Is the Crafting Community an Ugly Place?

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For the last few days as I’ve scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed, I’ve seen all sorts of drama unfolding.  This isn’t really anything new within the crafting community (or any other community for that matter), I think we just happen to be riding a cresting wave at the moment.

Sadly, though, I’ve seen SO many negative comments about the knit and crochet communities, and how the crafting community in general has turned into an ugly place.  I’m really sad to hear how many people feel that way.

For me, the crafting community has been a place of love, support, and friendships.  Some of my closest friendships have developed through this online community, and my family depends upon the income that I make through my pattern business.  I adore all of the amazing groups filled with crafters who like to share their work and offer encouraging words to one another.  I’ve seen some of the most amazing charity projects develop, and reach success thanks to the crafters involved.  The world of crafting is one of the few places where I feel magic in the air.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few rotten eggs around.  Yes – as a pattern designer, I’m often battling against stolen photographs, or patterns being distributed illegally.  However, that doesn’t ruin the whole community for me.  That just encourages me to work harder to reach more wonderful crafters and to keep the love flowing.

I know that the majority of crafters are full of love, light, and honesty.  In fact, I’m convinced that the percentage of amazingly wonderful people is higher in the crafting community than nearly any other community in the world (I suppose I’m bias, but I really do believe it….).  In fact, I have so much faith in and love for this community that my husband is about to quit his job to join me in the Melody’s Makings’ adventure!  I’ve been blessed by wonderful customers, and supporters for so long – I simply can’t believe that could be changing.

Those who do negative things within the community, like sharing paid patterns, making negative comments about other people’s work, or just squashing the love out of crafting are few and far between.  There’s a thing called Karma for a reason, and I function with the belief that “what goes around comes around.”  It’s not my job to make it come around.  It’s my job to focus on and spread the good.

Do you feel like the crafting community is turning into an ugly place?  What can you do to help spread the love and light instead of the negativity?  Please comment on this post with your thoughts – I love to hear from you!

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25 Comments On “Is the Crafting Community an Ugly Place?”

  1. I don’t think the crafting community is an ugly place at all.. I have seen negative comments, but don’t actually think it’s true at all.. I think all of the blogs, etc. that I subscribe to are very positive places to be.. I wouldn’t subscribe if I didn’t think so.. Sometimes, you just have to let things go. You can’t please all of the people, all of the time. Sometimes negative people just can’t change for whatever reason, but don’t let that drag you down!! Blessings for peace..

  2. Dorothy Hunter-Talbot

    The only reason that I can think that someone would be posting that the crafting community is ugly is because they experienced something very negative. There are always going to be a few bad apples in the barrel but overall I would never say that the crafting community is ugly. I have received encouragement, support and unbelievable help from different people in the various groups that I belong to. After being in a car accident I firmly believe that all the positive from crafting community stopped me from going right off the deep end. I have also been impressed with the improvement and dedication to customer service.

  3. Where to begin? My first job was at a law firm and I enjoyed 24 years there. In those years when we had spare time a bunch of us cross stitch, sew, crochet, everything. One time I was asked by a coworker to make her baby’s bumpers, ruffles, quilt, etcand I said fine. I also found a cross stitch alphabet w/bunnies that would go with her fabric. Only problem: I couldn’t do it all. So I got this idea and asked my friend what she thought and by the next day iI had little kits made up for each letter. When all the girls finished their letter I put them all together in a quilt! Surprise! Over the years we made many more. After I left the firm my work changed and I have been working retail in fabric/needlework department. One job was fairly secluded away from the public. The retail job is in the public of course and it has turned out to be for the most part my greatest joy! No matter if I am tired or not someone’s project will affect me like an energy drink! I hear sad stories, new baby stories, weddings, birthdays,. Dragon-Con is coming up,Halloween, Christmas, etc. Crafting is not mandatory to live but for those of us who love our crafts and the joy and peace it gives us as we reach out through friend gifts or charities is priceless. There will always be naysayers. Don’t let them be a distraction. A while backI would be asked if crocheting and knitting were a dying art andI said no Idon’t think so. Then I found the websites and the energy and creativity coming through the posts and crafts — no matter your choice — is very alive — thanks to you and your company And others! . Keep up the good work!

