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If you’d like to win 10 free patterns of your choice (come on – you and I both know you do!), comment on this post.  You don’t have to say anything particular, but I’ll be extra super impressed if you take the time to tell me what your favorite thing about December is.

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Good luck and happy “It’s Nearly December!”

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307 Comments On “Wanna Win?”

  1. The thing I like most of all during the month of December, is the “holiday spirit” all around us. Complete strangers are smiling, kids are of course, very happy, thus an all-around “good feeling in the air”.

  2. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love the religious side of December – so many beautiful traditions.

    • Hi, my favorite thing about christmas time is the spirirt. Getting to see family and make trests. Also making something for your loved ones and getring to see the joy it brings them

  3. My favorite thing about December is how clean the air smells. You take a step outside, and yes, it can be really cold, but when you stop to take a deep breath, the air feels so clean and pure as it pours into your lungs. It’s refreshing.

  4. Christmas…everything Christmas is my favorite….family, cookies, shopping, gift giving (and yes getting’s fun too)…christmas lights, hot choc., tree trimming….cartoons, movies….everything….except snow (other than the 3 days surround christmas that is)

  5. My favorite thing about December is spending time with my family. With my own children and family I don’t get to see more than once or twice a year.
    Have a very Merry Christmas 🙂

  6. I love the lights and atmosphere of December. Everyone seems so happy:-)

  7. I love December because it was my Mom’s favorite time of the year… a time the family would be together and share hope for peace, love, and joy in the new year to come.

  8. My favorite thing about December is my sons birthday. He made me a mom when I thought I never would be, and surprises me every day.

  9. Love being with family, Christmas carols and of course all the twinkling lights on the tree!

  10. Christmas doesn’t officially start at our house until December 1, so I can’t wait to pull out everything Christmas! I especially love the music.

  11. My favorite thing about December is family! People make more of an effort to be together around Christmas. I love the spirit of giving, every year we try to do something special for a family in need. Usually playing secret Santa 🙂

  12. It would be hard to just pick ten patterns. I love the friends and family gatherings in December.

  13. My favorite thing about December is the snow! All that snow means getting to see everyone’s amazing creations being worn but both kids and adults and that is a beautiful sight!

  14. I love that at the end of the month, we get to say goodbye to the current year and start a new.

  15. My favourite thing about December is the Holiday cheer, the entire season brings a little extra bounce in your step, a smile to your face, and just all around happiness. It is such an amazing time of the year.

  16. Love love love your patterns

  17. Favourite thing about December is the Christmas feel! The smiles, decorations, FAMILY time! This month has a different feel, wish it carried over to every month!

  18. I love the cooler weather that comes with December because I can breathe better and therefore do more. Hot cocoa in front of a warm fire, so cozy. Heating the house up with fresh baked goods and full home cooked meals. Crocheting big blankets means not sweating to death under it but snuggling up instead. The kids get out of school for two weeks. I know I’m in the minority, but I LOVE being with my son all day. The possibility of snow! Even a few flurries and we’re dancing around in it. Come on December, like Spongebob, I’m ready, I’m ready. lol

  19. My favorite thing about December is celebrating the birth of the One who loves us most, Jesus!

  20. I love spending time in the kitchen and enjoying down time with the family!!! Love your patterns 🙂

  21. Hi 🙂
    I LOVE December! Summer is my favorite season but December is my favorite month.
    I love the joy my kids find in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas and our traditions. Things like advent chocolate calendars, ginger bread houses, cookie decorating with aunties and cousins, and making our annual handmade Christmas ornaments!
    I’m super excited this year as I’ve added one more idea. I’m wrapping 25 books (some new, some old, some from the library and some borrowed) and every night we’ll unwrap one, cuddle up, and read it together 😀 so excited about this idea. I heard about it on fb.
    Anyway. Obviously I I live more than one thing about December 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling settled and are doing well and all is great with your wee one.

  22. I love December because of the getting together with family and friends. I love giving to others and your patterns help me create things and give – give. Thank you
    Merry Christmas to all

  23. What i love most about December is we have lots of events for family time….my birthday(well end of November) moms birthday and Christmas. And this year is my little dudes first Christmas..and my big dude will enjoy and remember this one 🙂

  24. My favorite things about December are the holiday lights, the children’s delight and anticipation, and all the wonderful smells

  25. I love the lights, sounds and smells of December! I love it all!

  26. I love all the Christmas lights. Makes things so sparkly and pretty

  27. I love your patterns, God bless you 🙂

  28. My favorite thing about December is the smiles and excitement on the kids faces, trying to be good so Santa will bring them just what they want. The smells of all the baking being done in preparation for all the get together with the people we love the most.

  29. Awesome prize! early xmas gift 🙂 My fav thing about december is watching my kids get more and more excited about snow, xmas, santa, holidays and gifts of course 🙂

  30. My favorite thing about December is the decorations and my time with my family when we get together and celebrate life!

  31. My favorite thing about December is being able to share the true meaning of Christmas with my friends and family. This time of year we have the opportunity to reach out to others and share the love of Christ, for he came as a child to save us all, this is what it really means to me.

