North Star {Yarn Giveaway!}

This is the last post in my North Star November series….a soul centered discussion about depression.  Each day this month, I’ll be sharing a piece of my soul’s journey, along with a free pattern to thank you for taking part in such an important conversation!  Go back to Day 29 by clicking here.

There is always a light in the darkness – we need only look for it along the way.

Thank you for braving this hard month with me.  Thank you for being willing to lean in on tough topics, to open up and share, and to hold space amidst the darkness.  Throughout the month, you’ve helped me to clarify thoughts and to identify new passions.  What a gift.

I’d like to finish up with something fun to help bring just a tad more light into this month of transition.


Yarn Giveaway!

Who wants to win some yarn??

I’d also like to leave you with a list of a few resources I’ve found truly beneficial during my healing journey.  These are all things that seemed to come to me just at the right time.  Like the universe was guiding me on my path.

I’d like to share that guidance with you….perhaps you’ll find it useful too.  I’m not an affiliate for any of these products…I use them in my own life, and have found benefit in them, which is why I’m sharing.

I talked a lot about mindfulness and meditation during this series.

These are not practices which we find commonplace in Western culture.  Which means it can be CRAZY helpful to have a guide who can help you learn and get started.

Valerie Nilson

My sister and yoga coach, Valerie

Which brings me to my sister…..

If you like me, then you’ll LOVE her.  She’s an incredible yoga instructor and meditation guide….and she works online!!  We’ve done a private yoga session together once a week and it’s a great opportunity to practice feeling into your body and living mindfully.

Valerie embodies a wealth of loving kindness and being a sensitive soul herself, she’s highly in tune with your needs.  Whether you choose to do some yoga or to meditate with her, you’ll be so happy to have her regular presence in your life.  The actual practice is of course hugely beneficial, but her compassionate spirit adds to the value immensely.  I love my sister….you will too.

Check out her private online yoga and meditation sessions here.

I also find it incredibly useful to have a supportive book on hand.

The two books which have pretty much revolutionized my way in the world over the past few months are The Power of Now and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.  Both of these books go deep into how beneficial it is for us to focus on what’s actually right in front of us, right now.

Since anxiety can be caused by too much future thought, and depression can be caused by too much past thought, tapping into the present moment can make a HUGE difference to the way you relate to the world.

I can’t say enough about private coaching.

Susan Mason

My relationship coach Susan

Susan, my relationship coach, has not only been helping me find my authenticity and empowerment, but she’s also done wonders for my relationship with Nick and the way we’ve been communicating.  Nick and I have both been working with her one and one, and through quite a process, we’ve found our way back to each other.  We’re now more equipped (boy does Susan teach you skills!!) to handle our own emotional issues and perceptions than we’ve ever been.  In turn we’re appreciating each other as unique individuals more than ever before.

Susan isn’t just a relationship coach….she’s a spirit guide.  She’ll help you reconnect with your soul and move forward into the world in entirely unexpected ways.  You’ll love it.

She offers online and phone coaching, so if you could use some support I highly recommend checking her out.

Support groups can be profoundly helpful too.

When I first started on this healing journey, I really needed some extra support in getting enough strength to support myself.  I was incredibly lucky to come across an online support group for mood disorders.  Called Bipolar Advantage, the group covers incredibly useful information for learning to live with mood disorders of all sorts.  They also meet once a week to chat about the information covered throughout that week and to lend each other support.  Tom, the founder, is a deep and incredibly caring man.  If you could use some extra support in your journey, I highly recommend checking it out.

I’ve also found a few useful supplements and tinctures…

First off – of course I recommend you check with your health care professional before adding any of these into your own routine.

