Grand Prize Giveaway ~ Win $500+ Worth of Patterns, and Yarn!

This new website is all about you….and me.  Let me explain!

When I set out to create a new website, I knew that it had to be something user friendly…Something beautiful and easy to navigate, but mostly, something filled with fun, goodies, and amazing crafty vibes.  I also knew that it needed to be a place I loved….As I built my website, I imagined a super awesome, friendly, fun, and quirky coffee shop where every knitter and crocheter could just stitch their heart away.  Wouldn’t it be lovely?

In the last couple of weeks since the launch of my new site, I have felt like I’m living in that coffee shop….My stress level has gone down, my stitching time has gone up, and I feel like I’m back in alignment with my crafty self….one of the best parts about coffee shops, though, is watching the people, and my little website coffee shop is no different.  There’s something about crafting that attracts the best people.  I have been overwhelmed by this amazing sense of community and love SO many times in the past, and once again I am reminded how wonderful you all are.

Thank you for spending time with me here, or on Facebook, or even just in spirit.  I’m looking forward to some long “stitch and bitch” or “stitch and grin” sessions around here in the future, and I sure hope you’ll check back often and join in the fun.

So how about one last chance to win while I sit over here sipping my coffee and knitting a new design?

  Giveaway Week 3


The Grand Prize:

135 Patterns from Melody’s Makings

7 skeins of awesome, fun yarn from Melody’s Makings

Giveaway yarns - 2

3 Skeins of Berroco Comfort Chunky Yarn Supplied by Berroco

This Yarn is used for my Strawberry Shorts Set (both a knit and crochet version):

0343 - Logo

10 Pattern Bundle from RAKJ Patterns

RAKJ Patterns

Shop Credit to the BEST yarn shops around:

$40 shop credit to The Fine Lime

The Fine Lime

$50 shop credit to Ilash Designs


$25 shop credit to Expression Fiber Arts

Expression Fiber Arts 2


For a total of $500+ worth of prizes!


1) Sign up for my newsletter using the entry form at the bottom of this post.  You’ll receive a free pattern to say thanks within the hour!

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Enter through the Rafflecopter below.

Winner will be randomly selected and announced next Friday, April 25th.

Good luck!

Extra Chance to Win:

Send a crafty friend over to this page and tell them to comment on this post letting me know you sent them.   You will receive an entry into a drawing to win a 10 pattern bundle for each friend who comments with your name.  Please be honest, and only send other crafty folks this way!  Let’s keep this joint relevant 😉

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  50. Done, shared, liked Would love to win this, still learning to knit and needing lots & lots more yarn!!!!

  51. Daughter-in-law starting photography for infants and the patterns and ideas are great!

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