Coming Soon…………………*Veronica Meets Spring*

Only a few days left until the sign ups for the Veronica Meets Spring Mystery Create-A-Long open!  I’m really excited for this CAL/KAL as the project is simply gorgeous, and SO fun to make!  You’re definitely going to want to be involved with this one, and I hope to see you along for the journey.

Here’s a little countdown clock to get us excited!

~ Veronica Meets Spring ~

Colorful.  Covetable.  Boho-Chic.

An accessory all girls and women will adore.

Watch for more details!


Veronica Meets Spring Mystery Create-A-Long Coming Soon!

5 Comments On “Coming Soon…………………*Veronica Meets Spring*”

  1. You had me at boho chic! Plus I adore your designs! When I joined your Facebook group I had no idea you were the one who made the maternity video showing off all the baby items. One of my fave videos!


  2. Heidi Higginbotham

    Looking forward to this!


  3. I am so excited…can’t wait, I love your patterns, this will be my third, but Wisteria was my very first adult clothing item I’ve ever made and loved how the CAL went and how well the pattern was written, I got a lot of compliments on it…I plan on making 4 of them for family members for Christmas…because of you and how well your patterns are to follow is the only reason I KNOW I CAN DO IT…I know the women in my family will be so happy to get something other than hats and scarves…lol…


  4. Looking forward to my second mkal I think ed I’m hooked! Spent the morning going thru the yarn stash in my closet….getting ready for the next mkal!


  5. Ooops, I thought Veronica Meets Spring started today! I’ll just have to wait one more day…


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