    Thank you for the great contest. I am a huge fan of your patterns, you have a great gift!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  32. My favorite thing(s) about December are spending time with my family and friends. I love to see all the beautiful lights everyone puts up, and love putting our tree up with our girls!

  33. I love December because it’s the end of a year, whether good or bad and the hope of the new year approaching! And it’s all done with so much wonder and fanfare! Magic can happen in December!

  34. It’s finally winter! The crisp air, the smell of fireplaces burning to keep us warm and of course all the more reason to knit and crochet something cozy! I hope you have a fabulous season!

  35. Watching my kids fall in love with the holiday, and the season of giving. It is amazing!

  36. Thank you for the giveaway!

  37. December is for focusing on creating a warm inviting home and preparing for family, the sharing of food and happy memories. I also get the urge to be more creative during December with my crafting. It sometimes carries over into January and shortens the winter of shorter days and dark afternoons

  38. The thing I love most about Christmas is that people open their hearts to give. And even if they are only able to give a smile, a kind word, a listening ear or a gentle hug that will mean more to some people than we could possibly know. I wish that people wound have the Spirit of Christmas and giving every single day of the year.
    And whoever said that picking ten patterns would be hard is totally right! You have created beautiful things for our little ones!

  39. My favorite thing about Christmas is slowing everything about the hussle and bussle of life down and just taking time to enjoy the company of family and friends. Love the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree in house. Watching the joy on my kids faces while they open their presents!!!

  40. Spending time with family

  41. Love your patterns!

  42. My favorite thing about December is making Christmas cookies with my great-grandmothers cookie cutters.

  43. My favorite things about December would be: the weather! I love the cold and snow. I love to bake during this time of year. There really are too many things to list them all!

  44. My favourite thing about December is going downtown and seeing all the beautiful christmas decorations and lights.

  45. I really enjoy the time with family. We live in different cities so when we get together in December, with the holiday spirit, it’s really special.

  46. OH MY!!! I’m not sure I could leave just ONE comment about what I love about December. There are so many I could probably give several on each day for the next 25 days!!! I think what I like the most is the chance to make special things for all the people I love and special things for people just to put a smile on their face and love in their heart for the holidays. My mom was a crafter and also shared her love of making things with people she didn’t even know too. Isn’t that what this time of year is all about … LOVE!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS!!!

  47. My birthday! Lol
    That, and as of 2 years ago, my son’s birthday. Being that he was the result of some “hard work” with fertility meds, I love celebrating his birth. Looking forward to his 2nd birthday party next weekend.

  48. My favorite part of December are the gentle snowfalls where I can sit by the fireplace, watch it snow, see deer roaming thru my backyard, knitting or crocheting with my java on the sidetable comtemplating how fortunate I am and how much I look forward to Jesus’ Birthday!!! Christmas Mass is so beautifully orchestrated in all respects!!!

  49. I love many things about the holidays, but my two favorite are decorations and music!

  50. The thing that I like most about December is spending lots of time with my family and, since I’ve learned to crochet, finishing up as many gifts as I can for them.

  51. In december i love Christmas and the snow 🙂

  52. My favorite thing about December is being able to spend more time with family, and knowing that it is a wonderful time for giving. I love to give. Also knowing it is our Lords birthday makes it even more special.

  53. I love love love all your patterns. Being able to make something I know people love is why I love to knit.

  54. This year my kids are old enough to start realizing what the season is really about and really taking part in the celebration. Loving that!!

  55. So glad to hear that your little ‘blip’ has stayed put and you got to hear the heartbeat.
    Thing I like most about December would be the decorations (love Christmas decorations) and the extra excuse to make and eat yummy food.

  56. My favorite part of winter in Florida is I can sit on my patio 24/7 & have my cup of coffee & create my patterns. We also have a of song birds in the trees that just sound so beautiful. The only thing I miss from up North is the Fall when the leaves change colors.

  57. so many things to like about December…being in Florida I like the cooler weather, enjoying getting together with my family, and I love being able to look ahead at the new year and be excited about making new traditions

  58. December is a magical month. It transforms people and their outlook on life. It brings out the inner child in all of us. Snow angels, snowballs, snowman and brings people and families closer together to nest. Looks I said, December is magical. .just wish it would last longer.

  59. My favorite thing about December now is that I get to watch my son have his first Christmas 🙂

  60. I like December because I get to celebrate it 3 days after Christmas for my birthday. While I never got many presents while I was a kid since it was so close to Christmas, I like to treat myself now that I’m older. I usually make a small dessert and that’s my treat.

  61. Hi Everyone! Sounds like Melody has lots of fun planned for December!

  62. Love your patterns fingers crossed !!

  63. My favorite thing about the month of December is all the girls, my mom, myself, daughters, daughter in laws, and granddaughters get to have baking days! We all gather and do the Christmas baking.

  64. My favourite thing about December is all the Christmas lights!

  65. what I like about Christmas. …
    Christmas was born just being with family and friends hope everyone have a blessed Holiday

  66. My favorite part of December is the cold – making it a good excuse to stay inside by a warm fire and crochet! Plus, all of the extra family time!

  67. You are very gifted Melody. I always like to see the patterns you create.

  68. December is a moth full of promises…family time…warm crocheted hats and the abundance of God’s love…thankfulness and great food…time spent with grand babies and so, so, much more.

