Journey Back to Power – Day 8

Sometimes the most powerful thing to do is to take a break. Self care goes a LONG ways.

Yesterday I woke up WORN OUT!

Showing up here on the blog consistently this month for this Journey Back to Power challenge is important to me. Honestly, though, I was feeling uninspired, emotional, and like rest was in order.

So I made an executive decision to take the day off and do what I needed to do to get my energy back into alignment. Especially with my kids coming home today, I knew I really needed to be at the top of my game.

Journey Back to Power Day 8

It can seem counterintuitive, but taking a break when our body and energy is calling for it can really help us to keep moving forward in the most powerful way.

There have been plenty of times that I’ve tried to push through a feeling of exhaustion and keep working… and you know what happened? I simply got more exhausted. My work got less inspired. I felt less connected. Nothing changed – my energy continued to go downhill.

Listening to our day by day and moment to moment needs is important.

The more we listen to ourselves and what our body is calling for, the more we can maintain a steadier energy overall by replenishing when needed.

So yesterday, rather than posting on the blog, I slipped away to a local hot springs. I soaked up some sunshine, I relaxed in the warm mineral water, I absorbed the beauty of the garden, and I had some nourishing conversations.

Xổ số miền bắc được phát trên khung giờ 18h đến 18h30 hàng ngày với 27 giải được xoso mb phát sóng trực tiếp trên kênh truyền hình VTC9 mang đến sự hài lòng phấn khích cho mọi người xem

Guess what? Today I’m feeling energized and ready to charge into my week.

Comment and tell me…

What do you do to re-align your energy? How do you give yourself some self care in order to get back to feeling inspired and uplifted?

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7 Comments On “Journey Back to Power – Day 8”

  1. The current pandemic and issues in the practice I work I’m have broken me; don’t be sad, being able to say that shows my reboot is starting.
    Throughout I’ve continued to knit but on small things.
    The biggest positives are the hats I’ve knit for #ISBFheroes (beer-related) that are auctioned during the online meet the brewers for Charity – Start in Salford, a mental health support organisation.
    I’ve based the hats on either the brewery casks or a specific beer.
    I’ve raised almost £400 since last October.

    • So awesome Tina! Amazing how giving to others can be so fulfilling! I’m so glad you’re feeling your reboot. Thanks for the lovely share ❤️

  2. Hiya Melody! I suffer from Bi-polar, ADHD, and Borderline Personality Disorder, the last 2 only diagnosed in the last couple of years. Sometimes they all crash together in a perfect storm of emotional drainage and turmoil. I can understand weariness and feeling drained. When that happens to me I have to shut myself away for some peace and quiet, I’ll usually nap or read or listen to a book, sometimes play a pc game, but usually not. Once in awhile pull out a favorite movie that I know is a spirit lifter. In my case I can’t interact with people because my brain and mouth don’t connect very well and misunderstandings happen a lot and it upsets me more. So until I am feeling better (sometimes hours, sometimes days) I just need easygoing peace with just the dogs as company. If I do crochet, I do an easy mindless pattern that I can start and finish quickly so that I feel a sense of accomplishment. I love hearing about your Journey, thank you for sharing!!

  3. Hi Melody,
    This past Covid lock downs took so much off our mental well being…
    Today, on Womans Day, I just felt like pampering myself by caring for my feet in a special way…yes, my feet. They carry me day by day, for almost 71yrs now…
    I’m always in a hurry and on the go, when I’m not sitting in front of my desk or knitting machine.
    After pampering my feet, it felt like I was walking on air and my spirit was also lifted, so I decided to visit my daughter and her family, which was’nt possible during our last four week lock down.
    What an awesome feeling of freedom and joy it was, just to drive care free and light hearted into the wind and sunshine.
    Blessings to you and your family.

    • I love this Alet! I have had foot specific self care moments in the past as well…. and you’re right – they can sure be uplifting! Way to go. Thank you so much for sharing. This really put a smile on my face.

  4. Hi Melody,

    I was allowing myself some time to myself today to recharge my batteries by sitting and catching up with non work related emails and stuff when I came across your post and I am very glad I did. It was just the tonic I needed. I read through all the other comments and it was really uplifting seeing how others spent their time caring for themselves (whether their times be long or short). I have been sporadically following your posts (I catch up on the missed ones) this month and the sunflower always brings a smile to my face even before I read a word, so thanks so much for your enthusiasm this month.
    Keep up the great work, and we will keep on cheering you on,
    Kerry from Aus

    • Awww! Thank you so much Kerry! THIS was just the tonic I needed today, so it seems we’re in a big loop of support for one another. I’m so glad you’ve been checking in and enjoying the posts this month.

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