Netherlee Slippers

crochet thrummed slippers
Netherlee Slipper Crochet Pattern

The weather has been getting progressively colder and colder, and my Colorado mountain view has recently turned white.  My feet like to really let me know about their presence this time of year by aching and generally protesting all things cold.  So I had warm feet on the mind when I designed my Netherlee Slippers – a free crochet slipper pattern.  These thrummed slippers have cozy warm roving felt on the inside making them super snuggly to slip cold feet into.  Plus the thrumming gives the slippers a cool effect (the color options are endless though mine shown here are white).  With six sizes in the pattern, you’ll be keeping lots of feet warm and happy.

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  1. Such great advice. I head for the hills / woods with my two dogs for a break in the action. Within 15 minutes of being in the woods, hearing, smelling and seeing my environment I am feeling calmer. And the longer I stay the more centered I get.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • The woods help me to feel more centered too. I think for me it’s being surrounded by so many magnificent trees. Love this!

  2. I agree. We live near the beach and just taking a walk and listening to the waves gives me a calm, blessed feeling. It helps with the feeling of being overwhelmed.
    Thank you for this blog. I enjoy reading it and seeing that there are many of us in the same boat.

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. Love that you have the ocean nearby to help get you grounded again. Great resource!!

  3. Listening to the wind blowing,sounds angelic!

  4. Definitely scent!! I have a bottle of my grandma’s signature parfum. Just a wee whiff can really adjust my perception.

  5. I use my sense of sight to gaze at a fireplace or beach (or a picture or video of one if I can’t get to the real thing) to calm myself and re-center.

  6. Touch with fingers deep in roving!

  7. I listen to music, classic music or music popular in the sixties. That will stop my head from spinning

  8. Im trying so hard…. Everything I can

    • It’s a long journey and process, and finding the best tools for us takes time. I’m sending love and energy your way through your journey!

  9. I close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing slowly in through my nose and out through my mouth doesn’t work all the time but sometimes it does

    • This is a great one. I believe it’s called attunement. A big deep breath in and then a really slow breath out. Supposed to help up center 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. Well, it depends a little on the situation. If I am “strung out” from doing errands (or a mega-trip to buy the weekly food and other stuff from Walmart), I can sit down with a soft quiet piano/scenery video on YouTube, and I’m good. Picking up my crochet hook to work on my latest project is also good while the video is on. Other times, I go in an just put on a spray or two of my favorite scent, and I change gears in an instant. If I’ve just returned home from a noisy luncheon with my dozen or so lunch buddies with 2 (or 3, maybe 4) conversations going on through the whole lunch, going home and playing with and petting my sweet cat family members does the trick. I definitely prefer a peaceful environment, but a little noisy fun perks me up if it doesn’t last too long.

  11. I can’t thank you enough for all these posts. You have really given me things to think and work on. For me, smell has always been powerful, returning me to both good and bad times. I had never thought about it, but that is one reason why I love natural oils and smells that I chose, because then I can control the memories and feelings that go with them. Super big hugs to you for sharing your journey and helping us to work on our own.

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog posts this month, Connie. Sharing has been really amazing for me as well. Love that smells can help you get back to your center so well.

  12. What one of your five senses might you be drawn to use during a time of emotional upheaval?

    My sense of smell! Defusing oils in the house and adding pleasant smells is such a big up-lift for me. I especially enjoy a combination of: Wild Orange, Pine, Cassia, Cinnamon bark, Nutmeg and Vanilla. Hugs.

    • Oh wow, that sounds like a nice combo! I’ll have to try it. I only just got a diffuser a couple months ago and I’m not great at remembering to use it….but when I do, I LOVE it.

  13. Marsha,
    Lean on the Lord and He will help you out. Just start talking to Him and ask Him to see you through this just this moment and then be there for the next moment as well. He will stay with you and let you talk to Him till your mind is distracted and your anxiety has calmed.

  14. a while ago i was in the car feeling really upset. i already turned off the music since every song seemed to get me even more upset. i was about to pull over and start crying and banging the steering wheel when all of a sudden a cute fluffly squirrel ran across the road. it startled me so much (since you hardly see squirrels here) that it made me forget what i was upset about. i did pull over but only to put on a good cd and drive home singing. when i get upset now i try thinking about the squirrel and how happy he made me.

    • That’s awesome! Great example of how our natural environment can help ground us and calm us down….if we let it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  15. All great advice.
    For me it’s walking. That always settles my mind.x

  16. My preferred is hearing, I like to listen to some calming classical music or a nice thunderstorm recording. If I’m not able to that, then I use touch. Sometimes I’ll knit/crochet just to have the feel of the yarn in my hands or I’ll pull out my fidget toys (I always keep them in my purse just in case).

    My therapist also taught me, then I can always ground myself with all five senses by finding things near me for each of the 5 senses.

  17. I agree about soothing music…I listen to Jim Brinkman and others like him on Pandora, and knit something with soft yarn…it really does help

  18. The deep breathing exercise that my therapist taught me for relaxation is deep breath in and out to clear everything then close your eyes, find your happy place…this is any place, real or fictitious, that you feel most joy or comfort…then take a deep breath in through your nose to the count of 5 and exhale out through your mouth to the count of eight…the exhale should always take longer than the inhale. It takes a bit of getting used to. Before you get accustomed to it, you feel like you’re going to run out of air while breathing out. You can do this sitting, laying down, standing in a long checkout line. I suffer from anxiety and this is a truly beneficial tool for when I start to feel anxious. This breathing exercise can prevent a full blown attack and I can usually adjust center so I don’t have to reach for my medication either. My last 30 day prescription lasted 11 months.

  19. Well in Colorado also just staring at the foothills or mountains, the ducks, geese or going to the Celestial Seasonings Factory and taking deep breaths works too. 🙂

  20. I live on a mountain in the woods.
    Right now to be in the moment I step outside my back door. We have fresh snow, I smell the crispness of the cold mountain air combined with a faint presence of a wood stove warming a neighbor’s home.
    In this quiet place Every thing slows down as the clouds drift above the sweet smell of the pine trees. With arms stretched wide, a deep breath, all time is erased. The mind is quiet, still. I embrace winter. I’m free from the pain in my body, my mind.
    Melting snow drips from the trees as rain mists their branches. Letting go of my breath arms relax and lower, the warm of the exhale produces visible cloud that lingers in front of my eyes rising towards the sky to meet the clouds.
    My dog barks, I come to “reality”.
    I’m learnng to embrace each day with a pause, at different times a of day.

  21. When I feel overwhelmed, I try to stop, catch my breath, and breathe slowly. I also have my cat and dog to pet when I’m at home.

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