  • Deprezac by Herbal Formula is designed to “Enhance Positive Mental Feelings.”  You take a dropper full of this tincture in a glass of water a couple times a day for about six weeks.  It’s always hard to say for sure how much any one thing lends to better health, but I do believe this tincture has helped me.
  • Deep Sleep tincture, also by Herbal Formula, has been a great option for me to turn to when I’ve been struggling to get a good night’s sleep.  I don’t use it every night because my sleep has been gradually improving, but it’s a great tool when I’ve had a couple bad nights to help get me back on track.
  • Lithium Orotate is a natural low does lithium available over the counter.  Lithium is a mineral which our body needs to process stress and anxiety.  Every time our blood sugar spikes, we burn up a little bit of our lithium.  Since we eat lots of carbs and sugar, our blood sugar spikes quite often which leaves many of us with low levels of lithium.  Locations that have natural lithium in their water supply show a lower rate of suicide and violent crime.  Interesting, right?  I’ve been taking this supplement for about a month and it HELPS.  Again, please do check with your health care professional as natural lithium can be toxic in too large of quantities…so it’s important to make sure you use it right.
  • Lastly, this Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil has been useful in helping calm the nerves and relax when I get a bit stressed out.  It’s super fast acting and all you have to do is squirt a bit under your tongue.

Now for the fun…

I can’t tell you how meaningful this month has been to me.  Over the past year, I feel like this blog has been missing something….SOUL.  This month showed me how the merging of your soul’s passion with your talents can lead to phenomenal results in the world.

Thank you for taking the journey with me.


Win this Yarn!

Would you LOVE to win this box of yarn???

In Order to Enter to Win:

1. Remember to get your one free pattern (no price limits!!  Yes, my $12.99 Create-A-Long patterns are available…) associated with my North Star November event if you haven’t already.  You’ll find the information to get that here.  I’ve extended the coupon code to be good through 12/4/18.

2. Help me spread the word.  

I’m seeing SO MUCH VALUE in sharing this blog with you as a place for real life talk as well as crochet and knit fun.  The more people we can get to come visit the blog, the more free patterns and down to earth conversation I’ll be able to offer you.  I really, really, really want to do more of this.  Could you please help me by spreading the word to your crafty friends?  It helps so much more than I can tell you!  There are social sharing buttons at the top of this post, and you can also copy and paste the link to whatever forum you choose to share on.  Thank you so much in advance for this.

If we have enough entries, I’ll do another giveaway soon.

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    I’ve followed the series, but only as a lurker but every post has had something I related to. Especially the ones about being kind to ourselves. Thank you for this.

    And thank you for posting the resources that work for you.

    • I’m so glad you’ve been following along and that you came out of the shadows to leave me this comment! It means the world to me that you’ve enjoyed the series and been able to see my passion in it. Thank you!

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  15. Thank you for the dialogue this month. I used to teach quilting and shared my experiences with others. I’ve found women tend to be very hard on themselves. Society sure doesn’t help either, with all its unrealistic expectations.

    • Isn’t that the truth?? It’s so fun to speak out as women and realize we’re all the same….thanks for joining in throughout the month.

  16. I love yarn! I’ve been knitting for almost 80 years off and on. The new colours, textures, and quality of yarns just keeps me looking at it and enjoying it, not just knitting with it. Thanks for this opportunity.

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    • Thank you so much for following along. It means so much to me! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it, and am so happy to be able to offer an international alternative!

  22. I appreciate your blog. Holidays can be very challenging. Personal and family losses can quickly overwhelm….thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for following along! I know that overwhelmed holiday feeling. Do your best to treat yourself lovingly this month. Sending hugs!

  23. I have shared your blog with people that are not yarn people because you have some great insight into depression and mental illness. I had a sister that suffered for years and tried several times to kill herself until she succeeded. Was the worse day of my life. Thank you for sharing.

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  25. Melody, thank you for sharing YOURSELF with us and all of the resources in the blog entry for today. I know that you are an awesome person, and just wanting to be your best self (and best wife, mother, and friend) to others makes you an even more awesome person. I wish you lived next door to me as I’m sure you would be an awesome neighbor, too. I am not trying to flatter you, but you seem to be very genuine, loving, giving, and a good coach yourself. I hope you continue to appreciate the wonderful person that you are, and your website is one I visit many times a week for inspiration and great projects.

    • Awww, what a sweet comment Susan! Thank you so much. I super appreciate you following along, and am sending hugs and love to you!

  26. Thank you for sharing your blog this month….its nice to know that no matter where you are or what you are going thru there is always someone else dealing with it too.. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year!!

    • I hope you have a wonderful holiday season too Patricia! Thanks for following along. Hugs and love coming your way.

  27. I don’t want you to quit talking about this. I really appreciate it and it has helped me. I might not talk much but I have been here with you. Thanks for doing this for everyone. I am going to miss it. I hope you get everything in life you want. Your a greatest person I have ever met. Have a happy Holidays.

