiz seemed skewed for crochet. I would guess close to advanced for knitting. I’ve been knitting for a long time and have tried a lot of different things. I have learned a couple of new stitches and tricks doing the MKALS, so that fills my desire to stretch and learn new things.

  744. I’m intermediate. That was interesting.

  745. Experienced with a full blown addiction! Sounds about right.. I’m having withdrawals badly at the moment because I haven’t been able to pick up my hook for 3 days 🙁
    Love a challenging pattern!

  746. Experienced. It applies to both knit and crochet.

  747. It says I’m experienced, fun quiz

  748. I am experienced!! For only teaching myself to crochet 5 years ago I think that’s pretty good. Now to get my knitting to that level lol. Thank you for the fun quiz, it is cute!! ?

  749. Woo hoo! I’m intermediate. Just a little farther and I’ll know I’ve got this thing down!

  750. I’m experienced, which I expected, since I’ve been stitching for 6 decades. I’ve even knit and crocheted with sewing thread. What the results don’t tell is that I’ve lost my mojo. Having a down period where I can’t get any projects done. ?

  751. OMG! I am laughing bc it says EXPERIENCED! After 47 years of doing crochet,knit & designing I still can not bring myself to rate my work or experience as there is so many new techniques out there to learn! I love this craft for this reason & always have an open mind to new things out there!! I for one do not or pretend to know it all!! This was a fun quiz!! And I’m always learning with an open mind!! <3

  752. Mine said easy, but I think I’m a little better than that, it’s just some patterns I can’t understand lol.

  753. Intermediate! I think that’s pretty accurate. I love challenging projects, love lace knitting. Next thing learn crochet!

  754. Experienced, seems about right as I Love trying out new stitches, etc

  755. It gave me experienced. I know I’m still learning.

  756. It says Im “EXPERIENCED! I cant believe it thats kind of exciting to me as I thought I was only a Intermediate! that makes me feel that Im right up there with my momma!!! Thank you Momma and a”Auntie for teaching me this great craft that saved my life!!! I know you are watching me always because there holes in the floor of heaven for you to shine down on us!!! Thanks Melody for all the love you pour into your work and share with us!! You don’t know what that means to me!!!!

    Thanks so Much!!

  757. Intermediate, exactly where I thought I was 🙂

  758. Cute Quiz 🙂 it tagged me as Intermediate.

  759. I’m experienced! I do enjoy variety! Nothing really saints me …except maybe gauge swatches!

  760. Experienced

    So I grew up to be an experienced hooker…. Who saw that coming?

  761. I got intermediate. I think that’s pretty accurate…but I found a lot of the questions didn’t have the right option for me to choose. But it was fun nonetheless.

  762. I got “Experienced”.. sounds about right 😀

  763. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of timetime.

    No kidding.

  764. That was interesting. I got intermediate. I find that crochet relaxes me. My daughter has several blankets I have made. I love making and gifting to family and friends. My only problem is I can’t crochet as much as I want to because of being unemployed with no income. I get most of my yarn from friends of friends that don’t do it anymore.

  765. I’m experienced! cute little quiz.

  766. I got ‘experienced’ but consider myself intermediate since there are still quite a few things I haven’t tackled yet. Fun quiz thank you!

  767. It says I’m experienced, but there’s still a lot I need to learn. I still haven’t mastered patterns, and I hate sewing granny squares together, but I love some intricate mandala patterns!

  768. Intermediate here! My husband says I’m more than that but he’s just impressed with my skills. Haha!

  769. Intermediate knitter here- pretty much how I describe myself, too! Fun quiz!

  770. I got experienced and addicted to yarn….definitely the second. I got asked where my Crochet was at a family BBQ today! I swear I’d only put it down 20mins earlier (and that was to cuddle my baby niece!)

  771. I’ve taken many knitting classes from some very talented knitters in the 12 years I’ve been knitying. I’ve crocheted for about 40 years, self taught and willing to try challenging projects.

    My result was Expert. I consider myself and advanced knitter and crocheter. I can read and understand pattern directions well. When I run into a problem figuring something out, Google and YouTube are invaluable, If I were truly expert I think I’d be comfortable teaching at my LYS and/or designing my own patterns.

  772. I got experienced! Probably because I like crocheting with thread 🙂

  773. I am an intermediate, which is what I expected.

  774. Interesting and a bit of fun. Says I am intermediate. Suspect I could have rated as experienced
    had I liked lace or fingering weights. Quite a surprise, as I would have guessed advanced beginner.

  775. Fun quiz-I was intermediate -which is great??

  776. Experience 🙂 I do think I have an addiction with yarn and I challenge myself with new projects but i always have too many at the same time going ?

  777. How fun! I am an intermediate crocheter! Winning here in WI! 🙂 Thanks for the fun quiz! 🙂

  778. Experienced! Yay!! My current orders range from creating a thead jacket pattern for 7″ vintage dolls to mermaid cocoon blankets out of we yarn. I love creating my own patterns & adding that special touch. Have discovered I love crocheting with higher quality fibers. It does make a difference.

  779. I got intermediate. I’m not a huge lace fan because of how small the work is but it’s on my last for some day. Maybe when my kiddos are grown.

  780. I got experienced but some of them don’t apply to me right now so I picked what might apply in the future =]

  781. I got intermediate 🙂 I probably would have gotten advanced but I have an aversion to crocheting with thread. I hate those tiny hooks!

  782. I got intermediate. That would be for knitting, of course! Not so hot at crochet. Fun quiz!

  783. Experienced – a pleasant surprise! I’d have guessed intermediate because there’s always more to learn. And always always more yarn to buy….

  784. Intermediate – Which I feel is spot on and for starting just a year ago I feel quite proud of that. Still so much new things to try though.

  785. Got intermediate, and I would agree with that.

  786. I was intermediate 🙂 fun little quiz!!!

  787. Whodathunk I was intermediate?!?!? I consider myself an accomplished beginner. ?

  788. Loved the quiz! Says I’m experienced! 😀

  789. Delaina Gallimore

    I got Intermediate.
    I am working on an intermediate pattern now so I say it’s very accurate for me!
    Cool quiz!

  790. experienced. That’s what I was expecting, but it was fun taking a quiz that told me I was right.

  791. Experienced 🙂

  792. I’m Intermediate! Described me to a T! I love challenging projects, but no time with work and kids!

  793. It says intermediate but running a business I don’t have time for intricate designs so I protest lol

  794. I’m an intermediate! Thought I was a beginner before I took this quiz.

  795. Experienced and I think I agree. There isn’t much that intimidates me with crochet. Knitting on the other hand, I’m a total newbie. Cast on and knit stitch is a far as I’ve gotten. I’m still unsure of a good bind off.

  796. Fun Quiz, I would have guessed I was intermediate, but according to your quiz, I am an experienced #knitter #crocheter.

  797. I don’t know if I would call myself an “experienced crocheter” but I do enjoy a challenge. 😉

  798. Yahoo! I’m intermediate! And I’m my own worst critic!

  799. Mine said intermediate. I love trying new things and increasing my knowledge! Thanks for the fun quiz!

  800. Intermediate for me. That sounds like an accurate assessment 🙂

  801. Intermediate. I’m happy with that ?

  802. I got intermediate. I would consider myself closer to advanced though. It was a fun quiz even if it didn’t have a lot of the answers I would personally choose. Thanks!

  803. Thanks for the quiz!! Mine says I’m intermediate!

  804. Fun quiz. Intermediate but some questions didnt have an answer choice I would have picked.

  805. Experienced. Fun survey.

  806. It says I am intermediate and imay be , but I tackle advanced things all the time. It was fun and I enjoyed it

  807. Great Quiz. Intermediate for me, sounds accurate

  808. Fun quiz for me, told experienced! But I’m always looking for something new to learn and out of my comfort zone. After 50+ years of crocheting and knitting, I love looking for new patterns!

  809. Intermediate

  810. Roseann E (Soccerballetmom on Ravelry)

    I got intermediate, tell the quiz changing 1 answer that I waived on my initial reply and came up experienced. I consider myself to be advanced intermediate. I never shy away from a project because it looks like it may be difficult, I’m always willing to give a project a go, what’s the worse that can happen? I enjoy a challenge and learning something new!

  811. I got Intermediate, which i think is about right 🙂

  812. I got eaasy but feel i am a little more advanced. I have made seral items that were difficult but was able to finish them

  813. I’m experienced! I do have quite the yarn addiction lol! 😉

  814. Ha! It says I’m experienced… I’m not sure about all that lol

  815. The last question didn’t really have an answer for me. I love making blankets so I put shawls.
    Experienced in crochet not even beginner in knitting. I have s craftsy class waiting for me in that.

  816. My results are “experienced”, which I figured it would be 🙂

  817. I got intermediate. I thought I would get higher but hey. Not too bad!! Fun!!

  818. Intermediate sounds about right 😉

  819. I enjoyed the quiz but there were a couple of questions that were hard to answer. I am in the process of knitting a lace shawl and it is going very well.

  820. I got intermediate. I guess that isn’t bad for just starting in Jan of this year.

  821. The quiz showed I’m experienced. I had to chuckle at some of the answers we got to choose from. 🙂

  822. I got experienced..
    But I’m sure I’m that good 🙂

  823. Said I was “experienced”. I’ve been crocheting and knitting for about 45 years! Time Flys when you’re enjoying yourself!

  824. My quiz results indicate that I am “Intermediate”. Several of the points brought out are very true actually. This is my favorite line: You love a good challenge, but also know when its right to slow down and pick up an easy, mindless project.”
    I feel that there are more than just “a few skills” such as basic lace patterns that I could learn to do, but I do like the added note that I’m not in any rush to try some of these out!
    Unlike many of those who’ve commented earlier today, I was a little surprised to be classified as Intermediate. This quiz was not only fun, but enlightening! Thanks Melody! I love and appreciate everything you do to keep us learning and growing, and I love how supportive our group is!!! I feel like I have some BFF’s here now…

  825. Intermediate:)

  826. Experienced!

  827. I’m an intermediate. This is just what I think I am. I’m learning new stitches but I tend to like short projects. As a personality comment, I’ll just say I love taking these kinds of quizzes!

  828. Experienced! Sounds about right

  829. I got intermediate lol

  830. Me too!

  831. I got “experienced”.
    Good quiz!!

  832. I got experienced. I have crocheted for 24 yrs

  833. Experienced. But like some of the others the questions were not really me, so had to pick the closest, but fun.

  834. Elite group og experienced sounds about right lol

  835. Experienced…wow! I do like challenging myself and YouTube videos are my best friend for refreshing stitch memories 😉

  836. Sorry for replying directly to your post but it wouldn’t let me comment otherwise….

    The quiz was fun. I don’t think it’s very accurate but I liked being labeled intermediate. I’m definitely not in the league of some of the knit stars… I absolutely adore all levels of knitting patterns. In fact I’m usually having one type of each in progress at any given time. Sometimes it’s more appropriate to have mindless and light weight projects that can be taken on the go. Once my kids are older I’ll resume more complicated stuff like intricate color work and lace, but for now, I prioritize the little bit of time I have to interact with my LOs. ?