  4. Ugly? Never! Crafters of all arts are best people that I have ever met. I remember my first craft show…another crocheter was in the same building with me and we were chatting about how one simple thing (hats) can be so different between two different crafters. I said I really liked her finishing method (reverse single crochet) but I didn’t know how to do it. She sat down with me and taught me how to do it. No other manufacturer of goods is going to do that. Crafters are special people with really big hearts who love to share their experience with others. I am so sorry that some have had bad experiences but those are few and far between.

  5. Dear Melody,
    I have never heard anyone say anything negative about the crafting field. The people that are saying that the crafting community is a ugly place, they are proably jealous of creative people.

  6. I think no matter what community you look at there are always going to be some negativity whether it be comments or anything else.I also believe that it is what you make it.My husbands favorite saying is “It is what it is”

  7. I personally don ‘t care what people say or think…. I knit because I love to knit! There are people that will always be better than me…. & people that wish they could knit as well, I knit for me, my family, my friends… People who say negative things are the people that will ever be happy. I ignore the rude comments, obviously these people are the way they are for a reason…. They are not happy!
    Life is too short to care what others do, think or say!!!
    Happy knitting!!

  8. I think the crafting community is wonderful. I think on the whole, people are kind and helpful. Unfortunately, no matter where you go there might be one or two bad eggs…how sad for them.
    On a forum I belong to, I posted a picture of a project I had completed. Two people out of say, maybe 30 or 40 people wanted the pattern for free. I researched (googled) to find the pattern, found out it was in a magazine that was several years old. Searched for the publisher and contacted them, they were helpful but not what I wanted to hear, searched for the magazine found it, ordered it, paid for it and made the darling little booties. I was asked if I could share the pattern, I told them I found it in what magazine, where I bought the magazine etc. One person emailed me to ask to share the pattern free of charge, she was retired and didn’t have much income. I emailed her and told her where I found the pattern, magazine and that I was retired too. She emailed back and thanked me and mentioned she had a lot of orders to fill….Huh?????…and you want me to give you the pattern for free….sorry..I guess I was venting a little.
    All in all, I love the crafting community, fun, helpful, educational. So there’s a few bad eggs…ignore them and go on enjoying your crafts!

    • Good for you! I am tired of hearing the excuse “I’m retired” to get things for free. I am retired, too, and would NEVER expect someone to give up their income for me!

  9. As far as I am concerned, the crafting community is alive, vibrant and possitive. Yes, I have come across some negatives, but they are few and far between. In my opinion, these people are showing their “sour grapes” and should be pitied, not embraced. There are just some people out there who can only see the bad and/or want to hurt others. We just can’t let them spoil it for the rest uf us.

  10. My experience within the crafting community has always been a positive one! I have made many friends from all over the world. I test for several pattern designers and I have a lot of respect for all of them. I have seen negative comments, but I have never experienced any of the things that the comments are about. Thank you!

  11. I know exactly what fb page you are referring too….i saw it this morning. I agree, there are some very nasty negative people in the crafting community. I try my hardest to stay away from that. but I also see that if someone doesn’t agree with the rest of the sheep…then that person is told to leave the group or don’t comment. lord forbid we have a difference of opinion or just don’t see things like they do. most of us get along very well, but there’s a few that just look for trouble. its sad really….we all have the same goal to crochet projects with love.

  12. This is the first time I’ve heard that we are an ugly community. I heartily disagree. I have found fellow crafters to be helpful and caring. I do craft shows and we are always sharing ideas, covering each other’s booths for breaks and making change for each other. I have found that people who complain all the time are just unhappy people and I feel sorry for them. I prefer to love life and my fellow crafters!