    • Thank you so much Janice! Your words are so kind, and it means so much to me that you followed along this month. I’ve heard the call from many of you that don’t want the conversation to end, and I’ve been over here planning. I’ll be back in touch soon. Hugs and love to you!

  28. Thank you so much for doing this. It has been very helpful. And it’s just great to know I’m not alone.

    • Big hugs and love coming your way! I’m hearing the call from many of you about wanting to continue the conversation….so I’ve been over here planning. I’ll be back in touch soon. Thank you for following along this month!

  29. Those yarn colors are gorgeous, and thank you for being so open and brave to share your struggles and tools for helping with us! Mental health shouldn’t be such a taboo thing to talk about ❤️

  30. You are an amazing woman. You truly have inspired me as you shared of yourself and your journey! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful patterns.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Thank you Aida! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. I super appreciate you following along this month.

  31. I feel as though I know you as a friend after reading your blog for a while!I am bi-polar, an have gained some useful insights from you – thank you so much for sharing!What a wonderful gift you have for helping people! Keep it going, please!

    • Thank you Marta! I am hearing the call from so many of you for continued conversation, that I’ve been over here planning. I’ll be back in touch soon, but I hope you’ll continue to check in. I so appreciate you following along and am sending my hugs and love your way.

  32. This blog has been so incredibly helpful this past month in particular
    Thank you so much for tackling such a difficult subject matter
    Sending my love for Ireland

  33. Melody, thank you for this series. After all these years I finally realized one of my worst periods of depression was postpartum. That only took decades to figure out. Wow. You have been a blessing as well as all of the others who have opened up and helped so many others.

  34. I really appreciated your candor and generosity over the last month. Thank you for the prompts. The one about creating my own mantra spoke to me the most.

  35. Hi Melody, I have laughed, cried, cringed and pondered my way through the month as you’ve so bravely stepped out and shared so much with us. I am so glad to hear you and Nick are finding your ways back to each other. You’ve both worked so hard to get where you are now. I don’t have the right words to tell you what some of your posts have meant to me but I am grateful to you.

    • Thank you SueSue. It means the world to me that you’ve been following along throughout the month. I appreciate you.

  36. I have enjoyed, cried and laughed through this month with you. I was hesitant to share, open up. But until we all do, no one heals. No one gets better. The pain has been hidden away and denied far too long.
    Let the healing begin with the light of day. Acknowleding our hurt gives US the power.
    Thank you Melody, for sharing so much. Not just this month(which was so wonderful) but for every entry. There is something for everyone, even if we cannot always say so.

    • Thank you so much Marsha. This month has been so meaningful to me too, and I’m not ready to finish the conversation yet. I’ve been over here planning and will be back in touch soon….in the mean time, I so appreciate that you’ve followed along.

  37. I think it would be a wonderful early Christmas gift to win.

  38. I have been meaning to find a place to talk about my disorder. I was diagnosed Bipolar when I was 17, back when people really knew very little about it. I’m now going to be 40 end of December. Found out recently my 13 yr old daughter also has it. So I am struggling with my own issues and dealing with trying to help (and handle) her (just as she is becoming a woman with confusing hormones too). I haven’t commented on anything else because I am a super shy baby but being able to read your posts, and the comments of others since this started, has helped to calm my mind some. I am going to be looking into picking up a few of those things you linked as well.

    One thing I found that works (at least for me over the years), is Valerian root powder capsules, smaller dosages to be calmer or larger ones for peaceful and restful sleep.

    • Thanks so much for following along this month. And for the suggestion on the Valerian root powder…I’ll check it out!

  39. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I have dealt with depression for many years, and have found that creating, crochet included, really helps.

  40. thank you so much for the chance to win the yarn. crocheting is my therapy. I love getting yarn to crochet with. I know I am mildly bi-polar. it runs in my family. my great grandmother had a quite severe case, tho back then they called it manic- depression. my daughter’s level is so severe that she lives in an assisted living facility full time. one of my sisters has a severe case, but she still functions in society, one of her daughters has a moderate case. several cousins are affected also. those of us with the milder ‘cases’ have just learned to ‘deal with it’ and get on with life the best we can. prayer & good understanding families help.

