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I am finally back with the next segment on how to do the purl stitch (I know, I know….it took me forever!!). I was off on a family trip to Seattle, which was tons of fun and has brought me back this week with renewed vigor. I apologize for the delay in getting this segment out – I am just occasionally reminded how little time I have to solely focus on my family. I decided that this vacation needed to be just that – a real vacation – for once! So I did very little e-mailing (the absolute minimum I could get by with) and have been rather disconnected. It felt good to step away from the online world, but, between you and me, it also feels good to be back!! Bahaha.

Anyways – on to the important stuff!! Let’s learn how to purl!! You’re excited, aren’t you? I can tell 😉

A purl stitch is pretty much the opposite of a knit stitch. If you look back at a knit stitch, you’ll see that after knitting a stitch, there is a bump on the back side of your right-hand needle. When you make a purl stitch, that bump is going to be on the front side. So….if you do all knit stitches (like we did last time) you’re going to end up with a Garter Stitch swatch which has bumpy ridges on both sides. The same thing happens if you do all purl stitches. That is what we’re going to be focusing on during this segment. This video should cover pretty much everything you need to know about purling!

Next time I’ll be back with a couple videos on how to mix the two stitches – knit and purl together (which is really exciting because then we’ll be able to start our hats!). Let me tell you a little secret….once you get down the basics of knitting and purling, you can do anything! Think I’m lying? I’m not!!! Knitting is pretty much comprised of these two stitches. Learn how to do them, and you’ll be able to do SO much. I will, of course, continue my videos into more intermediate and advanced techniques, but you’ll find yourself feeling like a pro once you have the techniques from this segment and the next segment down 🙂

Happy Knitting! Please remember to share your projects with me on my Facebook Page or in the Melody’s Makings’ Facebook Group. It thrills me to see how you’re doing! A couple of ladies have been sharing their progress with me, and I’m amazed at how quickly and easily everyone is picking up the skills! See – knitting is easy….I don’t know why you didn’t start years back!

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