  837. That was fun, Mine says experienced but I like intermediate patterns.

  838. Woah, I got Experienced! I’ve been crocheting for a while now, so that’s cool 🙂

  839. I got intermediate! XD

  840. Interesting quiz. I got experienced, and yes, I do suffer withdrawal symptoms when away from yarn 🙂

  841. Kimberleigh Armstrong

    I’m experienced! I love hard patterns. Anything to keep my brain working. 🙂

  842. Experienced! Yep, I am a crochet addict! I have crocheted every day for the last 10 years. My first crochet project was 150 lap blankets as Christmas presents for the seniors in my hometown resthome. That was the beginning of my love affair with the hook <3

  843. I got intermediate! This is such a fun little quiz!

  844. Easy. But i could probably be intermediate too hehe. ?

  845. Anne-Marie Webster

    Intermediate! Would love to be a confident experienced, but would need more time and a good mentoring buddy. Any volunteers?

  846. Although I felt I had to work around the answers to find the closest to me, I personally found the conclusion paragraph spot on. It says that I’m Intermediate which I’m willing to live with. It means I still have so much more to learn.

  847. That was fun. My results were experienced and fully addicted. TRUE.

  848. Mearla VanDenBerg

    This was interesting & fun. I got intermediate and I’m satisfied with that, because I’ve not tackled anything, yet, that required a lot of fitting. When I first started crocheting, I didn’t realize that there were different skill level, so I crocheted whatever I want to try. Later, I realized that I was crocheting at intermediate level almost immediately. If it’s something that I want to make, I give it a try, no matter the skill level designated.

  849. Interesting and fun quiz! Experienced. I’d say, plus or minus, depending on the particular project! Definitely go into withdrawal if I’m away from yarn for very long. Usually have 3-4 projects going at a time, small to large, mindless to difficult. Easy to get something new started because I’m always thinking about how this yarn or that would look with this stitch or that! LOL

  850. I got Intermediate and I think I’m ok with that for now!

  851. Experienced

  852. That was fun I hadn’t realized I was getting along so well after only one year of knitting!

  853. Loved the quiz..I think I am somewhere between beginner and the next level. I started knitting again after 16 yrs

  854. experienced…..love those hard projects!

  855. Intermediate. All I know is I love to crochet! Thanks for a fun and interesting quiz :o)

  856. I received experienced. Very fun questions. Thanks for posting!! Love it ?

  857. I got intermediate. This was a fun quiz!

  858. That was fun. I considered myself as intermediate and that is what my results were. I’ve tried my hand at a lot of things and I like “winging” it at times.

  859. The quiz says I’m an intermediate. I believe I am as to skill level, however is till need help in reading the patterns. Maybe it’s just my self confidence!

  860. Yay! Intermediate! Lots of room to grow….

  861. got intermediate, little more than I expected

  862. Intermediate, which makes me happy. I can admit now that I don’t want to do everything. Thread is fine for others but life is short. I’d rather focus on lace, stranded work, shawls, stuff I can actually see! 😉
    Fun quiz!

  863. Mine was Easy but I consider intermediate. It really fun!!

  864. Intermediate~right where I expected.

  865. It says I’m experienced, wow! That’s cool! Thanks!

  866. Intermediate. Sounds about right. I don’t really follow patterns much though, they are more of a guide. I enjoyy coming up with my own tweaked versions. There are some things I stick with the pattern though.

  867. I got Experienced! I am a bit of an addict and am totally into knitting garments these days

  868. This was an interesting quiz. It says I am an Intermediate Crafter. I have been crocheting since I was 8 and Knitting since I was 10. I just don’t like some stitches although if I have to do them I will.

  869. “Easy”. Sounds right!! 🙂

  870. Says I am an intermidate. Which is what I consider myself. Some projects still scare me but most don’t.

  871. I am intermediate, thanks for the quiz …

  872. Experienced

  873. I got experienced. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but I love to push myself and try different techniques. Loved the quiz!

  874. I got intermediate but i still feel I’m closer to easy

  875. Well the Quiz says easy but some of them didn’t have the right answers for the questions 🙂

  876. Mine was “Experienced”. Should have said “life long addiction “!

  877. Katherine Schmitt

    I got intermediate, which seems about right. I normally dislike making projects that I have made before, but I love to learn new things.

  878. Quiz says I’m intermediate. Sounds about right. Cool quiz. Nice to have a general idea. I’m similar to one of the other statements that I’m adverse to large projects.

  879. Intermediate. Fun quiz.
    I think I’m advanced. Just because I don’t like a type of project doesn’t mean I can’t do it. Lots of fun though.

  880. Quiz says I’m a beginner, but I think I’m more adv. beginner or even intermediate. I think my confidence in what I can do needs improvement. Maybe when I retire in a few years I’ll have some “spare” brainpower to try more difficult patterns, right now I mainly stick to simpler things as a way to relax my brain yet feel like I’m doing something productive (and flexing my arthritic hands).

  881. Fun quiz, apparently my skill level is Easy which sounds about right to me! Thanks for the chance!

  882. My results were Intermediate and it doesn’t lie. Loved the test, it was fun!

  883. I got intermediate! I’d say that’s pretty accurate ? What a fun quiz!

  884. Good for ego fluffing. The addiction is real.

  885. Intermediate level…sounds about right. 🙂

  886. Hmmm-says I’m intermediate! I thought I’d be experienced as many years as I’ve knitted…lol ?

  887. Forgot to add that I received Experienced ^_^

  888. Funny quiz; thank you so much. It says that I’m experienced ?

  889. Awesome, I’m intermediate. Good to know.

  890. It says I’m experienced. Yay!

  891. I ranked “Easy”, which didn’t surprise me in the least. I try to challenge myself, but the only things that actually come out the way I hope are the simple ones.

  892. The quiz says Easy but I know I am intermediate with an aversion to large/time consuming patterns. I don’t like projects that take more than one sitting because I rarely finish them. I’ve done cables with color changes, bracelets crocheted with thread, hats, purses, and created my own tablet cover & a two pocket flap top pouch for a friend… but I rarely finish a project that takes more than 2 hours.

  893. I got intermediate and that sounds right. 🙂

  894. I have been crocheting for 50 years so I’m glad to say my results showed that I am an “experienced” crocheter.
    My biggest problems in life are too many works in progress, too many projects promised to others, and too many projects on my to do list! (And I still keep looking for more ideas!)

  895. Experienced. I would hope so after all these years. Yikes

  896. I got Intermediate! That was fun.

  897. I stay clear from thread, because my hands just can’t handle it anymore. Always had to fight for tension when using thread, so after all these years the smallest I can handle well is a 2. But I’ll take intermediate.

  898. Not sure how I feel about being called “easy” but I guess it probably fits my knitting skills best!

  899. I got experienced! Didn’t realize I was so far (even though I know this was for fun I think it may be true). I do tend to just pick whatever pattern I like and make it regardless of level, yarn, or anything. So, never thought about it. LOL Thanks for the fun quiz!

  900. Fun little quiz. I love amigurumi and graph blankets. They weren’t listed on the quiz but it was cute anyway .)

  901. Intermediate, what I figured. Fun quiz!

  902. Nice quiz! It told me tha I am experienced… I think I’m on my way there but not there quite yet 🙂

  903. Intermediate..sounds right, although I have always considered myself a beginner. But,work has come so far. Great quizz, thanks

  904. I got Experienced!

  905. Experienced !! Woohoo!! I spent the last year trying to push myself and sounds like it has paid off!

  906. Wendy Boardman-Littlefield

    I got Experieced! I totally agree! Thanks for the fun quiz, Melody!!!

  907. I would have said I was an advanced beginner but the quiz said intermediate. So hey maybe I am better than I thought.? WOOT WOOT ?

  908. Martina Cervantes

    Intermediate! I loved the quiz, so fun.

  909. It says I’m expert level. Not sure if I’m quite that good yet, but I’m working toward it.

  910. Quiz says I’m Experienced.

  911. Love the quiz! I’m intermediate, exactly what I thought… maybe advanced someday.

  912. The quiz determined that I’m experienced. I don’t believe I’ve achieved that yet…but I’m hoping that I will one day! Thank you! This was fun!!

  913. Intermediate, sounds about right ?

  914. Intermediate! Not surprised lol

  915. Very interesting quiz. Until now I have never really thought about my skill level. I have just done what I enjoyed. According to this I am an Experienced crafter. It did make me laugh when it mentioned the withdrawls when away from my yarn. I know those very well. I always have to have something going on. At least 2 or 3 projects at the least. Thank you for sharing this

  916. I got intermediate. I think that’s about right! 🙂

  917. Intermediate! Pretty acurate! Can’t wait to work up to hard!

  918. The quiz said I’m an intermediate crocheter. I had to laugh because the project I’m working on frustrated me so I told my daughter I was going to frog it. She called me a quitter so I’m not going to frog, I’m going to keep working on it!

  919. Quiz was interesting, questions didn’t always fit. Got experienced.

  920. I got “experienced”. And that I have a “full fledged addiction”. I must say this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that.

  921. According to the quiz Im intermediate, which I guess is true. I love the challenge of learning new things and can master most I try my hand at. It was fun to take the quiz and get an idea of where I’m at 🙂

  922. Loved the quiz! It said I am advanced! I have been crocheting since I was 8, and I’m 31 now. I love, love, love it!

  923. Experienced.

  924. Experienced! Definitely an addict and I love trying new things! I like projects that make me focus on what I’m doing. I don’t really like mindless projects that much. I like a challenge!

  925. Experienced…..I seriously suffer withdrawal anytime I leave and don’t have a project with me. Hook, needles or drop spindle.

  926. Fun little quiz! (I also liked it cause it told me I’m “experienced!” LOL!) Thank you! 🙂

  927. It shows that I am an intermediate knitter!

  928. I got “Easy” and then it said “You still have lots of unexplored knit and crochet options out there for you, but you’ve been working hard to learn new skills and you’re finding yourself more and more comfortable with every project. Participating in something like a Mystery Create-A-Long or a local knit and crochet club may help you advance even more and achieve another level of success!

    According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Easy skill level consists of, “Projects using basic stitches, repetitive stitch patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.”

    That was fun!

  929. I scored Intermediate, which I think is accurate. I tend to crochet hats, accessories, and amigurumi. I’ve only tackled a couple of larger projects, but someday…!

  930. I’m experienced. I save the sweater projects for my knitting machine, but love hand knitting lace shawls and crocheting with thread!

  931. I have been crocheting since I taught myself at age 12 – 50 years!I always have yarn, hooks, and small projects in my purse, since I take the city bus and HATE to wait and do nothing 😉 This fun quiz said I am Experienced (I should hope so!) I learned to tat when I was about 12, but haven’t in years, and learned to knit Barbie clothes when I was 9. I can’t knit anymore unless it’s at least size 8 needles or larger, but I can crochet even with my #14 steel hook 😉 Go figure! I also taught crochet where I worked, and am in the process of teaching my daughter, oldest grandson, and best friend 😉

  932. My results were experienced.

  933. I got Intermediate been learning new stitches lately.

  934. I’m at intermediate. I guess that’s right. Seaming, intarsia and steeking are things I haven’t tried yet.

  935. Quiz says I’m experienced!

  936. I got intermediate & definitely have to agree! Usually I would stick with hats, scarves, but I am making more of different things now!