  41. I don’t suffer from depression but your posts have given me a better understanding of depression. Thank you

  42. I want to tell you I love your posts I feel your pain as I have depression I get out my crocheting and sat back and relax I have been very busy this year making gifts for others for Christmas my other name is (Shortie)

  43. Thank you for all that you’ve shared with us,this is a wonderful giveaway.

  44. please enter me in the yarn draw.

    • Be sure you’ve entered your information into the Rafflecopter form just above the comments section on this post 🙂

  45. Love reading your blog and your patterns, as well as the opportunity to win the yarn giveaway.

  46. Melody: I wanted to thank you for this month’s blog posts. My husband suffers from extreme depression and anxiety and has not worked for two years. We are only 55, but have been living off our retirement savings. I have just begun the process of trying to get him on SS Disability hoping that will ease his mind a bit so he can work on getting better. I’m so sure your words this past month will be helpful to him that I have been compiling them into one document for him to read. Although I have entered to win your generous offer of the yarn basket, your monthly blog has been the greatest prize. Thank you.

    • This is SUCH a high compliment, Sandra. Thank you for taking the time to write and tell me that. I hope your husband finds some value in the conversation. I’ve heard the call from so many who would like to continue this discussion, that I’ve been over here planning. I’ll be in touch soon, but I hope you’ll continue to check back in.

  47. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate all of the ideas and positivity.

  48. yarn looks beautiful

  49. Thanks, Melody! It’s so wonderful that you are able to spend time with your sister on your journey.

    • It truly is! I’m really, really lucky to have a loving compassionate being as my sister and best friend. She’s a true gift to my life and journey and the time I get to spend with her is valued DEEPLY.

  50. love the colours in the wool.

  51. I have learned so much this month with dealing with depression. Most of what you have said, I have learned along the path to my own well being, but it is so good to hear it again. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I just need to make sure that I take care of me more and others less when these hard times come. We have been taught to not be self-centered, yet we need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

    • We can always use more reminders and encouragement. It’s so easy to fall back into old patterns, that it takes active diligence and self care to stay in a higher energy place. I’m finding myself learning about reminders, and slipping back when I take on too much (old patterns), etc. again. Sending love and good energy your way! Thank you so much for following along throughout this month. I’ve heard the call from so many of you that you’d like to continue the conversation, that I’ve been over here planning. I’ll be back in touch soon.

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  54. I think I was meant to find this blog, and I only wish it was sooner! So many blogs are full of silly “fluff”, but this has substance! Thank you! Anyone can benefit! On top of that, you are doing a yarn giveaway, AND a free pattern!!!
    Thank you! You have a new subscriber, and I am sharing this!
    May God bless you!

    • Aww! What a huge compliment! Thank you Cindy. I hope you continue to enjoy reading here…now that I’ve discovered this merging of my soul passions with my hobby passions, I can see big things happening.

  55. The coupon code will not work for me.

  56. Melody Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I appreciate all the time effort and information you have given me. I want you to know I understand. It helps me see that when I have those days that are harder than others, I am not alone!? Thank you also for this awesome yarn giveaway!?

  57. Thank you for sharing your journey. It has been so refreshing to read each day’s post and to hear that others are going through the same thing I am. It’s been so nice to know that I’m not on this road alone.
    I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you Melody, I love your patterns and I want you to know how much I’m learning from your patterns. I’ve crafted my whole life but this is the first year (at 53) that I’ve learned to read and follow a pattern. I’m pretty proud of myself for learning the crochet cable from your Cabled Sleep Cap. I’m pretty excited to dive into your other patterns now.

    • Woohoo!! I’m proud of you too Linda! Such an awesome report that you’re learning to read patterns and picking up new skills. It can be so rewarding to push the limits on something we love…especially because usually it helps us realize that we’re capable of so much more than we had realized. Thanks so much for following along throughout the month. Your support has meant a lot to me!

  58. I’m one of the lucky ladies whose husband loves to feed the stash. He’s a mixed media artist and he knows how to crochet as well. Money is a bit tight right now so winning this would really help my stash and make so many mittens for Mittens for Detroit. 🙂

  59. Just ran across your blog today and I thought I would enter the yarn giveaway..but reading it I clicked on the December 29th entry and read that also.. as it turns out December 29th is my birthday! just went to Ravelry and downloaded the free owl pattern and I’m going to make it for my little granddaughter this Christmas who is just a little over a year old! Thank you so much for sharing it!

