Honeycomb Baby Bonnet – Free Crochet Pattern

I have the most awesome job ever, and part of that job is to make sure that I show off and brag about other awesome designers.  Today consists of one of those brag sessions, and I’m pretty excited about it.  Mostly because I just know you’re going to adore Ashley, of Ashley Designs, and all her beautiful creations.

Honeycomb Bonnet – This free crochet pattern includes all sizes Newborn through 3-10 Years.

Ashley has treated us to an incredible gift of her gorgeous new Honeycomb Bonnet crochet pattern.  The pattern includes all sizes Newborn Baby through 3-10 Year Child, and is such a cute and unique design.  Please head over to Ashley’s website to tell her thank-you for the gift right now.  Also, make sure you check out the giveaway for 10 patterns of your choice at the bottom of this post.

As part of the fun, I got to ask Ashley a few questions….I’m a little silly at heart (you probably know that by now) so I thought some non-traditional questions might help you get to know her a little bit better!  So, without further ado, meet Ashley.

1. If you could be any type of yarn what type would you be and why?
          I would be handspun yarn. I would want to be handspun yarn because that yarn is so unique.  The way it is handmade and really made with love. 
2.  Where’s your favorite spot to craft?
          My favorite spot to craft is my couch, even though my couch likes to eat my hooks, I have all of my supplies nearby and can work on new designs while snuggled with a blanket watching a favorite show or movie.  
3.  What project or type of project do you fantasize about making but have never gotten around to it? 
         I really want to make a sweater, I think garments are something very neat to be handmade. 
4. Care to share a photo of your craft space?  What’s your fav part?
Ashley's Favorite Spot to Crochet

Ashley’s Favorite Spot to Crochet

Here’s a picture of my craft room, it is going to be hard to pick my favorite part because there are so many.  I love that my office looks out to my front yard, my yummy yarn stash and the picture my daughter colored for me, okay I can’t really pick one favorite.

5. If you were to be locked in a yarn store unable to get out, which one would you choose and why?
         I would pick Hobby Lobby, the variety types of yarns they have to choose from are amazing and the color choices, oh my, that is heaven!!!


You can download your copy of the free Honeycomb Bonnet Crochet Pattern here.


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