  937. I’m experienced and love challenges.

  938. It says I am intermediate. In crochet I am a beginner but o think I am pretty badass at knitting. So average that out and I can agree with this ❤️

  939. I think the quiz really nailed it when it said I had a serious yarn addiction and that my skill level was experienced. I’m close to expert in crochet and an adventurous new knitter. My yarn has its own room in my house!

  940. Experienced! I knew it 🙂

  941. Experienced! I never get enough crochet, I love CAL’s the best. I always try to challenge myself!
    My grandmother taught me when I was 6.

  942. The quiz said Experienced, but when asked I always answered Intermediate since I feel there’s so much still to learn. Whatever, I just keep on making whatever comes to my attention!

  943. Experienced. Huzzah! 🙂 gladeslibrarian

  944. My results are expected. I’m experienced and it’s confirmed, I’m a full fledged addict :-).

  945. Experienced… My grandmother would be proud.

  946. Fun quiz! I got Intermediate 🙂

  947. I got intermediate. Working to advance my skills and challenge myself.

  948. I got intermediate. Working on my skills and continue to challenge myself.

  949. I came up experienced, no surprise. Knitting and crocheting are my yoga for the mind and I always have 3 or more projects going so I don’t get bored.

  950. Experienced 🙂 and yes I do get withdrawals.

  951. I got intermediate which surprised me but doesn’t keep me from pushing myself and sometimes just sticking to the basics. Great,fun quiz.

  952. Experienced, but some of the questions didn’t have enough answers to choose from. Got the addiction part right though. ??

  953. I got intermediate. I don’t know if I really am at that level, or I just push myself above my skills because I want to make the project

  954. Fun to take the quiz. I’m an intermediate knitter which is pretty much what I think of myself as. I am an almost forgotten how to crocheter (self assessment) but aiming to pick it up again. Thanks for your lovely patterns x

    Bristol UK

  955. Intermediate…sounds right for me! 🙂

  956. This is a very interesting quiz. According to my answears I am an experienced crocheter. I have been crocheting off and on for 65 years, and, yes it is my addiction. My sweet husband tells people I could open a yarn store! I love the feel of yarn and have made 100 plus baby afghans for new babies in our church as well as friends and family. I never make the same pattern twice so the challenge is on to always be looking for new patterns. ?

  957. Experienced… ? I’ll take it!

  958. I got intermediate! I thought I was still at a basic, but turns out not so much! 🙂

  959. I got intermediate, thought I would say upper intermediate would be more accurate 😉 I just have a shorter attention span!

  960. Thanks to several baby showers I’ve been knitting and crocheting alot more recently. One of my favorite needle crafts is tatting. Now I’m looking for ways to combine everything.

  961. Not sure im as experinced as if thinks but fun

  962. Nice quiz. I got epxperienced, wow! And I have to admit that I have a certain addiction to yarn and needles :-).

  963. I got beginner which sounds about right to me. I try to challenge myself a lot but I do know when I have bite off more than I can chew.

  964. I’m experienced, which is about where I thought I would be.

  965. Experienced. I looove crocheting more than anything…..other than the grandkids! Thanks for the fun quiz!

  966. Fun quiz – I got intermediate I like making blankets for friends babies and lately making loveys too

  967. I got intermediate and I think it is pretty right on! Thanks for the fun quiz.

  968. Yay! That was fun

  969. “You still have lots of unexplored knit and crochet options out there for you, but you’ve been working hard to learn new skills and you’re finding yourself more and more comfortable with every project. Participating in something like a Mystery Create-A-Long or a local knit and crochet club may help you advance even more and achieve another level of success!”

    very true. I need someone to push me into venturing out of my comfort zone! Please help me!

  970. Experienced, well after knitting for 40+ years, I kind of thought so.
    I didn’t like the fact that we had to scroll to the bottom of the page to post a comment, I honestly thought I would never get there! Thanks for the fun quiz. Happy knitting!

  971. The quiz says that I’m intermediate.

  972. The quiz says intermediate. That’s about right. I can figure most things out, but sometimes enjoy easier projects so I can see myself finishing it?

  973. I got intermediate which is about right. I love to crochet and love a challenge but I have my limits lol..

  974. Intermediate is what I got. A fun quiz.

  975. Fun quiz rated me right where I would put myself

  976. I got experienced fo r mine I do love to challenge myself

  977. Sherry Culbertson

    I got intermediate. Pretty close I think. Loved the quiz!

  978. I got intermediate, but I agree with a previous poster that I am just large project adverse! I am generally pleased with how my large projects turn out, and I love to try a new pattern, but I prefer to crochet to relax myself and I don’t really find those big projects relaxing. I like to see the end result more quickly! Fun quiz!

  979. Wow, “Experienced”! I guess I’ve been around the crochet block a few times. 😀 Thanks for the fun quiz! I do in fact go through “withdrawal” if I’m away from my hooks for too long! 😀

  980. I am intermediate.That is probably me.. I haven’t picked up a project for a while. So busy..Its time to get doing what I like now. THANK YOU

  981. I got intermediate ?

  982. The quiz says intermediate, but I think I’m closer to expert.

  983. I’m intermediate,just as I thought!

  984. I totally agree! I’m totally comfortable with all techniques (and it says I’m intermediate) but I just lose interest or get bored with large projects because there’s so much repetition! They take too long haha!

  985. The quiz shows I’m experienced. I have been crocheting for a long time and love challenging myself with new patterns.

  986. The quiz says in experienced. I beg to differ but I’ve always been my own worst critic.

  987. Intermediate according to the quiz but I’m in between intermediate and advanced 🙂

  988. Experienced

  989. Accordons to this quiz, I’m an intermediate, and I think it’s right! My new challenge is crochet but I used to so a lot of knitting.

  990. Elizabeth Riegelman

    I ended up with intermediate. I think that’s fair. I love New things but I hate projects with too much repetition, I get bored!

  991. Yep…intermediate

  992. Experienced! That’s pretty true for knitting, but I’m still a beginner/intermediate for crochet. Fun quiz!

  993. You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

  994. Mine came out as Intermediate. I reckon it is correct.
    I can do the advanced/expert projects but I MUCH PREFER not to have to concentrate!

  995. I guess i’m counted in the group of experienced. I’d have to say though if it weren’t for your mcals I probably wouldn’t be as experienced!! I’ve learned so many new stitches and techniques from you Melody! Now I’m not so afraid to try new patterns and stitches.

  996. Intermediate! Yay!

  997. Omg, I finally found the bottom of the page 🙂 I got intermediate, totally believable!

  998. The quiz rated me as intermediate, which is probably correct, but there were some answers that just didn’t apply, eg, not doing dishcloths–for any reason, but love occasional short quick projects like the “sunny coasters.”

  999. I’m experienced! Yea!

  1000. I scored intermediate. I might get stressed when I don’t understand the instructions. But I don’t give up. You put it together, you can take it apart, and try again until you get it right. Then I smile with accomplishment at my completed project

  1001. Intermediate. I suspect that’s pretty accurate, but nice to know! I’ve always kind of wondered what level I was at. 🙂

  1002. Fun quiz, thanks! Says I’m intermediate which i would agree with 🙂

  1003. It says I am Experienced! Who would have guessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1004. I was an intermediate. Was pretty much what I thought. Thanks for the opportunity to take the quiz. Fun!

  1005. I got intermediate which I agree with. It makes me happy to see that!

  1006. The quiz was fun! I’m a confident crocheter but I didn’t know how that translated into experience level.

  1007. I got Intermediate. Mostly true, I can do experienced patterns but most times I am going for a quick project that can still challenge me.

  1008. Intermediate 🙂 fun quiz

  1009. Finally aced a quiz!! ???? I’m experienced!! Loved the quiz, Thankyou for sharing ?

  1010. According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Intermediate level is, ~~
    I have developed “crocherters elbow” hurts to crochet. I have so much yarn and projects to do but I cannot crochet longer then 15 minutes a day. Boooo.

  1011. EXPERIENCED…yup, I do go thru withdrawl when I haven’t touched yarn in a day!!! =)

  1012. It’s states intermediate…if it’s based on what I like to do because my crochet time is limited, then it’s spot on….but if it’s based on what on what I am capable of doing then I consider myself experienced.

  1013. That was a fun quiz!!! It says I’m an intermediate. I guess that’s about right.

  1014. Wow I’m INTERMEDIATE and didn’t even realize I was tht good, hahahahahaha

  1015. This quiz was fun. Results say I am intermediate. I’ll try just about any kind of pattern, but don’t always have the time to really explore as much as I would like. Thanks!

  1016. Cool quiz. It’d be fun to refer back to it in a year and see if I’ve changed on the scale. Currently at ‘Easy’ which seems pretty accurate. Thanks for the quiz!

  1017. I’m experienced! I believe that is accurate. Love the quiz. 🙂

  1018. It says I’m intermediate but I think I’m advanced. I don’t like projects that take a long time to complete. My attention span is short.

  1019. I really enjoyed this quiz. I’ve done patterns that say intermediate. I like to challenge myself.

  1020. I got experienced! I love yarn!!

  1021. This was so fun — thank you! 🙂 Funny, it says I’m experienced, and I’ve certainly been at this long enough to be, but I just always feel like there’s sosososo much more to learn. There are just so many talented crafters out there. 🙂

  1022. Quiz says I’m intermediate. Interesting. Just taught myself to crochet a couple of years ago. I still get nervous if I see intermediate on a pattern! If there’s a video tutorial though, I’m all in!!

  1023. It says I’m intermediate and I would agree with that. I haven’t truly challenged myself by trying more advanced projects and techniques….yet!

  1024. “Experienced” I’d say it’s pretty accurate.

  1025. I got intermediate which is fine with me. I’ve never really thought about it. I just love my yarn and making lovely things with it. ?

  1026. Experienced yarn addict who suffers withdrawal when away from my hook for a time….sounds about right.

  1027. I’m intermediate and I think that’s right. How fun!

  1028. Experienced…with a full fledged addiction…that last part seems about right! LOL!

  1029. Experienced! I’ve been crocheting for nearly 40 years, so I guess that makes sense. Don’t think I’ll ever tackle a thread project, though…tried as a teen and had trouble seeing stitches. My old eyes would never handle it!

  1030. Experienced! lol I just crochet what I like, never really gave much thought to the skill level. Thanks for the quiz.

  1031. Marjorie Meredith

    I got “experienced”!

  1032. Intermediate! lol

  1033. I like yarn better than thread. That doesn’t make me intermediate.

  1034. I got experienced. I’ve never thought of myself that way…but then again now that I’ve made Sophie, working on Mandala madness, and a couple of other CAL’s I guess I am more experienced.

