Charlie’s 5th Birthday!

We all know that I am first and foremost a very sappy Mom….so I can’t help but share pictures of my kids from time to time!  This is an especially sappy weekend for me, since my sweet little boy, Charlie, turned 5 years old.  I can’t believe that he’s been brightening my life for a full 5 years now!

Every year Charlie puts in a request for some outrageous cake (usually with wheels) that I have no possibility of making super well (since I only do this once a year, it’s a very slow learning process!).  Each year I do my best to make his cake something really memorable though.  And the time lapse photos of him with each of his cakes make the whole process worth it.

He requested a fire truck for this year’s birthday!  How do you think I did!?

Charlie 5th Birthday Small

Charlie’s 5th Birthday!

And just because I can’t help myself….here’s a quick little peek at Charlie over the years….we started this tradition on his 2nd birthday.


Charlie's 2nd Bday - small

Charlie’s 2nd Birthday

1 - small

Charlie’s 3rd Birthday

Charlie 4th Birthday - small

Charlie’s 4th Birthday

Charlie 5th Birthday Small

Charlie’s 5th Birthday

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36 Comments On “Charlie’s 5th Birthday!”

  1. Very cute! I commend you for even attempting all those cakes! Job well done. Happy birthday Charlie you have an amazing mommy!

  2. He is a cutie! Love the smile. Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

  3. You are every childs dream for a Mother!! thanks for sharing your pictures! Happy Birthday Charlie!!

  4. My birthday is in June. I’ll let you know what kind of cake I want. You did GREAT…I think us crafty folks don’t limit our creativity to just one craft. It overflows into all our lives. Happy Birthday Charlie!

  5. Nice job! Wow his hair got darker in year4-5. He looks like you. Nice job on the cakes.

  6. ell done, great cake, lovely boy x

  7. Happy Birthday Charlie,
    Enjoy your day and your cake looks great enjoy.

  8. Heidi Higginbotham

    I think you did fabulous! Look at the smile on Charlie’s face; that says it all! Great job Mama?

  9. omgosh, that is SO sweet! What a wonderful job you did!!! Happy Birthday, Charlie! 🙂

  10. I had to laugh out loud. One year my attempt was for a bootie for an upcoming baby shower. Cake got finished and was cooling. My husband suggested a movie. When we returned, the bootie had become a locomotive for a birthday party instead. My dog had jumped on the kitchen table and helped himself to part of the bootie. After looking it over, we decided it could be cut up and made into a locomotive. I haven’t thought about that in 25 years. Yours are gorgeous. I agree that creativity overflows from craft to craft. Thanks for the memories…yours and mine.

  11. Happy Birthday Charlie ,have A Nice day.

  12. Awesome and adorable! Happy Birthday Charlie!

  13. I think you did wonderfully every year! And this year, Charlie’s cake and Charlie are absolutely perfect. Hugs to Charlie (save one for you!)

  14. You did a fantastic job on all the cakes. That is one talent I don’t possess. Charlie is very blessed to have such a talented mom.

  15. OMG! Girl there is nothing crafty you can’t do!!! All of those cake are FABULOUS!!! Hey my b-day is April 21! Are you available!! Just kidding! LOL Hey do I see Fire Truck slippers???? Could we see Fire Truck slippers??? PPPLLEEEAASSEEE!!! 😀

  16. Happy Birthday Charlie…I know you one day will look back to all those cakes pictures and be more proud of your mom! Enjoy your day!

  17. Happy birthday Charlie!

  18. Adorable. Happy Birthday Charlie.

  19. So adorable.

  20. Anne-Marie Webster

    Wow, they are all fantastic! Happy Birthday Charlie. Looks like you have had some wonderful birthdays. 5 is a very exciting year. Wishing you a year filled with wonder and blessings.

  21. What an adorable guy he is! The cake is fantastic….much better then I could do lol. Happy 5th birthday to Charlie! Great job melody!

  22. Happy birthday Charlie from the land of the kangaroo. You are one lucky young man to have a mom who is so talented and her devotion to you speaks for itself. It really makes me yearn for the presence of my own lady and children in my life but alas, the are overseas.

  23. Made me smile! Happy birthday Charlie! Your mom is so cool!

  24. your cakes are adorable. i remember making those type cakes when my kids were small. cars, cookie-monster (o Lord that blue frosting!), dolls, etc. the fun they were. many happy memories.

  25. Beautifully done on all cakes
    What a cute young man! Thanks for sharing.

  26. What a labor of love! Great job the cakes….and Charlie is a cute-pie! Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!

  27. Happy birthday young man!! great cake!!! hope you and your mama the best memories during this fun time!!! enjoy every moment of their young age mom !!!

  28. Happy 5th Birthday Charlie! Mommy makes the nicest cakes! Happy Easter to all the family! 🙂

  29. Happy 5th Birthday Charlie. Awesome job on the cake 🙂

  30. Happy Birthday Charlie

  31. How adorable.

  32. Happy Birthday Charlie! Great cakes Mom!

  33. Happy birthday Charlie

  34. So adorable, wish him happy birthday from me.. a hug too!!
    love the smile he has and cakes are great too….

  35. So adorable…Happy birthday buddy….

  36. Happy Birthday Charlie. Looks like Charlie so happy with his fire truck cake and the cake looks good, you have did great. Great mom do good job.

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