The Traveling Tu Family ~ Free Easter Crochet Pattern!

Crochet Amigurami Bunny Family Pattern

Free Easter Crochet Pattern

What better way to add a little fun to Easter Baskets this year than with this adorable micro family of traveling rabbits!?  This free crochet pattern will get you on track to giving your kids the most unique and fun baskets around….while still featuring your hand-made touch!

Free Rabbit Crochet Pattern

Crochet Amigurami Easter Bunny Pattern

Mommy and Daddy bunny enjoy long strolls through Easter Egg Fields.  Big Brother and Baby Sister Bunny are a little rascally at heart, and love playing hide and seek inside of Easter Eggs.  The whole bunny family loves being tucked away in their sweet carrot home for the night.  Kids are sure to have a great time playing with this little amigurami crochet rabbit set.

Thank you to Little Mee Creations for contributing this adorable free Easter crochet pattern as part of my Guest Contributor Program!

Free Amiguarmi Bunny Rabbit Crochet Pattern

Free Amigurami Crochet Pattern

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Guest Post By Little Mee Creations

Doris Yu is the designer behind Little Mee Creations. She is a SAHM to two wonderful children, a yarn lover and an avid crocheter who wishes there were more hours in a day to dedicate to crocheting. Doris entered the world of crocheting while pregnant with her first child in 2012. She is self-taught and initially crocheted as a hobby but eventually started creating her own designs. Her designs are mostly inspired by her children and crafted with love. She hopes to inspire others with her creations.

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32 Comments On “The Traveling Tu Family ~ Free Easter Crochet Pattern!”

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  2. These are so adorable! I only wish I could crochet. Will save the pattern in hopes that my sister will make them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Charlotte Roberson

    Absolutely precious I can’t wait to make this thank you for sharing

  4. saving this as an idea to make for a gift! super cute!!

  5. Heidi Higginbotham

    Oh my! How adorable! Great guest contributor and pattern freebie! Thanks for,starting up,this guest post feature.

  6. LOVE this so much!! Thank you to both you and Little Mee Creations!!!

  7. This is just the cutest Easter set.. Thank you so very much !!!

  8. these are awesome. I love them can not wait to make them

  9. Thank you both for this tooo too to cute pattern!! Thank you for sharing!!

  10. So precious! Thank you so much!

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  12. love them! thank you!

  13. To late for Easter this year, but it’s definitely on the list for the grand babies next year. Beautiful!!!

  14. Thanks these will be perfect for my great grands

  15. So cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Can’t wait to check out your page!

  16. Thank you so much have sharing this cute Easter Bunnies set. You really have a talent. I will love try to make it.

  17. Sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing with us/me! I couldn’t design a fig and grateful for designers who share so I can make beautiful items 🙂

  18. Super adorable

  19. I also posted on my Crochet Addict FB page and 10 minutes later I had 23 likes! I love this…have to make for my little granddaughter.
    And I know of at least one charity who’d love to have one of these for kids it helps (Christmas Come True [ ]
    They help over 100 families in that county in Florida every Christmas…the number of families – and children – grows every year. Was started by my sister who wanted to share her special childhood memories of Christmas with families there. Those who would never have Christmas without them. Full Christmas dinner (with all the fixins and pies, etc.), and PERSONALIZED gifts for every child – chosen according to child’s age and what they want. A couple of years ago, one retailer gave them bikes for every child on the lists!

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  21. Thank you so much for this fabulous pattern!! I’ve made this for my grandchildren to play with at my house for Easter 🙂 I have shared everywhere I can for you

  22. This is adorable! Thanks so much for making it available to us for free. I’ve been hoping to come across little play set patterns like this to make and include in some Christmas shoe boxes that the Samaratin’s Purse organization collects every year for underprivileged children in foreign countries. I’d love to see other patterns on this order if you have any.

  23. I love your little bunnies and house, and will make it for next Easter for sure, run out of time for this Easter! Thank you for the pattern x

  24. I love to crochet and knitting I am in my 70i have been knitting for over 60years now and crochet about 10 years

  25. I can’t wait to get started. Missed this Easter, but not next year.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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  27. Thx for the pattern they’re so cute. But i think there is a missing step in making the ear… from 6 sc then jump to 18 sc. Correct me if i’m wrong

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  30. Hoping make this for my granddaughter for this Easter,love it.

  31. Thank you!

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