10 Free Patterns Designed For YOU

Having the skills to make beautiful creations can be both a blessing and a curse.  It’s wonderful to have the ability to make gorgeous items for those I love, but sometimes I simply want to make something for ME!  Lately, as summer gets closer and the evenings get warmer, I’ve been daydreaming about beautiful, lacy skirts, and light-weight evening cardigans.

Will you join me in making something special just for YOU this summer?  Here are 10 free designs that I’m dying to make (some knit and some crochet)….I’m probably going to have to pick just one, but I haven’t decided yet.

Tell me which one you’re going to make in the comments.

10 Free Patterns


1) “Grace” Fitted Jacket – Knit

Drops Design

This beautiful jacket features a gorgeous lace design and would be the perfect light button-up for cool summer evenings.  Elegant, classic, and fun – knitting the Grace jacket would be time well spent this summer.

2) Fish-Net Pull Over – Crochet

Neeted Pull-Over

This cute, crochet pull-over makes a fun and unique summer top.

3) Summer Tee Top – Knit

Summer Tee

I really love this classic-looking fitted summer top.  Make sure you check out the Ravelry projects on this one – so many cute tops there made with all different colors!

4) Chevron Lace Cardigan – Crochet

Chevron Lace Cardigan

I love the style of this Crochet Chevron Lace Cardigan!  I’m a little obsessed with chevron lace lately, so this one is pretty high on my to-do list 🙂

5) Lacy Skirt – Knit

Knit Skirt

There is something so classy about a knitted skirt…..I couldn’t tell you exactly why that is, but I love the look, and this style is so popular right now!  One of the best parts of this pattern is the variety of sizes included.

6) Avalon Top – Crochet

Avalon Top

The floral top on this is so intricate and gorgeous.  A head-turner for sure!

7) Lace Cardi – Knit

Lace Cardi

This cardi is the perfect addition to any dressy outfit this summer.  Adds just a little bit of handmade flair.  I always love the lacy leaf look that they pattern features.

8) Summer Dress – Crochet

Crochet Dress

I love the design elements and the style in general of this crochet dress.  It’s hard to find super cute crochet dress patterns, but this one certainly fits the bill!

9) Lace Evening Blouse

Lace Evening Blouse

Perhaps I’m just super attracted to lace today, but this is another gorgeous top that I’d love to work up.  This one is just fancy enough to really make a statement.

10) Maggie Wrap – Crochet

Another beautiful evening design.  I adore the floral pattern all throughout, and I’m a sucker for buttons!


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12 Comments On “10 Free Patterns Designed For YOU”

  1. Love the Summer Tee and the Chevron Lace Cardigan! Hoping to make at least one for myself. 🙂

  2. Love several knitted 🙂 need to decide with which one to start lol

  3. would like to make the lacy skirt or lacy tee top, but like almost all of them.

  4. I wish I could knit that skirt. I would crochet the chevron vest. 🙂

  5. I think I would really like to make the Chevron Lace Cardigan. It is very pretty.

  6. I love the lace cardi – knit, but only the lace chart is free and I don’t knit well enough to make up my own patterns yet.

  7. I’m tempted by that fishnet pullover – completely impractical but really cute with jeans!

  8. These are lovely, like the knitted ones, so sad that I can’t knit! :((

  9. Cardigan for sure after I finish wisteria…..

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