  13. I subscribe to a couple of crochet groups at Facebook. There have been times when someone made very ugly comments. I ignore those people, because for the most part people are loving and supportive.
    One time I even inadvertently started a huge argument between several people, who had ugly things to say, and though I tried to stop this snowball from getting bigger I was ignored.
    People will be hateful, and ugly no matter what or where you go. You have to let them go. You can pray for them, but that is all, and give thanks that most people aren’t that way.

  14. I belong to 2 crocheting and knitting groups. Everything is very upbeat in both groups. there is another group in my area, but just don;t have the time to join iy. But i haven;t heard any negative about these groups. People saying this must not have the enjoyment we do. i belong to several crochet groups and knitting on line. Enjoy them very much. I crochet wherever I go. I am always making something.

  15. There are negative people in every place, crafters included, and I have dealt with a few along the way. When I was younger, I wanted everybody to agree with me and like me at all times. Life just doesn’t work that way. So now when I look through my may different craft sites, I just ignore the negative comments and make sure I leave a positive and encouraging comment for them. We all have different tastes and likes, but there is no reason to try to make someone feel bad about their work. Momma always said if you can’t say something nice, then keep it to yourself!!!

  16. There will always be people who are to stupid, with no talent or imagination to create these beautiful projects. We are the lucky ones. Pay no ATTENTION to these POOR, UNEDUCATED LOWLIFES. My creativity has brouht so much pleasure to me, family, and many other

  17. I too have heard a few negative things about crafting but I belong to several crochet groups and they are the most loving, kind and wonderful people. Always willing to help in any way they can! May God Bless them all!!

  18. I am just getting into the crafting family after many years of doing things of a more monetary nature for family. I have found I have missed my crafts horribly and am finally able to enjoy them. The very few who are bad mouthing a community online are more than likely to have had a bad experiance with someone or have had limited dealings with the community. Certain crafts may not be the in thing at the moment but they are still being shown to out last the manufacturing side of our economy. We as a community have shown durability, ingenuity and plain hard work to master our crafts and should be very proud of what we do. Don’t let nay sayers destroy someones pride of accomplishment with their crafts and we should always encourage each other to continue to grow.

  19. I must admit I never noticed that people were feeling like this. Since I have been a part of your clientele Melody I learned of people stealing your patterns or pictures which is cruddy. Perhaps I just don’t pay enough attention to what other people are saying.
    I think that you do a fine job making yarn activities and enjoyment. I am so glad that I “stumbled” on your work when I first started to knit. You are still my first go to for anything pattern or technique. I think it’s awesome that your husband is thinking about joining you. I hope you guys are wanting to start selling comb top and roving for spinning?! I am new at spinning and don’t know what to do. You are a great teacher and I think you would be awesome at it if that is something that you would be interested in. 🙂

  20. I’ve seen both sides. I think designers are extremely brave in putting their work out there, but I’ve also seen people be extremely rude when you ask where they got their amazing Pattern. Overall though. It’s like anything else, it is what you make it. For me it’s relaxing.

  21. I love the crafting community that I have found online, and do my best to ignore the ugly that sometimes pops up. I am in awe of the designers and of the people that are brave enough to show the things that they make. I love to get new patterns, and I love to browse the completed items. Keep up the good work, the “Blue Meanies” will go away!!

  22. We have a very active knitting group sponsored by our local Arts Council that has been active for 10 years. It is absolutely THE most caring and helpful group I have ever belonged to. These women – of all ages – are willing to share, teach, help, listen and solve any and all of the group problems they are able. There is no negativity in our group and I have not heard any in our city about it. There are several occasions yearly that we are involved in and all are positive. Too bad there are “ugly” unhappy people bent on making others miserable. We try to be upbeat and make a difference in our community and the lives of others we touch in some sort of charity work each year. Knit on and be happy. 🙂

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