    • Awesome! Happy Belated Birthday and I hope you enjoy the pattern. Would love to see a pic of your sweet granddaughter in it when you finish.

  60. Yarny goodness always makes me happy, as does knitting gifts for others to enjoy.

  61. Melody,
    Thank you for your yarn and pattern giveaway!
    I shared this in two FB crochet groups late last night, and I also entered. I have not received your email yet, unfortunately. I know there was an interest in this, so please, help me so I can let them know I received it. Thank you so much! ?

    • Do you mean my email for the Choose One North Star Code? If so, please check your spam or promotions folder. If you still don’t see it, please email me directly at [email protected] and I’ll be sure you get all the info you need. Thanks for your patience with my sometimes finicky auto system 🙂

  62. Thank you Melody for an amazing month!!! I have several friends of varying ages, who live with depression, so very aware of how hard it can be. I enjoyed reading your posts all month + hope you also gained some benefits after all the hard work you put into it. The yarn contest (or gift card/ hi from Canada!) is just a lovely layer of frosting @ the end of a month of lovely free pattern too.
    Wishing you happy holidays….. Andrea

  63. Thanks so much for sharing your story/journey. It’s very helpful to me as I’m also going through a rough time.

    • Sending big hug and loves your way! I’ve heard the call from many others going through tough times that continuation of these types of topics would be meaningful. I’m doing lots of planning over here, so stick around. I’ll be in touch soon 🙂

  64. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing. I shared on Pinterest and Twitter.

  65. Thank you so much for this insightful time in November.
    You do great work giving us your thoughts on depression.
    Your patterns have been great also.
    Thank you once again.

  66. Great give away!

  67. dear melody,
    thank you so much for this wonderful series.
    and yes, i would love to receive this yarn giveaway … i am a ‘dyed in the wool’ yarnaholic!
    best regards always,
    margaret/daisy lerner

  68. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful insight. I shared your blog to my sister.

  69. I’m sooo glad I found you! Best yarn emails ever! Blessings and hugs to you! xoxo

  70. Coming into November, I knew it was going to be a difficult month. My granddaughter was placed for adoption in October, just a little under a year after my grandson was placed for adoption last November. November 27th was a day I had trouble being my usual bubbly self. Then, that night, I got a text from my daughter. I didn’t understand it and since it was late, I didn’t worry too much about it. The next morning, my mom informed me the message was a mom-working link…to their wedding page. When typed in, it took me to a page that announced they had eloped in Vegas…three times within one year my daughter ripped my heart out and tore it to shreds. Now, like-minded crafty people like all of you are my life-line to sanity. Thank you, Melody, for sharing your journey. It’s like a light in a dark tunnel. I need to find my way out of this darkness.

    • I’m so glad you’ve found a little light here throughout this month, Barbara. I’m sending you big hugs and love. Keep checking in because I’ve heard the call from so many of you for continuation of these types of topics that I’ve been doing some planning….will be back in touch with news soon. You’re strong, and loved <3

  71. Melody just wanted to say thank you for sharing your soul with us. You have just a beautiful way with words and I have gained so much from reading this series. I don’t feel so different and alone anymore. Because so many other people have commented and shared their feelings I now feel more normal X

  72. You’re very welcome Amber! Thanks for following along.

  73. I really enjoy your blog. I have found some great info on it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  74. I love following your blog. I find so many patterns that i can easily do. I make things fkr the hospitals and the local homeless shelters.i love that your doing a giveaway.

  75. Thank you for your thought provocating blog AND a chance to win yarn?

  76. Donna,
    I love how you are so open about everything & sharing so if anyone else is experiencing the same, there is help! Bless you & have a wonderful holiday season!

  77. Thank you so much for your inspirations, I really enjoyed it. I would love to receive the yarn.

  78. Margaret M Stevenson


  79. Melody,
    Having been on a similar journey in my past, I appreciate your sharing of this journey, and the encouragement you have offered though the blog. May your soul be comforted by the knowledge that you have made a difference. Hugs, and happy knitting…or crocheting!

