Theo’s Scrap Hat {Free Crochet Pattern}

Free Crochet Elf Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

Our sweet baby #3, Theo, was a bit of a surprise originally…..if you know what I mean, haha.  At the time he was conceived, we were already running in about 6 different directions.  News of Theo’s impending arrival was shocking….but we couldn’t really stop to dwell on it.  We just kept on running about our busy lives as much as possible.  Between bouts of throwing up and exhaustion, we still managed to get quite a lot done.

Working so hard during my pregnancy with him, though, left me reaching for some last minute projects when I got further in.  I couldn’t believe that somehow I’d made it to month #8 and hadn’t even finished a single project for him yet….uh oh.  So I set out to make a couple super quick and super cute new designs.

Theo’s Scrap Hat is a crochet rendition of all those amazing knit long tailed stocking caps (the ones that look like little elf hats) with the awesome color changes you see around.  There’s lots of great knit stocking cap patterns featuring this sort of overlapping play on colors and texture….but there aren’t many crochet patterns.  Since I find crochet to be quite fast compared to knitting (yes…even after so many years as a knitter!) this hat seemed to be the perfect option for a quick project with super cute results.

This free crochet baby hat pattern calls for worsted (4) weight yarn and size 5.5mm (I/9) crochet hook and is a great pattern for using up all those little yarn scraps you’ve got laying around!

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  1. Wonderful thanks for sharing .

  2. Our 3rd child, a boy after 2 girls and 9 years after our 3nd daughter was a surprise too. We had been told we would not be able to have any more children and should be happy with the two miracles that we had.

  3. I’m not really sure what the problem is, but I never receive an email for the free pattern. I have tried several times when you generously offer your patterns, with no success.

    • Hey Ronda! Please try searching your email system for [email protected] as our emails can sometimes get thrown into weird folders. If you still don’t find it, please email us and let us know – we’ll reply with the pattern attached.

  4. I love it ? and Theo is adorable!

  5. Love this, Thank you!

  6. Theo is absolutely beautiful I have 3 myself. Twin 8 yr old girls who were a surprise then a 6 1/2 little boy surprise when his sisters were were 10 months I found out he was cooking.

  7. What a cute little boy. simply beautiful with the crocheted hat

  8. This is super cute!

  9. Omg, such an adorable little angel! Oh i forgot the hat.hehehe. hats fits him perfectly! ??

  10. I love it also!!!!!!

  11. Both your crocheted hat pattern and your darling Theo are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern with us. I can hardly wait to make it.

  12. Very cute

  13. Thanks for the unique hay pattern to use up scraps. This is just what i need to switch from knit to crochet for awhile. I am a bit rusty. I hope i can get this done.

  14. thank you so much

  15. A kissi for Theo and that grows happy and healthy.

  16. OMGosh! This is adorable! What cute Christmas gifts this will make. ???

  17. So cute ?

  18. It’s adorable, as is Theo!

  19. What a great pattern and what a great baby

  20. Thanks I received the princess dress pattern, Very much appreciated. I knitted a dress for a six month old girl using the pattern stitch as I remembered it but do not know how to attache the picture. By the way your baby is soooooo cuuuuuuuute

  21. Congrats on your new addition to your family,he is adorable

  22. thanks so much.

  23. Its at least 4 hours I’ve been waiting and the pattern for the pixie hat hasn’t arrived. I want to start making one.

  24. I absolutely cant wait to craft this hat. I am a new to the craft but so far this year I have made over 200 baby hats for the hospital here in chesley Ontario. they were much appreciated! I am now teaching myself (with tutorials) how to do different things such as cocoons and decorated hats. Winter here can be days and sometimes a week at a time we don’t really want to go anywhere but my mom (91) and myself (71+) are tucked in until gardening time which in our case would be mid-june. I look forward to receiving your blog.

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