  1035. Experienced, which is accurate. I have been crocheting for 31 years and finally learned how to knit about 5 years ago and jumped right in with an intricate cable-knit sweater for my youngest daughter (she was 16 at the time). She still wears that sweater to this day, especially when lounging around her dorm room when she is away at school. There are few very stitches that I struggle with, but I am not worried about it. I know I make beautiful art work and everyone in my family has at least one item that I have made for them.

  1036. I got intermediate!

  1037. I got Intermediate, and I think that’s about right. I’m willing to try new things all the time, sometimes I fail, but when I succeed I add another tool to my skill tool belt! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lace. I don’t love the blocking so much though. lol

  1038. Experienced just as I thought ?

  1039. Fun little quiz. Says I’m intermediate and I would agree.

  1040. Fun quiz! Thanks for doing this! I feel even more confident in my skill level now. 🙂

  1041. April A AbteyPettigrew

    I got experienced & I was actually surprised. I guess I shouldn’t have been since I have been crocheting since I was 5 but I really only did afghans for the longest time. Just in the past 5-8 yrs I have started to try to do more. I done purses, bags, booties, scarves, dishclothes, fixed a Crocheted thread tablecloth my grandmother had made, tried my hand at a few doilies and coasters along with bookmarks in the thread. So when I actually thought about it and realized that I also have learned a lot of new stitches including recently when making my son’s dishcloths for his 1st home, I am amazed. Some have come from you Melody, so Thank you.

  1042. Intermediate!

  1043. Loved the quiz….now I know where I stand and can have more confidence in myself. I got Intermediate level. Thanks.

  1044. I am intermediate.

  1045. I got “experienced”. I have finally figured out how to use all the stitch markers so I don’t make myself crazy. Now if I can only figure out charts and not be afraid to make things in pieces….

  1046. Fun quiz! I got “experienced” =)I just wish I had more time to do all of the projects I want to do!

  1047. I got intermediate, which I feel is accurate. I love to try new stitches & techniques and have no issues unraveling it and retrying it, it allows me to learn better and figure out the technique/stitch better. Love learning.

  1048. Fun quiz! I got experienced.

  1049. Experienced.. I do know a bit. But I have a lot more to learn…

  1050. I’m intermediate! I love knitting and crocheting. Sonetimes It’s such a relaxing hobby and others I want to pull out my hair. Lol. When learning new things.

  1051. It said I am Experienced. What a fun quiz – now back to all my WIPs. Oh look, a new pattern on Pinterest….

  1052. 30ish years of experience… so about right.

  1053. Intermediate. .. I partly agree!!! I do pretty good but there are times I still struggle!!!!

  1054. I was surprised I got “intermediate.”

  1055. It said intermediate :). I think that there is always more to learn or tweak lol. Fun little quiz.

  1056. I got experienced 🙂 which i would hope ao when ice been actively knitting and crocheting for 24 of my 30 years on this earth ♡

  1057. I scored “Experienced”. 🙂

  1058. I got Intermediate and I agree with the result. Currently working on vintage baby clothes, some beautiful lacy knit layettes, widening my stitch knowledge as well.

  1059. I got intermediate. Not bad for being self taught. I do like a challenge every now and then. Going to continue on and hopefully get better and one day I hope to learn to knit.

  1060. I’m down as experienced but only because there is not a crazy or insane category. That’s what many of my knitting friends say I am. I just think I’m too crafty for my own good

  1061. Intermediate. That sounds about right for my crocheting skills. If I retook it thinking of knitting I’d probably get advanced beginner.

  1062. I got Intermediate and I agree with the result. Currently working on vintage baby clothes, some beautiful lacy knit layettes, widening my stitch knowledge as well. Still have a lot to learn even though I’ve been knitting & crocheting since the 60’s ! I keep finding so many new ideas and so much inspiration! Always working on one project whilst thinking of the next ! At least this way I do actually finish the WIP before starting the next one. 🙂

  1063. I got experienced. I’ve been knitting for almost four years.

  1064. Experienced, always thought I was just advanced. 🙂

  1065. I have wondered for some time what level I am and found out that I am intermediate!

  1066. Intermediate at least somedays others I feel beginner lol

  1067. Intermediate -about right

  1068. I got Experienced – which was a bit of a shock! I never really thought of myself that way. I get distracted easily (oh shiny!) so big projects are a “come back around to it”type of thing. But I love learning new stitches and hoard patterns like there’s an embargo about to be called on all things yarn related!

  1069. It says I am “Intermediate”. I’m good withow that. I believe I am more advanced then that. I am always looking for a challenge in the projects I do..

  1070. I am content with intermediate. ?
    Thanks for the quiz!

  1071. I got experienced 🙂 Not bad for only starting 2 years ago! 😉

  1072. You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. I love that this was the first line of my explanation!!! #Myaddictionisbetterthanyours
    #legaltoo hahahaha thanks for the quiz! I think this helped my monday morning mood out too?

  1073. Labeled me as part of the elite group of experienced crocheters. While I feel I’m getting up there, not too sure I’m that good. LOL.. I love new challenges and patterns with several different types of stitches. I don’t get board that way. But not too sure I’m as good with the non repeating patterns. lol.. But, this quiz has given me a boost of confidence to maybe try one of those garments I’ve been admiring! 😀

  1074. Well, as I expected. the quiz said I’m experienced. Tho, I have to admit that, like a poster above, I’m “large project averse” due to living in (hot! especially this summer for some reason!) Florida.

  1075. Fun quiz! I got Experienced…

  1076. Intermediate….not afraid of a new project or challenge…. pretty accurate 😀

  1077. I’m an intermediat. I do lot of different projects but I hate tiny projects in any craft

  1078. I am Intermediate level.

  1079. Hmm…says I’m Experienced but I struggled to find an answer that actually fit how I felt about some of the questions and having taught myself I think I’m more intermediate because by golly if some of the basics don’t usually throw me for a loop!lol

  1080. I got experienced. I love to try new stitches all the time. I am trying my hand at a little designing. Soon I hope I can try selling patterns.

  1081. I would have never thought experienced but I am definitely addicted to yarn and crocheting. Considering I taught myself only two years ago I’d say I must be doing something right lol. =)

  1082. It said I’m intermediate!

  1083. My level was easy. I just started learning crochet last year after my second daughter was born. I wish I had more time to try new stitches and patterns.

  1084. Fun quiz! It said intermediate for me which I felt was pretty accurate. I still find things challenging and make mistakes but I’m willing to give anything a go (though not always successfully!).

  1085. I got intermediate. I kinda figured that I was. I knew I was definitely not an expert.

  1086. I was surprised I’m a experienced.

  1087. I feel comfortable being labeled an “intermediate” skill level. I love challenging myself with new patterns and skills. I just wrote my 1st pattern which was a challenge but turned out just how I wanted =)

  1088. I got advanced. I think that fits. ❤

  1089. I enjoyed taking the skill test. I’m experienced. And that fits with my skills.

  1090. INTERMEDIATE!!!! 🙂

  1091. I got intermediate. Considering I’ve only been crocheting for a couple of years, I’ll take it!

  1092. Intermediate! I do like trying new projects, but I don’t like working with really fine thread or yarn.

  1093. Fun quiz and a question I always ask myself. The experienced description fits me to a T so that will be my new answer. Thanks for posting the quiz!

  1094. Melody, thank you so much for posting this! I love your humor, and the fun that you bring to crochet/knitting with your blog. Your pic up top is priceless!

    My quiz showed I am experienced–say what??? I took it twice, since I did not believe the results the first time. The results just show confidence in one’s own skills, especially if self-taught, is the one skill I need to work on. How eye-opening! Thank you!

  1095. Survey says….. experienced!

  1096. I got experienced. Fun quiz!

  1097. Intermediate! Yay! Been knitting for years, but haven’t really challenged myself – really feel more like an advanced beginner, but maybe that’s about the same. Enjoyed the quiz. Now, hope I win the drawing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  1098. It says I’m Experienced! I agree. I love making anything and everything crochet! The more, the merrier. Happy hooking all.

  1099. Experienced, since i’ve been crocheting for 48 years I would have been concerned with anything less 🙂 I love making afghans, the more challenging the more I enjoy them. There’s never going to be enough hours in my life time to crochet!

  1100. Intermediate? Guess I need to get out the tiny hooks and threads!

  1101. Intermediate..usually do these patterns–I hate to start something and end up getting too frustrated. I have done some experienced patterns before–just a little to intense for me. Fun quiz!

  1102. Tammy Fitzsimmons

    I scored as experienced, which fits. I am,at both crafts. Though the given answers didn’t always match my situation. When it comes to working with thread, I’m already used to it. I’ve made dozens of pieces of jewelry.

  1103. says I am experienced, knitting and crocheting around 50 years but still learning

  1104. Took the test, my skill level was Experienced.

  1105. I got experienced but I love to crochet and knit so it is no surprise to me that I have skills. lol My 1st knitting project was a ski sweater with 3 stripes on the front and back and stripes running down the sleeves. I use both crocheting and knitting as therapy. It works almost as much as my goats do. lol 🙂

  1106. Neat quiz! It says I’m intermediate. All the colors scare me.

  1107. Intermediate which I’d agree with

  1108. Says I’m Intermediate

  1109. I was really curious and my skill level was Intermediate, which I think is correct. Interesting.

  1110. Intermediate…sounds about right!

  1111. This was a really fun quiz! It told me I am an Intermediate level and I feel comfortable with that. I think it’s a good representation.

  1112. Intermediate just been crocheting a year and loving it

  1113. My result was “experienced”. I love anything and everything related to crocheting. I want to further my yarn involved skills and learn knitting. I started teaching myself and know the basics. Soon I will be able to do both. 🙂

  1114. it says i’m intermediate

  1115. I got intermediate, I’d agree mostly with it 🙂 fun quiz!

  1116. “Experienced” for me, which I’d say is accurate…as I sit making an afghan with lots of different stitches and six colors (will be seven once I get to the store to get a particular contrast color I decided to add after I started the project)!

  1117. I got intermediate, I always wondered what I was considered. I think I just jumped to intermediate recently though.

  1118. I got Easy. I’d say I agree with that. I’m not really a beginner anymore but intermediate things intimidate me. Sometimes I’m up for the challenge. I like trying new things. ☺

  1119. I’m the opposite! I’d rather be working on an afghan than a garment. When it gets hot, I switch to a pattern that gets made in pieces and stitched together later.
    I was also rated intermediate, but I can handle an advanced project most of the time. 🙂

  1120. Intermediate which is fine with me. I like mindless patterns to keep my hands busy. I’ll focus on the harder stuff when the kids are older and I have more time to focus on the work rather than the kids.