  80. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! The timing of this is so beneficial to me in particular, because the holidays can be soooo stressful and self-love is needed now more than ever 🙂 You have been a constant in my life since I first came across your blog,. Mainly because your generous spirit gives me a boost all the time!!!

    • Aww! I love that! Thank you for telling me. I hope you’ll continue to follow along….I think we’re going to be talking about a lot of awesome things.

  81. I just entered your yarn giveaway. It would be the perfect gift from me to me.

  82. Melody, I have loved this last month of your blog, not that I haven’t loved any other month :). I have been treated for bi-polar for 23 years with no good results and approached my doctors 3 weeks ago to ask to be taken off my meds. I couldn’t even remember what I was like without psychotropic meds, so for 2 days now I have been officially off my meds and I have been clearer minded than I have been in years. I am only 39 and had felt and been told by my family that I resembled an elderly patient with dementia. I may have been misdiagnosed this whole time. But I still have a mood disorder, it just may be one treated with therapy not drugs. Just reading your blog each day kept me going while I was weaning and I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me. Thank you very much for being you. 😀

    • Love, love, love this comment Melanie. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been moving in empowerment to better your situation this past month, and I’m so thrilled that the blog helped you as you were working through the weaning stage. I’m proud of you for trying something new if what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working. I hope you’ll continue to check in here and follow along too.

  83. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and your lovely patterns too!

  84. Tagged a bunch of friends and a couple of them are new followers for you. 😉

  85. Thank You! For sharing, I will also! Contest is just gravy. Thanks, Happy Holidays

  86. Thank you so much for your inspirational and educational posts. Love your blog.

  87. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have a number of your patterns – some for me, some for family & friends. You design very nice things.

  88. I’d love to win yarn! There’s so many projects you can make with it!
    Now, can you give me more time to enjoy it? That’s the real prize!

  89. Would love to win this! Love your blog! Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  90. Who wouldn’t want to win such lovely yarn? Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Holidays!

  91. Can not find the form. Google has put several entry forms that zip you off to another “universe “. Not your fault, it’s how google workd?
    Id like to enter

  92. Margaret M Stevenson

    Hope I win!

  93. Hope I win, but good luck to everyone. Would love to make a few gifts from this yarn. Merry Christmas

  94. thank you for doing this series of blog posts on mental health. It is all consuming in today’s society and still needs so much awareness to erase the stigma connected to it. Mental health is such an important topic. Love your awareness campaign. Congrats on your commitment to yourself for self care, so many of us just do, do and do, and never give them-self self care. Thank you for having a contest and giving away free patterns, good luck to all.

  95. Hi Melody,
    Thank you very much for all the thoughts, insights, and guidance. I’m sending positive vibes your way to you and your husband and hope the holiday season fills you with love from him, your family, and your friends. I lost my husband to cancer 6 1/2 years ago, 2 years almost to the date, my youngest daughter 23 was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two years later she was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic, and a year after that my daughter who is 30 was diagnosed. It’s been a very rough road of highs and very low lows for both me and my youngest. She has been dealing with depression since high school, and my life just has me spinning. We take it one day at a time, sometimes an hour at a time. Thank you again for all you have given to your readers! If I win this yarn, with happen to have my youngest daughters’ favorite colors in it, I am going to make something for her. Thank you again for the opportunity with the giveaway.

    • Thanks so much for this comment and for following along, Caryn. I’m sending so much positive energy and love your way. Sounds like a year of highs and lows for sure. I hope 2019 brings more high than low for you <3

  96. My husband agrees with many above…but this weekend he was shopping for tools (of which he owns plenty) and i struck a deal with him. I can never have too much yarn as long as he never has too many tools! Ended the conversation right there! LOL. thanks for the chance to win this box! Looking forward to what i can create!

  97. Oh no worries about me following along, I’m a for-lifer Melody Making’s Fan now!! 😀 I am doing pretty good totally off the meds now and I KNOW it’s the crafts and my puppies that are doing it for me. Also being able to talk to fellow crafters who feel and see the same way I do. Stay Awesome Melody. ❤ Mel

  98. I’m so glad you shared your journey with depression. It helped me very much! I missed the $12.99 discount but got a lot of great patterns! Thank you!

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