A Yarn Addict’s Closet…

Who needs clothes in their closet anyways!?

Share this post if your closet looks more like the one on the right than the one on the left.  I know mine does!

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A Yarn Addcit’s Closet

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  1. I wish my closet looked like the one on the left! But alas it is a mess! Not sure if I would be able to have my yarn in the open, even in a closet! Too much dust, bugs, and Mice in this old farm house I like in!! But it would be nice to dream that it was 🙂

  2. are you kidding, if only just my closet looked looked that it would be great!!!!!

  3. My main closet is like the one on the left but the closets in my spare rooms are more a jumble of stashes of yarn and such. WIPs that haven’t been touched in a while and such. Since the rooms have no occupants it’s a good hiding place

  4. I have my yarn stash in clip top plastic boxes all over the place. I am constantly in and out of them so I cannot store them away out of my sight. I have an anxiety attach when I can’t find what I want. I would love to have a huge closet just for my yarn!

  5. I wish I could do something like that! Figuring out how to store my growing yarn stash has been such a hassle. I ended up installing shelf across the top of my bed to display and store

  6. I wish my closet looked as nice as either of those! 🙂

  7. My closet would never look like the one on the left (I’m just not that neat) and it’s headed towards looking like the one on the right! LOL

  8. I’m lucky – I have one wardrobe for clothes and the other one is full of under-bed storage boxes filled with yarn. To paraphrase the song …”there’s a pink one and a blue one and a green one and a purple one, and they’re all filled to the box-tops and they’re all filled up with yarn!!” 😀

  9. Mine is in my walk in closet. I wish I were as organized as some of you are. Mine is in various bags, which I sort and resort in hope that I will be able to quickly find what I want. No matter what I’ve done I will often be unable to do it. For now it’s organized by project. As you can provide tell I ADD.

  10. definitely the left – but messier! and more yarn!

  11. Heidi Higginbotham

    HaHa! If my son would get a larger apartment I could get his things out of our guest bedroom closet and use it for yarn!!!

  12. My yarn is stored in my bedroom closet. I have 26, 56 qt. containers full of yarn. The space for my clothes is getting smaller and smaller. If I keep adding yarn to my stash, I’m going to have to find another place for my clothes!

  13. Stephanie Haberman

    I like the yarn closet. My closet looks like the other closet but only because I outgrew a yarn closet and had built a 12 x 16 foot studio to hold it all. LOL.

  14. I have this lovely set of drawers in my bedroomit has 5 drawers, the top drawer has some small items of mine in it, the other 4 are full of yarn! :’D

  15. I have that much yarn, but not that much organization 😉 Lol. Hoppy Easter!

  16. I just dont know why I think that yarn need to be look at everyday, lol. Mine is in the living room. My daughter had an organizer for her shoes that her husband got from a store that was closing up. When I moved on my own, I asked her for it, and to my surprise she give it to me. It’s in my living room and it holds 25 bins…all full of yarn. It’s one of my pride and joy.

  17. I have a closet in the spare room full of yarn that I just reorganized. The closet on the left still doesn’t look like mine I have to share mine with my hubby. And he takes up up more room than I do.

  18. i dream of the closet on the left as perfection. either one would be perfection. lol can’t even get into my walk-in closet. overflowing with clothes, yarn, etc. i keep promising myself one of these days…maybe when i am gone to that big yarn factory in the sky – the family can clean mine out the way we have done my mother’s. just revenge on the family i think. muahahaha

  19. Well, my CLOTHES closet looks similar, although less organized, to the one on the left. My YARN closet… yes closet, looks similar, to the one on the right!!

  20. Mine is definitely the one on the right (MY CLOSET) You would never ever know it was a big Walk in Closet!! LOL

  21. I wished I had both closets. My dresses and coats are in another room from my bedroom. My yarn is stored in plastic bins in the other
    bedroom. I live in a very small mobile home with no storage room at all. It has taken me a year to build up a yarn collection but I am happy. I c an now start a project without having to go and buy yarn. !

  22. My 10′ x 12′ office slightly resembles the one on the right but more yarn. (Storage containers of yarn. bookshelf of yarn and pattern books, room spilling over with yarn, etc….) I am a hoarder! Plus what is in the spare bedroom full of finished projects. Help!

  23. None of my closets (we call the wardrobes) look like either of those!!!
    But BOTH are what I aspire to.

  24. My stash takes up the closet the spare room and its started climbing up the walls haha

  25. I have the smallest closet in the entire house, thanks to my husband taking over the bigger of the two in our bedroom. He doesn’t have anywhere near as many things as I do but I never retook the closet i had originally claimed before he moved my stuff out and put his in. Anyway, my small closet had become storage for some of my yarn (at least that which I am working on currently), my hang up clothes, a few other odds and ends, and now where my husband hangs his clothes from the current day before he goes to sleep! Ah well, at least I know where to find some things sometimes. However, with all the stuff stuffed in my wee little closet (not even wide enough to stand in and breath in) it might take a lifetime to find anything, especially those things long forgotten & buried years ago. (Heck, I don’t even remember what the clothes look like or if they will even fit me any longer. Sigh!)

  26. I like this yarn closet..Wow! Is all I can say!!

  27. I am hoping one day to turn one of our guest bedrooms into my crafting room and then the closet in there will look like yours! For now my jumble of yarn is in a corner of my living room in large tubs!! 🙂

  28. I so wish my closet looked this good. Every time I clean it up and have extra space, I feel it up all to fast. I even changed one of the extra rooms in the house for my craft room and as you know it fills up very quickly. But I do love it! My husband bought me a beautiful Armoire for all my yarn..and of course it is also full. But as I said I love my own craft room.

  29. I have some totes with wheels and they are see thru so I can see the yarn at all times. My closet is to small ! Wish I had a walk in closet!

  30. Sadly with severely limited finances as well as limited access to get to anyplace that sells yarn my stash is very small. Mind you, the same could be said for my clothing collection too… everything in my current wardrobe (including underthings & socks) can fit inside a large duffle bag. I wish my closet looked like either one of those pics lol!

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