Gratitude Challenge!

I am grateful for the trees,

and the breeze,

and the bees,

for “please,”

and a good tight squeeze.


Make a cute, silly gratitude list like the one above and share it in the comments here!

15 Comments On “Gratitude Challenge!”

  1. Grateful for blossoms and blooms,
    pretty little tunes,
    fluffballs and snowballs,
    and hot air balloons!!

  2. I’m grateful for day, night, and coffee to make everything all right.

  3. I am grateful for every new day, every breath that I take, every hook that I hold every stitch that I add, ringing joy to my life. I am grateful for the Lord we serve each day and night!

  4. I am grateful for my sweet puppy

    I am grateful for more time with my hubby

  5. I am grateful for my bed,
    and my cat,
    well both cats I’ll give you that,
    for losing my fat,
    and the wonderful curls on my head.

  6. I am grateful for the difficult path I must travel,
    knowing my Brother, Jesus, has wondrous plans.
    and the beautiful things God puts alongside my path.
    For the rain that always gives me solace
    and the thunder that comes out to play.
    I am grateful for each breath I take,
    deep and full with my Father
    and out with The Helper.
    Letting each moment and choice pass becoming history
    and moving toward the future with newness
    an array of choices and more gifts to cherish.
    to glorious new choices and adventure

  7. I’m grateful for the sunshine, the stars at night, the dew on the grass,frost on the trees.

    I’m grateful for families, for children, their laughter and joy, for time to laugh and time to cry, time for noise and time for silence.

    I’m grateful for life.

  8. I am grateful to God for all he has done,
    for family and friends, and crocheting for fun,
    for the shade of a tree, the honey from a bee, but mostly right now, for my new right knee.

  9. Grateful for my wonderful hubby
    and for the kitties and doggie ever so chubby
    Grateful to sing and dance in the rain
    For warm fuzzy kisses and great good night wishes

  10. For the smile of a child .

  11. Grateful for blessings.
    Blessings above, blessings below,
    Blessings wherever I go!

  12. I’m grateful for babies coos and smiles
    crochet styles
    music files
    leaves raked into piles
    traveling for miles
    with no destiny and coffee aisles

  13. I am grateful for each morning i wake up to the sun’s ray welcoming another day,

    Grateful for the time i get to hook my yarns and make creations,

    And i am grateful for my bed where i can rest my weary head at the day’s end.

  14. I am grateful for my family
    They come for a visit happily
    I’m grateful for the Lord above
    Who always showers us with Love
    I’m grateful for the stars at night
    That are so beautiful and bright
    I’m grateful for the morning sun
    That tells me my day has begun
    I’m grateful for the trees and flowers
    That we can gaze upon for hours and hours
    I’m grateful for all my good friends
    With whom, many hours I can spend
    I’m grateful to be alive
    And to stay that way I shall strive

  15. I am grateful for my two boys
    They have now outgrown the toys
    And given me grandchildren to bring all types of joys
    I am grateful for the love of my God
    For his keeping healthy this old bod
    I am grateful for my knees that hold me up in prayers
    and I am grateful that my home has no stairs
    I am grateful that I can pray
    And then go on with my blessed day

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