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knit slippers on girl
Netherlee Slippers – Free Knit Slipper Pattern

These knit thrummed slippers are named after my daughter Netherlee.  She’s a fun and colorful girl, which I’ve tried to bring to life in the slippers.  They have cozy warm roving felt on the inside making them super snuggly to slip cold feet into.  Plus the thrumming gives the slippers a cool effect (I did rainbow thrumming in mine).  With six sizes in the pattern, you’ll be keeping lots of feet warm and happy.

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knit slipper
Free Knit Slippers Pattern

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  1. Thank you for the patternJoan. I’m a survivor from the Paradise fire. I burned to the ground so I’m starting over from scratch.

  2. Wish we lived closer. You are amazing and I would love more “real” friends like you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey.

    • Ahh!! I wish we could have a regular friendship crafting circle each week! But at least we’ve got the blog as a way we can meet up and share support.

  3. Knitting and the times I get to curl up in my room with my Daughter are the things that I really do to keep mind and body in balance. That and a lovely, steaming coffee in the mornings. It’s the little things.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful patterns! I have also recently really been working on getting more and better sleep. In the past I would regularly stay up until 2 or 3 AM, because it was my “me” time. But I read a couple books about the terrible impact of inadequate sleep, so I’ve really been working on getting to bed at a decent hour. (I always aim for 10, but it’s usually closer to 11, sometimes 11:30) Also earplugs and a sleep mask that blocks all light helps. ANd I’ve been trying to avoid LED light before bedtime as well. It seems LED light (put out by all of our favorite devices) negatively effects our REM sleep, and that has pretty serious consequences too. Still working on it, but I’ve definitely been getting more sleep than I used to.

    • Way to go! I also used night time as my “me” time in the past. It’s hard to give up, but I function much better with the extra sleep 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for your generosity and your willingness to open up and discuss depression.

  6. All this discussion really has my mind going. A lot of what’s been going on makes more sense. With taking care of my father I almost never got enough sleep at night. I’m not able to sleep during the day. I would stay up late just to finish chores from the previous day and try to get some of my projects done. Lately, before my daddy went to my sisters 2 weeks ago I started experiencing, the doctors told me was sleep paralysis. That is some Scarry stuff. Has anyone else experienced it? The first time it happened I really thought I was going to die. Since my dad left to visit my sister I decided to concentrate on getting rest. Well it started with sinus trouble and now it has gone in my chest. I figure my body was so exhausted that when I did start trying to rest more I just collapsed. Back to subject, after I get better I am going to try my best with not worrying about much on what I didn’t get done that day and concentrate on ME getting enough sleep so I can go on or continue the next day. Like you said it is harder to do what is best. You just have to keep practicing. I guess that is what I’m going to have to do. At night I can’t relax in the dark so I have to have some sort of light on and also the pure quietness gets my mind wondering again and all those voivces, thinking I hear all kinds of sounds so I have to have either the TV or radio on. I don’t know what to do to break that habit.
    Thank you so much for all your sharing. A lot of things I’ve never thought about and maybe changing some of those will help.

    • I’m so glad this series is helping bring some awareness to some of the things in your life that you can change and improve. It’s amazing how there’s a whole world of information out there that we simply don’t think to dive into until we have to. I wasn’t into any of this stuff until I was practically forced because my depression got so out of hand. Now I realize there’s such value in it and I can see improvement as I put little things into practice in my life daily….but it’s not always easy! We’re trained with a lifetime of bad habits…so remember to be compassionate to yourself along the way too.

  7. I’m so sorry with what you are going through. If there is anything I can get or share with you let me know. I have a huge pattern library. Where exactly do you live? I went through hurricane katrina and we also lost everything. We were left with the cement slab. ?

  8. I committing to joining a class at my local gym, which is geared towards people like me that have challenges to being able to work out like “normal” people.

  9. Rest is so important. Yet it is a challenge as a mother to remember getting good rest makes me better able to handle the responsibilities of my family.

    Concerning devices in the evenings, I switched from watching tv or movies to listening to audio books. Libby is a great app for smartphones, where I can check out an audio book from my local library. Then I can knit. My present pattern I knit in the evening is a shawl for a friend whose sister recently passed away. Every stitch is a prayer for her, as she faces the first holiday without her dear sister.

    • Yes rest is so important, and so easy to give up in order for “me” time. Love that you’ve been able to find a great way to pass the evening device free. Sounds lovely! Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. I cannot access the site to download the Netherlee Slippers. For some reason it will not let me.

    Please could someone forward this pattern to me at [email protected].

    Thanking you in advance.

  11. I am told to enter a valid email address which I have.funny you can email me but now will not accept when I want your lovely slipper pattern

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