A Freebie For the Boho Babe <3

As a pattern designer, I usually have a plethora of creations and ideas flowing through my mind.  Sometimes, though, I get stuck in a rut.

It’s moments like these when I love to surf the web and find beautiful things that take my breath away….like today’s freebie alert crochet pattern!

I am not a feet person.  Actually, to say I’m not a feet person might be an understatement.  I don’t like them, I don’t like to look at them, I really don’t like to touch them, and I certainly don’t want anyone touching mine.  Which could perhaps be the reason I simply don’t make things for feet (although covering them up is always a plus in my book!).  HOWEVER (and this is a really big however), I would totally make an exception for these amazing crochet boots!

The sweetest crochet boots EVER!  Best of all?  The pattern is free.

The sweetest crochet boots EVER! Best of all? The pattern is free.

It may be the boho, hippie, flowing with the wind (all of these terms used as a sort of endearment when I say them) free spirit in me, but I really want to make these boots.  Now….ok, yesterday.

So I thought I would share.  The best part is that the creator of the pattern, Wind Rose Fiber Studio, was SO thorough!  I know exactly how much work it takes to create something like this, and when I saw that she’s giving it all away for free, my jaw hit the ground.  Get ready to be amazed as she walks you through the process step by step and you get to create something truly artistic.

You can go check out and bookmark the pattern here.

Are you as much a sucker for a pair of gypsy boots as I am?  Please comment here and let me know!

3 Comments On “A Freebie For the Boho Babe <3”

  1. I love these! They are going to the top of my personal to-do list. I’ll send you a pic when I make a pair!


  2. Love, love, love! My kind of boot/slipper. I may even put them onto a sole so I can wear them outside!


  3. Love love love these!? Next on my to do list for myself! Thanks Melody!


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