  1121. I got experienced 🙂
    Which I’d say is pretty accurate since I have been very busy lately with dish cloths, tank tops, and many graphgans with many colors 🙂

  1122. Experienced. Guess that explains why I’m not afraid to try anything!

  1123. Ok, yes I’m addicted!!! I confess! Look for excuses to use new patterns I have found. Especially baby and toddler. I have 17 great grandchildren, a very ripe field to choose from! Lol

  1124. It says I’m a intermediate. I find that inaccurate. I consider myself experienced. I love challenging patterns and projects I have created a lot of my own patterns over the years☺

  1125. Experienced…pretty much what I expected. I love to challenge myself!

  1126. I got easy & that’s fine! I just love making baby blankets & watching tv.

  1127. Intermediate

  1128. Fun quiz! Experienced. I love to crochet. It is close to an addiction for me.

  1129. Experienced! What a cute quiz!

  1130. The quiz says I am level easy and I feel I am between easy and next level !!! I love to crochet and explore challenging patterns to help me learn all there is on the stitches and all ,

  1131. I am Experienced…..Yeah!

  1132. Thanks for the quiz I love it

  1133. It was fun, for sure, glad to know I’m intermediate! And it all started with sock yarn…..I just HAD to learn how to knit socks! Needless to say, I had to learn from the beginning, but socks, fingerless mitts, scarves, shawls, ponchos…..bring it on!

  1134. What fun!

  1135. Great quiz! It says I am Intermediate which sounds about right. I haven’t done a lot of crocheting this past year due to a pinched nerve, but seem to have finally resolved that so getting back into the craft. Very excited to try some new things!

  1136. I got experienced, which is true as far as skills, but I’m still a sucker for the easy repeating pattern! LOL!

  1137. Great quiz wish there had been different answers to choose from on the least fave stitch question. I got Intermediate and the explanation pretty much decribed me to a T.

  1138. Says “easy” but I’m pretty sure I’m just a lazy “intermediate.” 😉 Too much work, not nearly enough knit/crochet time in my life at the moment!

  1139. This little quiz was fun! I love making anything and everything, I love big challenges and learning anything new!

  1140. Tracy Graczykowski

    I’m intermediate. That sounds about right to me.

  1141. I got Easy! I thought I was a bit more of intermediate but no worries! I’ll just keep practicing and exploring new skills! 🙂

  1142. I got intermediate which is just where I thought I would land!

  1143. Intermediate which is pretty accurate. I like small projects like hats and Scarves because I get bored with larger items.

  1144. Experienced

  1145. I got easy! I’m still learning and some projects make me nervous to try. Lol. Guess I need to just go for it!!!

  1146. The quiz was fun and the results described me perfectly!

  1147. I got experienced. I have been crocheting almost 40 years. I love learning new stitches and testing myself with new patterns.

  1148. I got experienced but there’s still do much to learn!!! Thanks for the fun quiz!

  1149. I got experienced!!! Which is pretty accurate I’ll crochet anything from thread to tshirt yarn!!

  1150. I got intermediate. I feel it is mostly true, although I feel I maybe on the upper end. Thanks for the quiz.

  1151. My skill level depends on a lot of things. 🙂
    How bad was work today?
    How long is that car/airplane ride?
    How many adult beverages are involved?
    How much attention do I need to pay to the conversations around me?
    How great is that yarn I just bought with no particular pattern in mind?

  1152. i got “experienced” and thought ‘like jimi hendrix?’. lol, funď

  1153. Intermediate here 🙂 I have 4 kids 6 and under so no time to make intricate shawls… Someday though I will!! ?

  1154. The quiz said I was intermediate.Which sounds about right.

  1155. Experienced … works for me 🙂

  1156. I got experienced. I do a lot of crocheting for our hospital auxiliary . I love to try new projects.

  1157. Fun way to know what level i am 🙂 apparantly i’m on the Intermediate level.

  1158. I got Experienced! And it sounds pretty correct too 😀

  1159. Mine said intermediate! I would consider myself advanced, but answered with my preferences, such as the thread question. I enjoy a challenging project, but I don’t necessarily seek them out. Fun quiz!!

  1160. Loved the quiz. I’m experienced; love my yarn, hooks and needles.

  1161. Mine says intermediate but I think that’s because aside from shawls, I do Amigurumi and it doesn’t ask about those.

  1162. You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

    Not surprised lol! I got through everything in crochet and moved onto knit, got good at that and moved onto spinning!!

  1163. I got intermediate. Hit it in the nose, I like to try new patterns and stitches challenging myself to go beyond what I already know how to do.

  1164. Fun quiz! I got expert!

  1165. Fun quiz, right on target. Intermediate suits me just fine!

  1166. Oops, experienced. 🙂

  1167. The quiz said that I am intermediate. I try some patterns that say hard and they seam easy and I tried some that say easy and found them hard to do. I have been crocheting for almost 50 years.

  1168. Experienced. Probably because I have been knitting and crocheting for a very long time. LOL!!! Thanks for the quiz. It was fun!

  1169. Experienced self taught only been at it about 2 1/2 years but it is spot on I have a full on addiction and have yet to find a pattern I couldn’t complete,

  1170. Intermediate woohoo !!

  1171. I am experienced which is what I probably am.

  1172. It says I’m intermediate. Seems about right, I love learning new stitches. Now if only there were enough hours in a day to get all my projects done. I’m in college and don’t have nearly enough craft time.

  1173. The quiz says I’m a beginner, which I guess is true… I’ve never really strayed from ‘basic’ stitches, or overly complicated patterns/color changes/etc. – despite the fact that I’ve been crocheting since I was about 8, and knitting for about 3-4 years. Lace, cables, and color work all scare me. One day. Maybe. ?

  1174. I got Intermediate. Didn’t realize I had crossed over from advanced beginner into this category but in the last year I have tried to learn lots of new things including a few new stitches (mastered post stitches), new categories (made a beautiful cardigan) and even took on a commission for a blanket.

  1175. I got intermediate… wich I suppose is where I thought I would land… but only because I’ve had the help of YouTube when learning new techniques and stitches! Haha

  1176. It says I’m intermediate.. that sounds about right. 🙂

  1177. I got Experienced! Been crocheting for half my life, I should have at least a little experience!! Lol

  1178. Intermediate… I love to crochet things that are a little more difficult but that are small so I don’t get bored

  1179. Intermediate… Probably because I prefer smaller projects and haven’t had time to do thread project, but I’m not opposed to them.

  1180. This quiz was awesome.. I got experienced. Never really thought 9f myself as experienced!

  1181. I got experienced. I have been crocheting for 40 years and knitting for 10. I have to say that I am pretty adventurous. I taught myself to read patterns and graphs and trying something new and different is exciting for me. My biggest problem is staying with one project long enough to finish it. I am the queen of WIPs and UFOs!

  1182. Experienced!

  1183. It said easy patterns are good for me. I’d say that or intermediate. So pretty accurate

  1184. That was a fun quiz and exciting to see my results. It left me being an experienced crafter with my crocheting. I feel my results are good based on my thoughts. Thank You for this group Melody. I’ve learned a lot to make me more experienced.

  1185. Experienced! Cool. I thought I was just “That crazy lady who has cupboards full of yarn and will give you something cool for Christmas”. I always tell my friends to “fake it til you make it”. I guess I’m not faking it anymore. Lol!

  1186. test says intermediate but i have never felt i was that good, everyone else thinks otherwise

  1187. I’m intermediate. That’s what I’d call myself!

    I love that we have the same name! 🙂

  1188. Experienced! Well, with crochet maybe

  1189. I got easy. SO true. I lack confidence to move forward. I do love me some amigurumi, sad it wasn’t an option! Still tons of fun. 😀

  1190. I am “Experienced”. Not sure about that, but I am enjoying learning all sorts of new stitches and techniques!

  1191. After taking this cute but so true quiz, my result was intermediate. I really didnt think i had come this far. I so excited to increase my crochet skills. Thanks for the quiz!

  1192. I got easy!

  1193. I got experienced! Just what I know lol

  1194. Fun! It put me at intermediate, likely because my attention span is a bit short for really complicated things that require a lot of attention.

  1195. Geraldine (aka lil' g)

    Wow! I got intermediate. I think I just need to push myself to try more advanced stitches… Stop being so afraid to mess up.

  1196. I got intermediate too! Thanks for the quiz.

  1197. Great quiz. Figured me out! I got experienced.

  1198. Awesome!!! I’m intermediate! I love crocheting and haven’t gotten the hang of knitting g yet but am keeping at it.

  1199. I didn’t know the Yarn Council had this quiz. Will have to use this at my next crochet and knitting guild for the rest of the ladies to try. Fun,fun,fun!

  1200. My result was Intermediate which I agree with. Cute quiz but some questions were more opinion than skill level. I’m really into making stuffed toys right now, love amigurumi! I enjoy trying new patterns/stitches.

  1201. Stephanie Schmidt

    Easy of course. I leave the hard stuff for my mom 😉

  1202. What a fun quiz! Thank you. I’m patting myself on the back for getting experienced. 5 year knitter!

  1203. Interesting quiz! :). I got intermediate but I consider myself more advanced than that lol

  1204. This rates me as experienced. Sounds about right even though lace projects and shawls aren’t my thing.

  1205. I got intermediate. Sounds about right – I’ve tried lots of different projects and stitches, but I haven’t tackled everything yet!

  1206. I got intermediat!! Yay! I’m a knitter, but have picked up crochet lately, so I still consider myself a beginner at crochet, but im catching on quick! ☺

  1207. It’s fun, very fun, I like the result ,haha, thanks for your share!

  1208. That was fun, seems I am experienced, which I knew ;).

  1209. Quiz says intermediate. I just lack the time to do anything!

  1210. This was a fun quiz. I’m an intermediate and now I know I need to push myself for the next level. I’m always telling my kids to climb up to the next rung on the ladder to be better in life. Now it’s my turn to climb up to the higher rung to be better in knitting.

  1211. Intermediate – About where I thought I would be. Fun quiz – Thanks.

  1212. love to crochet and yes this is very accurate, I think I am experienced and yup this says I am…

  1213. Experienced. That is a good thing since I volunteer and teach yarn craft twice a week 😉

    Thanks for the fun quiz!!!

  1214. Easy of course! I leave the hard stuff for my mom 😉

  1215. My quiz result was intermediate. It actually surprised me and made me feel good about myself 🙂

  1216. That was kind of fun. I came up intermediate even though I consider myself near-expert. I design things for myself, re-adjust patterns for different gauges, have few techniques I haven’t tried, and made a Fox Paws shawl. Ah well, as you say, it’s just for fun.

  1217. Fun quiz.

  1218. I got Easy, which I actually don’t agree with since I enjoy complicated stitches, i also learn them fast.

  1219. Is this how I leave a comment? I got experienced!!

  1220. Says I’m intermediate, I’ll take it!!! I know when to take a “brain” break and regroup and finish a project!!! Yay me!!!

