Swirl Sack Hat – Free Pattern

Free Baby and Toddler Knitting & Crochet Pattern

Swirl Sack Hat – Free Knit & Crochet Patterns

There’s just something so sweet about a little bundle and bow hat on top of a baby’s head!  Add some texture to the hat, and the cuteness factor increases that much more.  I experienced the heart-melting effect these sack hats have on Mommies first-hand this week when my adorable 7 week old (where did all that time go!?), Netherlee, modeled the new crochet version of this pattern for me…..isn’t that picture just TOO cute!?  I know I’m bias….but really.

The Swirl Sack Hat Knitting Pattern has been around for a little while, and is so fun to work up.  Since it has no decreases (another benefit to sack hats!), and is done with Super Bulky yarn, it’s a quick and easy knit that really does produce a drool-worthy baby hat.

The crochet version of this pattern is brand stinking new!  It’s hot off my hook from a few days ago, and I have to say – I’m LOVING the finished result.  Done with bulky yarn and including all sizes Newborn through 1-3 Years, you just can’t go wrong with this pattern.

In order to get the free pattern:

1. Head over to Ravelry and favorite and queue the pattern listing.  This is a great way to help new customers find my shop, and I SUPER appreciate you taking that extra moment 🙂

You’ll find the knit listing here.

You’ll find the crochet listing here.

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3. Download, Save, and Enjoy!

Click here to download the knit version.

Click here to download the crochet version.

21 Comments On “Swirl Sack Hat – Free Pattern”

  1. What cute patterns and free! You can’t beat that. Thanks for extending this wonderful offer. Can’t wait to get started on the crochet version.

  2. Can’t wait to try this, absolutely adorable. Thank you.

  3. Very cute thank you

  4. Thank you Melody!!! I am always glad to get a pattern and spread the word about you, your blog, and your wonderful patterns!

  5. Thank you, Melody for such a lovely pattern. I have downloaded both versions as I crochet and knit. These little hats are so adorable and I can’t wait to make them.

    Thank you again, for your generosity.

  6. Melody, I can’t believe I didn’t have either crochet or knit pattern!! I thought I had all of yours! LOL Thank you so much for your generosity!!

  7. Thanks so much for the free patterns! My son just had a new baby on July 6th! Thanks so much!

  8. So, so cute! I can see this done in smaller yarns for preemies in the hospital

  9. Toooo cute! I have a grandbaby on the way and guess what he/she will have coming home…[squeal!]…I can’t wait. I also make baby hats for preemies and donate to the local hospital. I will certainly credit your adorable design. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I’m a ravelry.com fan and found you there in the top 20 this week. Keep up the good work.

  10. What a terrific baby hat pattern! Thanks very much! :). Netherlee is so adorable! 🙂

  11. ravelry isn’t working right now for some reason but I will get this as soon as it straightens up. i have a vendor show base and it will sell great I think. It always amuses me to see a pattern for sale on etsy and they say for personal use only, they can’t do that. lol.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your adorable pattern. I recently finished a crochet one for a friend’s baby and I love it! I’m going to make one for myself as well. I was also thinking if it wasn’t tied up it would make a lovely cowl too!

  13. So cute!!! Thanks very much!

  14. How nice! I am fairly new. Soon will be finishing up my first project. A baby blanket. I really want to try one of these hats. Thanks…Lori from Saginaw, MI

  15. Ok I’ve done everything you asked and I still can not get the pattern for the swirl hat…love b it can’t wait to try it…thanks

    • Did you scroll all the way down to the bottom where the red text says “Click here to download”? It’s a little hidden down there….

  16. Thank you very much for the adorable patterns…you are most generous!

  17. Thank you….adorable beanie…..I have a list of babies to make it for….

  18. Hello Melody.

    Happy to be here and and thank you for the freebie. So looking forward to making this as gifts. 🙂

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  20. Thank you! So cute and adorable!

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