  69. My favorite thing about December… Hmm. After losing my grandmother about 3 years ago, I was not enjoying anything about this time of year, which is sad because it was always hers and my favorite. This year my opinion has changed though. I have realized that it is this exact time of year that I am closest to her. Our family comes around, our Christmas things are out, her spirit is all over my home. Though I still miss her terribly. December is when I feel she is with me the most.

  70. I like snuggling up in a warm house with twinkling fairy lights and a warm mug of something delicious next to me as I sit and knit 🙂 And cuddling up with my boys when they’re feeling cuddly too!

  71. My favorite thing about December is cozy days in front of the fireplace, knitting, while snowflakes lazily drift to the ground outside.

  72. my favorite thing about December is spending time with the kids. Getting up early and taking them to the beach for a swim and to just hang out. Yes I am in sunny Australia.

  73. My favourite thing about December is that its SUMMER time here in New Zealand and our Christmas Tree goes up today after school today (its the 1st of Dec here). December means only 2 weeks left of school and then I have my 2 youngest home for 6 weeks of holidays, which is a favourite and not as 6 weeks is too long and they get bored quickly lol. Its means beautiful flowers, gorgeous scents, bee’s and fresh vege and strawberries from our garden 🙂 I Love December

  74. There is so much about December that is wonderful. Cooler weather in Florida, family all around me during this special time of the year and celebrating Jesus birthday. Taking the time to remember all His great blessings to me and my family!

  75. I love seeing all the lights and decorations. I also love listening to Christmas carols and watching all of the Christmas movies even though I’ve seen them a hundred times.

  76. I love holiday baking and all of the Christmas music!

  77. One of the things I love most about December is that because of the way the holidays land (Christmas and New Years), my husband takes a few vacation days and with the holidays off, weekends off, and his vacation days, he ends up getting 12-13 days off work 🙂 It is so nice to have him home with us!

  78. The best thing about December…..my birthday on the first and the spirit of giving we feel all month, right into the new year!

  79. What I love most about December is the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

  80. The one thing I love most about December is spending the merriment of bringing families together… Irregardless of what’s happened during the rest of the year, it’s the month that every arguement or feud is put aside… As one poster said, it magical!

  81. My favorite thing about December is Christmas plus my first born was born in December. I remember when she was younger she used to ask me if she’s going to get only one present since her birthday is so close to Christmas. 🙂 Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  82. Win 10 Patterns! Exciting & now I have to pick 10 patterns so that I can make things to keep my loved ones warm during the month of December which means cold temps. Maybe that’s to bring families together in the warmth of a real home, where the heart is.

  83. I love the Christmas Spirit everyone has in December. I especially love the excitement my toddler has for the holiday. Watching him smile big when he sees everyone’s Christmas lights is the cutest. I also love getting to spend time with family as well. My birthday is in December, so the month is extra special to me.

  84. I love the excitement of anticipation.

  85. My favourite part of December-there are sooooo many things, lol!! I love the spirit of the holidays-I am old school and say Merry Christmas, have a nativity, etc. I love making things for ppl. I love the baking and the tree decorating! I love that our whole family gets together for great meals and great conversation!

  86. Love your designs and well written instructions. Thanks for a chance to win some more.

  87. My favorite part of December is staying inside by the warm fire, watching White Christmas. It’s so fun to watch movies and crochet at the same time!

  88. I love December because we are back home in Florida for the winter. We love being where there is warm weather & no snow. We also like seeing Christmas decorations down here.

  89. The best things about December is Christmas Day with my family its a time when everyone makes the effort to get together, our 2 granddaughters squeals of delight upon receiving there most wished for gifts. Warm thoughts of my dear mum who battled cancer and would not give in until Christmas day was over and finally this year the end of December marks the begining of a new year and the birth of a new grandchild. Let the knitting begin!

  90. So good to hear you’re doing well. My favorite thing about December is watching my grandkids open their Christmas presents. 🙂

  91. The smells of baking goodies, all 7 of my grandkids laughing and family togetherness. And don’t forget the REAL reason for Christmas, JESUS.

  92. December is a hard month for me. My grandmother passed away 21 years ago just before Christmas. But I have to say that she blessed her talent on me. She is the one that taught me to crochet. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy new year

  93. I enjoy our family being together selling kettle corn at a Christmas tree farm. We earn money to help pay for Christmas presents and we can spend time together.

  94. I love the smells of December!! The candles, wax melts, the baking…it is my favorite! It smells so clean and homey!

  95. Thank you for the opportunity! Your patterns are gorgeous.
    Looking forward to the next 25 days of fun.

  96. Love all the home makes, knitting and crocheting gifts, making christmas ckes, mince pies, filling the house with spices, and of course the open fire now that its cold enough. Happy christmas.

  97. I love Christmas and look forever to it each year. just like a child. 🙂

    we will be decorating tomorrow evening…. and I can’t wait.

  98. My favourite thing about December is the BEACH DAYS 😀 It’s Summer in my little corner of the world, so it’s time for picnics, salads, ice cream and as many days relaxing on the beach as possible. We have the perfect little set up for this year too 🙂

  99. You are so lucky to have another little one to wear your wonderful creations! My favorite thing about December is Christmas lights!

