Easter Challenge! Win Free Patterns.

Challenge Dates: March 5th – April 2nd 2015 at 11:59pm MST

Knit or Crochet Amigurami Challenge!

Your challenge is to create the most creative knit or crochet amigurami stuffie using the base pattern provided!

This is a chance to show off your amazing creativity and try something new…..let your imagination run wild!



●One randomly selected winner will receive 10 Melody’s Makings’ patterns of their choice.

●The creator of the stuffie that I find most creative will receive 10 Melody’s Makings’ patterns of their choice.

●The person who submits the best (think funny, cute, etc.) photograph of their stuffie will receive 10 Melody’s Makings’ patterns of their choice.


Easter Challenge Rules:

●I’m providing a free pattern for the basic stuffie.  The pattern includes legs, body, head, and arms.  You can decide the length for each section of the stuffie (ex. long legs, short legs, etc.), but you must follow the basic pattern otherwise.  You are also allowed to change the head pattern to make it unique to your project (that way you can choose to make any type of creature you want!).

●Feel free to use different colors, and add any accent pieces (hats, clothes, accessories, etc.) that you see fit, just remember that if you add an accent piece, it must be your own design.

●Since this challenge is all about showcasing your creativity, you are not allowed to use any other pattern beyond the one provided.  Any entry that does not feature the base pattern or includes elements from another pattern will be disqualified.

●Take a photograph of your stuffie (be sure the photo shows off the entire stuffie) and submit it using the “Submit Your Photo” instructions below.


Standard Guidelines:

●This is a free challenge and no sign up is required to participate.  Simply complete the challenge and submit a photo when you’re done!

●This challenge is open to everyone and winners may be selected from any country.  Prize patterns will be delivered via e-mail.

●You are not required to use any specific yarn in order to participate.  Choose your favorite!

●Each submitted project is considered a separate entry, and you can enter as many times as you would like.  Each project must, however, be unique.  Identical entries will not be accepted from the same person.

●Your photo must show the entire project to be accepted.  Your project must also be completely finished.


This challenge is meant to be a fun chance to express your creativity and show off your skills.  No negativity will be permitted.  Each submission will be showcased here on my site and you are encouraged to comment on and support each other’s great submissions.


Submit Your Photo

●E-mail the photo of your completed project to: [email protected]

●Please use subject line: Easter Challenge

●Please include your first and last name in the e-mail.

I will respond back within 72 hours to let you know that I’ve received your submission.  Please do not re-send the e-mail unless you don’t hear back from me within that time frame.


The Fine Print

●Please read and be sure you’re following all challenge rules before submitting your photo.

●All photos must be received during the challenge dates listed above to count as a valid submission.  Photos may be posted to Facebook to show off your awesome work!

●Your first and last name will be posted underneath your submission to help me keep track when it’s time to draw winners.  Your e-mail address will never be posted.

●I am not responsible for any technical difficulties you might have entering this challenge, including problems viewing my site or e-mailing your submission.

●Please check to be sure your entry is entered into the gallery by checking the gallery posted between April 5th-8th.  Winners will be drawn and posted on April 10th.  I am not responsible for any missed entries reported after the winners have been drawn.


Get Started…..

Get started crafting and showing off your skills!

Download the Basic Amigurami Stuffie Crochet Pattern by clicking here.

Download the Basic Amigurami Stuffie Knit Pattern by clicking here.


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  1. Thank you for pattern and challenge

  2. Thank you, got mine done this morning turned out rather cute… thank you for this pattern and challenge… 🙂

  3. I love the stuffies; soooo cute & original!
    Have flue & cold & couldn’t make them now. Will make crocet stuffie in a couple weeks after I buy pattern. So clever. Love your patterns!

  4. Finished my “base bunny” haha. Now the hard part…what to dress her in. Haha
    Thank you for this pattern and challenge!

  5. Wow, where have I been when this whole event started!! Yikes, I will give it a go though! See what I can come up with! Thank you!

  6. i love crochet Just. Myself make to blanket ,hat , deaf few people love it for me . IdidTo make any ..

  7. Hi Im sorry I cant join. I have no way to put it up.. One day I will I hope. Senior so watch my $$ I donate my items so yarn I free patterns are my Love Best of luck. Have FUN susan m j

  8. I just saw this. I am going to try and get it done. It sounds like fun 🙂

  9. Melody sent you an e-mail with my bunny pic!! Had a lot of fun with this & Bonnie Bunny already has a new home with a friends little girl!!

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