Jennika MCAL Wrap Up!


Jennika Infinity Wrap Knit Pattern

The Jennika Mystery Create-A-Long has come to an end, and I simply can’t believe that we’re wrapping up both another successful community crafty event and 2016 all at the same time.  One of my chosen “words to live by” this year was “community.”  I feel satisfied in the knowledge that our amazing little community has worked together to create some beautiful projects and to cheer each other on throughout the year.  Here’s a little food for thought for you…

My last event of the year in 2015 had only around 400 people involved.  My last event for this year, Jennika, had over 1700 people involved….that’s 425% growth in just one year!  I’m so honored to be your leader in these journeys and to get to experience such great adventures with you.  It’s obvious that the word is spreading because we truly do have something unique and wonderful here!  Thank you for being a part of it.


Jennika Infinity Wrap Crochet Pattern

Jennika felt so smooth and fun for me, that I think I’m experiencing a bit of shell shock still!  Usually, at some point during these events, I lose my mind for a day or two worrying myself silly that things won’t fall into place.  Everyone participating in this event was just so positive, helpful, patient, and kind!  I felt your love throughout the project and it was appreciated more than you’ll ever know!

We created some amazingly gorgeous projects while keeping our community the beautiful place we know it to be.  What more could I ask for!?

You know I love showing off all the hard work we do during these events, so I’ve chosen a few of my favorite projects to showcase here.  Every single completed project I’ve seen has been beautiful, and it was hard to choose just these few!

Make sure you drop by the project pages for this pattern on Ravelry as well…..there are SO MANY stunning projects listed there!

Click here to be taken to the crochet project pages now (you’ll need to sign into Ravelry to see them).

Click here to be taken to the knit project pages now (you’ll need to sign into Ravelry to see them).

Be sure to also watch my quick video showcasing Jennika’s versatility!  This knit or crochet Infinity Wrap Pattern can be worn in at least 4-10 ways depending on how you choose to finish the project.

For those of you who didn’t participate in the event, but have fallen in love with Jennika (I know this because I’ve had quite a few people write me about it)….


Jennika Cabled Scarf Knit Pattern

I’ll be releasing the Jennika Inifinity Wrap/Scarf Pattern for sale again this week.  For just a few days, I’ll be offering a great deal on the pattern, and the chance to snag 2 free coordinating patterns along with it when you purchase!  Watch for my email with all of that information to come out Tuesday.

Thank you all again for the fun!  It was an absolute joy.  I’ve already started the design process for the next Mystery Create-A-Long and I’m EXCITED!  I love having something to look forward to!





Jennika Crochet Cable Scarf Pattern


Knit Infinity Vest Pattern


Jennika Knit Infinity Wrap by somagrrrl on Ravelry


Jennika Crochet Infinity Scarf by BreanaRene on Ravelry


Jennika Infinity Wrap Knit by Craftychipmunk on Ravelry


Jennika Crochet Infinity Wrap by Jessiecraw on Ravelry


Jennika Knit Infinity Wrap by JessDevine08 on Ravelry


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  1. Loved this project

  2. I loved everything, ,, especially the knit scarves.After only 30 years of trying to learn crochet, ,I finally got it,,,, and now I have to learn how to knit. Aaugh. I am 61 so not a spring chicken, haha. Most of the things I really love are knitted, pray I learn it faster than I did crochet. You’ll are so talented.

  3. I didn’t get mine started yet, but I love what I am seeing in the finished projects. I am excited to start soon. Thank you for alk your hard work in getting this together.

  4. Very lovely work !

  5. All I can say is…BEAUTIFUL!

  6. What I have seen is beautiful knits Thank You. I haven’t start but after the Christmas going too do. Again Thank You??❤️❤️?

  7. Terrific project . I am a little more than half done. Will finish after holidays

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