  1221. I got intermediate – fun quiz to do 🙂

  1222. It said I’m intermediate and that’s accurate for knitting!

  1223. I got intermediate. Not to bad I guess

  1224. Interesting and fun

  1225. I got experienced which is what i expected, double knit is about the only thing i havent tried.

  1226. It says I’m intermediate. I agree with that. I haven’t ever tried a thread project, But have made clothing, afghans, amigurumi and lots of other things. Was a fun quiz to take

  1227. Well what do you know for me it says intermediate.

  1228. I got intermediate – which sounds about right.

  1229. Intermediate!

  1230. Experienced yay!

    And i only leard 28 months ago! But ive done it all in that time

  1231. Enjoyed the test! I’m an Intermediate crocheter. I know I have lots ofnroom to learn, but having so much fun getting to Experienced. I know I can do some experienced projects, but prefer to make hats, dolls, anilmals & baby things to a lace shawl. Less of a commitment with my little blessings helping me. 🙂

  1232. intermediate…wow! I am very happy with that and a little bit proud because crochet is the best experience I have ever challenced. I started in April 2014 and so far I am translating patterns into several languages and doing my first own pattern ♡

  1233. Experienced!
    (As expected) 🙂

  1234. Says I’m an eas skill level. That’s right on the money. I just started trying to learn around Thanksgiving. Some questions were about projects that don’t interest me (lace) but I tried to answer accordingly.

  1235. Fun quiz!!!

  1236. it said what it thought …intermediate…. there was a couple …or more questions that i wasnt sure how to answer…one was half of one answer and half of another…a couple of them didnt quite have the answer i needed but chose the one that seemed the closest to what i felt like it needed to be… the crochet with thread one,,,…i dont use thread because its so small…i was going to try it and couldnt really feel i had a hold of it but i may give it a go some day…lolol

  1237. I got Experienced… whoo hoo! ; D

  1238. I did the quiz thinking about my crochet skills (rather than knitting which I’ve been doing for decades). I got Intermediate which I’m pretty proud of since I only taught myself to crochet last October!!

  1239. Experienced. Obviously!! ??

  1240. Cute quiz! I got intermediate. I think I’m on the higher end of intermediate though. But still a fun quiz!

  1241. I got intermediate and that sounds right to me.

  1242. Yay Experienced..
    But I still have much to learn

  1243. I got Intermediate. I will crochet for as long as my hands let me!

  1244. I’ve been hooking for a little under a year but challenge myself most anytime I get my hook out, first project wash cloth second project a 5×6 ft c2c afghan with a graph and continued in every other direction. Experienced maybe a whisker to high for my skill but with u tube anything is possible?

  1245. “You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!”

  1246. Intermediate. . . That’s me!

  1247. Thanks for the quiz it was fun. It told me that I am experienced! How exciting. Well I better get back to my project, it won’t get finished with out me! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  1248. EXPERIENCED. Yes, I am a full-fledged addict that goes through withdrawals. It’s crazy!!!!!

  1249. Experienced! Sounds about right! Love pushing myself into new territory, but my first love is graphgans and ultimately my comfort place. This was a fun quiz!

  1250. I am immediate but like someone else, I’d large pattern aversive. Thanks for this cute.

  1251. Happy to confirm what I already suspected–experienced! Now I’m thinking about thread projects…Pinterest here I come!

  1252. Intermediate, which seems about right

  1253. Quiz says I’m Intermediate. I think that’s a good assessment.

  1254. I got experienced and addicted, which totally fits 🙂

  1255. Said I am Intermediate… which is about right I think… the last question didn’t have the answer I would have given… I like doing all kinds of crochet, but my favorite is amigurumi … 😀

  1256. Haha, the description of advanced is great, and so true about the yarn addiction.

  1257. The quiz says I’m intermediate hands way awesome to be since I taught myself how to crochet only 1.5 years ago hahaha

  1258. It says east, but I’m kinda skeptical I have completed some more challenging patterns I’m intimidated by color work though. I usually easily complete intermediate projects.

  1259. Fun quiz, rated me experienced, nice to know that after 30 years I’m not still a beginner. Ha, ha!

  1260. Intermediate…seems about right to me 🙂

  1261. Oh my, I guess I’m better then I give myself credit for. Love crocheting.

  1262. How FUN! I haven’t really given my skill level much thought. I was labeled with experienced although the larger projects tend to bore me and I think there are still many skills to explore and ways to challenge myself creatively.

  1263. Experienced….sounds right. I liked the options with the questions. Some sounded exactly like what I would say ?

  1264. Fun little quiz 🙂

  1265. I’m an intermediate crocheter, which I’d say is pretty accurate! Thanks for a fun quiz!

  1266. Neat quiz, I really liked it. I got “Experienced”–I’m flattered! Honestly, though, the tiny hooks are not always my favorite 🙂

  1267. This says I am at the “easy” level. I have tried more adavnced patterns. I am always willing to give it a go. ☺️

  1268. I got experienced. I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise to me. But I keep thinking about all the things I haven’t done yet (knitted with beads, designed a sweater, nupps…) rather than all the things I have mastered (cables, cobweb weight lace, socks…)

  1269. Happily intermediate. Not too shabby for someone self-taught who has only been crocheting for about 3 years.

  1270. That was a fun quiz, But I don’t know that I would rate myself as “Experienced” just..ambitious lol! Youtube makes learning a stitch easier, and I routinely make mistakes and have to backtrack, I am just tenacious and I keep pushing through. I think I have lots of room for improvement and I also don’t have tons of stitches memorized yet.

  1271. Experienced! I guess but not exactly where I could have placed myself. I do love the crochet craft tho.

  1272. I got intermediate. Sounds about right.

  1273. Fun quiz. I got Experienced … after all these years and projects… I’d hope so. 😉

  1274. I like to think I’m an experienced crocheter. And I got experienced!

  1275. Experienced… That’s where I thought I’d be, however, there are lots of things out there to be learned.

  1276. I was surprised to be experienced! I thought I was in the middle of the intermediate range so that has given me a bit of a boost. I try and pick projects that will push me to learn new skills, but I nearly always have a super simple blanket on the go that I can turn to when I don’t want to use my brain!

  1277. Intermediate for me! I think I border on experienced but just not quite there yet. I am looking forward to trying Tunisian and working with thread. There are so many beautiful patterns to try, I will never get through them all! Take my crochet with me every where. I am truly addicted!

  1278. I’ve gotten intermediate! I honestly thought it would be the highest level as I usually never shy away from a project. I have done so many countless and complex projects, but hey, I’m happy with my result. 🙂 It was a fun questionnaire. Thank you for the chance of the giveaway.

  1279. The quiz was interesting however I don’t agree with the results of “Easy”; there were several times I had to just pick an answer since there weren’t any other options that came close to what I would have chosen.
    I’m far from expert because I know I have lots to learn but I have created my own patterns/designs. So no matter what the quiz results say “I STILL LOVE TO CROCHET, CREATE, DESIGN, LEARNING MORE & BEING BLESSED WITH THIS GIFT OF BEING A PROUD “”HOOKER”” & BEING ABLE TO BLESS OTHERS. Thanks!

    Prayer ChAnGeS Everything!!!

  1280. Experienced. Not what I was expecting to be honest. But I do like how it says “You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. YEP!!! You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time”. YEP!!! You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up.” YEP!!! That was fun….

  1281. Experienced, but what I really want is to cross the hump from experienced to paving the road. I want to be a designer/creator/discoverer of new stitches and techniques. That’s a difficult hump to cross over!

  1282. I got Intermediate which I think is pretty accurate.

  1283. Intermediate. I would agree.

  1284. Vickie Hughes Chupp

    I got Intermediate, I think it is based on what I am doing right now. Really more experienced. It was a fun quiz. I am probably more experienced in crocheing than knitting as I have been more involved with it as of late.

  1285. What a fun quiz .. there needs to be more crochet quizzes out there

  1286. I got intermediate. That was a fun quiz.

  1287. Expert. I love all fiber arts! I have crocheted for 22 years and knit for 1 1/2 years. Just started learning to spin as well. Weaving is on my bucket list lol. Who needs skydiving right?!

  1288. Fun quiz! I had no idea I would be considered experienced. I still feel like a beginner.

  1289. Experienced! I’ve been crocheting since I was 10, so no surprise there 🙂 I only wish I had more time lately!

  1290. Apparently, I’m an expert crochet-er! Who’d’a thunk it? 🙂 I still have so many projects I want to try, and stitches to learn. I need to retire so there’s more time for yarny projects.

  1291. The quiz said I was Intermediate. That’s great because I thought I was not that experienced. It really boosted my ego. Thanks

  1292. I got intermediate which sounds about right. Though my crochet skills are in their infancy I’ve finished a pretty complicated doily. My knitting is needs a good sock pattern soon.

  1293. Fun quiz! I got easy, but I consider myself intermediate 🙂

  1294. Woot! Experienced, not too shabby considering I’ve only been crocheting for 3 years but I love challenging myself. Thank you so much for the fun quiz!

  1295. Fun quiz! Intermediate.

  1296. That was fun! I got experienced!

  1297. Intermediate level! Interesting quiz!

  1298. “Advanced” which sounds about right. Mostly because I’ve learned enough to have the confidence to try it and be okay with mistakes.

  1299. I got experienced… I guess that’s what happens when you have crocheted for over 60 years

  1300. It said I was intermediate but I have been knitting since I was 9 55 years and crochet ING since I was a teen I have done fine doilies colorwork etc and now lots of sweaters and aces sores for grandkids the quiz was fun and I am fighting the urge to start the shawl I want to make I need to finish a few wip’s first! LOL

  1301. Experienced. The quiz was fun. Love and have lots of your designs. Thank you!

  1302. Intermediate. Which is what I figured. Thanks for the fun little quiz!

  1303. intermediate! ?

  1304. Paula Van Valkenburg

    Intermediate, but can’t complete a large project to save my life – Sophie and Wisteria sit there mocking me.

  1305. A very fun quiz! I got intermediate, which is pretty accurate for me. Thanks!

  1306. Experienced… Sounds right after 22 years with a hook in my hand lol!

  1307. I got intermediate. I think I’m probably experienced, but I tend not to take on as advanced projects as I’d like because I’m up to my eyeballs in motherhood right now. 🙂

  1308. I got Intermediate.
    I feel that my answer was accurate. Not in any rush. ?

  1309. I got experienced for crocheting! (I would guess intermediate if I took it with knitting in mind–I’ve knit for just about 3 years while I’ve crocheted for nearly 11).

  1310. Easy. Fun quiz! I like to think of myself as intermediate, counting not my favourite but I’ve managed a few afghans and they turned out well. I’m always looking for a challenge.

  1311. My survey results said I was Intermediate, thanks!

  1312. I got Experienced! Which makes sense considering I take crochet with me everywhere and am first level certified with the CYC!
    What a fun little quiz! 🙂

  1313. I got intermediate too 🙂 it’s definitely a cute quiz! I’d have to say I probably don’t own a lot of advanced patterns, or possibly only worked maybe 1 or 2 advanced patterns for crochet things. Knitting is still new, but I’ve managed a few moderate and intermediate patterns! Thank you for the cute quiz!

  1314. Thanks for the quiz! I got experienced but not sure if I am or if I am just willing to try anything and work hard to get it right.

  1315. I got intermediate which seems to fit! I was bummed there was no mention for amigurumi like projects, otherwise the questions and answers seemed ok. 🙂

  1316. Fun quiz, I got intermediate. I do have way too many projects sitting in the wings – I guess I just have crafter ADD!

  1317. Intermediate! Not bad for self taught 🙂

  1318. Says I’m an Intermediate knitter/Crocheter, sounds about right! Thanks for the quiz, it was fun!

  1319. That was fun. I’m intermediate. I thought I would be less than that, but I love challenging myself on different projects!!

