Heirloom Thread Flower Bonnet – Free Crochet Pattern

Beautiful, Unique, Free Crochet Baby Bonnet Pattern

Once upon a time, a little inkling of an idea entered my mind.  The idea was full of promise, but also filled with challenges.

As time passed, I continued to come back to the idea over and over again.  It was an idea I simply couldn’t ignore.

I’m not usually one to write such a demanding pattern….I like my designs to be beautiful, quick, and simple to work up.  The pure quality of the final piece and the idea of creating something that could, and would, be passed down from generation to generation was alluring though.  So I set out to make my vision come to life.

This gorgeous bonnet is the result.

Don’t be deceived.  I put “Heirloom” in the title, because at some point or another while you’re creating this design, you’ll probably send a curse word my way.  This project isn’t one to take lightly.  Though it’s definitely a beginner pattern, it’s designed to be created only for those most precious in your life…..the new grandbaby on her way, or a piece to bring in the highest price at a charity auction.  The work and love that you’ll pour into this project, though, will be worth it.  I promise.

The design is written as a “tutorial” style pattern, allowing you to use any size yarn and hook.  I provide size charts for all baby and toddler sizes, and I’ll walk you through doing the math to create the perfect size.  All you need to do is show up, keep an open mind, and plug in some numbers.

I’ve listed this pattern as free for you.  I want anyone who is willing to create this “piece of art”, as I’ve come to think of it, to have the chance.  All I ask in return is that you share the link with someone you think might enjoy it too.  There are some handy little share buttons at the end of this post that are quite perfect for doing so.

After you share, you can download this gorgeous pattern by clicking here.



Thank you to Belly Beautiful Portraits for the simply stunning image of this beautiful bonnet.


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  1. Maravilloso bonnet!!!

  2. I love the new heirloom hat!!

  3. beautiful thanks x

  4. Tamsin Chennell PeaPod Designs

    oh my I love it – thank you

  5. I shared this on Facebook, but I can’t download it. What am I doing wrong?

    • Did you use the blue button to share? If so, you’ll need to make sure the settings are set to “public”. The company that sets it up checks your profile to make sure you’ve shared, but it has to be set to public 🙂

  6. Thank you Melody for the beautiful pattern, I am going to have such fun making it – looove doing new patterns xxx

  7. Thank you so much…this is so beautiful!

  8. Could not get to download the pattern! I tweeted twice and it just say you can’t find it…ugh!

  9. Hooray! I finally got it! It kept popping up behind everything so I couldn’t see it until I was exiting everything….thank you so much!

  10. I cant find the download either. I clicked ont he blue button and shared on facebook, , settings are public but cant find the pattern

  11. Love it.. Wish I could get the grasp of crochet

  12. thankyou this is adorable

  13. I am not seeing the pattern to download.I shared on my fb page.

  14. This is gorgeous. I’ve shared through facebook and will be waiting the pattern. I am looking forward to making this. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  15. I couldn’t find the pattern either. I shared on Facebook, marked as a favorite on my Ravelry account and even re-signed up for the newsletter….Help!

  16. my daughter is having a baby in Feb 2015 we’ll know the sex in another week. if it’s a girl i’m making this bonnet. do you have a pattern for a matching dress? i’d love to make a christening dress to match.

  17. Shared on Facebook but didn’t get pattern. Please help.

  18. Dont tweet, will not share my friend list or info … so cannot download pattern … when I post to FB it gives the same link to the pattern, but no pattern!!

  19. Love this

  20. This is so beautiful!!!!

  21. Hope to make this for next great grsndchild

  22. Hi Melody
    I just emailed you for the pattern as I could not for the life of me figure it out.
    Hoping to make this little beauty for a friend.
    Many Thanx

  23. Thank you so much for sharing!!! You are very talented and crated something very stunning!! Can’t wait to make one!!

  24. hi

    i don’t see the pattern. can you please share?

    thank you


  25. Beautiful Bonnet. I am not on Facebook or Ravelry and don’t tweet but I do crochet. I may try some fiddling with this as inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing it with the world.

  26. I sent you an email earlier because I was having issues accessing the download. 🙂 Ignore that please! It was user error! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern!

    • Oh good! So glad you got it figured out. You’ll probably still get a reply just because I have a hard time sorting through all the e-mails (lots of people had issues, haha).

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  28. Hi I know it will depend on what hook I use but can you give me a ball park amount of yarn I will need for say silk thread, cotton and 4ply baby wool. I would hate to not have enough especially the silk as it is usually small spools
    Thanks heaps love this pattern so pretty

    • Hey Sharon! I would make up a little flower as a swatch and record how much that takes. Then times it by the amount of flowers you need for the size you’re making. That way you can figure it out for exactly what materials you’re using 🙂

  29. I love the Heirloom Thread Flower Bonnet. I shared it but I can not figure out how to receive the pattern!

  30. Signed up and shared to my FB page but this pattern not included in the freebies. Really want to do this particular one. Thanks.

  31. Melody, Thank you so much for the gorgeous bonnet pattern <3. I had to clarify to my hubby on facebook that the bonnet was my next project, not the baby! Can't wait to get started on it!!

