Lovely Lily Earwarmer Crochet Pattern – Freebie!

Lovely Lily Earwarmer Crochet Pattern by Lisa Jelle

Lovely Lily Earwarmer Crochet Pattern by Lisa Jelle

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these designer showcases….and I couldn’t be more pleased to be featuring Lisa Jelle of Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts!  Please head over and check out all her fun work on her Ravelry Page.

Lisa has written up a really beautiful sample pattern for us to try out!  The color options on this one are limitless…..I can see some truly gorgeous Earwarmers being crocheted using this pattern!

Here’s what she has to say about this design:

“The newest addition to the Lovely Lily crochet pattern collection by Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts is the Lovely Lily Earwarmer. While its lacy and feminine stitch pattern looks classy and stylish, its wider than typical fit ensures that it will function as a bona fide cold weather accessory to warm your head that you’ll want to wear every day. Stay tuned for more designs in this timeless collection.”

As part of the showcase love, I got to ask Lisa a few questions, and I love the answers!  Get to know her just a little bit more:

1. If you could be any type of yarn what type would you be and why?
          Some kind of thick and squishy roving yarn, the kind that everyone is making those heavenly arm knit blankets with? Yeah, I could get lost in myself if I was that yarn.
2.  Where’s your favorite spot to craft?
          We recently moved into a smaller house and I don’t currently have a designated office/crafting room anymore (though we’ll be building me a She-shed in the backyard this Spring, lol) so I have a corner of the living room with a big comfy chair and space for all my “stuff” around me…I can still be part of the family happenings that way.
3.  What project or type of project do you fantasize about making but have never gotten around to it? 
        I’m constantly rolling unorthodox ideas around in my head, or sketching them out. Using alternative materials, designing things no one expects to see made out of yarn, etc. Part of the thrill of those ideas is the challenge I think….breaking the rules, making people think.
4. Where do you craft?  What’s your fav part?
      I craft anywhere and everywhere. I’ve coined the word “carchet” because we live in very rural part of our state and end up on pretty long car rides regularly, so I’ve adapted my car ride environment to be able to keep working….I mean c’mon, that’s VALUABLE productivity time. The husband is concentrating on driving and the kids are literally physically strapped down (lol) and sometimes sleeping (bonus: silence). My motto in life is “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself~Anonymous” and I believe that to my core.
5. If you were to be locked in a yarn store unable to get out, which one would you choose and why?
        Oh my, the nearest store to us that sells yarn at ALL is about an hour and a half away…so I would pretty much take what I could get. When we travel, I’m discovering those unique independent yarn shops with little coffee bars or reading nooks and overstuffed/inviting furniture. Drop me off and pick me up when it gets dark, right 🙂 ?

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  2. I love the ear warmer pattern. I’m going to start on it right away to make for my son’s girlfriend. Thank you for the pattern. I love reading your blog each week. I get a lot of useful ideas from you.

  3. I don’t crochet but this is a very nice pattern. I can’t wait to see the knit along that starts tomorrow.

  4. Thank you so much for this warm pattern to keep your ears nice and warm..

  5. Thanks for the pattern!

  6. Thank you. Wish I had know about you last year. Looks like a fun blog.

  7. Love patterns

  8. I get too warm with a hat even in the coldest weather but this pattern looks like I will not over heat I will work it up over the next few evenings and let you know

  9. Can’t download ear warmer pattern.

  10. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern…

  11. Thanks for sharing your experience and patterns.

  12. San Juanita Petersen

    Must make this!

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