Veronica Meets Spring MCAL Wrap Up!


VMS – Mandala Inspired Crochet Bag Pattern

The Veronica Meets Spring Mystery Create-A-Long has come to an end.  It’s always very bitter sweet for me to wrap these projects up.  Bitter because I love our little community and having a project on the go is just so much fun!  Sweet because I get a bit worn out during these events, and afterwards I like to dedicate some time to doing fun things with my kiddos.

While I was in the planning stages for Veronica Meets Spring, I really didn’t expect to be able to keep the final project a mystery for so long.  It just so happens, though, that this was one of those designs that really complimented the mystery style release.  It was truly my pleasure to watch these projects work up over the course of 4 weeks.  And I thought giving everyone the option to finish the project out as either a bag or a pillow, really added a fun element!

craftykreations on ravelry

Veronica Meets Spring Knit Pillow by Craftykreations on Ravelry

I’m SO thrilled with all of the final projects, and with the positive, helpful people in our wonderful little community.  Though we experienced a couple of rocky points during this Mystery Create-A-Long, everyone kept a good attitude and worked together to get through the tricky parts.  As the host for these MCALs, I put a lot of pressure on myself to have everything perfect from the get go.  Unfortunately, though, sometimes I make mistakes.  The fact that you all stuck with me, were patient and kind, and still really enjoyed yourselves really meant the world to me.  As always, I’ll be taking everything I learned during this event and using my knowledge to improve upon the next MCAL.  It’s always my goal to offer the best events available in the knit and crochet community.


VMS – Mandala Inspired Knit Bag Pattern

I, personally, am head over heels in love with my new gorgeous boho chic bag, and I can see that most of you feel the same way about yours.  I’m really honored to have been given the chance to lead you on this epic journey!  Thank you for making it so much fun.

The photos in this post are just a few of my favorite projects from this MCAL….but it was seriously hard to choose as there are just SO MANY stunning projects!  Be sure to drop by the Ravelry project pages to see them all for yourself.  You’ll need to be signed into your Ravelry account in order to view them.

erinkay13 on ravelry 2

Veronica Meets Spring Crochet Bag by erinkay13 on Ravelry

You’ll find the crochet projects by clicking here.

You’ll find the knit projects by clicking here.

I’m also super excited to be adding this gorgeous pattern to my shop now that the MCAL is all wrapped up!  To celebrate the release of the Veronica Meets Spring Collection, I’m offering a great deal on the patterns until Friday 7/22 at Noon MST.  Go check out the details on my blog post about it by clicking here.


Veronica Collection is on sale now!

LeannaLawrence on Ravelry

Veronica Meets Spring Crochet Pillow by LeannaLawrence on Ravelry

Joroliest on ravelry

Veronica Meets Spring Knit Bag by Joroliest on Ravelry

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  1. So neat. Love the various colors and uses! Thx for sharing.

  2. Love the way they are created and the colors used.

  3. I love all the different color combinations, awesome people to connect and the finish was wonderful. Although I still have to line n finish my bag, I love it. I will be making another.

  4. I love mine, it was so fun

  5. I love the bags and the pillow combinations. Very pretty. I can’t wait to finish my pillow.

  6. Just checked out the ravelry gallery. awesome ladies!

  7. Sweet pattern… looks great in every combination pictured~

  8. There all so beautiful

  9. My Grandchildren love my Pillow they fight over who’s going to lay on it at naptime Im know making three blankets at three pillow so they’ll leave mine alone I just really love the colors I chose to make it in . And it was fun working along with the group of ladies when you needed help with a kintting question they were all happy to help you

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