Patriotic Mason Jar Cozy {Free Pattern!}


July 4th Decor Knitting Pattern

You know those people?  The ones who always have their houses decorated in adorable crafty decor for every holiday?  I’m not one of those people.

I seem to be perpetually behind for planning anything associated with any holiday….and when I do plan something, it’s usually 2 days in advance.  So I’m rather tickled with my new July 4th decorations….2 whole weeks in advance!  What!?


Patriotic Decor Knitting Pattern

I’m a huge fan of mason jars.  I use them to can the food we grow in our greenhouse, I use them to drink my coffee every morning, and we usually have a couple floating around as makeshift vases.  So when I decided to add a splash of July 4th to my home decor, incorporating a mason jar was the obvious choice.  This cute Mason Jar Cozy Pattern comes in either a knit or a crochet version and offers a super easy, cute option for adding a splash of patriotic decor to your home!

Make sure you also check out my tutorial for making the cute DIY Patriotic Wreath shown in the photo above!  It’s a quick and easy project perfect for July 4th.


Patriotic Decor Crochet Pattern

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July 4th Crochet Pattern

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Download the crochet pattern by clicking here.

Download the knit pattern by clicking here.








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  1. Love it!
    Since CO 40 for 10″ mason jar, why not CO 80 for a beanie & do the standard decreases for the crown!
    Will do
    Susie in Phx

  2. Very Nice!! Thank you so much for the pattern!! Have a Great 4th of July!!

    Be safe!

  3. Love these patterns as one can change the colors to suit their décor. thanks again for your kindness

  4. Thanks for this pattern in crochet and knit! I use mason jars and other jars also!

  5. Great! Thank you so much for the pattern.

  6. Thanks Melody for another fun free pattern!

  7. Thanks for the free pattern…..God Bless!!

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