So Cute For All Guys – Big & Little! Free Pattern.

I-Cord Earflap Hat Pattern - Free Knit & Crochet Versions

I-Cord Earflap Hat Pattern – Free Knit & Crochet Versions

Boys are hard!  They’re hard to shop for, and they’re hard to craft for!  So I always love it when I come across a cute pattern perfect for the guys.

Ever since Netherlee arrived, I’ve been crafting for the little ladies {I’m sure you can imagine why!}, so this week I decided to take a break and make something new for my sweet Charlie.  I’m so glad I did.  He just started pre-school this week and I really needed some sweet photos of him….and this hat got me motivated to make that happen!  I may have gotten stung by a wasp during the photo shoot, but it was worth it 😉

I’m sharing this cute new pattern, The I-Cord Earflap Hat Crochet Pattern, along with the older knit version, for free here on my blog.  With all sizes Newborn through Adult included, it’s a great quick and cute project for any guy in your life.

In order to get the free pattern:

1. Head over to Ravelry and favorite and queue the pattern listing.  This is a great way to help new customers find my shop, and I SUPER appreciate you taking that extra moment 🙂

You’ll find the knit listing here.

You’ll find the crochet listing here.

2. Share this blog post with your crafty friends.  The more people who find my shop and enjoy my patterns, the more freebies I’m able to give away!  So please use the handy social sharing buttons at the bottom of this post or the link below so your friends can take advantage of this free pattern too.

3. Download, Save, and Enjoy!

Click here to download the knit version.

Click here to download the crochet version.

26 Comments On “So Cute For All Guys – Big & Little! Free Pattern.”

  1. Thank you! Awesome pattern!

  2. I needed this, thank you.

  3. this is so nice I might try a few for Christmas. Thank you so much for the free pattern

  4. So cute

  5. Both knit and crochet versions are lovely, thankyou!

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  7. Thank You!! The guys in my family are going to be happy, they feel like I am ignoring them and they just asked for a hat made out of camoflauge…snow camo in fact!! This hat should work out perfect for them!!

  8. thank you

  9. yOU DO NOT REALLY KNOW JUST HOW LUCKY YOU REALLY ARE, I wish I had the talent in my little finger that you have. To be able to write and re-write patterns. It must be mind boggling to be able to do that and then with a preschooler at your feet too.You are so lucky to be so talented.

  10. Thank you! I was looking for one of these.

  11. Will try this hat for my two great grandsons! Thank you, maybe for Christmas!

  12. I saw this pattern just as I was getting ready to leave for two weeks. Have been looking for it for the past two weeks. Definitely making one or two for my little granddaughter. Thank you

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  14. patron en francais possible ou non merci

  15. thanks for the pattern. it’s so cute. can’t wait to start knitting

  16. Thanks! Trying to get this whipped up in the next couple of days for my little dude!

  17. This hat is fantastic! I just want to make sure that the 7 inches (in the adult pattern) are measured from row 11 (edge of crown)? Or from the very center?

    • Always from the very center on my patterns. Just fold it in half (so it starts to get the hat shape) and measure from the upper most point 🙂

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  20. Thank you again for your generosity and a great pattern!

  21. Hello. And Bye.

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