Show Me…. #5DaysofCraftyLife

It’s been a while since we’ve done any fun challenges to strengthen our community and get to know each other a little better….so let’s do something easy and super fun together this week!

I challenge you.



For five consecutive days, take one photo that represents your current crafty life and post it to your favorite social media page.

Tag me in your photo by using @melodysmakings and use hashtag #5DaysofCraftyLife

Photos can be of ANYTHING crafty in your life!  They don’t necessarily have to be knit or crochet related….get creative with it!  It’s fun to mix things up and share new aspects of yourself.

Share this post and tag 2 crafty friends challenging them to show off their 5 Days of Crafty Life too!

I’m super excited to see all the photos this week!

Here’s my first photo…….I’m working on my Wisteria Mystery Create-A-Long project a little out of order this week.  ALL of these balls are currently connected to my project in different places right now!  Seems like a summary of my life… many things can I juggle at one time!?


Day 1 of #5DaysofCraftyLife

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  2. What a great fun challenge!

  3. Love this! I will probably end up forgetting about it though… But I will try to remember! I’m currently working on a new c2c style baby blanket for my cousin for her newest little one and will be doing lace crosses as well in honor of my Husbands late Grandmothers birthday this week <3

  4. Wow!! Your blanket is beautiful! Can’t wait to show you my crafty life ?

  5. I have so many projects going on at the same time – the Wisteria CAL, a C2C afghan, a knit shawl for the church’s prayer shawl ministry plus a friend asked me to make some nylon net scrubbies – definitely not enough hours in the day!!

  6. I wish I could post what I’ve been crafting! But it all is for my daughters shower and I don’t want her to see any of it!

  7. I hope I can join in this fun!!! I have a busy week ahead but I will try to take part! If not I will enjoy seeing everyone’s crafty posts!

  8. This sounds fun. I’m in for it.

  9. Cool, just ONE picture? I’ve always got so many going on at once, I’ll have to choose one at a time!1

  10. Will do my best being that I am a little snowed under at the moment as I have just started University at almost 49yrs old and not studying for about 34 years lol.
    I do knit or crochet most every night so I will try to remember to participate. Great Idea Melody thank you for all that you do

  11. hi, am letting all those who go to church prayer shawl ministries know that local dialysis centers get very cold inside while the patients do their dialysis. many of these patients are low income as they are disabled and unable to work, even those who do work are limited. knitted or crocheted blankets of around 30″ x 50″ would be wonderful to donate to them. patients recline in chairs for their treatments for an average of 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours each 3 times a week. i have learned of this need as my husband, a retired pastor, is now on dialysis. most areas have at least one dialysis center now as so many are on dialysis.

  12. What a wonderful idea! I have made afghans, shawls and caps for our local cancer center and women’s shelter, but they get so many donations their cabinet is almost full. I will check out the dialysis center so see what they can use. We can all use a little TLC once in a while.

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