Oh Scrap! Free Ideas For Yarn Scraps of Every Size & Color

If you’re anything like me (don’t try to deny it – we both know you are!) then you’ve probably got little bits of yarn hiding all over your house.  You’ve got ends that you just couldn’t throw away stuffed into odd little purses, and you have glass jars filled with 10 yard yarn balls so you’ll be able to see your selection.  Yet you very rarely actually come back to use these bits and pieces.

I’ve been working on a project lately that requires stuffing, and I’ve been using these little bits of extra yarn (I even brought a bunch with me when I moved….if you can believe that!).  I have such mixed feelings about it!  On one hand, it’s so awesome to be using up some of the scraps.  On the other-hand, though, I hate cutting bits of yarn (which I might someday use….really….I might) into pieces!

So my mission today was to gather a few of my favorite scrap yarn designs…..I need something I can create using these home-less oddballs.  Hope you enjoy these designs!  A couple of them are simply genius in their beauty and design, and a couple of them are simply too cute and funny not to share.

Mollie Flowers

Mollie Flowers by Brigitte Read

 This design is just pure beauty to me….the incredible construction in this free crochet flower pattern pops that much more when put together like this.  Use it as pot-holder, something to sit beneath a vase, or just a pretty decoration…..this cute pattern is going to add a real elegance to your home!

Tiny Bunnies

Tiny Knit Bunnies by MochiMochi Shop

This is one of those “Why Not?” moments in life…..why wouldn’t you want to knit tiny bunnies?  Really.  Can you think of one good reason?

Bear Lovey

Bear Lovey Free Crochet Pattern By Petals to Picots

 This little lovey is so adorable…..and I know my son would have adored it when he was smaller.  What the perfect gift to give to a little one you love <3

Ten Stitch Twist Blanket

Ten Stitch Twist Knit Pattern by Frankie Brown

This circular knit blanket is another one of those patterns that simply can’t be ignored.  The design is incredible, and I could see some really amazing colorful blankets using bits of scrap yarn.

Cute Little Owls

Adorable Little Hoot Owls by Bunny Mummy

One more too cute not to share.  I noticed immediately that these little owls have tiny hangers on top.  Wouldn’t it be so fun to make one Christmas owl for each person in your family?

Do you have a favorite scrap yarn pattern?  Please comment below and share a link!

22 Comments On “Oh Scrap! Free Ideas For Yarn Scraps of Every Size & Color”

  1. What lovely ideas! Thanks for these, they have given me some inspiration!

  2. Traumhaft was Frau so aus Wollresten zaubern kann. Ich werde mal meine Kiste mit Woll-Reste durch suchen. Am Besten gefallen mir die Mollie Flowers von Brigitte Read und die süßen Eulen von Bunny Mummy

  3. Where can I get the pattern for the ten stich twist blanket? I love iy.

  4. I have been making the booby can cozies (free pattern on ravelry) and I have been using my scrap yarn for the bikini tops for them. I also like to tie them together and make my own mulit colored yarn balls.

  5. If you have scraps that are too short to make even a hat but long enough that you don’t think you should throw them away, you can make my blorp animals!
    The bunny and chick are only a tiny bit bigger than the bunnies in the blog post.

  6. I like to knit tiny socks, sometimes I’ll crochet a long chain attaching two together and use them for bookmarks. Here’s a link to one pattern, https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mini-socks-6

  7. Love these ideas!

  8. Love these ideas!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. Melody,
    What fun these little bunnies, owls and bear will be to make. The flowers and blanket are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


  10. hello
    How do that circle blanket . I wish I learn circle blanket. Did anyone win as prize ?

  11. Very cute ideas! Love the mollie flowers….great idea for putting hot dishes on! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Melody, I have already sometime ago seen these & put them in my Pinterest Library. I especially love the circular blanket. You will laugh but I save every piece of scrap & little ball of yarn. I can’t justify purging it. I don’t have patterns from others but I make up my own scraps. I made a few years ago for my sisters 7 brother afghans using every scrap or yarn I used to make each thing for each of their children. I made rectangle granny squares & sewed them together.I knew who I made what for because I put each left over yarn in big baggies & labeled them. I know I am a perfectionist about my yarns! Lol. I also use it to coordinate for little pom poms or fringe for baby blankets. This way I feel I wasted nothing. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what you make Charlie!

  13. So beautiful everything! I loved owls so I will crochet some of them for my christmas tree

  14. I was looking at projects online the other day and a lady puts her scraps in a bird feeder so the birds use them for their nests. She couldn’t bear to throw out the tiniest of scraps and I have a that problem too.

  15. A friend gave me a bunch of small balls of yarn! I made a multicolor bag out of them’ now people want 1 too’ I also cut the tiny pieces and put them in my stuffing bag! I tried to put out yarn for the birds but they didn’t use it It was pretty on my trees

  16. Love the mollie flowers! So adorable and thinking this may look awesome as a throw or wrap for some sweet cherub photographs!!!

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