10 Knit or Crochet Butterfly Designs You Must Not Miss!

Knit or Crochet Butterfly Patterns

As the birds start to return, and little green weeds stretch their necks up toward the sunshine, I’ve found myself filled with anticipation of the coming summer.  It’s obvious I’ve totally tricked myself into forgetting about the super hot days, the child who won’t go to sleep until late into the night when it gets dark, and the overwhelming seasonal allergies….right now, all I can remember about spring and summer is the gorgeous Colorado orchards where we pick our own peaches, the long hikes spent pushing a stroller up tiny dirt paths, and the music in the park every Thursday night.  I am ready!  Visions of butterflies have been dancing through my mind.

In the spirit of Spring, I’ve put together a compilation of some of the cutest butterfly patterns I could find!  As I both knit and crochet, I couldn’t limit myself to one or the other….so I’ve included the best of the best patterns (or at least the best of the style I love), some in knit and some in crochet.  I hope you find them as enticing as I do, and you check out these designers….though I know none of them personally, I can tell from their beautiful designs that a lot of love goes into their work.  Some of the patterns listed below are free, and others are totally worth the small price the designer is asking.

Know of another amazing butterfly design that isn’t included here!?  Leave a link to that pattern in a comment below.  Though I did my best to find patterns which are cute, cute, cute, I know there are others out there just waiting for recognition as well!


#1: Sweetest Little Butterfly I Ever Did See!

This adorable little crochet butterfly pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry!  I can imagine doing sooooo many things with this….for instance, I saw an incredible baby crib mobile made using a bunch of these as the dangling parts.  I could also see embellishing absolutely any item with these sweet buggies, or maybe even making a key chain or earrings.

#2: The Most Awesome Mittens Ever!

Now I know knit mittens aren’t very “springy”, but I just couldn’t help myself!  At least with super awesome, rainbow butterfly mittens, you would be carrying spring in your hands wherever you go….sigh….my day just got a little better even looking at these!

#3: The Butterfly Baby Mobile that Made My Husband Say it Was Cute!

My husband doesn’t really stop and hand out compliments on designs very often….so the fact that he stopped to comment on this ridiculously sweet crochet crib mobile pattern really says something positive about it.  I can’t imagine a single baby out there who wouldn’t have the sweetest of dreams with these little guys looking on.

#4: The Legwarmers That You Need to Knit Right Now

Butterfly Legwarmers - crop

Yes….it’s imperative that you knit these right this minute.  If you don’t then you won’t be able to enjoy them until the fall, and that is downright unacceptable.  These springy legwarmers are calling out to keep your calves warm during these crisp spring mornings!  Make me, Make me, Make me!!!

#5: This Super Cute Butterfly Baby Beanie

This design is gorgeous and classy even without the butterfly addition.  Throw in the beautiful 3-D butterfly embellishment, and my jaw just hit the floor!  The best part is, the design comes in all sizes Newborn through 4t, so the hats can grow along with your little one.

#6: The Cushion That You Will See in My Craft Space Someday

Butterfly Pillow - Manfield Crafts

I’m not kidding you right now….I’m either going to knit this cushion myself, or discreetly steal it from someone else who does.  One of these days you’re going to be watching a how-to video and this colorful cushion is going to be propping me comfortably up while I work 🙂  I thought it was super cool before I noticed the button embellishments, and it’s awesome factor has now gone off the charts.

#7: This Elegant, Lacy Butterfly Shawl

What a beautiful way to stroll into spring.  This gorgeous free crochet shawl pattern gives me images of slow strolls along the beach, and sipping coffee on the front porch.

#8: This Adorable Little Knitable

This little knitted butterfly is ridiculously cute, and absolutely genius!  It’s uncommon to see knit animals, but VERY rare that they are this awesome!  My son happened to see this photo, and said “Look at the sweet little butterfly Momma!”.  I’m rather pleased that my 3 year old son has been calling everything “sweet” lately.  Awwww.

#9. A Lot of Work, But Oh So Worth It

This STUNNING crochet quilt is nothing less than amazing…..I’m going to share a little secret with you.  I make baby stuff because I’m a bit impatient….so this quilt looks like a crazy amount of work to me….but still SO tempting!

#10: The Coolest, Squishiest Looking Rug that Probably Belongs in a Little Girl’s Room, But Wants To Live in Mine

The title of this one may have said it all…..would you judge me if you found this in my bedroom!?  Maybe a bath mat…..yes….I think a bath mat….


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