  100. What I like most about December is my mom’s baking! Although I also like the rain, the smells, the way people come together, spending time with family, celebrating the birth of Jesus… I just really love December!

  101. My favorite things about the Christmas season is the ability to bless others. I love giving gifts and seeing the happy expressions on the person’s face. It is a time when people seem happier and fun is in the air!

  102. My husband’s birthday and Christmas!

  103. I like that we start getting snow. ..but it’s not usually super cold yet!

  104. The thing about December I like most is spending time with family. I love your patterns too.

  105. Family. That’s my favorite thing. Family getting together. When I stand back and listen to the 10 conversations going on at the same time, all the laughter – that is what December and Christmas is to me. The rest is just the packaging.

  106. Love your patterns! My favorite thing about December is our tradition of watching all our favorite holiday movies by the lights of the Christmas tree like It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut,Rudolph the red nose Reindeer, Charlie Brown Christmas, Christmas with the Kranks, The Santa Clause, and The Preacher’s Wife with my guys. With no snow in FL, we’ll add some chill in the air by turning on the AC. Being together, be near or far, even if only by this tradition: priceless! Have a blessed Christmas.

  107. Congratulations first and most important! I used to LOVE December and still do for all the little kids happy and smiling! Two years ago we had a tragedy in our family! Our family is all healing still! I have 1 son that is still somewhat young my other 3 sons are older!We still try to surprise all of them with some special gift! I love the weather this time of year! I LOVE the patterns you create! Stay safe and well! Manda

  108. What I love the most about December is seeing the snowflakes fall on a dark night from my warm living room couch while I knit or crochet something that I’m giving to one of my loved ones for Christmas. I love the snow but I love to stay warm. What better way to do that than make something out of yarn! 🙂

  109. My favorite thing about December is watching all the young (and young at heart) with their wide eyed excitement in anticipation of the holiday.

  110. When we lived in colder places, I always loved the snow in December! This year, though, my favorite thing is being able to spend time with my new baby boy, who will be 5 months old!

  111. The hat patterns you have are so adorable it just makes you say AHHHH. I want to make them all. Keep up the great work.

  112. I love getting back into knitting. I normally don’t knit except during the cooler weather months. 🙂

  113. Wow, this giveaway, like all of your others, is awesome. It is really hard for me to pin down just one thing that is my favorite about December, because there are so many wonderful things about this month. There’s the lights, and the music, and the food, and family, and my birthday, it’s also the month my husband proposed to me, but I think most of all is celebrating the birth of my Lord, I am just so humbled and thankful that He came to earth.

  114. Christmas time!

  115. the music, the excitement of the young kids, the cookies, just about all of it.

  116. What a wonderful gift you are sharing with us, and the joyous news of a new life…..it must be Christmas.I love the sharing and giving that this time of year brings .
    Blessings to you and your little family <3

  117. I have two things that I love about December even more than the holidays… Two of my children’s birthdays are in December. My oldest will be 17 on the 15th and my youngest will be 5 on the 8th.

  118. December means that my favorite time of year is almost here. I live for Christmas! Love having my kids and grand children around having fun, playing games and just being together is more important the gifts.

    P.S. Congrats on your new addition.

  119. The spirit and decor of the season

  120. Christmas to me is all about family, watching the kids on Christmas mornings excited because Santa has come. this year even though it will be a hard one the first with out my mum, we are making the best of it anyway my mum would want that Christmas day was her favourite day of the year 🙂

    ps hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months with a supper cute bundle to show us all
    Take care 🙂

  121. Oh December is a great month for me because it’s the month I was born lol I Love to see others happy during the Christmas time before myself so I’m always donating and my oldest and I make hats and homeless bags of personal items for people we see in our community ❤️

  122. enjoying christmas with my nephew and niece, playing games and waiting for santa.

  123. I think the best part of December, other than family, of course, is how nice everyone is. I mean more than the rest of the year. I wish I could explain what I mean better than that, but I can’t. It’s just a much nicer time of year! 🙂

  124. I love the magic that children feel in December – it’s contagious!

  125. For me, I like what December offers to each of us…….. opportunities to do good and help others and stitch with love for others. People get very caught up in the shopping and the sales and the bargains and the parties. That is not what December means to me at all. It is about making baby creations for the newborns in the hospital, making Fashion Chemo Caps for the local cancer center where my husband was a patient back in 2008, and making gifts for my relatives and family. It is about the caring and the giving that we can do that makes December filled with golden opportunities to turn yarn into much much more. Many of my relatives are in their 70’s and 80’s now. SO I know that time is precious and life is fragile. I would rather spend December doing good and bringing joy to others. WHen you give from your heart, you discover that the joy you give comes right back to your own heart. Priceless! So hopefully you will make the same choices as I do to give from your own heart and put the magic of December and CHristmas right into the world around us. Be a CHristmas angel and spread your love around us. Just like the CHristmas tree lights that shine in the night, love shines brightly when it comes from your heart to those who need love and comfort during this December of 2014. Happy holidays.

