Things That Bite….10 Sharky Knit or Crochet Designs

There’s something so awesome about projects that bite….That whole laugh out loud element when you see a fish hat firmly biting a child’s head, or mittens with vicious looking teeth, just simply can’t be beat.  Thus the theme of my pattern showcase today.  I’ve included 10 knit or crochet designs that really jumped out and bit me!  Some of the designs are free and some of them are cheap…but all are worth your time to check out!

Leave a comment and let me know which design is your favorite!

Things That Bite

 1) Fish Hat {Dead Or Alive?}

Dead Fish Hat

This one seriously just CRACKS ME UP!  Keep it a fish, or add some teeth for a pretty awesome shark….either way this hat will definitely turn heads.  The best part is, you can find it on Ravelry for FREE!  (Make sure you check out the “Projects” page while you’re over there….so awesome!

2) Another “Child-Eating Shark” Hat.

Shart Hat

Like I said….I have some sort of crazy love for any hat that looks like it is eating the person wearing it….unexplainable, but I’m betting many of you have the same sort of obsession!  This one is also a FREE pattern on Ravelry, so make sure you go download your copy.

3) The Best Sort Of Bite – Shark Slippers!

Shark Slippers

Ummm…this one speaks for itself.  It was an absolute necessity to include this pattern and I think you can see why 🙂

4) Every Dog MUST Have One!

Dog Shark

Pure genius.  I can’t decide whether to laugh and pity this sweet little pooch or run out and get supplies so I can make one for my dog RIGHT NOW!

5) Under-Sea Stuffy

Shark Stuffy

I’ve had a soft spot for knitted sea creatures ever since a most-awesome customer sent me a bunch of fun little sea animals for my son.  My heart, of course, melted when I saw this sweet shark which would definitely make the cut to join his collection!

6) Egg-Lovin’ Shark

Egg Cozy

I can’t think of how this creation possibly came to be….HOWEVER, I think it is super cute, and so much fun.  Especially this time of year, when bunnies run rampant, I can imagine a little boy would be much more excited to get a fearsome, egg-eating shark than a sweet fluffy bunny.

7) The Best Marker Holder EVER

Shark Pouch

What a totally unique and fun idea!  I know my son would be thrilled to have this little pouch….he loves feeding the animals, so this could take that fun to a whole new level.  Did I mention this is another FREEBIE!?

8) Super Fun, Ferocious Mittens

Shark Mittens

These mittens are just ridiculously awesome.  I’m pretty sure they would make amazing sock puppets too….this is just one of those designs that awe me with the creativity.

9) Super Fun and Unique Shark Scarf
Shark Scarf

What a silly and one-of-a-king scarf….this designer is known for her amazing food scarves, but she’s certainly doing well in the “Things That Bite” category as well!

10) Something That No One Really NEEDS, But Anyone Would Be Happy to Receive

Booze Shark

This Booze Shark is another FREE pattern and is so cute and funny….I always have the worst time coming up with gifts for my husband, and though this is totally impractical, I have a feeling he’d get a kick out of it!  The designer also makes a valid point: “It comes with an optional laser beam on its head, because who doesn’t want a shark with a laser beam on its head?”

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  1. These are hysterical! 😀 I love them all.

  2. I seriously love the dog shark hat, but I also feel like I need to make the shark pencil bag! Super cute!!! 🙂

  3. they are all so cute, but the dead or alive hat cracks me up

  4. I love them! …and since I have mostly boys in my family, these come in handy for gifts.

  5. Fish hat is my fav!!! Made it for my daughter lastyear. She loves it!!!

  6. I think they are all just adorable!!!!

  7. The fish hat’s are cute.

  8. I love them all Too hard to choose just one 🙂

  9. Love Love, Love the baby booties too cute!

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