  1320. Experienced! I love to crochet, I mostly make things to gift to other people.

  1321. I got intermediate which describes me perfectly. I’ve been crocheting for a few years now and just stick to small projects now since I’ve lost some interest in crocheting. Just make birthday party presents and just made myself a grocery bag from plarn

  1322. I got experienced, and I have to say the description pretty much sums me up, lol. I do have a pretty big addiction and have withdrawal when I forget my yarn! Lol. But there are far worse things I could be addicted too!

  1323. That was a fun quiz, I love the answers to choose.

  1324. I koved this I am considered to be able to do intermediate patterns. what’s even more impressive is that I only started about 7 weeks ago I’m still slow at it but novice to intermediate in 7 weeks muat thank helen shiption (sorry if I spelt it wrong)the creator of mandala madness Cal. Oh and the lovely YouTube people from the crochet crowd, coco bella and its all in a nutshell crochet.

  1325. I enjoyed the quiz and was satisfied with my rating of intermediate. I know I still have something to learn and regularly check YouTube for help in learning different stitches. I liked the questions but thought there are more projects out there than mentioned.

  1326. I got experienced! I’d totally agree! I’ve been working on designing some patterns, and even getting test knitters too! Did a lot of crochet, taught myself to knit, spinning with a drop spindle, and my next goal is a spinning wheel!

  1327. It says I’m an intermediate crocheter. That’s about right.

  1328. Well, it says that I’m “quite familiar with the ins and outs of the craft world and you’ve dedicated yourself to learning and advancing your skills! You love a good challenge, but also know when it’s right to slow down and pick up an easy, mindless project. There’s just a few skills left for you to try out, but you’re not in any rush. You’re comfortable and happy with your yarn success so far!”

    Which I think is mostly true except for the quite familiar with the ins and outs part. I’m taking the learning process slowly and definitely doing the slowing down part after a large learning curve!

  1329. I got intermediate, right on target 🙂

  1330. First time I got intermediate, decided to take it again, realized I didn’t read some of the questions thoroughly, got experienced, I’d say I’m advanced intermediate! Thanks for the quiz!

  1331. I got intermediate, which is pretty spot on. I can do big projects, lots of color changes, but I don’t like it. I have no desire to use lace weight or thread. I like quick detailed accessories. 🙂

  1332. I got intermediate and I’m totally comfortable with that assessment! https://melodys-makings.com/what-skill-level-are-you-take-the-quiz-now/

  1333. It says experienced but I’m maybe a intermediate. I can’t do a few things yet.

  1334. Finally I’m considered an expert at something. 🙂 Cute quiz, thanks for sharing it with us.

  1335. It said Intermediate and I’m inclined to agree 😉 cute quiz btw! Thanks!

  1336. I got intermediate,,,probably because I’m not much into making shawls and garments, but always looking for something new to try!

  1337. I’m experienced 🙂

  1338. Interesting questions on the quiz. I got Intermediate. I think I’m probably in the higher end of that.

  1339. Experienced- You’re among an elite group of yarn addicts with a full fledged addiction. You probably experience withdrawals when away from yarn for an extended period of time, and you more than likely make regular goals for yourself. You love challenges, and things like Mystery Create-A-Longs are a fun way to spice it up. You’re now the one that everyone is asking for help from….Congrats!

  1340. Experienced! I’m entirely self taught too so that was exciting to get 🙂 fun quiz!

  1341. I got intermediate, and I think that’s accurate. It was a fun and easy test 🙂

  1342. Experienced! I hope so. Learned in 5th grade and I’m 61 now!!! Love to crochet.

  1343. I received intermediate which is pretty accurate. Fun quiz!

  1344. Very cute quiz! I’m an intermediate, which sounds about right….bordering expert I think, I’ve been crocheting and knitting for over 20 years. Definitely an addict!

  1345. I got Experienced! Exactly what I thought I was! Woo Hoo!

  1346. Easy!

  1347. Katherine Vandenbussche

    It said experienced. I don’t know about that but the full fledged addiction part is right on target. Made twice as bad because I love knitting too!

  1348. I got experienced. Crocheting is my therapy. I love to find patterns that say advanced or challanging, I found a bedspread pattern that used no 10 cotton thread and it said challenging but I made it through it just fine.

  1349. Fun quiz! I’m experienced (or rather addicted:)

  1350. This was such a fun quiz! Thank you!! 🙂

  1351. Intermediate. Sounds about right to me. Thanks for the fun quiz.

  1352. Experienced!

  1353. Fun quiz! Happy to see it thinks I’m experienced!

  1354. I got easy not what I think of myself (I think I’m a knitting expert lol) but pretty accurate ☺

  1355. It said Experienced and Full Fledged Addiction. Nailed it!! The truth is, too many projects, and never enough time….

  1356. Experienced! That was fun!

  1357. Experienced!! Yep! Two months ago, I started a Learn to Crochet Class at my church. I so enjoy teaching others how to stitch my favorite craft. Hopefully, some will advance enough to create simple hats and scarves for donation to the homeless in our city. I love the internet and all the free patterns from around the world. What a wonderful addition to life, to be able to communicate everywhere to all people in many countries.

  1358. I love a challenge, that’s for sure! And I do have withdrawal without my yarn fix at least every other day.

  1359. The quiz claims I am intermediate…I claim to be happy! I like to try all sorts of new patterns and I love a challenge…

  1360. Some very interesting questions here. Made me evaluate things that I do automatically, without much thought. Thanks.

  1361. Thanks for the quiz, it was fun. 🙂

  1362. Forgot to say that mine came out experienced. 😉

  1363. Says I am intermediate but I have done harder patterns before. 😉

  1364. I sorta figured I was intermediate going towards experienced, it rated me as experienced 😉

    Luv the short quiz, took forever to get to the bottom of all these comments lol!

  1365. It says I am in the easy category. Makes sense since I work two jibs, a mother and farmer.

  1366. I felt the results were rather accurate! A really neat test and now I know what projects I should really push myself to work on now!

  1367. I got Intermediate! It was a fun quiz; thanks for sharing!

  1368. I got intermediate which makes sense to me. I Ike smaller projects, the ones that have an end in sight when you begin. I get bored with the same thing over and over.

  1369. Great fun. Experienced! sometimes struggle but love both knit and crochet

  1370. I got experienced! Haha! I do love a challenge!

  1371. It says I’m experienced, which makes sense to me -I’ve been crocheting for over twenty five years!

  1372. Experienced! Guess all the hours upon hours and 100’s of skeins of yarn have paid off!!?

  1373. Intermediate, about what I expected. But it’s nice to know for sure.

  1374. It says I am Experienced, and I am 🙂

  1375. I was given intermediate. At first I laughed as there is really not much I have not done but then again I truly believe there is always more to learn. I am happy to be intermediate! ?

  1376. I crochet

  1377. I got easy, but I think I’m closer to intermediate just large projects adverse ? The quiz was fun though!

  1378. Fun quiz! It says I’m experienced, which is accurate.

  1379. I scored as experienced. I have never been afraid to try something, no matter what level a pattern says it is. I figure it’s the only way to learn!

  1380. Experienced. Always looking for fun new patterns to try.

  1381. I primarily knit, but also crochet and found the “Intermediate” title to be dead on. Fun little quiz!

  1382. I got Intermediate. Not a surprise.

  1383. I am experienced 🙂

  1384. Experienced! and when I started my work looked like roadkill.

    Just off to wolf down my sandwich so my lunch-hour at work can be spent crocheting 🙂

  1385. I have a yarn addiction! Sounds about right!

  1386. Full fetched addiction? Whaaaaat? Probably pretty accurate ?

  1387. experienced. Not too surprised, since my first project was a Fair Isle Sweater. I live by the Amish rule, “only God can create something perfect” so mistakes happen.

  1388. I’m thinking this quiz is probably awful close – tells me I am intermediate == I will go with that. I know I have a lot left to learn and always will — people keep designing these amazing things with intricate stitches. LOVE giving them all a try.

  1389. Intermediate! Who knew!

  1390. Apparently I have a full-fledged addiction. But, I think I knew that already 🙂

  1391. I am intermediate!

  1392. I got experianced.which i believe is accurate. Not only do i love to do shawls but i love to do make doilys. Thank you for that fun quiz

  1393. I got intermediate. I don’t know thay I’m that experienced. Such a fun quiz!

  1394. I got intermediate which seems about right. I don’t think that I’ve made any advanced items yet. You would think crocheting for over 16 years I would have.. Lol! But,I just made baby blankets until four years ago.Now I make photography props, and I love it!

  1395. It says I’m intermediate I guess I am given that I still have many stitches to learn about ? … lovely quiz

  1396. My quiz came out to be experienced and having an addiction. Not surprised at all. Thank for the fun quiz.

  1397. Intermediate!!! 🙂

  1398. I’ve only been crocheting since February, but it is kind of consuming me! I’ve tried a lot of different things, and sometimes have to rip projects WAY back, but that doesn’t deter me. I have yet to complete a large project….mostly because I can’t make a decision on which to tackle first ? My level came out at intermediate, and I look forward to becoming experienced.

  1399. I am intermediate.

  1400. I got Experienced. 🙂

  1401. So I got advanced which I kind of questions but then I went and looked at the standards. Cables happen to be one of my favorites so maybe I am advanced.

  1402. Says I am experienced. I have always thought that I was intermediate!

  1403. I got intermediate. Makes sense. That’s the stuff I usually am drawn to. 🙂

  1404. Cute quiz.

  1405. I got experienced. 🙂 I totally agree with the addiction part of it, too!

  1406. Intermediate! Woohoo! I’ve been crocheting for more than 15 years 🙂

  1407. I got experienced. I do get withdrawls when I have to go out and leave my current WIP lol. I really would rather be at home crocheting.

  1408. i got intermediate, but i don’t think i’m that good… yet!

  1409. intermediate. comfortable with everything enough to make whatever I want. yep, that’s me.

  1410. Experienced. Addicted? Quite possibly. Thanks for the quiz!

  1411. Intermediate

  1412. Experienced! Years of making stuffed toys have paid off 🙂

  1413. I got experienced! I love how it was combined with yarn addict.. cause isn’t that the truth!!!

  1414. I love taking quizzes and surveys. My results were pretty right on.

  1415. Fun Quiz! Intermediate results

  1416. I’ve been crocheting since I was a young child so I had a feeling I was advanced but it turns out I’m experienced. Pretty cool and fun quiz! Thank you!

  1417. Intermediate! I’m surprise for all my capacities and all the things I’ve learn this year!

  1418. quiz says I’m intermediate 🙂 I love a challenge and making new things 🙂 thank you for this quiz

  1419. Wonderful quiz! I loved it, and it says I am experienced 🙂

  1420. Encouraged by challenges just sad so many cool pattern are expensive

  1421. I’m an Intermediate 🙂

  1422. I’m Experienced! Fun quiz. Thank you! ?

  1423. Love the quiz!! I ended up with experienced – wow. Would have thought intermediate but I guess that’s because I am always trying new thing and learning something new. Seems like there is always lots more to learn.