  126. The thing I love most about December is the magical twinkle in the eyes of a child as they dream about Santa coming!! Its truly something incredible to witness!

  127. My favorite thing about December is making cookies and playing with my grandkids. Along with that, I like that it gets dark earlier, and it’s colder, so I want even more to stay inside with my needlework, and a cup of tea!

  128. I love December because I love the anticipation in the air!! The excuse to cover everything in Christmas lights isn’t half bad either 😀

  129. Celebrating of the birth of our Savior!

  130. I love many things about December. First Jesus’ birth and the hope/joy that fills this time of year. Looking for something special to put under the tree makes me giddy. It’s also fun to wear/ see my loved ones wear my knitted creations.

  131. I will be praying for your littlest little! They are all precious to us from the first day they exist and many days spent dreaming of them. May you be abundantly blessed this Christmas!

  132. I love Christmas lights, and berry salad we only ever make it for Christmas, also now that my wee daughter has joined in its amazing watching her on Christmas morning 🙂

  133. Now that my children are grown and have moved away,the very best feeling at Christmas is when they are home again for a visit. When I go to sleep at night it is such a wonderful feeling that they are safe and sound asleep under one roof and just for a minute, it is reminiscent of a time when they were young at Christmastime….such good memories!

  134. I love increasing my christmas decoration collection

  135. What an awesome idea 🙂

  136. I love the family and friends get-togethers, Christ’s birthday, music, decorating, and staying cozy knitting and crocheting!

  137. Thanks for offering such a generous prize!
    I live in Australia and my favourite things about December are the warmer weather and the wonderful variety of fresh fruits available at this time of year.

  138. December is my official month off of work. I get to snuggle and relax with my beautiful children all month long without work interruptions. 🙂

  139. I love all things Christmas and the time spent with family

  140. The thing I like best about Christmas is spending time with family.

  141. I love the holiday spirit and the gift of giving in December.

  142. My favourite thing about December in Australia, and the North Coast of NSW where I live, is the sun, fun and beaches! Such glorious weather makes for nice beach walks, fantastic topical nights and great sunsets. A bit of rain makes things green and fresh and it is a lovely time of year.

  143. LOve the joy in the air!

  144. i love december because my children all come “home”.

  145. I love the holidays. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, not to mention my birthday is in December as well. Like to believe everyone is in a good mood just because it’s my birthday.

    Congratulations on the good news about the baby. Will be praying all will go well.

    Have a very Merry Christmas

  146. I would LOVE to win! My favorite thing about December is it seems to be a month when people tend to do nice things for others and put others first oustead of themselves 🙂

  147. I love the holidays. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, not to mention my birthday is in December as well. Like to believe everyone is in a good mood just because it’s my birthday.

    Congratulations on the good news about the baby. Will be praying all will go well.

    Have a very Merry Christmas

  148. My favorite thing about december is all the freebie! Thanks!

  149. Thank you for the contest! My favorite thing about December and the holidays is the joy and excitement from my kids. they’ve already made Christmas lists, been asking about Floppy our elf, and have been watching Christmas movies!

  150. December is a triple header in my family! First is our wedding anniversary.. the next (day) is my hubby’s bday (don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I picked the day before as our special day)… and acouple days later is Christmas. 🙂 December is special for family time and celebrations of course.

  151. I enjoy a new fallen snow and Christmas day with all the grandchildren all around the Christmas Tree.

  152. I love December on a crisp morning with fresh snow on the ground and trees. Even more on a sunny day with a cup of coffee in my hand.

  153. My favorite thing about December is how things change because of Christmas. Everyone is more cheerful, loving, accepting, giving, etc. There is a different feeling in the air, different than any other month. I love how it changes kids too. There eyes full of wonder, surprise, excitement, and joy. I could go on and on about the differences I see just in December but to sum it all up, the thing I like most about December is that it is a happy/exciting month.

  154. I love the hustle and bustle of early December… the peaceful wind down at the end of December…the wild fun of the last day of the year.

  155. Love this time of year. Love your work.

  156. Sweater weather, baking, being with family, the Christmas tree (but we can’t put it up this year), and remembering Christ :)!

  157. My favorite thing about December is the decorations and lights!

  158. The faces of the children

  159. What do I love about December? The holidays, get-togethers, family time, the food, my kids singing at Midnight Mass this year for the first time.

  160. December is magical…maybe because of preparations for Christmas, maybe because of the changing landscapes with the onslaught of ice and snow, maybe because of the state of being caught between reflecting on the year that’s coming to a close and dreaming of the possibilities contained within the year about to begin…there’s just something magical about December 🙂

  161. Fav about Dec. is the free time during Christmas holidays to knit. (I work at school
    Happy about good baby news.

  162. My favorite part about December is the looks of each person as they open the gifts on Christmas morning and the special traditions that we have as a family.

  163. i love all the baking and decorating that i do with my kids and all the gifts i crochet

  164. I love your patterns!

  165. I love December because 3 of my kids have their birthdays in December! The whole month is one big celebration for our family!

