What Nobody Ever Tells Creative People

Passion and excitement can be amazing forces in our lives.  Especially as creative types, we rely heavily on these things to help our visions come to life….unfortunately, we sometimes end up disappointing ourselves.  Check out this video to find out the one thing nobody ever tells creative people…..and the story of my first TOTAL FAIL at knitting.

Ira Glass – On Being Creative

What piece of advice do you feel helped you get through that “I’m simply not good at this yet!” stage?

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2 Comments On “What Nobody Ever Tells Creative People”

  1. My Grandmother always told me to never give up!! You can do anything you put your mind too!! It worked for me everytime!!

  2. How encouraging Melody. Thank you so much. I find myself frustrated with most of my finished products and sometimes they end up in the trash because I am too embarrassed to even give them away let alone try to sell it. I am pushing through and I suppose that because I enjoy it ( and babies ) so much I give it another go. Again, thank you. 🙂

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