  1424. i got intermediate, i want to have a option for id love to work with more colors if i didnt hate weaving in ends so much

  1425. I got experienced!

  1426. I got “Intermediate”… but I don’t really think the quiz takes in personal disabilities. For example, it asks if one does thread projects and probably auotmatically lowers your skill level if you say you don’t do them. I’d probably do the thin thread projects if I wasn’t legally blind 🙂

    As well, it also doesn’t take into account the individual’s affordability of doing certain projects either. It’s not that I don’t have the skill to do them all the time, for me it is the fact that I just can’t *afford* to do them all the time… there is a big difference in having the skill and having the finances to make the projects. 😛

  1427. I got intermediate. Which I blame on how I don’t find lacy shawls something I would ever want to make. Who wears shawls?!? Lol. Not this girl.

  1428. Says I am experienced. Just what I thought. Love this little quiz.

  1429. Love this quiz
    I am experienced and I would get withdrawal symptoms when I can’t have my yarn around me.
    How did you get to know me so well?

  1430. This was awesome! I got expert and I agree. Now I have to learn how to knit. Someone recommended doing one your KALs.

  1431. I got Intermediate! That was fun!

  1432. I’m am intermediate,which sounds about right for a crocheter, but still beginner at knitting. Fun quiz!

  1433. I got intermediate!

  1434. My quiz score was experienced,lovely test, thank you. I love to crochet and try different yarns.

  1435. Fun quiz I’m intermediate but there is still a lot I want to learn and do.

  1436. I got intermediate which surprised me.
    I classify myself between a beginner and easy.
    I guess I need to be more confidant in myself.
    Great quiz!!

  1437. I got experienced! Which is probably about right. I can do large projects, but much prefer items I can finish quickly.

  1438. What a fun quiz! It says I’m experienced! WOW what a nice surprise, would have thought maybe intermediate. But who am I to argue? Thanks Mel!

  1439. Fun quizz and pretty correct, I got intermediate

  1440. I think I’m a bit beyond Intermediate, but it’s not always apparent which answers go with which answers on these. It was fun, though, & I enjoyed the answer choices.

  1441. I’m intermediate level, which I definitely agree regarding crocheting and a between beginner and easy for knitting.

  1442. The quiz says I’m an intermediate crocheter which I’d totally agree with.Thanks for the quiz.

  1443. Some of the questions didn’t have the answers I was looking for but it was a fun quiz anyway!

  1444. It says experienced, but I am not totally sure I agree with that!

  1445. I got Easy with 2 bars so not sure what that means exactly. Quiz was fun though. I am adverse to anything that requires a lot of counting because I like to watch TV while I crochet. 🙂

  1446. Says experienced. I should be, have been crocheting over 50 years!

  1447. It was fun

  1448. Fun quiz said I was a intermediate

  1449. Easy plus. Think I could possibly be a little more advanced than that.

  1450. Experienced. Kind of what I expected but I doubt my own ability enough that I am always very pleasantly pleased by my own work. ?

  1451. Intermediate knitter…pretty accurate.

  1452. The quiz says “experienced”, I will try anything and love a challenge! It’s feels like an accomplishment to complete a new project!

  1453. Loved the quizz! It said that I’m an experienced knitter ❤

  1454. Says I’m experienced. kind of what I expected after 40+ years. lol

  1455. I love the challenge of always mixing things up.Right now making clothes are my thing. I want to start a 100 projects at one time.

  1456. That was fun!!!!

    I´m an intermediate!

  1457. Experienced! After almost 50 years I hope so lol

  1458. It says I’m intermediate! I’m fine with that but I feel like I’m on the more advanced end of intermediate. I have definitely grown since the last time I took this quiz!

  1459. Intermediate….no one’s perfect…lol

  1460. It says I’m an intermediate.. it says I’m an intermediate. I thought I was an advanced beginner.lol

  1461. I’m intermediate and thinking it’s quite accurate I’ve been crocheting for almost 6 years now and really enjoy it.

  1462. I got intermediate, which feels about right. Now if it was knitting, I’d be below beginner lol.

  1463. It says I am experienced

  1464. I am, according to the survey, an Intermediate knitter. I would say that I was on the advanced end of that particular section . . . I don’t think there’s anything I CAN’T do, and many things I know I don’t have the patience or inclination for.

  1465. I got experienced! Woo hoo!

  1466. Never in a million years would I have guessed Intermediate, especially lately! All my handiwork lately has been sloppy for one reason or another. I am ready to latch a “Hug scarf” and a knitted sweater, both something I have never done before. The scarf has a totally new cast on that I have never even heard of! So, I am going to practice it first before using my real yarn. I hope it all goes well!

  1467. Quiz has me at intermediate. I would have to agree, because there are stitches like Brioche I have had a
    hard time with, but on my list to try again, as well
    as steeking and successfully putting in a zipper on a knitted project.
    Thanks Melody.

  1468. I’m an experienced level and that was fun! I love how the questions were worded 🙂

  1469. I’m Intermediate just what I thought I might be but I wasn’t completely sure.

  1470. Mine says intermediate. I feel like I’m an advanced knitted and one step above a beginners level in crochet.

  1471. The quiz said I was advanced crochet addict but since you tube and social media I have learned so much more. Just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks…

  1472. Although this qiuz says I am experienced I still have a long way to go and things to learn.

  1473. At least it says intermediate! ;p Yep, had to go for the next best option on a few for the best available answer but there really are soooo many new techniques to try yet, especially on the knitting side.
    Thanks for the fun quiz and chance! xo 🙂

  1474. Says I am Experienced, but there is always more to learn. Love being challenged.

  1475. I am experienced level. Love anything and all fiber and what we can do with it and the tools at hand, my latest is learning knitting, have crochet down pat but always willing to do more and learn more.

  1476. Cool quiz! Always wondered what kind of level I was on. I’m a crazy knitter and would have a cathader placed so I could get in more rows if I could. Lol. Can’t get much done these days since I have a 3 yr old. Love your wonderful patterns and would buy them all if I could. Take care.

  1477. experienced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1478. I got experienced – not surprising as I’ve been crocheting 40+ years!

  1479. It says that I am intermediate – I guess that’s right. The description at the end suit me.
    I am willing to try just about anything – if someone else can so it, I should be able to as well… but maybe not today.

  1480. It got me correct, right down to my withdrawal symptoms. (I carry my hook and a small ball of yarn in my bag, just in case!) Experienced loving big colour-work projects and mystery Cal’s. So totally correct. Great fun. Thank you.

  1481. Intermediate – hope to move to experienced after retiring 😉

  1482. According to this quiz I’m an intermediate level, thanks for fun quiz

  1483. I got Experienced crocheter. Fun little test.

  1484. I was wondering if i had progressed and that i have. Thanks for the quiz I’m an intermediate level.

  1485. This was a fun quiz and I really enjoyed the questions. Was almost wishing it was longer, lol. It rated me at an intermediate level which I think is about right.

  1486. How do I know what skill I’m at after I take the quiz?

  1487. “Intermediate” is where I thought I had progressed. Love a challenge!

  1488. Turned out to be experienced but I always enjoy asking for help if I run into a difficult pattern. Utube and other website videos are great since I moved from my support group and hardly anyone in FL wants to create the things I love! Sigh….

  1489. I got intermediate which is exactly what I consider myself. Thanks Melody!

  1490. I have been crocheting for 78 years. If I come across a stitch I do not
    recall, I look for a tutorial on the internet.

  1491. I am intermediate level and I believe that. The quiz was fun to do. Thank you!

  1492. I‘m also ‚experienced‘ ? ?

    According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Standards, an Experienced level is, “Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques and dimension, such as non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks and needles, detailed shaping and refined finishing.”

    thanks a lot

  1493. Says I’m experienced. Yes, I’ve been at it a long time, but still get challenged with new things. Love crafting.

  1494. Intermediate Knitter

    This is what I totally thing of myself. When I started knitting I made a scarf then got bored. My second project was toe up socks which my gran wears with sock underneath so I am glad I made them big enough for that when cold. So from there I knitted hats with cables and different textures, color work, lace,teddy bears,baby booties, mittens, fingerless gloves,fair isle, mosaic, shawls,and currently am doing a cowl cause I like shawls but probably not something I would use often but I will probably knit a few for me, maybe. I knit slow but not too slow cause I like to enjoy my knits without hurrying which can cause a bit of disinterest. I also like changing or mix and match patterns. I mostly give away my knits to family, family friends and their kids. Recently I try to but what I knit on my revelry page. I am also an acrylic yarn knitter cause it is all that I can afford when possible and from time to time if lucky a skein of cotton. I have tried many different times of knits as mentioned above but I don’t knit as often as I like….

    I hope in the future I can knit a sweater, pullover, cardigan, shirt etc. or at least in that type of garment but currently I am not in a hurry to do so and when start I will probably start with doll and children garments first.

  1495. It says Experienced, but I never think of myself that way. I think there is always something new for me to learn and that is what I enjoy the most!

  1496. I’m experienced 00

  1497. experienced… my clients would be upset if I weren’t.

  1498. I got intermediate which is what I expected.

  1499. Intermediate…if I find a pattern that interest me I will give it a try but with 3 teenagers, a toddler and a full time job I cant seem to find the time to complete my projects. When I do find the time to pick up my hooks I find it so relaxing.

  1500. that was a fun quiz, i got “experienced” i just really enjoy trying new items!

  1501. Says I’m intermediate …. I am good with that lol… I’m sure I could learn more?

  1502. It says I’m experienced, which I am but there is always something new to learn.

  1503. Experienced, and its true. I’m always looking for new stuff, though.

  1504. Intermediate- Fun quiz. Kind of true. Loved the part “You love a good challenge, but also know when it’s right to slow down and pick up an easy, mindless project.” nice one

  1505. I got beginner, I guess that works for me, even though I have been crocheting for years, I still have trouble getting myself to delve too far into the “fancier” crochet items. lol

  1506. I got experienced! Woo hoo! ?

  1507. Intermediate sounds pretty accurate. That was fun!

  1508. Great Quiz! I’m like the queen of WIPs cuz I’m always itching for the next project with a challenge.

  1509. Fun Quiz! It was right on!

  1510. I got experienced

  1511. I got experienced. Though I don’t know if I will ever attempt thread knitting. I have too much yarn to knit up and way too little time.

  1512. Loved the questions! Makes you think if you really are just a beginner or just not enough confidence to try new stitches!

  1513. I came out with Intermediate which sounds about right :).

  1514. I got “easy,” which is probably pretty close to accurate. I have only been knitting for a couple of years and have even made a simple lacy scarf. I would someday like to try making a cardigan or a light puĺl-over sweater – not confident enough for that yet!

  1515. Intermediate, which I believe is correct, but I feel I always have a lot more to learn.

  1516. It says I’m experienced. I interpret that as old enough to know better and young enough not to care.

    The best way to learn is by doing.

  1517. I got Easy. Not sure if I agree with it, probably because I do more knitting than crocheting.

  1518. Intermediate! Making progress!