  166. I love Christmas! I love giving handmade gifts to family and friends and spending time with them.

  167. my favourite thing about December is the winter solstice…because after that day, the days start to get longer and spring is just around the corner 🙂

  168. My favorite thing about Christmas is the music! I could listen to Christmas music all year!

  169. Favorite thing about December is the Times spent with family and friends as we celebrate the holidays

  170. December…time spent celebrating the birth of Jesus with family and friends…Christmas programs, decorating the tree and baking cookies together, caroling, the excitement of our grandchildren as they open their gifts…so many blessings!

    I’m glad that things are going well with the baby. I’ll be praying for both of you.

    Thank you for sharing your patterns and your story!

  171. Hello, December! I love the warm, cozy feeling of the Christmas season. 🙂

  172. I love baking in December as well as listening to Christmas carols and crafting unique gifts for my loved ones.

  173. My favorite part of December is looking forward to seeing family and friends, winter festivities such as making our family’s special minty hot chocolate and baking, and sight seeing all of the beautiful and decorative homes!

  174. My favorite thing about December I guess would have to be the holiday traditions that we have had since I was little and now passing them on to my kids as well.. I like the snow not as much as I used to, but just not Christmas/Yule without snow..
    Congrats on the nearly new addition..

  175. My favorite thing about December is sweaters and sitting by the fire

  176. Thanks for this opportunity. Wishing you a happy holiday knitting season!

  177. There are so many things I like about December, the cool, crisp air and snow. The Christmas preparations like baking, decorating the house, Christmas lights everywhere lighting up the dark afternoons and evenings and probably most of all – seeing the anticipation of Santa coming in my son’s eyes. Kids simply make Christmas even more enjoyable!!!

  178. My favorite thing about December is that its my birth month…I was born exactly one week before Christmas on the 18th. I love the opportunity it brings to snuggle in a warm home with the ones you love and watch Christmas movies and drink yummy warm drinks. But…my most favorite favorite thing. ..is watching my little girl’s face light up when she sees her new stuff and that excitement she gets from playing with it for the first time. ♥♥♥

  179. I love the excitement of my kids each time we see Christmas lights, and the reminder that the Savior of the world came as a sweet, innocent baby.

  180. December is a great time of the year to get together with Family and Friends. Also came be sad because most of my Family live on the West coast. I live on the East coast… We talk and laugh over the phone… I get to plan what the tree will look like this year… So fun

  181. My favorite thing about Dec is the traditions !!!We make ornaments every year!!!

  182. Christmas is so very special! A time to remember everything the year has brought to us, a time for family and friends, and a time for Jesus. We should celebrate our lives every day and be thankful for all the many blessings receive…

  183. December is always a fun time, with the kids and their various activities, spending time with friends. This December is extra special, as my best friend and her hubby will welcome their first child into the world 🙂

  184. It’s definitely beginning to look & feel a lot like Christmas!!

  185. Love to drive around in the snow….gotta have snow for this….and look at all the christmas lights that people put up….then home for cocoa and christmas music with my fake lol fireplace:)

  186. My favorite thing about December is Christmas and getting to spend time with my family. It’s especially true this year because it’s our baby’s first Christmas and I can’t wAit to see how she reacts to snow, lights and festivities.

  187. December always makes me feel joyous and closer to my family. The spirit of love and companionship, and community always feels a little stronger this time of year.

  188. My favorite thing about December is Christmas time. I love the fact that the whole world celebrates. We may not celebrate the same but we all celebrate. For my family we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I love the way people come together this time of year to help those who need it. We donate to Salvation Army. I love the decorations. We take our grandkids for rides to see all the houses decorated.

  189. I love Christmas with children, especially 3 – 7 – everything to them is magical and the positive energy they put off is amazing! Cookie baking, snow angels and snow people. When we were little, my parents would have a bare tree and boxes of decorations in the living room on Christmas eve. We’d go to bed early (so Santa would come) and when we woke the house was a Christmas wonderland. they would stay up most of the night decorating so that “magic” and Santa would give us a merry Christmas. My favorite season, by far!

  190. My favorite thing about December is all the Birthdays in my family, including my son and husbands. and then Christmas the month is so full of celebration.

  191. It’s no longer nearly December, it is December!! Time is flying! My favorite thing about December is getting to pull out all the little snowmen. Snowmen and snowflakes are my favs and I love getting to pull them out and seeing them around the house. I don’t much like the cold or snow, so I don’t like that about December. And each Christmas I strive to bring it back down to basics and do handmade, from the heart, $5 or less for gifts in our family. I enjoy doing that and seeing what everyone in the family comes up with. Of course I crochet, so the addition of 10 new patterns would sure be nice!

  192. My favorite thing about December is the love that seems to spread larger then any other time of the year. In our group, we work all year round to donate to those in need but in December, it seems, as it happened to the grinch, that everyone’s heart grows 3 times it’s size. I wish this kind of love would stay with everyone all year round.

  193. my favourite thing about december is remembering and celebrating the Lord’s birth. the best gift of all!!

  194. I love the looks on my grandchildren’s faces when they talk about all the activities at their churches, schools & the shopping centers…..the decorations are always awesome & we have an area here in Kansas City that has a fantastic light display that has already been turned on!

  195. Love all the Christmas decorations and lights. Fun to go to the mall and NOT shop but just soak up all the Christmas “spirit.”

