How to Make Stitch Markers


Crochet Stitch Marker Tutorial

When Taunya, from Put A Bonnet On It, contacted me about doing a tutorial on how to make your own stitch markers, I was absolutely thrilled!  Those of you who have participated in my past Mystery Create-A-Longs, know that I’m not very fancy.  I usually use an old piece of scrap yarn as my stitch marker.  Though scrap yarn is easy and just as functional, there’s simply something so AWESOME about having a pretty stitch marker!  I can’t wait to dig up some supplies and make some of my own knit and crochet stitch markers using this great step by step tutorial.


Knitting Stitch Markers Tutorial

For those of you who aren’t into DIY Stitch Markers, but still want to use something pretty for your knit or crochet projects, make sure you check out Taunya’s Etsy Shop!  She has some beautiful stitch markers available.

Thanks to Taunya for creating this wonderful tutorial as part of my Guest Contributor Program!

If you’re going to use this DIY Stitch Marker Tutorial, then please extend a thanks to Taunya for all her hard work by giving her page a “Like” on Facebook.  Simply hit the “Like” button below:


Supplies You’ll Need:


Stitch Marker Supplies


How to Make Crochet Stitch Markers

DIY Crochet Stitch Marker Tutorial:


Crochet Stitch Marker Tutorial


How to Make Crochet Stitch Markers

DIY Knit Stitch Marker Tutorial:


How to Make Knitting Stitch Marker


How to Make Knitting Stitch Marker



Taunya Castillo of Put A Bonnet On It

As a professional photographer, Taunya has always loved trying to capture that perfect moment. As her friends and family asked her to photograph their babies, she developed a huge soft spot for documenting those ever so fleeting moments of babies, especially newborns! They change so quickly! That’s what inspired her to design and make a whole line of adorable photo props! This is how ‘Put A Bonnet On It’ was born.

Taunya’s products are all handmade by her. Her style is cottage shabby chic. She chooses materials that are very soft and comfortable against a baby’s skin. She does tend to make more one of a kind items. She is always getting inspired and then excitedly crochets or makes what she has been dreaming and designing in her heart.  She says “her heart” because she gets so emotionally excited and wrapped up in her latest ideas!  She’s not a fan of making the same thing over and over probably because she has more ideas than she’ll ever have time!!!  She does have stitch markers as well as a section in her shop called “Don’t Forget Mommy.” Stop in and have a look around!

Connect with Taunya, and Put A Bonnet On it Now:

Click here to visit her shop on Etsy.

Click here to visit her Facebook page.


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  1. What is the functional difference between the knit and crochet version?

    • When doing a knit version, you need a loop that can fit over your needles. So you make a loop rather than a clip 🙂

  2. Loved the tutorial!

  3. Luci Martin-Perry

    Thanks Melody! Such a cute & clever idea! I have some old costume jewelry that belonged to my mom, and this would be a wonderful way to repurpose it, in her memory, as she also taught me her love of crochet! Thanks again!

  4. Very good tutorial and practical. Thanks got my creative juices flowing. :))

  5. Do you know melody that’s what makes you a cut above the rest, these are amazing, thank you xxx

  6. What a great idea!

  7. Love this! Thank you for sharing her tutorial! I’d love to make some of both knit and crochet for my mom, who taught me both of the arts. 🙂

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  9. Thank you Melody for taking the time to make this very useful tutorial.
    I now have very pretty crochet stitch markers! x

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