Grey Days Hat {Free Knitting Pattern!}

adult cable knit hat pattern

Free Knit Hat Pattern

The Grey Days Hat is a stunning new free knit hat pattern that I’m thrilled to feature here on the blog today!  I’m a big fan of cables, and the amazing cabling featured in this project takes that love to a whole new level.  Make with DK (3) yarn, this adult knit cable hat pattern is filled with detail and a beautiful project to knit.

Thanks to Marie Segares for contributing as part of my Guest Designer Program.


Knit Hat Patterns

Adult Cable Knit Hat Pattern

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Marie Segares of Underground Crafter

Marie Segares is the crochet and knitting designer and crafts blogger known as Underground Crafter. She believes in doing something with her hands everyday. You can get free crochet and knitting patterns, craft tutorials, recipes, and more on her blog.

Visit Marie’s website, Underground Crafter, by clicking here.

Knit Hat Pattern

Cable Knit Hat Pattern

30 Comments On “Grey Days Hat {Free Knitting Pattern!}”

  1. I can’t seem to download this lovely hat. I keep being passed back and forth between Ravelry and this page… Any helpful hints? Also- although I have favorited saved this in my library, and found the queue tab. I’ve no idea how to queue my patterns (nor do I really get why I would- but happy to, if it helps you and the other designers.) I’ll get to it, when I have time. Queuing it will only lead to feeling badly that I didn’t get to it yet, and I don’t really need/want that in my life.Thanks!

    • We may have already chatted on this Charlene (sorry if so!) but you’ll need to input your info. into the form on this page and then the pattern will be sent via email 🙂

  2. Love it

  3. I, too, love cables! The more the better! Love the hat pattern! Thank you!

  4. The gray days hat pattern won’t download. Keeps telling me link isn’t working.

  5. Wow, this hat looks great , I love your choice of colours!
    Thank you so much for gifting it ❤❤❤❤

  6. Debbie A Bouteiller

    Nice looking pattern. Can’t wait to try it!

  7. This looks great!
    Thank you Melody!

  8. Love the pattern I am starting it when I get it omni

  9. I am just learning to knit. Hoping to get to this level soon.

  10. So beautiful

  11. Great hat to make for a special gift!!

  12. I am looking forward
    to knitting more cables thanks to you Melody. Thank you

  13. Very pretty. Will make it soon Thx.

  14. Simply amazing! I love the stitches in the cables, it’s totally new, different, and beautiful.

  15. So sad that I can’t knit for anything cause this would be perfect for the Almost Home Project!!!!

  16. looks terrific!

  17. On able to get this pattern or any of your free patterns that even after the mystery one

    so if you could please help me I would I would appreciate it very much Much thank you

  18. Hi Melody
    I have been trying unsuccessfully to download the Grey Days Hat pattern.

    Thanks so much

  19. Marietjie du pisanie

    Love the pattern i am starting it when i get it thanks

  20. Thank you in advance!

  21. I got it ! Thanks

  22. I would love to have your lovely grey days hat pattern, but did as i was told and have not received it yet, please let me know if i am doing something wrong, Thanks.

  23. Going to knit this for my daughter as her twins of 6 months have a babies ones just like it

  24. Hope to knit this for chemo ladies

  25. please forward me a copy of your knitting pattern, my daughter in law has to have chemotherapy and so it looks an ideal hat for me to knit her

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