Behind the Scenes With a Yarn Addict

Ever wondered what a true yarn addict might look like?  Ponder no more…..

I spent a little bit of “quality” time with my yarn this morning as I was prepping for a guest blog over on The Crochet Crowd.

The self-timer feature on my camera is dangerous….With nobody looking, it was pretty easy to get into playing with my yarn….easier than I thought actually….

Yarn Addict

This is my guilty “Yes….I really am sitting in my box of yarn right now” look.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this, hehe.  Dreams really do come true!

Kissing Yarn

Don’t tell me you’ve never given your yarn a big old smooch when nobody was looking!

Love Yarn

This was just too much fun…..there’s a chance I might do it again soon.

Sitting in a box of yarn is surprisingly good for the soul!

Yarn Creep

Apparently this is my creepy yarn face….So the next time a small child runs away from me in the yarn aisle (did I say the next time?  Ahem….) I’ll now know why.

Throwing Yarn in Air

Yep….I HAD to do it.  YARN SHOWER!!!!

Yarn mess

Unfortunately, yarn showers have consequences….

Think you might be a yarn addict too?  Comment on this post and tell me why!

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43 Comments On “Behind the Scenes With a Yarn Addict”

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  2. Im definitely a yarn addict. In the last year, I’ve given away 8 large storage totes full of yarn. I still have 8 storage totes full of yarn….I can NOT go into a craft store with money or credit card. Mom n Pop shops with handspun local fibers are even worse…I can’t LEAVE! I want to stay, chat, crochet, molest the fibers, etc. I blame my grandmother.

    • Lona – I love the way you said “Molest the Fibers!” So very true of an addict 🙂

    • I have taken to using the plastic bag machines (the food ones) extracting the air out of the bags to give myself more space in my cupboards!!!! Help!!!

    • I am not interested in giving away any of my yarn. I’m actually looking for an inexpensive shelf to display mine on. I’ve got quite a stash and believe it would be an excellent piece of art if I can just find the right piece of furniture to combine it with…..any ideas?

      • I’d watch the thrift stores for an old wooden bookcase and paint it a bright, pretty color 🙂

      • IKEA has some excellent, inexpensive storage units with square grid pattern shelves. Some of these are in bright colors (think red), but plain white would also set off a yarn stash nicely.

      • You only need ONE piece of furniture??? OMG!!! I have sixteen see through 66 quart bins filled with yarn and I want MORE PLEASE! Each bin is labeled with the weight of the yarn… all #4 worsted, all #6 extra bulky, etc. My only problem is that I don’t have enough room for all the bins and they have overflowed into another room. I keep my fingers crossed that I have the yarn I need when I want to start a new project, lol! Someone please help me… I’m pathetic!

    • You gave away yarn! I am impressed! I don’t think I have done that in my life.

  3. Being addicted to any fiber art is a gift, not a problem!

  4. So I’m looking at this cool sealing thinking, “what yarn colors would look good with this pattern?” Then I take a picture of it so I can pick out the yarn when I go to the store. 🙂

  5. I have a LOT of yarn. People think I should get rid of some but I can’t let go! 🙂

  6. I am running out of room to stack my plastic containers. I buy the large ones and fill them with “bread” for the freezer and then fill them with yarn to get rid of the cardboard boxes. I cannot see through cardboard. Then buy more yarn to fill out the color gaps. I am currently doing large Ripple afghans. One takes me almost 2 weeks. Then the leftovers go in a matching corner to corner afghan and then the leftovers get crocheted into Granny Squares for the someday Granny Square afghan. I made one eons ago…want to make another with all the newer colors I am collecting.
    XXOXOXO Subee
    p.s. I have not tried getting in the cardboard box with my yarns…hummmm

    • Love your method of using left-overs! Such a great system. You’ve also give me a wonderful idea for a future post, thank you!

  7. I have so much yarn if I lived to be 100 I wouldn’t put a dent in it. I think I’m on my third maybe fourth time around the earth!

  8. I have a 32 x 12 foot shed full od yarn. I am addicted to it also. I can’t go past a sale without buying at least 10 skeins of one color. Then when I find a project I have to buy more yarn to make that project because I don’t have the color I need. So I have accumulated a very, very large amount of yarn. They are all in plastic boxes. Every so often I have to go through the boxes to see what I have so that I can start a new project. My daughter comes to my house for yarn and so does my grand-daughter. Mom moms yarn shop. Other crafts items also.

