Kindergarten Graduation, Netherlee’s Two and Theo’s Sleepy

Charlie’s Kindergarten Graduation

The high mountain sun was baking down on us through the twigs in the tree above. No leaves. All of the trees I could see from where I was sitting, in a Town awarded “Tree City USA” status, had full, green leaves. The tree providing shade for Charlie’s Kindergarten graduation, although impressively gigantic, had only twigs. Nonetheless, the celebration was great. Melody and I were beaming with pride as Charlie did his “fly away,” walking over the steps into 1st grade. I later asked Charlie what his favorite part of kindergarten was. A smile spread across his face, he filled his chest, then said, “Every part!” Melody and I are happy parents.

Charlie’s Kindergarten “Fly Away”

Just the day before, on May 25th, Netherlee Bee turned 2 years old. What!? As she strives to catch up with Charlie (now 6) in every aspect, she has been growing so fast. When she’s hungry, Netherlee runs to the kitchen and grabs the refrigerator handle with both hands, then walks up fridge with her feet, as if she’s standing horizontal on the door, trying with all her might to pry it open. When I ask her what she’s doing, the reply I get is, “Hungy.” Then I say, “Hungry?” And then she giggles with delight that I understood what she wanted.

Meanwhile, Theo is a smiling, sleepy baby. As a proud father, I have a certain glow after being the first one to dress Theo in a new outfit (usually from the thrift store, but new to him). My baseless arrogance was crushed however, when yesterday Melody said, “There’s a price tag stuck to Theo’s belly.” She then said it was really


stuck and we would have to get it wet before it could be removed. I thought about that. I wondered if Melody knew I was the one that put him in that onesy? I volunteered to give Theo a bath. After the bath I could still see a rectangle of clear glue on Theo’s belly. But he was smiling…

Life is busy and Melody and I are always trying to keep up. But there is joy all around us and we try to remind ourselves of that every now and then. After all, in just the past few weeks, Charlie graduated Kindergarten, Netherlee turned 2 years old, and Theo is no longer for sale.

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  1. Jayne Roberson-Blume

    thank you so much for sharing your lovely family with all of us.

  2. They are all growing up so fast! Thanks for sharing the cute pictures.

  3. These are days to save as great memories. Glad for you Melody that takes time to care for the household and friends, sharing so much in a loving, unselfish way. Congratulations to the boy and you. That’s how a real and capable wife, mother and woman Runs or administers her Home, like king Solomon said in Proverbs;31:10 to 31. Your family will and should love and appreciate all your hard work. That’s the kind of happiness soon all humankind will enjoy throughout the worl under Jehova’s God Kingdom With Jesus as King. That’s why Jesus theached to pray for it in “our Father” Prayer. And the Will of His Father Jehovah, our creator will finally be fulfill. By having the earth full of perfect humans living in perfection just as He did to Adam and Eve. Satan interfere in that plan, but he couldn’t destroy it. That’s why the first prophesy in Genesis 3:15 is coming to it’s end soon. Then we’ll enjoy the glorious liberty as sons of God. With our loved ones who passed away back to life, perfect health, no violence or crimes, nothing bad at all. Look in your bible at Psalm;37:10,11,29..83:18.Isaiah, Chapters 11,35,65. And Revelation,21:3-5. Chapter 12:7-12, and 6,shows why all suffering is happening.just a small example.But all will be ended and will enjoy eternal life in total peace. And one thing Jehovah God can not do is lie. That’s why he puts his Seal as a Garantee. Hebrews,6:18. Habakkuk;2:3. Isaiah;55:10,11. If you want to learn more about the future God offers everyone, go to JW.ORG. Sorry if the message bothers you, but I know we need some real hope and good news among all bad from every day. Good day, and a hug to your boy.

  4. Melody and Nick,
    You are so justifiably blest with beautiful children and lifestyle!
    We can all live in hope of equally beautiful things to enjoy!
    For those of us who are unable to lovingly touch one fingertip to that of our partner or one of our children through not being together, we have but to wait for our loving God to bring all of this to fruition!
    God be praised for those who can reach out to love and be loved!
    God bless you all now and always!

  5. Beautiful Family….make memories always. is to short…they’re this age today and tomorrow they will be a day older….xoxo

  6. Bummer that Theo’s no longer for sale. At 90 cents, he was quite the bargain!
    I can’t believe Netherlee is already 2 & Charlie has graduated Kindergarten & has started fiber art creating! I think Netherlee was about to be born, which would have made Charlie 4, when I joined the Melody’s Makings family.
    Y’all have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  7. So sweet! Netherlee’s cake turned out great, Melody!

  8. What a great post! Love that you guys so freely share your sweet family with us. My daughter is grown and no grands yet so i have to get my kiddo thrills vicariously through someone else. Enjoy your vacay–you’ll be missed!

  9. Thanks Nick for sharing your special family times with us all.Its lovely to see how the kiddos are all growing up and so quickly too.This site is not just about knit and crochet but it’s a family with those two things in common who love each other and we’re all over the world. How amazing is that? Lots of Love and Blessings to you Nick, Melody, Charlie, Netherlee and Theo.

  10. Heidi Higginbotham

    You àre quite the writer Nick! I enjoyed this snippet of your family’s life. Netherlee looks terrific in her yellow dress and mama did a great job with her cake. I didn’t realize Charlie wears glasses. What a handsome little guy; like his daddy right?? Enjoy your vacation!


  11. super adorable! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Such great fun to read about the goings on you guys come up with without even trying!

  12. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us. Enjoy your summer with your beautiful family. I am looking forward to the next knit a long.

  13. I too, would like to add my two cents of thanks, to you Nick for sharing your family & adventures, in words/pix with us, Melody your love of family, fun & creativity, Charlie, Netherlee & lil Theo for sharing your mom & dad with us! Thank y’all so much!

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