Obsessed With Yarn? You won’t regret it.

 I’ve been hearing all sorts of chatter about the medical benefits of knitting and crocheting lately…..and now I can’t help but share some myself.  One of my wonderful Facebook friends sent me this video (thanks Karen!) and I am just so impressed.

Obviously you and I know that knitting and crocheting is good for us, or we wouldn’t do it.  Whether it gives that needed relaxation from all of the day’s stresses, or it helps raise self-esteem by completing beautiful projects.  Whatever the reason – you love working with yarn!

My obsession with yarn has just been re-affirmed and I’d like to share the joy with you…..so go ahead….buy another skein and sit down with a mug of tea or coffee (or iced tea…..or wine….) and get working.  You’ve just been given permission.

Have you experienced any positive health or mental health benefits from knitting or crocheting?  Please share them with me by commenting on this post – I am SO curious to know!

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5 Comments On “Obsessed With Yarn? You won’t regret it.”

  1. I am an occupational therapist in inpatient rehab. I’ve been crocheting/knitting for 12± years. A few weeks ago I had a patient that was struggling to use the left side of her body. She mentioned that she enjoyed crocheting, so we incorporated it into her therapy sessions. Something else to focus on helped her to overcome some of her obstacles and begin using both hands together again. I’m now beginning to think about leading a crochet/knit group once a week for any patients who may want to participate.

    • That sounds like a wonderful idea! I don’t think there is anyway you can go wrong with encouraging patients to work with their hands to achieve a goal. The feeling after completion is so up-lifting and healing.

  2. I am obsessed with yarn as well! Crochet and knitting got me through my dad’s battle with cancer, and dealing with his death too! It was so calming, and therapeutic to me! It took my mind off of what was happening, and gave me something to do while he rested. I absolutely agree with this study!

    • Hi Heather! So glad to hear that knitting and crochet helped you get through such a rough time. I am very sorry to hear about your father though.

  3. I love knitting, I mostly knit toys but have started to knit baby clothes. I suffer with chronic back pain and have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, knitting helps me to relax and forget about the pain…I agree that knitting helps.

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