  32. I still haven’t seen the pattern, hope to after this as I am getting a new granddaughter very soon and would love to try to make this pattern!

  33. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I really want this pattern, but am unable to get it.

  35. oh no I am also either blind or its somewhere ..where I haven’t found the download go figure lol.. could you please send it to me.. so sorry to have to bug ya but I just had a granddaughter the 20th lol last weekend and if I try and start this now she just might get it by Christmas… love all you do and can’t wait to make this awesome pattern..wtg and loving the feeling of being w/others who love to crochet as much as I do..last year just 4 Christmas I made 61 scarves and this year I consign about 70 plus infinity scarves which has become my recovery from surgeries and making these is my way of working lol…Happy Fall and enjoy your journey of life….

  36. omgoosh I found it o I am so sorry .. I have blonde roots to the brain somedays… I got it I think downloading now…nothing like new ways of doing things… hugs and thanks so much CJ

  37. Hey there, I thiknk your site might be having browser comptibility issues.
    Whhen I lopk att yyour website in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening iin Inernet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wantwd tto give you a quick heads
    up! Other then that, awesome blog!

    • Thanks for letting me know Sheri! I’ve totally been forgetting to check against internet explorer. I’ll start doing that! I really appreciate your help.

  38. Shared on Facebook but no free pattern:(

  39. I cannot get the instructions to this flowered bonnet…Have liked it on Facebook…

  40. I done everything it required to get free pattern and recieved nothing but would love to make this flowered hat

  41. Hello,I’m having troubledownloadingthe heirloom thread bonnet, can you help me ??

  42. I can not get the pattern to download. I posted it to facebook. Please send me the pattern also.


  43. I could not find where to download the pattern for the Heirloom hat.

  44. I had share this post on my fb, but i cannot futher proceed with the free download.

  45. Oh my dear lady…such patience you have! And I’m not referring to the bonnet 😉 You never fail to bring a smile to my face and most times it’s flat out laughter. Thank you for your lively posts, your sense of humor and your gorgeous patterns! All the very best to you and yours in 2015.

  46. What kind of yarn did you use? I love how yours looks and would like to use a similar yarn to get the desired look… Yarn choice can make such a difference in how a project looks!

    • Hey Connie! I didn’t list my specific yarn because it was something I found at a yard sale and didn’t have any label. It was the thin crochet yarn that comes on a cone though…..I hope that helps a bit at least! As long as you match the gauge I listed for mine, then you should end up with a very similar final project 🙂

  47. Thank you, this is on the short list of things to crochet next.

  48. Love it. It’s so flipping adorable. Wish I would’ve seen this for my girls!!!!!!!

  49. I signed up and shared to Facebook but still can’t get the pattern. Can you email it??
    Thanks!!! Its soooo cute!

    • Did you try clicking on the red writing at the very bottom of the post? I just changed the system and it’s super easy now – just click that and it should pop up 🙂

      • I had been clicking on it but wouldn’t work but was trying on my tablet and wouldn’t work but it worked on my laptop. Thanks so much!!!!

  50. I shared this on my Facebook, I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, but I can’t get the pattern to download. Help? Thanks!

  51. Thank you, Melody. This is such a cute pattern of a flower bonnet for a newborn. I make hats for babies in the hospital. This will be great.

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  53. I adore this bonnet! I really want to try my hand at this. Can you tell me what size thread you used and the brand?
    Thanks soo much for sharing this beautiful creation and pattern with us!

    • Hey Edie! One of the reasons I made this pattern a freebie was simply because I don’t have the exact info. on the yarn I used. I got some embroidery thread type yarn at a yard sale, which is what I used. I recommend trying a couple different combos and measuring for gauge like described in the pattern 🙂

  54. I have first row sewn together. Did you sew rows together then all three rows together?

  55. I’ve shared it. Now I’m going to take a break from my sweater and work on this for a bit. Thanks!

  56. Ok, dumb me ma found it..
    I have to try it. Got 2 new gt-gt-granddaughters born last mo. Can’t wait to see them in one.

  57. Thank you for sharing this pattern. It is just precious. Can’t wait to make it.

  58. Thanks. I shared to FB.

  59. This bonnet is very beautiful. I had to start over several times but I finally got it right. I made for my niece who is also my god daughter, which I did in all white for her christening. Thank you so much for sharing.

  60. I have just discovered I can make hats. This is so BEAUTIFUL I had to download. I think I will use a cotton yarn that I have been purchasing because I love working with it.
    Thank you again…. I just wish I had a granddaughter to make one for… I am a very Happy Nana with 4 boys. Ages 11, 9, & both my sons have 3 yr old. Just born 2 1/2 apart.

  61. I still haven’t been able to get this pattern for the heirloom bonnet. please send it directly to my email.
    [email protected]

  62. I have a new granddaughter coming in March 2019. She will be my 11th grandchild, but only the 3rd granddaughter. I’ve been searching for the perfect thing to make for her to wear home from the hospital, and this bonnet will be perfect. Thank you!

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