  9. Melody,
    I love your newsletters. I’m still very new at knitting and crocheting, but I too have become hooked on yarn. Can’t go in any shop that sells yarn without purchasing some. So many colors to love. Thanks for being inspiring and making me laugh.

    • Aww, thank you so much Martha! It is wonderful to hear people are enjoying the newsletters! Also wonderful to hear that I’m not the only yarn addict out there 🙂

  10. I admit nothing! No problem here! No therapy or intervention required! And by the way, you may NOT go into the basement!

    “One, two, three FOUR, FIVE, SIX, seven …. ” is a common response when my kids try to talk to me while I am counting. I also find that I count any repetitive action now — loading the dishwasher, folding socks, spooning batter into a muffin tin ….

  11. Yes I hoard yarn, PROUDLY! I don’t care who laughs, pokes fun at me, teases me… All I can say is when the next clothing famine comes along. they will all be at my door begging me to make them something. We’ll see who’s laughing then.

  12. I’m hosing a swap n’ share this month for my crochet club. I asked my husband to take my 2 bags of yarn out of the storage. He called me from the storage to let me know I had 4 bags (33 gallon size bags) and 2 large plastic container and they wouldn’t fit in the car. So he only brought 2 bags. I’ll have to use the jeep to get the rest. But I’m not an addict… really, just because I also have a book case and cabinet with stashes of yarn. 🙂

  13. when my hubby was shopping for a motorcycle he asked if I was going to ride with him. I answered “only if you get a cycle with a side car so I can crochet while we ride”. He got a motorcycle and I got a little room on the end of the porch just to crochet in while he rode.

  14. The only thing that limits me, is money and space! My home is 240sq feet. Yes I said 240! That is bedroom/living room/dining room, 9x6kitchen and 9×6 bathroom. Every surface and cubby hole, including space that is supposed to hold my clothes is full of yarn. Big cabinets for storing food, utensils etc sport plastic storage containers (on edge so it can hold more. The spare desk has a leg space that is full to the top with plastic containers… no sitting there! The one I live at has limited leg room because I have multiple bags with my projects in them. The poor book case is loaded on top with a 4 drawer plastic cubby with different colored plarn balls in it and topped by a large plastic tub with my ‘bits and pieces’ in it. That is my go-to place for a bit to try a new ides on. The book shelves themselves actually have books on 2 of them, yarn on the rest. My kitchen floor has boxes of yarn cuddling up to the shelves, and the top shelf i built to put kitchen stiff on has… you guessed it, yarn! If I had more money to buy yarn, I would probably have to sleep in my truck!

    • Oh my goodness Chrystal!! I have no idea how you manage that! We are actually looking at building a tiny house soon too….but it would be more like 5-600 square feet. I’d love to get some tips from you 🙂

      • Hey about the closet? Those hanging shoe bags with little compartments hold a lot of yarn…Who needs shoes to crochet?

  15. We live in the north and the winters get REALLY cold so I pile my stash around the outside walls and call it insulation :).

  16. love getting around my yarn, how much I will not say, gives me a nice warm feeling, maybe a High. My daughter is the same way, she does not care if it’s on sale if she wants it she will purchase. Not good when we go together. My husband says you have to have a place to put it if I come home with yarn. He just does’t know all my places.

    • Hahaha! It’s pretty amazing how we’re able to find new places for yarn no matter how much we have 😉 I think it’s wonderful that you and your daughter are able to share the love!

  17. I’m so happy to find out that I’m not the only yarn addict out there! I love my yarn! I’m always looking for sales of it. I’m always designing something in my head. I have at least 4 projects going at the same time. Yarn = happy!

  18. I have 4 large plastic containers, 4 small plastic containers, 4 cardboard boxes, plus more yarn. A few WIPs tote bags and boxes. My family say I am an addict.

  19. I totally get the feeling. I dumped out all of my yarn on the floor one night just to re-wrap, touch and look at. I had to stay up all night to put it away again.

  20. Now I am going to go home and get in trouble with my boyfriend cause this sounds like the best idea ever to me. Not only more room but keeps off pet hair!

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