Turtle Coaster ~ Free Pattern!

Turtle Coaster Knit & Crochet Patterns

Free Turtle Coaster Knit & Crochet Patterns

It’s not often that I simply stumble upon a new design.  I usually have a plan of action and lots of ideas listed out….so when I’m ready to design something new, I simply pull an idea from that list.  This cute little free pattern came about a bit differently though.

I was working up a new design the other day, and it suddenly struck me that the piece I had created looked exactly like a turtle’s shell!  It was like someone had told me, “Don’t think of pink elephants.”  Once I saw the turtle shell, there was simply no going back….this piece HAD to be a turtle!  And what better way to celebrate the coming summer (I’ve got warm weather on the brain!), than to have one of these cute little coasters sitting underneath your ice cold drinks!?  We’ve already put both my knit and my crochet versions to work over here….one for my husband and one for me!






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Download the knit pattern by clicking here.

Download the crochet pattern by clicking here.

75 Comments On “Turtle Coaster ~ Free Pattern!”

  1. Thank you Melody. This is so danged cute!

  2. Love it thanks

  3. I now have turtles on my brain. Love the coasters. Now, all I have to do is find some time to get out of my regular shell and get into a turtle shell. Thank you, Melody.

  4. So cute! Thanks, Melody!
    I faved it, queued it, added to my library, shared on FB, tweeted it and pinned it!
    Have a great day!

  5. Elisabeth Van Eysenrode

    Thank you very much for this pattern. A friend of mine loves turtles. Every year for her birthday I try to give something turtle-ish – every year something different. Now I have a brand new item, thanks to you! I love it, and I’m sure she will too!

  6. So cute- thank you! You know- I’ve never been fond of crochet, but starting to think I just may have to try it again.

  7. So cute! Thank you.

  8. So sweet! Thank you!

  9. This is really cute, thank you!

  10. So cute! 🙂 Thanks for an awesome design.

  11. Love the patterm

  12. Thank you Melody this is soooo darn cute..now I just need to find a video on how to do a magic circle!! (no I haven’t used that before!!)

  13. Thank you so much. I love turtles!

  14. Melody this is so cute and I have a dgd who is crazy about turtles so I may turn this into a little stuffed turtle.Or I can make a bunch and send them as coasters and she and her two brothers and four sisters can use them as coasters. I can see her…she’s 4..making everyone use the coasters 🙂

  15. So cute! Thanks for the free pattern. I shared 🙂

  16. Patricia Cuddeback

    This is so darned sweet. Thanks for the pattern.

  17. Turtle coasters!
    Cutest idea ever!

  18. Will make these for my granddaughter who is an Exotic Pet Vet

  19. Thank you for the pattern. My sister is going to love getting a set for her birthday. They will go get with her turtle ? blanket she’s getting for her birthday.

  20. Ah, Melody, these are just way to cute and I have a friend who is just crazy about turtles. Thanks so much, you are so clever.

  21. These are adorable, I love all the details thank you so much you have such a generous heart! I pinned it and posted it to facebook. Oh faved and added to library.

  22. Lorene Frischknecht

    Simply adorable pattern. Thanks!

  23. These are truly adorable! Thank you!

  24. So cute!! Thank you!!

  25. Thank you!

  26. These turtles are adorable! Love them!! Thank you, Melody!

  27. Heidi Higginbotham

    I love turtles! Thx so much-I shared!

  28. Thank you. This would also make a adorable applique.

  29. Adorable!

  30. So adorable, thank you Melody for the pattern.

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  32. Grazie! Sono iscritta al cal a maglia ma non ho ancora iniziato, spero di riuscire in settimana!

  33. What brand of yarn did you use? I love these particular colors.

    • I used Cascade Ulta Pima Cotton because I had some extra on hand. It’s a little pricey, so I wouldn’t normally use it for a project like this, but I also loved the colors and thought it was perfect 🙂

  34. Really cute. I have a friend who has turtles. I am going to make a set for her.

  35. These are so cute,thank you

  36. Hi melody thank you for this gorgeous pattern I can’t wait to make them, I shared it on Facebook but it wouldn’t let me pin it on one of my boards on Pinterest but I am going to try by the button at the bottom of your page as your patterns are ace hun xxx

  37. Pinned as well xxx

  38. Thank you for this adorable free coaster pattern, Melody! 🙂
    Have not seen a turtle coaster before… he is just so darned cute!

  39. Thank you Melody!! It’s adorable!!

  40. Thank you for the pattern, it couldn’t have come at a better time! A friend of mine just lost her son and he loved turtles.
    I’m fairly new to crocheting again (did simple patterns years ago). I’m stumped.. what is DK(3) yarn?

    • Dk (3) is a lighter weight yarn than worsted weights like red heart super saver. Gauge isn’t super important for this project though, so you’d be fine using a thicker yarn…your coaster will just turn out a bit larger 🙂

  41. I can not get your patterns to print!

    • Oh no, I’m sorry! Have you tried using a different browser? There should be a print option when you hover in either the top or bottom right corner.

  42. I love the coasters, they make me wish Summer was here!

  43. I LOVE TURTLES and FROGS mostly! This is really ADORABLE! I would love to find a cute FROG coaster someday! GREAT WORK OF ART!

  44. I forgot to say THANK YOU SOO MUCH!Thanks soo much, very cute!

  45. Tanks you soo much,

  46. Oh so cute, my sister will love to have one in her turtle collection

  47. My daughter loves turtles so this will be cute for her…..thank you!!!!

  48. I love turtles. Years ago I owned some, that got to be the size of a plate. So I want to make for myself. Thank you for sharing.

  49. Is there a video of this? I reckon I need to stick to beginner projects (don’t understand some of the abbreviations). I am having trouble figuring how to change colors.

    • I’m sorry! I don’t have a video for this pattern. Try looking up “Stranded Color-work Crochet” on YouTube….I imagine you’ll find some great videos that use the same concept there 🙂

  50. Thank you!

  51. Thanks so much for the tip!! I did find a good video about it. I really, really need visuals until I get better at this. 🙂

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  54. Remarkable—so cute!

  55. Thanks so much! Shared!

  56. What is FPDC please, just going to try this amazing pattern for a turtle loving daughter. Thank you

    • Front Post Double Crochet 🙂 You should find an abbreviations chart on the first page of the pattern.

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  59. I could have asked sooner but now I see I did not understand the directions in relation to alternating between the two colors. I have alternating color sections on my turtle. I think i know what I have to do on the second one. Still there is the question for round 11. Is this whole round done with only one color?

    • Thanks for checking in with me! Round 11 actually did have a mistake and should read like this: Round 11: *Sl1 (Color 1), P10 (Color 2)* Repeat around

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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  62. Hi. I really like your pattern. I’m just curious if you have pictures of each step or at least how it looks when you work with the two colors. The back of the project doesn’t look that nice.

  63. hi—am having trouble getting the pattern for the turtle coaster pattern——-would love to make them—help—barb Bolton

  64. These are adorable. I just got myself a pet turtle last month. These turtle coasters will be a must for my home decor. Thank you!!

  65. I cannot figure out how to get the pattern for the crocheted turtle coaster to download. I haveshared it, pinned it and tried multiple times to find the actual pattern but to no avail. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I even put it in my Ravelry queue and my library.But I still have no pattern.

    • Did you receive an email after filling out the form? If not, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to reply with the pattern. You might also try checking your spam folder as our emails can sometimes end up there. Sorry for the trouble!

  66. excellent

  67. So cuuute, thank you. Now I have something to replace the cat but coasters with…

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