  196. Thank you for sharing your knit and crochet life with us! In December I’m grateful for the moisture that, we hope, will get us through the dry days of summer. I love the crisp, clean air. Sending positive thoughts to you and those you love.

  197. I love December because of the holiday spirit and I get to see family members that I have not been able to see for such a long time.

  198. I read the e-mail, congrats on the good news.

  199. I absolutely love it when I can go outside sipping hot tea, coffee or apple cider…..inhaling the cold air & listening to the birds.

  200. my favorite thing about December is my grandmother’s amazing Christmas cookies- the candy cane cookie recipe that she has been using since the 70s is the best! I crave those all year 🙂

  201. I just love all the Christmas lights.

  202. i also love december and christmas….just the joy of being around family and friends. Giveaways are always fun too 😉

  203. My favorite thing is being blessed with kids. Because December is so magical but being able to witness children enjoy the magic is the best blessing ever! Everything is magical from the snow, break from school, charity work, crafts, decorations, etc….
    Oh and P.S. – I love all your designs!

  204. My birthday is December 21st so I get to celebrate many things in December.

  205. The thing I love most about December is seeing my kids’ happy faces on Christmas Day. 🙂

  206. My favorite part of December this year, is that I am now only 2 months away from delivering our miracle baby. It makes this time of the year even that much more enjoyable and exciting.

  207. It’s all about being with family ♡

  208. Sometimes we get so busy with life, that it seems like time with extended family doesn’t happen very often. I enjoy being to take the time to get together and reconnecting with each other. Plus all of the yummy goodies! 🙂

  209. The twinkle in my littles eyes makes everything about Christmas wonderful!

  210. What I love most about this time of year is the giving spirit! The random acts of kindness from strangers seem to flourish this time of year and I wish it lasted all year round! I take my son each year to donate food to our animal shelters and toys to our local give campaign! I also love the family time that I get to spend! And I especially love snow days with my little guy!!!

  211. My husband gets 2 weeks off in December!! And I get time with the kids to make presents – this year we are learning how to sew!

  212. My favorite thing about this month is spending extra time with family. Making cookies and making new memories.

  213. My favorite thing about this month is spending extra time with family. Making cookies and making new memories. Celebrating my sons birthdays. Fun fun fun

  214. The thing I love Most about December is the holiday spirit that comes alive with it. Most people are nicer and more friendly. Families get together some how some way. And for some Christ becomes the reason for the season and present in their lives again. There are many more but no time for t hat novella now back to my crafting thanks for your generosity

  215. Christmas lights and fresh snow! 🙂

  216. i love December because I get to go a away all the cute things I have made!

  217. Snow, winter fun, baking, family time, cheer, excited anticipation of Christmas.

  218. December is Christmas to me. I love everything about it; lights, decorations, Christmas carols, baking cookies, and of course crocheting lots of warm presents 🙂

  219. My favorite thing about this December is snuggling with my infant quadruplets, all healthy and at home!

  220. inlove the cooler weather. We are in so cal so not much weather change but I like the cooler weather.

  221. My favorite thing about December is seeing my girls get so excited about snow and Santa.

  222. I love your patterns!

  223. My favorite thing about December is being able to see all of my family! I also love the Joy of giving! I like to give all year long though! 🙂

  224. I love all the warm holiday scents, the holiday decorations, and sharing special moments with my family and friends!

  225. I love the Christmas lights blinking in peoples windows, how families come together and everyone snuggles with hot chocolate and favourite films on the cold winter nights

  226. The things I love about December are the Christmas lights blinking in peoples windows, how families come together and everyone snuggles with hot chocolate and favourite films on the cold winter nights

  227. I love the snow in December and skiing the day away then crocheting on the couch by a fire!!

  228. I love December!!! My first most amazing experience of becoming a mummy happened just after Christmas nearly 5 years ago!!! December is Christmas time and a special boys birthday time!! It’s a family time with incredible love to give and get from my boys 😉 ps they do drive me crazy for most of the year 😉 but I would not change it for anything else!!
    And if it wasn’t for them I would not get crazy about crochet!!!!!
    That’s my little December story!! Thank you for the opportunity to play for your patterns!!

  229. My favorite thing about December is the joy the season festivities bring to my children. They love our village Winter Walk, pictures with Santa, decorating, making cookies, Christmas cartoons, etc…….it all brings such bright smiles and love.

  230. I love that once over it is one more month closer to summer…. my favorite time of year

  231. I love that my birthday is in December 🙂 10 patterns would be such a nice birthday gift!!

  232. I love all of the time with my family and the traditions that we have.

  233. My favorite thing about December is decorating for christmas and getting together with the family.

  234. I love spending time with family, doing all the Christmas traditions

  235. I love spending time with family, doing all the Christmas traditions

  236. Your patterns are beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win some. Have a great day.

  237. My favorite thing this year is watching my kids start to really learn about and participate in our Christmas celebrations.

  238. Normally, what I love most about December is it’s the only time of the year I get to see so much family. We all save to see each other for the holidays. This year I love December for another reason. In September, my grandpa was told he wouldn’t make it to see Thanksgiving. We’re now into December and he’s still alive.

  239. I like Christmas because my youngest comes out of his autism more, becomes more excited about Everything!

  240. It’s just the best month! My birthday, Christmas, New Years Eve….enjoying tea by the fireplace, parties with family and friends, and giving gifts to those I love most 🙂

  241. What I love about December is the birth of Jesus and celebrating that with family and friends! The love and Joy of the season!

  242. first think of the song ‘do you wanna build a snowman’ as you read this…do i wanna win some patterns ? share the products with some friends ? oh yes i would oh yes i would crochet away. all my buddies i posted would like to win some too…oh yes would i wanna win…yes i do.

  243. I love my son’s excitement for all things Christmas, especially his ever changing wishlist!

  244. Everyone living the reason for the season.

  245. Susan Hertensteiner Butler

    My favorite thing about December is my fireplace!

  246. I love December because of Christmas. It’s our family’s favorite time of year. Something special about celebrating the hope, peace, and joy that the Christ-child brought.

  247. Love that my son and all of my grandkids have their birthdays in December!

  248. My daughter and grandson were born in December on the same day. 🙂 That was one great day for me. Thanks for the chance.

  249. MELODY!!! Hi buddy!! My favorite part of December is the snow ( lol )… Is that weird? I don’t like the cold but I like how beautiful and clean everything is in the beginning… I love the smell… And I love the feeling that surrounds me. I thought I would always hate Christmas after last year but this year I’m just grateful to be alive to enjoy another Christmas. I love you girl. Merry Christmas! Thank you for the giveaway! And happy you are happy— I’m praying for you, your family and that growing baby! Love and hugs

  250. I have just stumbled upon your page in search of crochet patterns to add to my library of fun and I must say, you have some absolutely adorable patterns!!!! I see you are having a give-a-way therefore I will share with you my favorite thing about December.
    December marks one more year I’ve gotten to spend with My Love and our family. I am a 3, almost 4 year breast cancer survivor at the age of 27 and my fiancé has been battling Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for just over 2 years now and this December marks our second Christmas as a mixed family. I am very blessed to still be here and feel I am even more blessed to still have him here with us. God Bless you all and have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!

  251. My favorite thing is it is my birth month. Second is i love to decorate, and the best thing is i get to go home to see the Grandchildren at Christmas Yay!!! Love your beautiful designs

  252. i love seeing the excitement in my daughters face as she realizes Christmas is coming.

    On a side note…I LOVE the font you use! What is it? Lol

  253. My favorite thing about December are my daughters bdays on the 1st and 5th of the month….. and also celebrating all month long the Christmas spirit getting ready for the holidays. A lot of family fun!!

  254. My favorite thing about December is watching my girls’s fascination with our tree. They are 1 and 2 and will spend hours watching the lights and gently touching the branches.

  255. I love your patterns

  256. I love baking!

  257. My favorite thing about December is watching my children’s wonderment at the magic of Christmas.

  258. My favorite thing about December is Christmas!!!! And all it entails, food, music, family, togetherness, happiness, presents, love and tone off from work!!!!

  259. I love family and friend time, warm smells (and not the husband fart kind). Anything snuggley and warm like blankets, cowls and scarves. And getting to wear my boots with skinny jeans!

    • HAHAHA! I love that you qualified the “warm smells”! I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans this week….I must say that I’m also already a huge fan of the boots with skinny jeans! LOL

  260. Thanks for the giveaway! I would so love to win! Your patterns are adorable!

    I especially love the month of December because I love Christmastime! I’m just enchanted with all the magical sights, smells, tastes, and textures that come out with the holidays. I grew up in a home where we hardly ever decorated & Christmas wasn’t a big deal, but my husband is like a kid at Christmas and his joy and love for traditions has rubbed off on me. We have alot of fun throughout the month of December with our 4 kiddos!

    • Awesome Shelley!! I love that your husband’s holiday love has rubbed off….I love all those things too. I wish we could keep Christmas lights up year round! Everything would be so much cheerier 🙂

  261. Christ’s Birth!!

  262. My favorite thing about December is looking forward to a new year! It’s also the “coziest” month. As long as you don’t go outside too much 😉

    • I know what you mean! There’s something pretty amazing about staying snuggled up by the fire! And yes – a new year is always a fun new start.

  263. At december, i love to have many time with my family. I must go to work and can make my snuggly days with my hubby and our childs. Between this, i can crochet. What could be better?

  264. In December I love the time with my family doing baking, decorating and watching movies together.

  265. Your patterns are beautiful!

  266. One of my favorite things about December is the cooler weather, which puts me in the mood to bake for my family & friends. My absolute favorite thing is spending Christmas with my family–making cinnamon rolls for breakfast, reading about the birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible, then opening our presents.

  267. I think my favorite thing this month will be watching my two toddlers (1 and 2) with our tree. I have a feeling it will be the big hit of the month. Ha ha. I may also hate the tree by the end since I have a feeling not many ornaments will stay on it. 😉

    • That’s going to be so fun Courtney! We bought non-breakable ornaments for my son’s first Christmas, and they were all over the house. Less stress and more fun though 🙂

  268. I love your patterns. Good luck with your internet.

  269. I love spending the cold dark evenings in front of a roaring fire working on my new melodys makings patterns

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